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Free $10/$20 Voucher @ David Jones Rewards


Not sure if this is targeted but I just received a free $10 voucher from DJ. Check your mailbox!

Had your eye on something? Make it yours with a $10 Bonus Reward. Be sure to redeem it instore or online before it expires on Sunday 11 July 2021.

Also $20 vouchers (credit Nathw).

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David Jones
David Jones

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    Had your eye on something? Make it yours with a
    $20 Bonus Reward.
    Be sure to redeem it instore or online
    before it expires on Sunday 11 July 2021.

    Treat yourself!

  • +5

    No email from David Jones. I R NOT WORTHY.

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    100% is Targeted

  • Received a $10 voucher! Nice!

    Edit: Okay didn't realize I accidentally signed up to DJ's twice, and got 2 x $10 vouchers 0.o

    • +1

      Hey I accidentally signed up 100 times!

  • I received the $20 credit email over night :-)

  • I've got $20!

  • I also received a $20 credit. It’s defiantly targeted as the credit voucher has a pin on it.

    • +8

      Defiantly? Why so defiant? 😂

      • +6

        Fierce battles were had.

    • So they were resisting having these people targeted?

  • $20 here

  • $20 here, no idea why

      • +3

        Or you can click and collect if it lets you and collect it when lockdown restrictions eases

      • +2

        Instructions unclear. Got a job at David Jones and I went to the warehouse to get my order personally.

        • But how will they cancel your order now??

          • @muncan: I'm sure my colleague will do it for me. Those pranksters.

  • Got the $20, thanks for the heads up.

  • +3

    I only got $10… 😭

    • Same here, only $10

      • +4

        Bought two bags of Lindt balls for $11. Not the cheapest but I'm only paying $1 and I can share them with my colleagues when I return to the office next week for the first time in almost six weeks.

        • +14

          Good idea 👍 I always spread my balls around the office.

          • @the splingee: instructions unclear. i got fired.

          • +2

            @the splingee: instructions unclear, colleagues didn't appreciate me throwing red and white balls at them while yelling "Magikarp, hit em with your Struggle attack!"

        • You are sweet.

  • I'm worry which emails are legit and which are spam. I get emails saying I have received bonus, vouchers, credits etc from Woolworths, Coles, Jb Hifi, Catch and whole lots of other companies.

    • +10

      Send me the voucher codes, I’ll try for you.

    • Pay attention to the email address it's from. If it's from some random email it'll be a scam. If it looks like a legit email or the same kind you recieved from when you signed up for their marketing emails, you should be fine.

      You could sometimes login to your account directly to see if there's any indication of a voucher.

  • Also only got $10

  • I received a $20 voucher. I haven't bought anything from DJs in a long time.

  • Yes received $20

  • Wow! Actually received this one!

  • targeted

  • Thanks OP, got $20. Time for more shopping.

  • got $10

  • I got $10 ty OP!

  • nada

  • couple pairs of socks for free not bad

  • Got 10 durrah.

  • +5
    • +1

      Thanks needed that as well.

  • Got $20 voucher and now the search to maximise it.

  • Blagged $20, not sure how or why, but I'll take it……the hunt it on the DJ's site…..

  • +1

    So I’ve got both this DJ $10 email and Afterpay referral $30 email (min spend $50). Can be combined?

    Apparently Afterpay via DJ in-store only though according to my Afterpay app. Also Afterpay app doesn’t seem to mention $30 credit anywhere?

    • Id also like to know

  • Only got$10 but on 2 accounts

  • +1

    Got a $20. Bought something for the little one at $20 and it gave me free delivery. Usually free over $50, so that's another bonus.
    Hopefully it doesn't get a cancellation or correction.

    • Yes if canceled you may lose this as have to spend by 11th. I will head to the store. I missed out on their birthday gift because of lockdown in Vic now can head out. Sorry NSW.

    • ar u in VIC?

  • $20 here.

  • Got $10. Not bad..

  • +2

    Cheers Op, I got $20. I got my son a Hot Wheels Monster Truck and 4 Hot Wheels Cars for nothing.

  • I used to use these in the food section in CBD, mmm cake

    • +1

      the cake is a lie.

    • So sad all/most DJ food is being closed. Great to use small amounts.

  • +4

    Got $20, not complaining.

    Thanks for the heads up, would have never check all my junk email accounts for this.

  • got $20

  • Spend $100 save 20% on a few items so that could be a cheeky 40% off

  • +4

    Nose trimmer $5 with $20 voucher

    • Hopefully a nose hair trimmer, not the whole nose…….

    • +1

      nice find grabbed one with my 20 voucher cheers

    • someones going on a date…

    • Cheers good find.

  • No DJ love for me.

    edit - Just logged in and it must have triggered an email… $10 Cheers

    • Now saying my code isn't linked to my account when it's the only account I have…

  • +2

    women cap citrus or blue for $10. free delivery

    • How do we get free delivery?

      • not sure. it is free express delivery by default for me.

        • Do you have a DJ Amex linked to your account?

  • +2

    $10. $10 shipping ruins this.

    • DJ has free shipping with $50 spend in S.A.

  • 2x $20 and 1 $10 on family accounts. Great but sad my local DJ food has closed.

  • Sweet $20 voucher for me - thanks for the heads up!

  • Minimum spend?

    • +1


      • Cheers

  • I got a country road cap for $10 (free shipping) with 1 account
    I tried doing it with another account and now they're charging a $10 shipping

    Edit: Just worked out that if it says $10 shipping, go into the checkout after you have put in shipping details it will appear as free shipping. Hope this works for you.

    • free shipping for vic only ?

      • not sure, I live in Vic, maybe that's why there was free shipping

  • Third time I've got a $10 rewards. Not sure what I can get with $10

  • Oooh ty for posting!

  • Got $20 but can’t find anything to buy :/

  • +3

    Some Ideas on free gifts using a $10 gift card









    pretty sure they all have free shipping (:

    • +3

      No free shipping for NSW.

    • charged me $10 :(

    • can u do a list for $20, jk

      • +2

        It's basically same list, just buy double the qty.

  • Also got $10, how do you people get 20 lol

    • i got didly squat. i would take a $10 one if offered.

  • +1

    Got $20, and I think that's because I purchases stuff over $200 from DJ recently.

    • +2

      I bought the iphone 12 from DJ recently but only received $10.

      Family member who hardly buys anything from DJ got $20.

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