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Access to The GoodGuys Commercial Shopping Portal @ Rest Super Rewards


Was checking out my super when I went into my rewards and spotted they now have access to GG commercial

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          According to live chat they're having technical issues with the ggc reward and they're trying to fix it.

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    What is actually cheaper in GG Commercial?

    • Seems like some OLED TVs that I'm currently looking at are a few hundred cheaper in GGC. But otherwise, never really looked.

    • Kitchen appliances are usually pretty well priced.

      Saved about 700-800 doing up our kitchen vs the next best offers?

  • Worked for me, thanks OP.

  • I can't see the offer either in the app. Some details about the offer: https://rest.com.au/why-rest/member-benefits/the-good-guys-c...

    Edit: Ok, appears to be a known issue and Rest are working on a fix:

    William at 10:45, Jul 7:

    Sorry, there appear to have been an issue with the Good Guys reward showing in the app.

    It has been escalated to be fixed.

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    Signed up @ https://seniorshopper.com.au/ for mum, all she needed to provide was a senior card. Had the GGC account 24 hours later.

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      Doesn't work for Seniors Card Holders in WA!

      • That’s unlucky. Took all of 2 minutes to setup

  • Anyone share a code?

  • What's people's opinion on like ING living super, or like SpaceShip Super? Or like other non traditional industry supers ?

  • hhhmm .. this is side tracking a bit … but for everyone asking questions about which Super is better … the ATO has just launched "The YourSuper comparison tool" which is helpful in comparing fees and net returns for the default MySuper product. Details here: https://www.ato.gov.au/Calculators-and-tools/YourSuper-compa...

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    I have it in my Rest app. Thanks OP.

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    Finally a GGC member!
    Thanks OP!

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    No worries happy to help my fella Ozbargainers was a good find this morning :)

  • Off topic but what’s the consensus about what’s the best portfolio setting for rest?

  • Interesting read on Supers 👍

  • Had a look at a few appliances I had purchased recently elsewhere and gee either the REST prices are no good, or good guys have raised prices, as i had someone check there good guys weeks ago and they were alot less than current ptice.
    makes me wonder what level of discount REST access gets..

    • I think REST access gets the same discount. I checked a few items I had asked here and they are the same prices.

  • I still can't see the Good Guys reward in the app on my android phone. Does anyone have the same issue?

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      Maybe try going into the Google store and see if there's an update for it ?

      • The app is up to date :(

  • Does The GoodGuys Commercial verify Rest membership if i use my dad's validation code?

    • I don't believe so it's a unique one time code they give you so I doubt they would check due to privacy laws etc

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    This offer with REST and Good Guys Commercial is valid for about a year, till 31 July 2022. I joined Good Guys Commercial today via the REST validation code.

    I chatted with REST online agent and was advised the code will expire on 31 July 2022. No access after that.

    Offer is "available to all REST members". REST is investigating the issues that some members here are experiencing about not being able to access the Good Guys reward in their app.

    From Rest:

    Available to all Rest members. Offer available from 01/06/21 – 31/07/22. Members must register for The Good Guys Commercial and orders must be placed through The Good Guys Commercial portal available here or through the service team. This offer is not available through The Good Guys public website or retail stores. Giftcards cannot be used as payments this offer is not part of The Good Guys Retail sector

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    Does anyone know if the Good Guys Commercial membership will cease if you leave REST super now after signing up to the membership? REST chat online doesn't know.
    I've been with REST the whole time but may change to AustralianSuper after reading the reviews here.
    This would be the same query for members of Good Guys Commercial who have signed up with their unions, professional bodies or other super funds. What happens to the membership with Good Guys when they leave?

    • Most likely it should still stay active it's not like the GG will be actively asking Rest if you are still with them and due to privacy laws it's doubtful they could.

  • Can we use good guys gidt cards on thr commercial website

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    Thanks. Didn't know Rest gave me any rewards.

  • AustralianSuper +1

    • Does AustralianSuper grant you access to the commercial website as well?

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