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Solar Outdoor Fairy Lights 20m Warm White $14.60(OOS) or Rainbow $13.85 + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Findyouled on Amazon


(Warm White now Out of Stock, seller is expecting stock in a couple of weeks)

I bought these from the last deal and they turned out to be great so decided to reach out to the rep and they kindly generated this code. Brings the price down a bit lower than last time too.

Even after an overcast day these last until the morning for us. They have seen a few rounds of heavy rain too with no issues. Bought two more to replace the other set (bought around the same time, they look very similar but they have a different kind of solar panel) we have which last 3-4 hours at best.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Does it work in winter as well ? lighting up 20m ?

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      Mornings in Sydney are about 7 degrees at the moment, and they are doing fine. Depends on your definition of "winter" I guess. 7 degrees ain't no winter if you ask Jon Snow.

      • +5

        by that logic most of Australia never experiences Winter

  • +1

    Thanks OP, bought one. Worth a punt.

    • +2

      No worries. I reckon they look cool. I am trying to stop myself from turning the house to one of those "Christmas all year round" houses of the street

      • does the code work with rainbow ones too?

        • it is meant to

  • +1

    Thanks OP

    • No worries

  • +1

    Thanks Got 1 going thru at $13.85 for me

    • oh yeah, I didn't notice the rainbow colored one is cheaper, I will put that in the title

  • Thanks got one!

    • No worries

  • Thanks OP. Just bought as this perfectly fits the bill for what I was after for around my deck.

    • No worries, that's what I did too

  • +1

    Good deal! Grabbed one :)

  • +1

    These are great, I've 2.
    Great job with getting the deal/code.
    I'll grab one more - thanks OP !

    • +1

      Cheers, @utopia

  • +1

    Will give it a go - thanks op

    • No worries :)

  • Are these better than the cheapo gold and red ones bunnings were selling at Christmas?

    • Never tried those

  • Just yesterday I was thinking of grabbing some solar lights! Lol cheers op

    • No worries. One upside of lockdowns is that you have time to pretty up the place

  • -1


    Same price per metre approx from Kmart
    Half the price. Half the length

    • Edit: jokes. Not quite. Amazon cheaper

    • Totally different type of light
      Not nearly as nice

    • Are you kidding? You can see the different quality by seeing the solar panel!

  • +1

    Agree, got them last time and very good quality.

  • +1

    Bought 2. Thanks OP

    • No worries

  • These won't last long in the summer weather

    • I don't know if they have any protection against overcharging, but at this price I am not expecting a lot. Batteries are replaceable looking at Amazon reviews

  • +1

    Got one. Thanks OP.

    Have previously bought a Target outdoor set …. twice.

    With both sets, the glow seemed to not be as strong over time and both eventually died.

    Not sure how water proof the panel enclosure was.

    • Where I installed the panel is pretty exposed (roof level) and no issues so far. Having said that it has been only over a month, I expect battery life will get gradually get shorter over the year.

  • +1

    Convinced. Bought 2

  • Product features are interesting based on the images…

    "Romantic Gift for Valentine"
    "Bike attachment"

    • +1

      "Bike attachment": I guess if you wrapped this around your bike would look like Christmas on wheels and no driver could possibly get mad at you.

      • +1

        Drivers will always get mad at cyclists. It will be harder for them to pretend they didn't see you when they run you down though.

  • +1

    White OOS

    • +3

      I will check with the rep if they have any more stock, but as it is Amazon managed not expecting they do

  • Ozbargained already
    Rainbow is 19.79 now.

    • Thanks, marked as OOS. I will check with the rep to see if they have any more

      • Still working with the code. Got a colour strip for $13.85

        • +1

          Thanks for reporting back, removed expiry

  • +2

    Dang missed it (warm white!).

  • Can't find where to contact the rep, but if possible can they reorder more stock?

    • +1

      I asked already, will report back

      • May is ask where you found their contacts?

        • Just messaged the rep from their last post

  • +2

    Can we get more white pls?

  • +2

    more white plssss

  • So many small Amazon deals like this get OzBargained so fast… really annoying since I wanted to get some white ones from the last deal or this one if they hadn’t run out.

  • code does not work with rainbow lights

    • marked it as out of stock. an hour ago same thing happened but code started working again. I would say try again in a bit

  • +1

    code works purchased two sets. Thanks OP

  • Hoping for more warm white soon, multi-colour is a bit Xmas-y for normal nights

  • damn, no more warm white :(

  • Is this a standard 18650 battery, user replaceable?

  • Is there any more warm white?

  • +3

    The seller is apparently expecting more stock of the warm white in a couple of weeks. Out of stock for now.

  • Warm White completely goneskies now, not even on back order.

  • Are these eligible for STCs?

  • Any inspiration photos of how people are putting them up?

    • +1

      Planning to run them through a medium size tree or 2 outside my place. Might try attaching the solar panel to the trunk for more sunlight exposure, gotta work it out when the rain stops here!

      • Thanks mate. I've got an apartment balcony. No trees :(

        • Along the railing and across the ceiling of the balcony?

  • +1

    hope warm white comes back in stock! i'd get some

  • +1

    There is a million of these on Amazon, around the same price. What makes this so special?

  • can't buy 2 in 2 different transactions

  • +1

    Missed out on the warm white, would love some for the backyard

  • That final image in the gallery, heading says "light up to 36 hours after fully charged", then in the specs on the same image it says "10-15 hours if fully charged"…
    Then in the description it says "and it can work 10-16 hours after fully charged(6-8 hours)"…

  • +1

    What is the link to the white ones? I know they are OOS but want to add them to my wish list incase they come back in stock. For some reason I just can't find it

  • Also keen for the warm white, I can find the pic on the supplier's amazon home page, but click on it and it just goes through to the rainbow colour. Any chance for a link?

    • Thanks for that, however that appears to be the double pack. I was thought there would be a single of that too

      • Ahh sorry didn't see that!

    • +1

      I bought an identical looking one (double pack, same image, same description): avoid. They get pretty good sun and they last 4 hours at most. These are the ones I am replacing.

      • Do you have the link to the warm white from this store in the deal @erd ?

        • +1

          When I posted they were both on the same link as two options on the same page. The link from my placed order also takes me to the link on the post. so my guess is it will be the same link as the rainbow one.

          • @erd: What do your solar panels look like on the good one? I got it today and the solar panels look like the old ones in the pictures.

            • +1

              @2expensive: https://imgur.com/a/yWluY00

              They are the same as the one I bought a month ago. The one that performed really well.

              Now that you mention it, it does look different to the photo on Amazon. But it also looks different to the "old panel" photo - more lines, similar to the "new panel" photo. The seller really should just update the photo. They probably reuse images.

  • Will wait for the warm white

  • My panels are the old one with a 1.2v 1200mAh battery.(as per part of the written description)
    There is room for 2 more batteries but no terminals.
    Nothing like the Upgraded Panel with 3.7v 1200mAh.Lithium battery
    Top review on Amazon for these is worth a look/read if you want to modify them.

    If I get one xmas out of them I'll be lucky, straight line only, the wire is so thin.

    • +1

      Have to agree. Mine came in today and the panel design is that old panel

      AU$12.36 Shipped on AliExpress for the same thing

      Gonna have to revoke my pos vote, there's nothing amazing about these for the price, and if anything the seller misadvertised

      • They should have just used the photos from Ali, lol. I think the price was still pretty good, given Amazon delivers it next day (also dealing with Amazon for returns etc.). The panel looks similar to the old design, I agree, however it appears to have more lines than the old one.

        The seller definitely needs to update those photos!

      • +1

        I contacted the seller via amazon and after a few photos back and forth to confirm the differences I was offered a $10 refund ($5 per item) or return the lot for a full refund.
        I honestly believe they have no idea what is actually shipped but they claim they'll honor any warranty claim in the next two years.
        They have removed the upgraded panel photo.

  • Daughter's 21st coming up, and she loves sparkly, rainbow-coloured things… 5x these should fit right in.

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