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50 Year Birthday McFlurry $4 @ McDonald's


50 year birthday mcflurry is out and its amazing. Must try its so good.


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    Why is this a bargain?

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      You'll know why once you try it. I was sceptical but them custard pie pieces…

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      Mods, why are you editing this instead of deleting it?

      Surely RRP ice-cream that OP enjoyed isn't the new low for allowed "deals" here?

      Edit: Report rejected by mods. I guess this is the new low for allowed "deals".

      Edit 2: Instead of + my comment, if you also feel this isn't a bargain, the right action would be to neg the deal.

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        I wonder, if “deals” like this keep getting posted and mods allow them if we will look back on this post as the one where ozbargain ‘jumped the shark’ before we know it the new deals page will be full of “stuff at RRP that I like”

        • I truely love this site and have for 13 years. But yes I do worry about the direction it’s taking lately. It seems their own rules are secondary to having content.

          This is another one that annoyed me. This game is free and will always be free, which according to the rules isn’t a deal. But the mods allowed it. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/635762

          I think they either need to start enforcing the rules or update the rules. It’s getting to the point that there’s no reason to bother reporting stuff anymore.

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    Not a bargain

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    Not a deal

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    This deal is getting ozbargained. Macca's was packed.

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      dammit ! now the machines broken !

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    Do yourself a favour, spend $4 on a Saralee pie and $4 on a whole tub of icecream at Coles and feed the whole family dessert with probably leftovers

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    I just ate this lol, it's a cup of sugar

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    " Bite size pieces of Custard Pie, mixed in with creamy soft serve and topped with Caramel sauce and sprinkles."

    Boourns, bring back the caramel thickshake

  • Ozfreemarketing no bargainbargain here

  • You had me at custard pie…

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    Real scraping the bottom of the barrel for deal posts

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    Where is the deal?

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    What is the RRP for a McFlurry? What is the saving/bargain?

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      Doesn't really matter, this is the standard price for this type of McFlurry.

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        No deal here

  • How do they make a McFluffy last 50 years? Do they make it with UHT or something?

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    RRP is not a bargain

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    No saving = No deal

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    Not a deal. Normal price.

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    This is more like OzRipoff

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    Normal price? Not a bargain. What is going on with this site last few days?

  • whats the real deal??

  • They still have the cookie time?

    That is the best one.

  • Not a deal

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    Bring back the old McFlurry machine for this historical event

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    Sorry mate, this ain't no deal. If it was actually a decent discount from the regular McFlurry you might be ok

  • what's the bargain?

  • I dislike maccas generally and always feel like voting them down. So here's my chance. (Don't have any opinion on this mcflurry though except that, like most of their stuff, it sux).

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    This is a non deal. And McFlurries are overpriced, underfilled sugar slurries at this normal price or when they are ACTUALLY a deal, which this is not.

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    Not a deal, should be in the forums as it's regular price but a special variety

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    Not a deal, move to forums

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    RRP, not a deal

  • To add I had one of these tonight.. was meh.. wish I had gone Oreo instead… Much regret..

  • McRRP

  • $1 of ingredients for $4, pass

    Normal McFlurries are sometimes $2 on these kinds of deals.. $4 is not really a good deal.

  • Not flurried anymore.


  • +1

    Got $2 McFlurry deal but it excludes the Birthday one.

  • rip off but for a limited time ..

    might be better using a "hack" like 2 cones+$1.5 pie and smash it up in a bowl
    edit - oh it has caramel and sprinkles too…

    • tried it.. 2.5/5 they had caramel mixed with sprinkles clumped at the bottom

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