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JESLED 3m USB Bluetooth TV Backlights With IR remote $12.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ JESLED via Amazon AU


Ship from AU warehouse, DELIVERY TIME : 2 - 4 DAYS

Not only for Amazon Prime Member,but also all of people could enjoy.

After Discount : $12.99


The Shining Points :

🌈【WIDE APPLICATION】LED lights with controller box(built-in microphone)+Bluetooth App+24-key remote controller, you will get 6 million colors, multiple scene modes and easily create your personal theater at home and decorate your game room.
🌈【Sync with Music】With a built-in mic, the brightness and color of the tv led light strips sync to the rhythm of your favorite music, granting you a vivid and immersive TV viewing experience.
🌈【Timer Function】Set a timer for your led light strip, schedule automatically switches on/off via your phone APP, and never worry to power on/off the led strip light, making you wake up in romantic lighting every morning
🌈【DIY Color】Color changing RGB LED strip has 16 million colors, you transform the space to match your mood freely.alsoYou can Create a home theatre-like enjoyment by adding colored light behind TV, PC, laptop etc.

Package include

Controller Box x1 (Built-in micro phone)
USB Adapter x1
24-Key Remote Controllerx1
9.8ft /3 meters Light Strip x1


Sync to Music: Available with controller box and app
Suitable TV Size:40-60inch
Control Ways:Remote Controller+ Controller Box+Bluetooth App Control
Shade Material : FPC
Input Voltage: 85V-265V
Output Voltage: DC24V 1.5A

JESLED Lighting fulfill the warranty for every customer, if you have any issues juste free to contact us here

💌E-mail: [email protected] (pls attach your order number)

We are looking forward to saw your good review in Amazon!

JESLED Lighting Store

Note: The 5M Wifi Led Strip Lights enabled version of the lights can be found here
Note: The 10M Wifi Led Strip Lights enabled version of the lights can be found here
Note: The 5M Blutooth Led Strip Lights enabled version of the lights can be found here
Note: The 6M Led Strip Lights enabled version of the lights can be found here

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • The Amazon syetem change the pictures of 3m tv backlights.

    If it is convneient, pls refer to the this—3M USB Bluetooth Tv Backlight

    This is our US link, same product!!

  • Any discount code?

    • Of course, pls wait for same time.
      The system don't show the right price!!Thanks for your patient!!

  • +2

    showing as $39.99 for me, is there a code to apply.

    • +1

      pls wait~ the system don't show the right price!!

      • Thanks OP,
        went to the 5m Bluetooth link and price is showing.
        bought +1

        • okay~thanks for your support bro~

  • Your link points to a LED strip for 24-40 inch TV and priced at $11.99. OP are you sure you added the right URL?

    • of course, the 11.99 price just have 2 inventory.
      The next is 12.99~

      • This one says $17.99 with $3 coupon which makes it $14.99, what am I doing wrong?
        LED Strip Lights, JESLED 5M Bluetooth Led Strip Lights with 44 Keys IR Remote Controller, Smart Led Strip Lights for Bedroom,TV, Party, Home Decoration

        What's the link for the 3M USB Bluetooth TV Backlights With IR remote $12.99?

        • 5m bluetooth led strip lights: 14.99
          3m bluetooth tv backlights:12.99

  • 5m link looks to go to one titled with 10m, and same price as the 10m - OP could you please check?

    • hey! the 5m wifi strip lights are out of stock. Just have the10m now!
      Thanks for your patient!

  • $39.99 with 1 in stock

    Something doesn't add up

    • hey! the 5m wifi strip lights are out of stock. Just have the10m now!
      Thanks for your patient!

  • which one would you recommend for 65 inch TV?

    • +2

      I got a 5m bunnings one which is great length, only trimmed a bit off the end
      (a good tip is to make a small loop on the corners too to take up some length

      • thansk for your patient help!!

    • Our 3m Tv backlights have the USB, you could direct connect the Tv.

  • +6

    Based on most of the above comments, OP is having issues with the deal.

    Please have a bit of a patience with the OP to rectify the issue.

    I'm only saying this is because I've ordered from them in the past, and the product and customer service was great.

    They're good as a back light on your monitor, or at the back of your computer desk

    • i mean yes product is good. But shouldn't they make sure its working on their end before posting deal?

      • +2

        Yes I agree.

        Hopefully they'll improve on future posts, If not then I wouldn't be this nice :)

        • +1

          we will improve, thanks for your patient and understand!
          Because we can't direct post the inventory store.

      • We will provide the purchase experience!! Thanks for your advice~~

  • i love you jackey have a good day

    • love you too~~

  • nice, these are just RGB though not addressable RGB

    • This type of TV lamp bar is very high end~

  • I don't see how this would improve my TV experience. Cinema effect usually means a dark room, not surrounded by back lit LEDs. Am I missing something?

    • this model is more of a party light, for proper bias lighting, you want something like the MediaLight with high CRI LEDs at 6500K


    • hey,bro~ you could refer to the pictures of review.
      You will get the answer you want!!
      Thanks for your patient~

    • The backlight cold white is supposed to reduce strain on eyes.. Dunno about all the fancy colours

    • of couse! JESLED AU Direct and LQH-JESLED AU Direct!!
      Because JESLED AU don't have the inventroy, we will shipped to the another store~
      Thanks for your patient and understand!!

  • For the people looking to buy/bought this, just curious as to what you use it for? Gaming/TV experience? Has anyone used these in like a nursery to make bedtimes easier?

    • decorate anywhere you want~
      You could refer to the pictures of review~~

    • Your girlfriend will love it, and be hypnotised into bed

  • Note: The 3M Tv backlights Led Strip Lights enabled version of the lights can be found here

    Sorry, the Amazon and Ozbargian syetem don't update the information!!!

    • Don't blame our system when you linked to the wrong item.

      • okay,we will update the information! Thanks for your remind~~

        • burn

  • Looking for the 5m wifi..did you have a link? Doesn't work

    • Don't have the stock now~ Just have the 10M~

      • When will this be in stock?

        • At least a month~
          At present our 10m wifi strip lights have a good price~ you could have a look!!

  • Just a word of warning about the seller - after sale service is shocking.

    I bought lights from the seller last week and all the attachments are missing and seller (Jackey) asked for PM so can resolve the problem and this is the reply I got from His reply:

    Hey,bro~Thanks for your help!!
    At present, we have enough review, thanks again!
    In the future we would love to cooperate with you~

    Looks like they do not care about my missing parts and because they have enough positive reviews they also don’t care about any negative reviews. As a community on OZB, we need to stand up to this insulting behavior from sellers like this who do not care about their customers that receive wrong products or missing parts.

  • Quick review:


    • Easy to attach, came with alcohol wipes for surface prep, nice and sticky.
    • Bluetooth app is basic but works well
    • Remote has decent range and lots of buttons.
    • Cheap


    • White colour is off by quite a lot. Looks more blue/aqua than white. Not good for bias lightning
    • My TV complained about a "USB High Powered Device", and wouldn't power the strip, had to resort to my TV box.

    Overall I would give this 7/10 for the price/value.