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Inno3D GeForce RTX 3080 ICHILL X4 10GB Video Card $2099 + Postage ($0 VIC C&C) @ BCPTech


Another GPU “deal” people. Non LHR card. Cheapest 3080 in stock. If you don’t this this is a “bargain” please move on.
Inno3D GeForce RTX 3080 iChill X4 10GB Video Card - Bus Standard: PCI Express 4.0 - Video Memory: GDDR6X, 10GB - Core Clock: 1770 - CUDA Cores: 8704 - Memory Speed: 19000 MHz - Memory Bus: 320-Bit - Interface: 3x DisplayPort 1.4 & 1x HDMI 2.1 - Recommended PSU: 750W or Higher - OpenGL 4.6 - DirectX 12 API

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  • Had this card mining for 6 month, so far so good, the 4th fan helps.

    • How much money you made?

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        ~90 MH/s would have been averaging about $8.50 AUD/day of ETH and cost around $1.20 to run ((250w * 24) * 0.20c/KW), assuming a slight undervolt) - for a profit of around ~$7.30/day on average.

        7.30 * 180 = ~$1314 for 180 days which is around the cost of the card and the electricity to run it (which is a fantastic ROI).

        That's my best guess.

        • Don't feel so bad that I cant hit over 92mhs without overheating my 3080 eagle oc

          • @Jazza2400: After changing the thermal pads on my Eagle I was able to hit 100 MH/S @ ~84°C memory temp.

          • @Jazza2400: replace all of the thermal pads, add extra pads on back of pcb and connect to backplate. it reduces your vram temps. do not mine without it as it makes vram hit 110 degrees and can accelerate silicon degration.

            • @zjz93: It voids the warranty

              • @g1: better to replace the pads to prevent any overheating from damaging the card itself than to have the card die on you due to constant high temperatures on the vram

              • @g1: i opened a ticket with gigabyte and they told me the warranty is only void if a fault with the video card is directly caused by user maintenance such as changing the thermal pads otherwise the warranty is still good but i guess they could claim the fault was caused by the user and you would have to prove it wasnt so im still not sure if i want to replace the thermal pads on mine or not

            • @zjz93: I have, 8w/mk pads. Geils I think? It's ok I've taken the $2k card apart enough times to never want to do it again.

              • @Jazza2400: I'm not sure about the quality of those as i have never used them myself. i used 2mm thermright pads and replaced the ones around the die and 0.5mm for the thinner ones at the side. Temps went from 100-110 >> 80-85 degrees.

        • If you aren't at 99mhs on this then you have more work to do.

      • More than I paid the card, average $8 per day

      • I'm still making $8 a day from my 3080, net of electricity costs

    • What were the temps like?

  • Very nice. It's getting there.

  • +2

    What was the original RRP for these aftermarket models? I've tried educating myself with Google and everything.

    • +1

      A 3 fan 3080 was $1300 at launch.

      • +1

        Cheers. Hopefully we get back there soon…and beyond.

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          It's getting there albeit slowly. These were around $2800 a few months ago.

  • Noob question.
    Whats LHR

    • It's a card that is designed to mine crypto currencies poorly. It would likely not matter to you, although a small percentage of people may want non-LHR cards.

      Many future cards will be LHR.

      • No one will 'want' new LHR cards per se. They're just expected to be cheaper and/or more readily available.

    • +2

      Low Hash Rate, for artificially reducing the amount of crypto currency it can earn.

      It works by detecting if it's running a 3D application, or a cryptocurrency hashing algorithm and if it detects hashing it will reduce the power to the card.

      • Which card is good for mining?

        • +1

          I think the 3080 is the best per watt but any card can be profitable mining (even these low hash rate card). I've had a few 1060 6GB, 470 8GB and 1070 8GB going for the last year. Best to do your own research though.

          The issue is how much longer mining will be profitable for, which may only be a few more weeks depending on block rewards going down, difficulty going up and ETH transaction fees dropping. I personally wouldn't be putting in serious money into mining now as I'm seeing a quite a few rigs make their way to gumtree/FB marketplace which I think is a sign of things to come.

          My current understanding is that profitability will soon drop maybe 30%, but it could be much more or less, or slightly more or less. A 30% drop in profitability could mean the difference between making a profit and spending more on electricity than you can earn selling the generated crypto (at current prices).

          • @studentl0an: so mining is the on way out?
            and what about bitcoin + any other coins?

            there has been some big crackdown in china (where most of the mining is occuring)

            • +5

              @pinkybrain: I'm pretty certain that most the mining doesn't happen in China, as evident by the CCP kicking them out of every province and people can watch the drop in miners on the network when that happens. Mining in China account for less than 20% I believe, although that could be false. It's also possible the CCP have their own mining that's separate to their population mining.

              Mining bitcoin is done with ASIC miners, out of the reach of most us plebs mining Ethereum with graphics cards. ASIC miners are thought to have come online already for Ethereum, driving up the mining difficulty and leaving smaller rewards for GPU miners. I don't think just anyone can get access to an ETH Asic miner at this time, as they would be insanely profitable at this time and no one is going to sell their money printer until there's a better one, or it's no longer profitable for them.

              Even with all of that Ethereum is the most profitable coin to mine by a country mile and the organisation has long said they want to move from a proof of work (current GPU mining craze which upped the price of GPUs world wide and caused mass shortages) to proof of stake (trusted networks that have a large amount of money staked in the network for trust). This migration will most likely lock out most people from mining with their graphics cards even in large mining pools. That change will happen within the next year and it will kill GPU mining. When this happens expect a flood of cheap GPUs to hit the market - which is why people may say to "HOLD!" when it comes to GPU deals in the next few months as we are sure to get a flood of GPUs from miners when mining is no longer profitable.

              For now changes such as block reward, increasing difficulty (possibly due to ASIC miners) and incremental changes to the network are making mining ETH less profitable for GPU miners. Less profitable doesn't mean no profit however, there will still be money to be made GPU mining ETH until they fully transition away from PoW to PoS.

              I'm trying to keep my ear to the ground to be aware of what's coming, but I have a feeling that until the changes actually take place that no one really knows what's going to happen with GPU mining.

              There's a lot of factors that can affect mining profitability and a lot of those factors look to be reducing the profitability of GPU mining in the future. It's possible it may be the end of the gold rush where anyone can buy GPUs and join a mining pool. It's possible it will keep going too.

              EDIT: What's with the downvotes?

      • It's limited hash rate. Not low. Even though these new cards are limited, there hash rates are still much higher then most cards.

        The offset is the power draw.

  • For what it's worth I have the 3080 inno3d twin x2 as it was the only card I could find. Stock cooling on it was average being a 2 fan design. It was a reference pcb so Chucked a waterblock on there and Overclocks well at 2130 under water, so no issues with the brand. Just try and google thermals for the model, which is easier said than done on the lesser know brands.

  • Good to see the prices coming back down too!

    • -1

      when miners stop buying them
      there will be more supply

      which means more price drop.
      due to supply > demand

  • Techfast recent deal was golden.

  • +1

    inno3d x4 has good cooling, just louder than many cards

    • +1

      the fourth fan really helps cool the vram

      • How? It's no where near the VRAM

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    If you don’t this this is a “bargain” please move on.

    Not quite how this website works.

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    I love the cute little 4th fan these have. How much that helps with cooling is debatable.

    • it helps significantly in cooling the card's vram. but this card is LHR so i dont know how useful that can really be if youre not mining

      • Depends how intensive games are. I know many games that say they'll need 10GB VRAM but only use up 6-7GB. Things will change in a few years of course.

        • in most games the vram doesn't get used at a constant intense rate. so usually they dont manage to get too hot in the first place.

      • +1

        is that little fan noisy?

        from what I read, the smaller the fan, the more noisier it is..

        I think it also has less life span than the bigger fans..

        • The bearing on the fans are not the best so even the normal sized fans are louder than others

        • I had the 1080 ti version of this card, the little fan was really loud and the card ran very hot, I tried repasting it but it didn't help. Ended up returning it since it wasn't stable at factory clock speed.

      • How? It's no where near the VRAM

      • Have you got any evidence that it actually helps vram temps? Or is that just empty conjecture?

        • Well. I own the card myself. The vram doesn't overheat with stock pads.

          • @zjz93: … Right.

            But that could be due to a bunch of different reasons other than the extra fan. Maybe I'm just being pedantic since I have a science background, but I'd be interested to see your card vram temps with the 4th fan disabled …

            • @Grazz989: Im not sure how I can disable an individual fan on the card. Especially on Linux. If you can enlighten me I'd love to do this experiment

  • +1

    Can't wait for crypto to disappear down the toilet, so we can all get back on to decent priced video cards.

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