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Makita DTM51Z Cordless Multi-Tool Body Only $194.72 + $25.59 Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Been eyeing one of these for a while, but they seem in short supply in Oz. I have been told it will be August/September before stores get stock, although I think you can get some online.

The local price is usually around $229 for the bare tool (no batteries, no accessories) It has dropped to this price at Amazon UK a couple of times recently, but tends to hover around the $204 mark. If it does go up, just keep an eye on it because it seems to bounce around a bit.

A handy 18 v multi-function tool for a variety of sawing and polishing applications in construction and renovation projects. Equipped with a tool-free change of the insert tools. The oscillation can be set between 6,000 and 20,000/min.

If you are looking for accessories, these get reasonable raps, from Amazon US (so still free Prime delivery if bundled with the tool) at $44.99, down a couple of dollars in recent weeks and according to the Camels, a pretty good price:

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    This is the one to get over the DTM50 as this has the quick release lever, life's too short for needing tools to change accessories.

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      +1 on the quick release. I bought the model without quick release and it's a PITA.

  • The new brushless model is about to be released (DTM52ZX3), might be worth waiting a little longer for better prices.

    • Probably why this is in short supply…. but maybe some run-out specials coming?

  • Also note that the brushless DTM52 is on the way. It will be dearer ($289) though.

  • More a general question, is it worth buying a Multitool like this and for example using the sanding paper accessory, rather then buying an orbital sander?
    Just looking at the various accessories available I seem to get better value for money with a Multitool.

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      Others more expert than me, but an orbital sander will cover much larger areas.

      I think this is more suited to detail work or getting into corners that the orbital won't reach.

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      Using a multi-tool with the sander attachment isn't worth the buy at all. It burns out the plastics on the pad when you put any pressure on them and then the sand paper wont be able to hook onto it. The pads don't even stay on when its fresh either, it's a gimmick for sanding essentially.

      Souce: carpenter for decades.

      • yep, only use for sanding filly essential areas, otherwise too expensive per cm2 of sand paper compared to orbital or sheet sander .

  • Is this better than a dremel?

    • Different tool a dremal is a perpendicular grinding tool this is a vibrating multi tool. I have one and it's damn handy tool I may only use it once a month but every time I do I think I would have been ducked with out it. I think I paid over $300 for it 3 years ago and iam not to upset with the purchase.

  • not brushless and no quick change ….even my ozito has those features, think i will wait until new makita model comes out and see how it’s priced.

    • It is quick change.

  • If you don’t have Prime, this is really only a marginal bargain - and the Ozzie dollar has been dropping, so the Amazon UK price is edging up. It’s now just over $195.

    • daymn was looking for one now not really a bargin got the ozito but the vibrations to the whole tool now is a pain to use for longer jobs