[Price Error] Seagate IronWolf 125 2TB NAS SSD $105.98 + Delivery @ Mwave

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Likely a pricing error as the 1tb version is $299.98.

The Ironwolf range is intended for NAS (Network Attached Storage) use.

Model: ZA2000NM1A002
Sequential Read Speeds: 560MB/s
Sequential Write Speeds: 540MB/s
Interface: SATA 6GB/s - 3D TLC NAND Flash -
MTBF: 1,800,000 Hours
5 Years Limited Warranty

Mod: Price Error. Orders refunded.

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    mwave just cancelled mine. Surprised someone is awake and working at midnight lol.

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      Their mobile would be vibrating with all the orders coming through :)

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        You had me at vibrating.. lolz

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      They probably have an automated system to warn someone about abnormally high order numbers.

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        OzB alarm…

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          Just gotta sub to the ozb email alert.

    • that's bc all of these sites are 99% offshore

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    thought to give it a crack earlier anyway, but luckily this is a pre-order for them, or they would have to give excuses quickly to not ship them out.

    Now they can wait a few weeks before they cancel it due to "supplier issues" and use the time disparency as a claim to Paypal not to refund their fees to them.

    But they sure as hell will cancel all the orders customer side tonight, no way they're giving this one out for 75% off.

    EDIT: Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd Cancelled. Someone's working late it seems.

  • Yeah cancelled as expected. A 20% discount would have been nice! :-D

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    I havent been this appalled by the underhanded dealings of a retailer since Just Jeans cancelled my purchase of a $100 gift card I bought on sale for $30.


    (Tbh, I haven't got the email yet. Just practicing.)

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      Needs more paragraphs and irrelevant backstory.

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    Now remember people stores are legally allowed to cancel orders and refund due to price error. You have no leg to stand on.

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    Unfortunately, there was an error on the pricing for the following unit;

    Seagate IronWolf 125 2TB 2.5" SATA NAS SSD ZA2000NM1A002

    The order has been cancelled, please accept our sincerest apologise. Please allow 3-5 business days for the refund to be actioned back to the original payment method.

    We do sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Mwave cancelled as expected.

    • Yep, me too.

    • Mine too. That's a shame. It solved a $750 problem for $320.

  • Yep cancelled here too

  • Anyone’s order from EYO cancelled?
    Please update. Thanks

    • I even have not received order confirmation email

      • I received the order email confirmation. However I am waiting to see progress.

      • Mine was in the junk folder.

    • Not yet. Prob they are still in beds

      • With the pollies?

  • Megabuy cancelled the order, mentioning the Price Error.

    • Mine didnt mention a price error it just said cancelled, kinda strange they dont just auto refund i dont think anyone wants a store credit.

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        I don’t want the store credit either, going to call them soon.

        They should have just refunded the money to original payment method, without any interaction from the customer as they are canceling the order- not us.

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    Bloody cancel culture… I also got cancelled! 😅

  • Mine is cancelled from Mwave too. I can't believe it takes 3-5 days for refund. It should be instant.

    • Skycomp was instant, the transaction disappeared from my card overnight

  • My order at megabuy got cancelled overnight. pfft.

  • Cancelled at 3AM. Dedicated worker!

  • Cancelled. Damnnn.

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    Distributor error, no such sctock. Eyo had >200 orders.
    All those trying to get >1 will get (multiple) cancelations 'for fun'. Next time be happy with 1 if UR luckly ;)

  • Megabuy just cancelled my order.

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    How is it a price error if there are several sellers? It is not an isolated incident.

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      It's pretty simple. The stock is with a supplier and their prices reflect what that supplier is selling it for. When the supplier adjusts the price, all the stores have their prices adjusted automatically to that price. So what happened is that the wrong price was set, all the stores updated the price and then OzBargainers jumped on it.

      Stores have a lot of things automated. It's not always someone sitting behind a screen updating prices one by one.

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        Isnt it a whinging race between the reseller and distributor on who will wear the loss?

        As far as the erorr goes, the price communicate from the retailer to the buyer contained no error and appropriate margin in place.

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    Fri 9/07/2021 XX:XX AM
    Dear X,

    Comments regarding parts allocation or ETA have been made for your
    order by our staff. (Sales Order Number: XXXXXX)


    Hi X,

    Unfortunately our supplier made a mistake with the Ironwolf 2TB SSD drive price. Our web site followed that price. However the supplier is unable to supply the item at that price. So we have no choice but to cancel your order. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    Your PayPal payment will be refunded straight away.


    Refund for your order has been carried out.

    Please contact us if you have any queries regarding your order. Thank


    EYO order processing team

  • Eyo refunded

  • You've received a refund from Eyo Technologies Pty Ltd

    oh well

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    Anyone want to give mydeal a try?

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      Refunded from Mydeal:

      Thank you for shopping with MyDeal. The seller “Trinity Connect” has processed a refund amount of -$xxx.xx AUD for your order. This refund will be reverted to your original payment method.

      Please find the refund details below.

      Note from Seller: no stock

  • Bloody Mwave charged my CC, and saying takes a week to refund..

  • Contacted Mwave several times, they have not provided a refund and have not even bother to respond !
    I will avoid Mwave in the future.

    • Got my refund last night.

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        Still have not got my refund :-(
        Avoid this company.

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          Still no refund :-(

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