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UEFA EURO 2020 Semi Finals and Final Live Streamed Matches - Free at Optus Sport


Optus Sport is allowing people to watch the UEFA EURO 2020 Semi Finals and Final live streamed matches without a subscription.

See: https://sport.optus.com.au/uefa-euro-2020

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  • +8

    It’s coming home

    • +1

      It's coming…

    • +29

      Home? England has never won it.

      • +6

        England invented the sport. Thats why it's coming home.

        • -32

          XiJingping might contest that and argue England codified the rules .. but China invented the sport


          • +3

            @Wally: China invented AliExpress and communism but definitely not football.

          • +4

            @Wally: By that logic Australia didn’t invent AFL

          • +2

            @Wally: That's actually a pretty cool story. Thanks for sharing. Would be great if EA created options for FIFA that created pre Association Football variants of the game!

          • +1

            @Wally: Then forgot how to play it.

        • and Italy Spain Germany France and Netherlands taught you how to play it

      • It doesn't have anything to do with winning the Euros..


      • My understanding is that it's an ironic statement

    • +1

      Australia’s not playing

    • Let us all come together in one session

      • +5
        • said the guys in a bukkake film.
    • That aged like milk.

  • +3

    Cool 5am start !

  • +2

    Nice! Will the replays be free too?

  • +18

    now this is a deal / bargain (free vs cost of sub)

    new movies / shows on Netflix, Disney, Amazon et al ain't

    • +13

      The Tomorrow War I mean seriously haha

    • +2

      Yeah I love how the OZB voting system works.

  • +5

    Denmark is going to win it

    • +2

      That would be cool

    • +8

      Not like the 1992 tournament. Will be Italy vs England in the final.

      • My thoughts too but strange things can happen.

        • Yeah. Last time it happened was 17 years ago.

          • +4

            @hawkeye93: The crazy thing was that Denmark didn't even qualify, Yugoslavia had the spot but the country broke out into a civil war so Denmark went in their place, and end up winning it all.

    • Definitely, agree with you.
      Go Denmark, go! :)

    • Expect riots if the poms lose.

      • Do you believe it'd be different if they win?

        • Probably not!

  • +1

    Good to see Optus giving off some SBS vibes. I have the service but I'm happy it's being opened up to general public. Kayo do similar with their Freebies. P.s. also thank you to the user who previously posted about the Melbourne city tickets a while back :)

    • +21

      Even in Aussie tv they don't call it soccer…

      • -1

        Soccer is just short for association football, it really doesn't matter what you call it (coming from an Englishman)

        • -1

          it does, stop demeaning it and calling the other inferior sport football

    • +1

      Maybe but streaming at 5 o'clock in the morning, I'm sure that counts as off-peak as compared with their regular traffic.

    • +3


      • Association Football*

  • +9


    mad chavs actually did it

  • +5

    Been with Optus Sport for sometime. The app has improved a lot. Yes, glad to see they offer free view to the general public on this. Share the love. Good sportsmanship Optus.

    • Do they have much other than soccer?

      • -6

        they lost English PL so one will assume the app will go to crap now,

        • +3

          They haven’t lost English PL at all. They have lost the rights to the champions and Europa leagues.

  • +12

    Puts the perspective on how small ozzie roolz is

  • +27

    Limiting the feed to 720p in 2021 is criminal

    • +2


    • +2

      So true!! Thank god for VPN and BBC/ITV. May not get the 4k/HDR feed from BBC but at least 1080p streams well.

      • I can't get those to work. How do you do it?

        • Same I use surfshark and BBC knows I'm using a VPN and blocks it

          • @Eyetie: You have to change your country before registering

      • I've tried that and the picture was terrible and lots of freezing, close to unwatchable. Hopefully that doesn't happen with optus.

      • How do you stream it? I'm using a DNS service with the Android TV app and it's certainly not 1080p :(

    • +2

      Just buy a 720p TV to compensate the limitations.

    • I think is what Foxtel does too

      • Broadcast in 720p? No. Foxtel is 1080p and 4k (for the feeds they can get in 4k) and Kayo their streaming service is 1080p.

  • +3

    Nice, now to find a deal on herbal tea so i can sleep earlier

  • +7

    Lol 720p…

    • +17

      The entire world still watches football. You just happen to live in one of a select few countries that has a predominant code provincial to its region.

  • +9

    Being a paying member, I can't believe that 720p is the best we can get

    • aussies are the new luddites…even more sadly… they don't even realise..

    • +5

      Highlights seems to have reduced frame rate as well. Makes a 4k tv so pointless

  • +2

    Love Optus Sport, great coverage, interface, variety of highlights and mini-matches, classic clips and matches, etc

    I'm a bit worried that once Stan Sport takes over coverage of the Champions League that it won't be as good. Rights to EPL are also going to be yo for grabs soon

    • +14

      Stan will broadcast in 4k.
      That itself is already x1000 better

    • I must’ve missed the Stan Sports announcement for UCL, got a link?

        • Thanks; yet another streaming service to sub to, its all becoming a bit too fragmented

              • +1

                @ack84: Pretty sure botchie made that up, Optus admitted it would lose money to keep UCL. Literally no way it would easily give up EPL with 900k active users.

                • @nephilim: One less now; i only signed up cause they had both epl and ucl, its getting a bit too much with all these different services

  • +9

    Great deal but disappointed with Optus for showing 30-40 seconds ads while watching highlights on the app. And they show it twice in a 9min video :(

    • +3

      Especially when you pay for the service, only to ads as long as a minute. Bit ridiculous

    • +2

      This has been a disgusting addition! Unskippable ads on a paid streaming service

    • +2

      Ridiculous is an understatement. Totally disappointing.

  • +1

    Denmark is gonna win this they have Danish Maldini

  • Thanks OP, much appreciated.

  • -2
  • +7

    Really appreciate this deal. Incredibly poor at the moment and have only been able to watch results on Google pop up scores. To be able to watch a game is really wonderful. Made my month.

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