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2x Car Back Seat Protector Cover from Kick Marks $10.55 (was $12.99) Delivered @ Sello Products via eBay


Little ones may not be able to keep their little feet from kicking the back seat, but they can keep their dirty feet from ruining the car's upholstery with these Kick Mats. The Car Kick Mats fabric is easy to clean and protects against the inevitable water and dirt that comes with active kids. Errands, trips and travels just go more smoothly.

Key Features:
Scratch resistant
Premium oxford fabric
Adjustable strap with buckle
Eco friendly and durable
Keep seats clean
Easy to clean
Fit all vehicles

Material: Oxford fabric
Dimension: 65cm x 45.5cm (L x W)
Colour: Black

2x Kids Kick Mat

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    Now i can drive in comfort knowing that foot in my back wont dirty the upholstery

  • +22 votes

    This is the most millennial parenting thing I've seen. Instead of telling your child not to kick your seat, buy something so you can ignore it.

    • +1 vote

      You clearly don't have kids. I've told mine 4676 times and they still do it so I have them on my seats cos why not :)


        So you’re confirming that you are a millennial parent?


          Nah just a dad who’s kids don’t listen to him

      • -6 votes

        I don’t have kids. But I was one. I remember being told not to kick the back of the seat. My parents explained it’s dangerous as it distracts the driver. Sure I needed reminding everyone now and then, but that’s what parenting is -not just giving up and buying padding for the seat.


          Sure you know best

        • -1 vote

          Parents get so defensive. Like no ones aloud to have an opinion if they don’t have children.

          I bet you’ve never been prime minister, but you still have an opinion on Morrison?

          • +1 vote

            @PainToad: Not getting defensive. Not all kids are the same, some are hard work. Just because I want to use seat protectors doesn’t make me a bad father.

    • +3 votes

      Same parents who let their kids kick the back of your seat on a flight.

      • +1 vote

        And let them run around and be little shits at the shops.



      Give them a warning, if that isn't heeded, pull over then tell 'em their walking..

  • +2 votes

    Yep, has been this price since May 28th at the earliest…

    And the same price on your Amazon store

    • +1 vote

      omg people actually buy this


    Almost exactly the same as these ones selling for $10.77 and seller has accepted offers of $10.23.


  • +4 votes

    I don't use these, screaming and threats of violence have so far worked.


      From the kids to the parent…? :P


      beat me with this comment. It does not work though, my wife does not sit in the back seat to see :)

  • +1 vote

    Thanks Op!

    Will be getting this!

    My kids don't actively kick the seat but still somehow leave a few marks here and there when they are climbing into their seats.

    Luckily my two aren't too hard to discipline but still prone to make little mistakes here and there :)

    • +1 vote

      Be careful what you post or you’ll be told you’re a bad parent!


    $10 to save thousands of dollars worth of leather seats. I’ll bite. Thanks op.

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    Even the best disciplined kids will occasionally give the front seat a kick or 2 by accident, especially when getting into or out of the car. Such protectors are quite useful if for some reason you happen to have some light colour upholstery.


    (was $12.99)…

    So why advertise on eBay that it's reduced from $39.00?
    That's just blatantly fraudulent advertising.
    I am actually after 2 pairs for the Mrs new car, which is why I clicked through on it, but #'d if I'd buy these ones after reading that BS!!!