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Apple iPhone 12 Mini 64GB $899, 128GB $979, 256GB $1149, iPhone 12 64GB $1199, 128GB $1279, 256GB $1449 @ The Good Guys


Looks like TGG matching JB Hi-Fi prices and couldn't find any previous post so here it is.

TGG Link

Some models are $1 Cheaper at Harvey Norman too

Few models you might find cheaper in OfficeWorks so check if they have the stock.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    3 months before iPhone 13/ 12s announced.

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      12 is still an excellent phone and I wouldn't expect it to get much cheaper than this even when the 13 is released. Apple normally discounts older models by $100-200 which these discounts already match.

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        I read on OZB that Apple sets the whole year's prices based on exchange rates so newer phones may have different starting price than last year.

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      which aint goin to be much different

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      Now you just need an iPhone

    • Translate your comment into English?

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        Thinks a phone is a SD card and reckon the phone is a ripoff 😂.

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      Man how stupid can you be to make that comment.

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    • I don't know why you are getting negged. Charging $250 more for 192 GB extra storage is a rip-off. Though not as bad as the difference in their iPads.

      • -1

        The amount of RAM increases in the iPads after a certain storage tier.

      • Because comparing a $10 card with shitty 50mb/s transfer speeds to the storage in an iphone is extremely stupid? That's probably why.

        If you want to say $250 is a rip-off, fine but don't compare the value to a POS $10 SD card. Storage costs also don't multiply like that, go find a 512GB SD card for $40.

        • +1

          See here for 500GB storage of M2 NVMe for $53: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/634763

          I trust you won't label M2 NVMe as 'shitty'? Fastest storage there is.
          Yes, there are form factors at play. Are they worth a 500% premium?

          • -1

            @Kontiki: If you need me to point out the difference there, we don't need to talk any more.

  • Latest reports in last 24 hours seem to indicate the 12 mini production has stopped and it has been discontinued so I bit the bullet and bought one

    JB staff today said the 899 price will stay until mid September - when the 13 is released? Sounds like they’re trying to clear it out

    • +5

      This week I went from an OG SE to a mini and love it.

      • How's battery? I changed mine in the SE a couple of times and it was still never great. Always had to carry spare batteries etc. When the mini battery didn't seem much better I jumped to a fat battery android with no compromises except a big screen.

        Now I use my phone too much for consumption

        • I made it through a full day yesterday without charging (20% when I went to bed). Compared to my SE I would need to charge it by 11am.

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      • +6

        I was about to pay you out for linking a 9 News segment, but that was pretty informative.

    • Office works $884.

    • +1

      All the rumours and speculation I’ve read indicate that the next model will come in mini size as well. I’d go for it if I weren’t attached to the 2x optical zoom lens. I’d swap it in for the ultrawide any day.

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    JB Hifi owns TGG thats why..

  • Also on special at Hardly Normal and Domayne, and Voda's doing it at $300 off too…

  • it's price drop from Apple. nothing from retailers.

    • How does that work?

      • …apple reduce the price for the phone?!

  • +1

    All Telcos are also offering $300 off. For example, iPhone 12 64GB available in $999 from Optus if you add to a 12, 24 or 36 months plan. And you can get a $400 HN GC also on 12 months Optus plan.

    • Can you get the $400 HN gift card on the 12 month $65 plan and then go to Optus and get them to bill a device on the account as a monthly device repayment?

      I have a friend who was looking at joining Optus on one of their standard deals but if she could get a $400 gift card that would be even better…

      • I subscribed to HN $400 deal last week and when I was following up on my SIM delivery on live chat, I was offered if I would like to add a device on monthly plan. So I am sure it is possible.

    • you can get a $400 HN GC also on 12 months Optus plan

      Was this on their site? I can't seem to find any mention of it.

  • Hi. OP. I guess you cannot get extra $20 cashback because the $20 cashback is stacked on the normal cashback. Since apple is on the exclusion list. So…
    Correct me if I am wrong…

    • Yeah it seems you’d be correct there. Apple is excluded so you wouldn’t get any cashback including the bonus $20. @Being Askhole

      • Didn’t notice.. thanks and removed :)

  • +2

    Price match with Telstra offer (not sure if it is running yet) and you can also use TGG gift cards 5% if you have a suncorp account

  • Office works seem to have all the colours in stock for the mini at $884


    • Not on my screen.

    • Only at certain stores maybe. No stock near me and can’t be delivered either.

  • Excellent - time to upgrade my Moto G7. Ordered for C&C at TGG.

  • HN and OW prices are $20 cheaper? got my iphone 12 64gb from HN for $1179.
    Edit: nvm they have increased prices now

  • I ordered a 12 Mini 256GB through the GG during the last deal on the 20th June and they still don't have stock, and no idea when stock is going to arrive.
    You might be waiting a while…

    • When I did an online order from TGG a week ago for a blue 128GB mini, I got told the same thing. So I cancelled it and picked up a red 128GB model instead from my local store…

  • I like the mini personally.

    • +1

      OFC, mini size, mega price.

  • I bought the 12 128GB for $1,259 at JBHifi on the weekend getting them to price match Officeworks so I could use the 10% discounted Ultimate Gift Cards I got last week. Probably can do same at TGG.

  • +2

    Heads up! I ordered with them. Waiting a few days with no updates. Gave them a call and they actually don't have stock and was advised that they are "hoping for stock in the next 2-4 weeks."

    For reference, it was an iPhone 12 Mini 256gb.

    Edit: Also contacted Bing Lee. They also have no stock.

    • +3

      I avoid TGG at all cost now days. From the pricing errors, slow refunds and their useless boot click and collect (I waited 10 mintues for someone to bring my order to the car after clicking 'I'm here'. Ended up phoning them and their response was 'yeah no one checks for click and collect orders, walk in store' - I refused. Useless staff that don't understand we're in a pandemic).

      • +1

        Doesn’t sound like The Good Guys at all…

  • I got one a couple weeks ago from Harvey and absolutely love it, i was tossing up buying one for a while now but the eofy price drop was hard to pass up. Im a fan of smaller phones but the SE i had previously was terrible on the battery, this is a huge improvement . At this price its worth every dollar and if they don’t bring out another mini in the 13 is a risk you will have to take if stock sells out and is discontinued

  • Yep I'm with skoda above. Too many reports of production being abandoned for the smaller size.
    I love the feel of it and with the 10% ultimate gift card discount it was $810. Photos are amazing. I came from a gen 1 SE so wanted something tiny

    I did buy a clear case for it though and it makes it way too bulky… any case recommendations? want something super slim… or just go case free like with the SE and accept the dings and scratches

  • Damn can't find any stock for 128gb mini in NSW

  • Ordered yesterday, got the phone call today to say they had none and were cancelling my order.

    • what model colour and storage size?

      I have had an order since June 22 and still nothing….

      • 12 mini 128GB

    • +1

      Called officeworks they seem to have some stock in the warehouse today in NSW. They had 34 x black 12 mini 128gb when I called.

      • -1

        I'll try the ACT

      • Grabbed a blue one in 128GB, thanks!

        • So in the end you didn't buy from TGG! haha

          • @MJM: Yeah, TGG ended up canceling my order, so Officeworks for the win :)

  • Bought two minis for my wife and I at JB at Robina. They only had a few left. This phone is a beast, smashes my old iPhone X.

    • +1

      Of course it smashes your X, it’s 3 generations ahead! The difference in weight/bulk is amazing, don’t you think? Feels like going from an old school iPad to an iPad Air when they were first introduced.

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