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10% Bonus When Purchasing a Myer Gift Card @ Woolworths


Spotted this in the latest Woolies catalogue - Valid from this Wednesday.

10% bonus when your purchase a Myer Gift Card.

*Available on all denominations of Myer gift cards from 7/7/21 - 13/7/21. Bonus loaded at the time of purchase. Limit 10 per customer. Refer to individual cards for terms and conditions. While stocks last.

Thanks RichardL for title & desc.

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    Does anyone know the max number of gift cards (in a single transaction) that can be used to pay Myer online purchase?

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      Idk but u can place online order in store and pay in the register like normal transaction. Using that way u can redeem all the gift card.

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      I believe there is no limit.
      I myself used 4 gift cards in one transaction.

      • Thanks

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    RIP Myer

    IMO I'd be redeeming these pretty quickly - wouldn't want to see a repeat of what happened to the OG Dick Smith stores

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      People have been singing the death knell of Myers for years and yet their still around.

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        Yeah but that was before covid. Surely they must be in a very bad position now.

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          Their online division actually did gangbusters trade during COVID

        • I've never understood the business model, but they're still alive. Having said that, my visit last week saw a huge drop in their dining ware selection & presentation. So many half-complete ranges, all smooshed together.

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      Agreed, better use it quick.

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    can we buy these to redeem at myer for coles myer giftcards and use them at coles?

    • Nope

    • I want to know as well

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      Coles Myer hasn’t existed since 2006.

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        Their gift cards have…

        • I'm guessing that's Coles & Myer. Not combined.

    • Used to be able to and their POS allows it but they tell the staff not to do it. I have done it in the past but now the staff seem to aware of the rules.

      • that's what I want to know - does the POS system physically not allow it or can the staff still technically process it, if you get the right person they will shrug their shoulder and do it for you anyways.

        • Oh, it's a real POS

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          The POS system definitely allows it but you have to find a person who will do it. I do not know what the penalty may be if they do. Maybe if you know someone who is about to leave.

  • I don't go into woolies much, anyone know the lowest denomination of these gift cards?

    • If I remember correctly, $50.

      I'll confirm the next time I'm in a store, but keep in mind available denominations may differ from store to store.

  • Buying a Woolworth south African company gift card at Woolworth Australia store

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      Woolworths South Africa doesn't own Myer.

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    So has anyone bought these and verified the 10% bonus got loaded?
    I bought couple this morning and the activation receipt doesn't show the bonus.
    I can't check the balance without scratching off the PIN — at which point it will be hard to return / argue the bonus point!

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      I got mine today. Bonus loaded upon checking balance online

      • Thanks.
        Does the activation receipt show the bonus amount as well?

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          Activation receipt only shows same amount of card value. Online balance will show extra 10% loaded in the card.

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      I would personally scratch off the PIN and check the balance on the Myer gift card website.

      If the 10% bonus is not on the card, contact Woolworths to get this resolved, as they are the retailer who sold you the gift card. I’m fairly sure the Australian Consumer Law would legally force Woolworths to remedy the problem if the 10% bonus is not correctly loaded onto the card, regardless of whether the gift card PIN has been revealed.

      You could try asking the store that sold you the gift card to resolve the problem, but I suspect you may have more luck reaching out to the Woolworths Supermarkets customer service team.

      I’m not sure why revealing the PIN would make it any harder for you to complain to Woolworths; in any case, wouldn’t it make it easier, because you can show that the 10% bonus was never loaded onto the card?

      • Thanks for the link to the customer service team. Customer service at the local store were hopeless. I might just scratch off the PIN and check online. Going through previous threads on OzBargain, folks had stated the bonus was loaded much later (e.g. 22hrs in one case). It does state allow 48hrs for activation - hence was hoping to keep the card intact till then.

        • If they can't get the bonus right they should have sold it 10% off on purchase .

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          Has the 10% bonus been applied to your gift cards?

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    Does anyone know if this is instore only? Or can it be bought online as well. Ty in advance.

    • Buy online only

      • You can get it in store as well

  • Interested to know if 10% bonus apply to online purchase as well. Thanks

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      Yes you can use this card online

      • so you get a bonus 10% of value si that right?

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          Yes, sorry for replying after promo ended. i.e. buy $100 card = $110. I checked the gift card balance online.

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      Hey mate, just gave customer care a call. You only get the extra 10% when you purchase the GC in store, not online.

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