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Mistral 10L Air Fryer $89 Delivered @ Australia Post


Just got a price drop notification via Google. Good $/L ratio, one of the best you'll find for a "basket style" air fryer

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    Great price for the large size, OP. Thanks.

    Now to decide on this or the 11l 3-in-1 from K-Mart. It's $129 vs $89 but appears to have a few extra usages…


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      I think those basket style have better results. Bigger air fryers becomes a standard oven.

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        This is my finding too from testing multiple foods for crispiness.

        The 5.7L Kmart one seems a perfect sweet-spot for air flow to make good effect over a decent amount of food. This 10L looks identical design so perhaps it's just a common often-copied one for the many brands but it will definately come at a temp+airflow cost because the 5.7L one is already 2400W, so it's not going to be able to add any power for all that extra volume it must work in. Then again maybe the volume is fine and there's plenty of capacity to increase it without reducing the heating power for the food surfaces. Mech. eng care to comment on that fluid/thermodynamics?

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          Not quite an engineer (maths) but it's reasonable to think that as you increase the volume of stuff you want to cook it will require more power to heat it in the same amount of time (a reasonable criteria for crispiness).

          • @br3ttles: Yeah but I was talking about the volume of air i.e. because it's a bigger basket, internal volume.

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      I have both types of air fryers.

      The basket one heats up faster which means cooks faster and less consumption overall.

      The Kmart 3-in-1 is more spacious so I can fit like half a pizza to the width, can fit some trays as well.

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        Which one do you use more often?

      • I have the bigger one from kogan and there is so much space and it works great. The kogan one also comes with a basket but only 2 racks. I am really impressed.

    • i prefer the kmart one coz u can do pizza in it, the air will hit the bottom of pizza and it will not turn out soggy from the bottom

      • Reheated pizza in the Kmart is amazing. Even from frozen (freeze left over pizza)

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    Thanks OP, this is a great price just ordered one. Upgrading from my smaller Mistral 3.5L air-fryer (which was an OzBargain favourite as others have mentioned).

    • How small is that? Too bad?

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        Enough for 1 - 2 people but wont fit a whole chicken or pork belly (greater than say 800 grams) in there. Hence why I got this 10L one. Cant fault these Mistral air fryers, they're really great bang for your buck!

  • Got one. Biggest and cheapest I can find. Thanks op

  • Have one of these and find it really good. Much better than a smaller aldi ambiano one we had had for 2 or 3 years

  • Purchased, Thanks OP!

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  • bought one hope it is good

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    can you actually load these up to the brim with chips and they'll come out crispy?

    or does it only cook well with a single layer of chips?

    • not sure about this specific one, but the one I have, for even crisp cooking only max 2 layers. anything more and middle becomes soggy

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        thanks for that. yeah thats what i thought. i'd struggle to get a family serving of stuff out of this then

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      I’ve done enough oven chips in mine for 4 people. Came out crispy and good. Just need to take the basket out halfway and shake it. I recently cooked a 2kg bag of roast potatoes in it and came out great. Cut the potatoes in half, microwaved for 8mins, mixed them in a bowl with olive oil and salt and into the air fryer for 40mins. When I’ve made these previously in my oven, takes an hour and a half to achieve the same crispness

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    I have owned this unit for well over a year and its great. We use it daily to heat up buns, cook meat, pies the works.
    For eg. pop some bagels or buns in for 5 min and it comes out toasty.
    We didnt know what we were missing til we purchased one.
    Cooks meat and things way faster than your conventional oven and more even too.

    Buy one trust me.
    Also make sure you buy these 10 litre ones. The smaller units are too small and useless

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    I've owned one for 4 days (different brand on amazon) now.
    Used it 2-3 times per day.
    IMO, these things are the biggest cooking innovation since the microwave oven.

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      Pies for dinner, lunch AND breakfast?

      • Close, porterhouse steaks, but yeah.

        Today I've put in a return with amazon because the non-stick shit on the basket has started peeling already :(
        p.s. I bought a no-brand with next-day shipping
        I'll probably replace it with the Mistral.

  • Bought one thank you OP!. Wonder how something like this compares to the more expensive models at the good guys that are a few hundred dollars?

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    Bought this from Woolworths about a month ago after selling the smaller 3.5l one I had on marketplace. Use it almost daily. So far have made chips, roast potatoes, sweet potatoes, pies, chicken tenders.
    Also use it to heat up leftover pizza, roast chicken and crisp up buns/rolls.
    As others have said in previous air fryer posts, it’s just an oven. The difference is that it’s a super fast oven.
    Highly recommend

    • Isn't the woolies one a different model?

      • No. It’s identical to the 10l one I bought from Woolworths. The smaller 3.5l one from Woolies isn’t digital

        • Are you sure it's identical? It looks different in the picture - assuming this is the one you're talking about from Woolworths.


          • @UncleRico: You’ve got me doubting myself now :)
            Yes, I’m quite certain it’s the same one. Pictures are just different angles from what I can tell. I don’t think mistral make 2 different models of this in a 10l size

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              @Webluce: Definitely two different models from Mistral. Tough to tell from reviews if there is a material difference in performance, especially since it sounds like most people aren't even aware which model they have.


              The woolies one has slightly smaller dimensions which is an advantage, and is listed as Model 2 via the webpage which should suggest an improved model, but will have to wait and see how this one performs when mine arrives.

              • @UncleRico: Ok, I stand corrected. Thanks for doing the research. Also hoping this one performs the same as I just bought one for my partner

              • @UncleRico: Funny the Mistral site links to the one page on Auspost to purchase either one. Maybe it's a lottery as to which model you get? But then maybe they're essentially the same.

                • @jwh: Just had a look at the box from mine. I’ve got the air fryer 2. No idea which one is coming from aus post

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                  @jwh: We're through the looking glass hear, people.

                  I fear that if we delve too much deeper, this fryer could end up resulting in a tear in the time/space continuum!

                  But at least we'll have our crispy fries…

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                @UncleRico: Air Fryer 2 is bigger according to mistral product page

                466X356X390mm V2
                390X390X430mm V1

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                @UncleRico: One booklet PDF lists a date of "December 2019" and the other "August 2020" but apart from the appearance of the device the booklets look identical.
                Sometimes products improve over time, sometimes they find ways to cut costs at the expense of other areas.

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                @UncleRico: Just got my one delivered today and its model 1 (MDF898)…oh well should be very similar to model 2 I guess…

  • Bought one, had an eye out for an air fryer for a while and was worried about some of the smaller ones. Thanks OP! Also how do you set price drop alerts in google? I have been "googling" how to do that with no luck.

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    Bought one, thanks OP. And thanks to OzBargain community for all the reviews and comments, which provided some confidence to buy without having to spend hundreds hours in research.

  • Thanks OP.
    Everyone I know raves about these so I figure for $89 ill try it. I often eat chips and meat or use a microwave to heat up pizza which goes a little soggy (single guy rip) so might be used often.

    How many chips does this fit roughly? like 1/2 a standard 750g frozen bag, 1 frozen bag, 2 frozen bags etc? Thinking of getting one for my mum who cooks for lots of people.

    • you wont regret this decision.

    • you can easily fit a whole bag of wedges from the shops

    • This one is huge - like more than 50% bigger than the largest Philips XXL which you may have seen in shops, so should be able to handle an entire 750g bag.

      The devil in the detail is how well it crisps chips or items not on the top layer. Poorer units do not do a good job of circulating the radiant air, no will not "air fry" contents buried in the middle of the basket, but most do a reasonable job.

      Unless anyone has this particular model and can comment, it sounds like a few of us are in for some fun experimenting once received. The good news is, because of the capacity, even if you could only half fill it, it still allows for an awful lot of food.

  • Thanks, OP. Been keen to get into the air fryer thing and this is a good price point. We often do chips and nuggets for the kids so this will speed things up.

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      12 minutes at 200degrees from frozen and chips and nuggets are perfectly cooked in this. Also don’t need to watch it as an alarm goes off when it’s done. Kids tell me when their food is ready.

      • 12 mins? My Kmart one takes 24 mins for 400gr of shoestring fries or diced potatoes when using the rotisserie basket, also on 200 degrees.

        • 1800w vs 1500w (for this vs Kmart's most popular model, from memory), so there should be some disparity, but not that much.

          Maybe you just like yours crunchier…

        • Chips and nuggets for 2 kids all laid flat, not on top of each other. Any longer and the nuggets are overcooked. Depends how crunchy you like your chips but my kids complain if I put in in for longer

  • How would this compare to the more expensive Philips Air Fryers? We are using one which is 4 years old but looking for a bigger one.

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      A fifth of the price and 50% bigger. Worth a crack.

      • +2

        Yep, bought one… Needed this OzB reassurance :)

    • im in the same boat. Had one of the original Philips ones and brought one of these to compliment it. Hopefully it works as well as the philips

  • Thanks OP just picked one up at Campbelltown SA post office.
    They state they are selling fast. They have 10 left out the back.

  • I was given the 3.5L one last Christmas and they are great. Never thought I would ever use one, and my husband loves it lol. It is an ok size for 2 people, but this one would be great for a family and a top price for that size.

  • Thans OP, Just picked one up to replace the 3.5L Mistral that's popular on here. Will give that one to my mum as she's been on the fence about getting one

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    What's the inside of the basket made from? Is it non-stick stuff?

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      Yeah I'm wondering as well if the housing is plastic and whether or not any of it warms up.

  • Thanks op just grabbed one

  • Bought one, the faster preheat/cooking time and lower energy vs normal oven will eventually pay for itself in bills anyway.

  • +1
    • 68% smaller….

  • Possibly too big to be effective, imagine all the frozen stuff at the bottom.

    Edit: thinking about it, doesn't have to load up to 10L, maybe it can achieve better results for smaller quantities.

    • Not big when you want to air fry a whole chicken.

  • Now look what you have done. I have been on the fence for so long for an air fryer. And now………. Bought one.
    KFC deals may last longer in the fridge now.

  • Nice. Bought a 6.5L one instead at AustPost for $69.

    10L on the big side.

    • Same. And used Coles Prepaid Gift Card from the 10% off deal to make it a bit cheaper.

      • Same here 6.5L - has got the same size 1800W element as the 10L

  • +1

    Does this product provides any warranty. It's says :

    Manufacturer's warranty

    • +2

      That must be an error on the product page. Under Australian Consumer Law, AusPost and other businesses cannot sell anything without warranty.

  • Does anyone use these to make healthy meals? i.e. not chips/pies/nuggets

    • +1

      Anything you cook in an oven can be made in this in a much quicker time. I’ve done roast vegetables in mine

    • Yes you can actually pop in frozen vegetables (Broccoli, Cauliflower etc) with some seasoning and they come out great, I even put in Frozen Aldi Salmon with skin with just some chilli sauce and they taste great

  • I think once you go air fryer, you don't go back, you will regret not getting one sooner, like me.
    I was worried about it setting of the smoke alarm in my small accommodation room, but no.
    Or if I would make use of it enough, I do so all good.

    Happy with my Kogan 12L, still getting use to cooking temps & times thou. One person cooking.
    Kinda regret not getting the smart model, also 12L but looks to have a extra rack slide as it's a bit taller size wise.
    I've even thought about buying it and selling mine.

    I don't think you can go too wrong with similar brands/models, like the Kmart 3 in 1/Kogan/Mistral/Aldi at around $99, the hard decision is what size would suit you.
    12L is possibly a bit too big for just 1 person (IMO), 8L-10L would be the sweet spot I think.

    I wonder how much difference there would be between this style and a model with a rotisserie basket (like mine), in regards to how crunchy chips/potato gems get.
    What's crazy is the huge difference in prices, $250+, but have more features & a bigger size, closer to an all in one cooker/fryer/microwave/oven/pressure and slow cooker.

  • Thanks bought one,

  • -1

    The Air fryer, the glorified convection oven composed of plastics instead of glass

    • What's your point?

        • +4

          yeah it's a smaller convection oven, so? It's faster to heat up foods/snacks, smaller, easier to clean, and also cheaper 🤷‍♂️ please elaborate why its not worth the hype?

          • @KanTakahashi: Air fryer is no different to this https://s.catch.com.au/images/product/0003/3574/5a54317b849c...

            In fact i think its worse and the clean up is much worst. Also who knows what acidic is seeping out of the plastics when heated.
            This has been around for decades and people are talking as if the tech is new

            • @aerona: In which case, why do you think this has this never taken off and been embraced by world as air fryers have?

              I for one have never got fries or any other fryable delight as crispy and perfectly cooked in an oven - convection or otherwise - as I do in an air fryer with one quick toss of the basket. And never in the time that an air fryer works in. And that's without even considering the many other countless usages.

              Versatile, fast and healthier. It seems like the only people not taken by them are those dastardly COC (Convection Oven Council) creeps…

            • @aerona: Okay now we talking halogen oven, interesting, just asking have you ever owned one? My mom does, lets me tell you it's dang heavy, bulky and slooow to heat (still faster than normal oven but no way compare with air fryer, plus it's deliver uneven heat due to top heating element only, fan-forced win hands down), cleaning is also not really convenient, you will have to wait until everything cool down or the glass will just crack. FYI it's not make chips crispy (because it's also traps moisture inside)

              Now back to the air fryer, have you actually have a look inside one of an air fryer, hint, it's not plastic all the way. Plus it's non-stick coated. Why many people like it? course it's cheap, easy to clean, basically just dump straight to the dishwasher (if you're too lazy) not like normal oven with bunch of (sticky) racks and a hell of burns inside, and really it's take no effort just to reheat a slice of pizza in the middle of the night in few minutes, compare with waiting (decades) to preheat and risk of trigger the damn smoke alarm.

              • +1

                @KanTakahashi: Convection oven is named convection oven because the way the heat moves, so not just from the top. I own both. I would say both weigh equal if you are comparing with one that can cook equal amounts. You would probably be comparing with a airfryer that can take 2 full chickens.

                I had a Philips and now I have a smith + nobel airfryer. The Philips got sold because the basket design that holds all the crap. The smith and nobel, the thing is already starting to peel inside.

                The convection oven lasted me 7 years for a quality one. This air fryer looks on the way out in about another years time. I owned it for a year already.

                I guess the dish washer is a highlight to clean but how many people actually own dish washers and how much does it cost per cycle compared to a glass that just requires a paper towel wipe and clean the metal stand inside after each use.

                My airfryer still takes 15-18 minutes to cook frozen chips and hash browns. Same as the convection oven…

  • +1

    Bought one. $89 delivered sounds like a good deal for breaking my air fryer virginity on

  • What size should I get for a family of 2?

    • +1

      I’d still get a large one like this deal if you have the bench space. You can do a full roast chicken in it and have leftovers. Smaller ones may not fit. Also, the bigger it is, the more evenly cooked your veges and chips etc will be as they’re not touching each other.

  • Just missed it!

    • Back in stock, just got one.
      Now out of stock again.

      • Thanks mate, it's back in stock again!

  • I picked up one of these from Woolworths for $69, they are great for the price.

    • The 10L one??

      • Yes, the other version though with the panel closer to the top

  • Hey, any idea how they compare to kogan 10l ones here if anyone has these ones - Kogan 10L Digital Multifunction Air Fryer https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-10l-digital-multifunction...

    These are currently at $99 for kogan first members. I see they are 1500W vs 1800W for Mistral ones here.

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