Price Error Order (Mobile Phone Sells at $1k Listed as $59) - Consumer Rights?

Last night I found a product listing on for a brand new mobile phone for $59. Generally, this phone sells for around $1000. Clearly, it was an absolute bargain!

I ordered two of them with instant PayPal payment. This afternoon, I received an email from them suggesting they have identified the pricing error and cancelled the order. Soon after I got an email from PayPal confirming the refund. I have the screenshot of the listing from last night. I sent them a reply asking if they have an obligation to fulfil the order. They responded by saying "Reebelo is a marketplace vendor. This error on our end was identified and quickly rectified to remove the listing and we reached out via email + text as soon as we could. We are sorry, we will process your refund now." When I asked more questions to explain their position re their obligation, they stopped responding.

Can I expect anything here or am I wasting time?!


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    Why are you entitled to anything because of a legitimate pricing error?

    REEBELO or the SELLER may decline the right to enter into a SALES CONTRACT or cancel the order any time prior to dispatch of the product. In the event of a cancelled or not dispatched orders, the payment will be fully refunded. REEBELO doesn't accept any responsiblity for declined or cancelled orders by the SELLER and shouldn't be liable for any delay out of control of REEBELO

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    If there's a clause in their T's & C's when purchasing stating that they're allowed to cancel orders for pricing errors then i'm afraid you're SOOL. Given it is being sold at a 95% discount i think that the retailer would have a strong argument.

    If there isn't, go for it, it has happened before where a company has accidentally sold items below cost and the court has found in the consumer's favour. Something along the lines of you and them entering a contract where they have to provide the good for the specified price which they'd then break if they cancelled it.

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    Wasting your time. Move on.

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    Price Error seems a valid explanation in this case and you have no recourse to anything outside of a full refund.

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    Nice try - but no you can't expect anything.

    I've scored from good items from pricing errors before but nothing with as big a discrepancy as this.

    The best strategy with suspected price errors is to a) not order an unusual quantity (e.g. two $1000 phones might register as unusual) b) don't post to ozbargain until you have the goods in your hand.

    • I suspected this, I was tempted to post it on Ozbargain but I didn't for the same reason!

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    you should have shared on ozbargain last night.

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    Cool story, needs more dragons

    • Not as good as the story of trying to fit roof racks to a new RAV4 Hybrid to carry a kayak.

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    you are pathetic lol i just came here to write that

    you tried to strong arm a small business over a mistake they made

    • Haha… I agree, I felt the shame briefly!! But then their website says they have offices in four countries and have over 40,000+ customers. Clearly not a small business.

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    am I wasting my time

    Its not just your time that's being wasted.

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      I feel like my time is being wasted reading this thread.
      Is there any chance of compensation?

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      Thanks, bought 2… see how I go…

      • can't wait for the forum post….

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    your only right at the moment is to get covid vaccines

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    or am I wasting time?!


    It was clearly a ERROR, you knew it. Move on.

  • What did google tell you?

    • To create a post on OzBargain to canvas responses, and crossing fingers/toes that the responses are aligned to what OP is wanting to hear.

  • the only time when the customer is wrong.

  • Can I expect anything here

    Absolutely. Pay $2k to engage a top lawyer to fight on your behalf with your potential savings and report back.

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    You have the right to not be a knob.

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    Can I expect anything here

    Yes, roasting comments from OzB.

  • The real question and the real answer are the same - had a binding contract been formed?
    Lodging an order and making payment, while instructive, are not necessarily determinative.
    Did you receive any type of confirmation that your order had been accepted?

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    To ask such a question, some people have no morals

  • I once found listings on an old website that used to sell rare and import cd's that couldn't be found in Australia, it was called - it no longer exists. I can't remember exactly what, but it was an item that was listed as 0.00, as in free. I tried to order 100 of them and the order went through fine, until the time for them to be sent came - I think it was the first time they'd dealt with such a blatant pricing error that they didn't know how to treat it. I waited, and waited, and eventually they said their was a problem with the website and that I would not be receiving 100, $50+ items for free.

    Definitely next time try ordering just 1.

    Also, I don't think you legally have a case to answer, most t's and c's have specific clauses for price errors these days.

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    Why didn't you post the deal on OzBargain instead of hiding it from us?

    Oh, I just saw your answer… So you could not draw suspicion.

  • Yes any retailer can withdraw from any sale prior to the goods or service being handed over or shipped.

    No different if you were selling something.

  • No


  • Obviously a "pricing error". They have right to cancel order

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