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HJC F 70 Helmets - $386.10 Delivered @ AMX Super Stores


Historically record low for this model. AMX have a 10% off storewide. Discount applied in cart. These 3 models are on clearance so even cheaper.

All their helmets are 10% off, so good value if you had your eye on something.

HJC Rpha-11 Helmet Batman DC for $584.

The RPHA Range from $494

Ends today. Let me know if you guys see any other deals and I'll add it to the post.


Update: It appears that they've pulled the 10% stack on the website so no more luck for us. You could try your luck in store for sure. Will mark as expired now.

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    $649 for batman for me

    • Yours for $584!

      • In store only now, looks like they downgraded the site.

  • I got the GT Air II delivered for $899 a couple of weeks ago, the cheapest I could find in the design I wanted. The extra 10% doesn't seem to apply to it here though.

    • Are these the range ? Yes, doesn't look like it.

      I've added some other parts and they don't seem to have the discount apply either. Strange.
      Edit - I think it's broken, the discount doesn't apply anymore. Maybe they'll fix it up.

      Still valid instore though.

      • Yep that's them

    • I got my gt air2 insignia tc5 $700 delivered from Holland.

      • Nice find, do you mind sharing which store? I did check FCmoto but the prices weren't that low at the time.

        • +1

          Probably chromeburner. If it's available on there, it's almost always alarmingly cheaper to buy from them than locally.

        • I've got a couple of helmets from Championhelmets from Netherlands, but for some reason they've stopped selling Shoei helmets to Australia recently.

        • Also Peterstevens is selling some GT-AIR II for $699, have a look

          • @Juniormin: Yea I did come across them, I believe it was either the sizing or the available designs that didn't suit me. Did pick up some pants and gloves in their EOFY but.

            • @MrScrew: Did you have a link to any nice pants?

              My fingers freeze on the way to work every morning. Any recommendations on how I can keep them warm apart from the Oxford Grips?

              I have super thick 5 winter gloves but the wind chill kills me.

              • @lordra: I'm the same, morning wind freezes my thumbs. Heated gloves maybe? I'm pretty sure Five Gloves sells heated gloves.

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                @lordra: https://www.peterstevens.com.au/riding-gear/road-apparel/tex...

                I got those as they zip together with my jacket, they have a removable liner and are great in winter, not much airflow though so we'll see how they go in summer.

                Also use a pair of Five gloves with thermal lining, probably similar to yours however I don't get any wind in them. You might be better off looking for an even warmer set suited to your climate, maybe try heated as mentioned below.

                I regularly ride at 100km/h at below 5°c and they both work fine, just need to make sure there are no air gaps in the gear and wear thin warm layers on the colder rides.

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                  @MrScrew: These are the ones I have. I doubt wind gets into them, but when I leave home, it's about 3-4 degrees. We haven't reach peak winter yet. My body is A-OKAY, it's just my fingers that feel the cold once I get going.

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                    @lordra: They're a model up from mine so if they're not warm enough I'd look into either a thin thermal glove you can wear underneath or heated gloves.

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    What advantages does a helmet like this have over, say, a slightly dented THH open face helmet I got for $20 on Facebook Marketplace the other day?

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      Never, ever, buy a second hand helmet

      • let alone a dented helmet… what the (profanity)

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      As the other commenter stated, don't buy a second hand helmet ever.

      These types of helmets are engineered to only withstand one impact.

      The helmet composite materials have a "crumple zone" to absorb all the kinetic energy/damage, instead of going to your head. This is the same fundamentals of a car exterior.

      Once the material is damaged it needs to be replaced.

      You also can't always prove a second hand helmet hasn't been dropped in the past, as there could be internal damage.

      Go to any motorcycle store, they'll tell you the same.

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      Well this one is more likely to keep your skull intact in an accident over a dropped, used helmet, so it has that going for it

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      If you have to buy used, I'd budget about $100 for a used helmet. Make sure it's not too old, in excellent condition. Usually pillions who don't ride, a new rider who realised they can't ride due to physical limitations, etc. Pull away all the padding and look for any damage on the foam on the shell.

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        Never buy a used helmet.

    • Ultimately is your life only worth $20?
      Not saying you have to spend a fortune on a helmet but if it's potentially the difference between living and dying should something go wrong, I'd want it to at least meet the minimum guidelines/requirements ie Meets Australian Standards, under 5 years old and no noticeable damage/never dropped.

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        I've sworn my life with Arai. Walked away from multiple accidents with banged up Arai helmets and leathers.

        If you're dedicating your life to this hobby then spend abit more with solid gears.