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The Mummy Ultimate Trilogy 4K $30.90 + Delivery (Free with Prime over $49) @ Amazon US via AU


The Mummy Ultimate Trilogy on 4K (UHD), with additional blu ray disc versions of the movies for $30.90 + shipping (free shipping on orders over $49 with Prime). Not sure about the region code for the blu ray discs but from what I have read online they appear to be region free.

Was buying the Super 8 steelbook from Amazon US when I came across this so I thought I'd share this for anyone who is interested.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I just checked prices on Apple TV+ app and it seems the same bundle in 4k is cheaper there for $23.97. Probably can use the discounted iTunes card to reduce the price further.

    PS: I don't post much so please correct me if there are any mistakes :)

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      You're right, some people would prefer the actual disks however I am happy with owning it on iTunes, so thanks!

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        All time low is $15

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      Just a friendly reminder that you don't own digital content. Not that I don't have digital content myself but imo they aren't comparable.

      • What is your definition of ownership? I have had several movies and music in my iTunes library for about 10 years now…

        I never read the contract terms of my digital purchases and unsure if the provider has the right to take them away unless the service closes.

        • They generally don't because I can hardly see the benefits of doing so but they definitely can. iTunes identifies themselves as a store front??

          Note that this may be outdated, Apple's stand may have changed over the years, they may issue a refund for such situation but obviously YMMV.

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          If the film company pulls the movie from apple you might be SOoL.Buying the disk means you have the movie unless they send goons to take it from you.

          There's a number of TV shows and video games that have lost rights to music and had them replaced.

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            @Caped Baldy: Not a rumour, this definitely has happened repeatedly. Well documented for Grand Theft Auto. TV shows pre-streaming (eg. Scrubs) never licensed music for it, and so have it replaced on the streaming services (iTunes, Hulu). Also widely discussed.

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              @Phanatic: Thanks, those were the specific ones I was thinking about. I've gone back to rewatch shows and it's weird hearing The Veronicas on a US cop show.

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        Thanks for friendly advice. I wasn't aware of the point you raised and definitely keep in mind. But I would still take risk and prefer to have a digital copy for the ease of access :). I guess it just comes down to personal preference.

        • Yes for convenience sake it's well worth the risk, I'm willing to take my chance on Apple's CS too. Was just trying to point out that they aren't quite comparable :)

      • Unfortunately, due to obsolescence and degradation, physical media are not eternal either.

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      Streamed movies are much lower bitrate than actual 4k discs, so if you want the best quality possible, you still have to buy the disc version.

    • Owning movies on Apple is dangerous, once you start hard to stop especially when you find deals…

      I broke my virginity when i was on holiday and bought 'The Joker', haven't bought a disc since.. i love that it just follows you around on the cloud.

      Still have 5 boxes full of dvd/blurays but man, its so much more convenient.

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        Did you lose your virginity? Or is that a movie?

        • It’s 2 Discs, 1 is extra with special directors cut! 😇

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    Waiting for 4 starring Brendan

    • Will there be a 4?

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        The Mummy 4: Alimony Returns

      • -1

        The Mummy 4: Scorpion King Vs Fat Brendan

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      We can only hope! He said at a comic con event like last year or the year before that he's down. I doubt they'll do it though.

  • All three movies are on STAN in 4K as well.

    • Stream 4K in Australia?

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      A 4k blu-ray is an order of magnitude better quality than a streamed "4K"

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        True, but the 4K version on STAN still looks damn good.

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        It’s better yes - to 99% of eyes it wouldn’t make a difference though

        • Or a large proportion of TVs either.

        • The sound quality is more noticeable than the visuals I’ve found

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    Hey Beni, looks like you’re on the wrong side of the river!

    • takes out Buddha pendant 🙏

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    Honk if you'd rather be watching the 1999 Cinematic Masterpiece “The Mummy” starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz.

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      Lots of bumper stickers are stupid. Not this one

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      Watch the FX guys react video of mummy it's amazing

    • "rather be watching"? instead of what? This collection does include the 1999 Mummy.

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      Saw that on reddit the other day! Brilliant sticker :-)

  • Hi everyone, as it's from Amazon US, how does the disk region work? Thanks

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      No regions on 4k disks, unlike Blu ray

      • Thank you

  • I thought all 4K discs are region-free.

    • They are, the blu-ray might be region A only tho

    • Cool, thanks

  • There was a 3rd Mummy movie? I thought the trilogy was 1 + 2 + Scorpian King!

  • Blue gold!

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    It's really sad what happened to Brendan Fraser - apparently he suffered many injuries from doing his own stunts, which took a toll on his body and it got to the point where he just had to stop making movies.

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      He’s ripe for one of those “whatever happened to…” clickbait articles

      • He’s in Doom Patrol as a former NASCAR driver turned cyborg but not Cyborg.

    • I think a divorce really hit him harshly and financially.

    • Sad, yes, but he's still got plenty of work. He's good in the new Steven Soderbergh movie (No Sudden Move).

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    The Internet Just Made Brendan Fraser Go Viral Simply For Being Awesome, And Here Are 30 Of The Best Tweets
    As someone who grew up watching all of his movies and who holds the mummy movies as some of my favoruites of all time, reading the comments was genuinely heartwarming. It's the sort of love that few actors receive, Keanu Reeves is one of the others.

  • Came here for the mummy quotes and left disappointed.

    • "Do not befriend the man of anger, Nor go with a wrathful man, Lest thou learn his ways and take a snare for thy soul".

    • Cry baby!

    • "Until the day I die."

  • If looking for a title to get free shipping, the the expendables as not available here … I ordered Expendables 2 https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B06X9JNRXL?psc=1&smid=A4XRJ8S0W...

  • Probably worth it just for the first film alone

  • I already own the first two movies and not interested in the third one

    But thanks op for the heads up

  • @Shostaholic (O/p)

    " Not sure about the region code for the blu ray discs but from what I have read online they appear to be region free."

    Always hard to find as Amazon rarely provides this information.

    The best way to check is look for the Amazon source
    US - Blu-ray = Zone A, Ultra HD Blu Ray = ALL Zones (A,B & C) or Zone-free
    UK - Blu-ray = Zone B, Ultra HD Blu Ray = ALL Zones (A,B & C) or Zone-free
    AU - Blu-ray = Zone B, Ultra HD Blu Ray = ALL Zones (A,B & C) or Zone-free

    Unless you have a multi-zone (ALL Zones) Blu-ray player, the standard Blu-ray disc in the US version (Zone A) will be unplayable on most major brand Blu Ray players sold in Australia. Yes I know that there are cheaper Yum-cha specials sold in Australia will play any blu-ray disc, some with remote control key punch sequences to play the disc.

    The AU & UK editions on Blu ray discs are usually identical.

    I imagine Amazon AU must get a lot of returns due to incompatible Zone A Blue Ray discs.

  • What if I buy two items and qualify for free international shipping and then cancel the other item? Will I still be charged shipping?

    • No … Amazon don’t care as long as over $49

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    The CGI Dwayne Johnson from The Mummy Returns in glorious 4K?? I need to see this

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    If you aren't interested in the third movie - and let's face it, it isn't great - then the first two can be had for $13.29 ea at JB via the deal below. No hassles about finding something extra just to get the "free" international prime shipping.