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[Klarna] The 4th/Final Instalment Payment Waived, Save 25% ($10-$2000 Order Paid via Klarna) E.g. 6700XT $824.25 @ PC Case Gear


UPDATE PM 09/07/21: This promotion is actually being ended by Klarna TODAY, presumably 11:59PM AEST 09/07/2021 before end of day presumably before 5PM (source: PCCG contact)

UPDATE 15/07/2021: It is now updated on the T&C page that the offer is "closed by Klarna on 9th July 2021 at 17:00 AEST".

Terms and conditions: https://www.klarna.com/au/klarna-instalment-offer-terms-and-...

The offer is available from 00:00 on the 7th July 2021 until 23:59 on the 21st July 2021. Klarna reserves the right to commence the offer at an earlier date and/or extend the end date at its sole discretion. (Offer Period).

For eligible customers making a purchase between $10 and $2,000 using Klarna at a participating merchants online store, Klarna will waive the fourth and final repayment of that purchase. The order made with the merchants will show the full order value – this discount will come about as a result of the fourth and final repayment being waived.

Currently the "best value" upper mainstream/high end graphics card is PowerColor Radeon RX 6700 XT Hellhound 12GB (https://www.pccasegear.com/products/53534/powercolor-radeon-...), for $1099. With the deal, it'll come down to $824.25 before shipping.

Although I guess to use the highest amount of benefit (i.e. $500 off), you need to have an allowance of $2000 first with Klarna.

For those who want info on whether/when Klarna does a credit check: https://www.klarna.com/au/customer-service/does-klarna-perfo...

For customers to be eligible to have the 4th and final payment waived the first, second and third instalments must have been paid in full and on time. Order will show the full price through the entirety of checkout, you will receive an email afterwards saying "We've got your final payment covered"

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    Pretty disappointed! Saw the deal on Thursday, realised we had until the 21st and decided to organise my purchases this weekend. Figured out everything we needed and got into cart only to realise the deal had been removed early. Leaves a pretty bad taste in the mouth, not sure how I feel using these companies again now

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    Piss poor by whichever business (Klarna or PCCG) ended this early without adequate notice.

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    Neg for expiry date changing. I was working off the first date given. Not cool.

    Also had some PCCG pre-purchase correspondence (not related to Klarna) that I'm very disappointed with their unreasonable response.

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    I spoke to Klarna support, you can pay the remaining payments off early and still qualify for the 25% discount.
    Just don't accidently pay the total or 4th installment… the 4th installment will be waived within 2 weeks of paying for the 3rd installment

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      So if i were to use Klarna and pay 3 of my instalments upfront, they will not direct debit the 4th even though it state the promotion have ended?

      • Hang on, did you make the order during the offer period?
        Did you get the “ we've got your final payment covered” email?
        If yes, then the 1st payment would’ve been already deducted. You can make the 2nd and 3rd payment sooner and the 4th will still be waived.
        If you missed the offer then there’s nothing you can do now :(

      • I read my comment again, perhaps I didn’t make sense.
        What I meant to say was you can pay the 2nd and 3rd instalments sooner, rather than waiting for them to be automatically deducted every 2 weeks, and not risk breaking the terms of the offer. The 4th will still be waived regardless if you waited the full term, or paid them off quicker.

        Unfortunately the offer has in fact ended for everyone who missed out

    • What's the advantage of paying early?
      Do they automatically debit your card on the instalment due date?

      • +1

        No advantage, but some people with a lot of capital/funds would prefer just to get it out of the way.

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    Initially I learned, from PCCG, of the early ending was a result of Klarna ending the promotion, but as there are several comments about PCCG ending the promotion, I've reached out to a PCCG rep for a response.

    The response has not changed from PCCG, that PCCG did not end it but Klarna. From the perspective of original T&Cs, the promotion is run by Klarna, and the benefits, i.e. the waiving of the payment i.e. the discount, is provided by Klarna so Klarna is the company bearing the cost. According to the PCCG rep I spoke to, the promotion did not cost PCCG anything so it wouldn't make sense to end the promotion early. It seems to be the deal has gotten very popular and Klarna's budget for the promotion has been OzBargained.

    In terms of "repercussions" mentioned by earlier comments, I can only speculate on my own behalf that it could be either Klarna has only set up to a certain amount for the promo and it is in dispute with PCCG whether to pay them or not (that Klarna has not disclosed in T&Cs), or threaten future cooperation with PCCG. Again, this is just my personal speculation, not backed by any knowledge of their contractual relationship.

    Considering the promo is run and funded by Klarna, I'd put the onus on them to carry through the T&Cs, and the fact that it was ended without any clause in the initial T&Cs for them to end it without notice, personally I think it is a poor form for them. I'm not aware if PCCG is actively advertising this promo on its website (I searched it briefly on google and couldn't find anything). I shared this here as I saw it on a discord channel and thought it's a great deal considering the current PC market, and I am not associated with PCCG in any way. This is just my opinion, and the information that I have gathered, and please feel free to do your own research and reach your own conclusion.

    • Thanks mate, pretty rational response.

      My order was complete Friday morning and I still haven't received the Klarna email advising of the waiving of payment 4. Hope it goes through

    • Appreciate this response! Good to know it wasn't so much on PCCG. I think if a proper effort was made to inform the public, I would be more okay with it. Without doing so it is technically bait advertising which breaks the law (no matter what their terms and conditions say). Saying that, based on what you've said above and I've been seeing elsewhere, that is on Klarna and not PCCG.

      If any Klarna reps read this, here's a pro tip from a legal perspective. You can set amounts of money you're willing to give out within the terms and conditions and then you can legally pull the promotion once that amount has been exhausted. Whereas writing into terms and conditions that you can pull the promotion at any stage isn't entirely true based on Australian consumer law.

  • Does PCCG have a statement about this, since it's fairly disappointing to have a deal canceled 2/14 days through?

  • +3

    Looking at the T&C's again (as Klarna has revived the page, although I'm not sure if they are still the same as before as I can't recall if the clause was there before they pull down the page), Klarna has included under point 3 of the Generals Rules:

    3 Klarna reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel, suspend, cut short or extend the offer

    And at the bottom it clearly states the "Promoter Information"

    The Promoter of this special offer is Klarna Australia Pty Ltd., ABN # 82 635 912 579 of Level 16, 175 Pitt Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000. You can contact the Promoter on [email protected].

    I suppose it is similar to how eBay can pull it's promotion earlier at its own discretion (although doesn't change the fact that it is indeed poor form and it sucks for those that missed out).

    • +1

      Technically that doesn't align with Australian consumer law (walks a fine grey area). People write all sorts of things in to terms and conditions (as well as contracts tbh) that aren't actually aligned with the law and wouldn't hold up.

      It does appear that they have reopened the t&c's page to take the pressure off of PCCG a bit which I do respect. To me it seems they didn't seek proper legal advice prior to initiating this promotion and went with a stock set of t&c's that they have previously used

      • +1

        The T&C page has been further updated that Klarna explicit said it has closed the offer "on 9th July 2021 at 17:00 AEST".

        I'm surprised to find out Klarna is Swedish, and thought EU consumer protection rules are quite strong (I'm aware that Sweden isn't part of EU, but thought it was part of the EEA so it follows its rules in some form? Although more likely I am just utterly confused about EU vs EC vs EEA and how each is governed).

  • Not a lawyer but not sure the ACL actually applies to Klarna and the like as they are facilitating the transaction not between consumer and the business and you aren’t actually buying any service from them. The government can’t make ebay behave and clearly as a seller you are paying them handsomely…

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    I paid installments 2 + 3 early and can confirm the last payment was covered by Klarna :)

    • How long did it take for it to reflect that the last payment has been covered successfully? I just went through with the early repayment for 3rd one a couple hours ago

      • +1

        I chatted with support as soon as I paid my 3rd off, they said it will be done within 2 weeks.
        2 weeks later nothing changed, so I chatted again and they escalated + actioned it.
        I believe even if you pay early, you must still wait as per the final schedule, or get it fast tracked like I did.

        • So a bunch of hassle and hoping they can solve an unusual problem instead of just letting it go through the normal process - what is the benefit of paying it early?

          • @bejahi: Benefit ?
            By paying it off early, you're losing the interest you would have earnt on that money over the payment term.
            There's definately no benefits involved, you're making a (very small) loss by paying early.

            • @Nom: @Nom Yes that's my point. But so many people in this thread seem to be so determined to pay it off early, even if it means additional hassle…

  • I messaged Klarna and got both my orders waived early. Total was under $2000 for both combined. Took 2 business days for a response. Very happy with the prices I paid for some components!

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