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LG 65" G1 - $3650.75 (Exp), 65" A1 - $2,800.75, 55" A1 - $2,035.75, 65" BX - $2,545.75 (+Delivery) @ The Good Guys eBay


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    daaaaaang im tempted but I have like $2000 worth of JB HI FI gift cards..

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      I have $4000 after returning the LG G1 65" from buyers remorse to save up for the 77" instead lol…no ragrets

      Definitely the lowest price on the LG G1 65" here though

    • I have a $500 good guys gift card willing to trade

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    Congrats on your 100th deal post OP, great find :)

  • Posting my 100th 106th deal on OzB :)

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      As per the stats, its the 100th deal. I wonder what the other 6 posts are, probably forum posts?

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        lol yeah it's forum posts, good job on 100

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    55a1 $2035.75 too!

    • Is it better than last year's BX model?

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        God no, the price makes me wish it was though. While the bx feels like cx lite the a1 feels like c1 a fat free sugar free gluten free vegan version

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    Great post, but damn, holding out for a 65 CX or C1 deal!

    • The G1 is newer, why wait for an older model?

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        Something doesn’t feel right about spending more than $3K on a TV :D

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          And every videophile on AVSforums took that personally.

  • My God, that C1 65" is so tempting for under 3k!!

    • The 65” C1 was only $2950 through Good Guys Commercial about a week ago! Holding out for something better than that, or just drop the ~$2600 for the BX? This is the question…

    • Link to 65 C1?

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      Edit - should have gone to Specsavers. It's not C1 65 under $3k.

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    Was cheaper before EOFY

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      Not the G1 models, cheapest we've seen for the 55 and 65 at least.

  • CX 65 just under 3, tempting.. been cheaper before? Was watching C1 but they seem to be same same from reviews

    • Link to CX?
      C1 65 was $2950 through GGC last week

      • Here mate

        Wait my bad seems to be a completely different seller lol

    • CX isn't up there… do you mean the C1 55?

      • +1

        Nah was CX65 but completely different seller and seems refurb? My bad hah

  • As far as I can see the main advantages of the G1 over C1 is that the G-series is brighter and can be wall-mounted?

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      Thinner back panel for mounting to make it look flush with the wall, but both can be mounted.

      They say the G1 is slightly brighter, but some people on whirlpool are reporting getting the same G1 screen on their C1 - but who knows.

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      G1 has the EVO panel, which consumes less energy and can be pushed 20% brighter, designed to be wall mounted so has a uniform thickness for the entire backing.
      Some C1s are coming with the EVO panel, but it's a small percentage, and they aren't driven like the G1, so they don't get as bright even if they have the newer panel.

      EVO panel can give of a pinkish tinge from a side view, would be noticeable with light screen viewing, eg, full white cloudy sky or similar. My G1 isn't showing this, or I simply haven't noticed it with any of the content I watch, not that I view much off angle.

      • Haven't seen the pink tinge on my G1 65" tbh, but maybe on the 77" you might.

        • I saw the pink tinge last night on my G1 65” from Goodguys. Was watching Loki episode 2 and the pink even flickered at some pink scenes.

          • @BargainSnatcher: You shouldn't see the pink in pink scenes, it will be light blue to white scenes and off axis, not from front on.

            I am curious, what settings overall do you have your tv on?

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    Wow I feel done in. I negotiated my G1 down to $4,500 like the week it came out, and that was like what.. 7/8 weeks ago?

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      I mean, that's on you. You don't buy first week if you're after all time best prices, obviously it's going to drop.

      • It's covid it's a different time, many things still have a covid tax on then today.

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    What's better for XBSX gaming? The LG OLED65G1PTA or the Sony A80J 65"?

    • +10

      G1 no question. 4 hdmi 2.1 ports, 4K/120fps Dolby vision gaming (only LG oleds support this currently), VRR, Gsync and freesync premium. Best gaming TVs by far.

      • Thanks, so are you saying that the Sony doesn't support VRR, 120fps, and ALLM?

        • +3

          Sony doesn't have VRR or ALLM yet. VRR is expected sometime Dec-Feb, when it will be released on PS5 (all rumour, not info form Sony officially)
          Sony X90H owners have waited over a year for VRR and still don't have it. Some have gotten refunds because of this.
          It can do 4K120Hz now, but you can't also have Dolby Vision on at the same time with 4K120

          • @snuke: Thanks mate, appreciate the detailed response.

            With the LG G1, will that do 4K120 and Dolby Vision at the same time?

            EDIT: Ignore, just saw your comment here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10714680/redir.

            Thank you!

            • +1

              @Trishool: Yes, and not only that, it is currently the only tv that has 4K120 DV with a game mode for low latency.

              • @snuke: Just saw your reply now, thank you! Bought the LG G1 65" 🙏

      • -10

        yeah maybe car games but FPS on a TV in multiplayer on a controller is just stupid. you need to be on a monitor with a mouse and keyboard. I have never found a gammer on controller that has ever been able to shoot me lol no matter how good there refresh rate because controllers aren't quick enough.

        • +2

          You're absolutely right on the mouse/KB being better / more accurate etc, but I'd still prefer the comfort of my theatre room recliner and a controller. I spend 10 hours a day at work on a mouse and keyboard, even if controller is not as good for competitive gaming I'd rather suck a bit more and have more fun.

          • +1

            @cook99: if I don't get 30 to 40 kills a round I loose interest in teh game lol. On COD.

            • @kungfuman: Fair enough, I haven't played online FPS for a few years, everyone has preference on how to play, platform, style of game etc. As long as we are happy in what we are playing all is well

              • @cook99: It's unconventional but ppl are already using these as monitor replacements, the pixel response on OLED is 1ms which is 3 times faster than any gaming monitor, which is why ppl are hounding LG to release a 40inch version lol

          • +1

            @cook99: ".. I'd rather suck a bit more and have more fun." Just wondering what you are referring to ? lol

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        4K/120fps Dolby vision gaming (only LG oleds support this currently),

        Not just currently, as long as Sony and others use the MediaTek HDMI chip, they can never to 4K120Hz and Dolby Vision at the same time. You have to chose DV or 4K120Hz, the are exclusive of each other. And to make it worse, both HDMI 2.1 ports need to changed to whatever setting you want, so you can't have one on DV, and the other on 4K120.

        • Great response here snuke — and the core reason I'm moving from my Sony X90E to LG C1 (once I see it near $2600-2700).

  • Damn these prices are tasty, great post

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    Anyone know why LG has Dolby Vision IQ? Is this a special version of Dolby Vision for LG tvs or a second revision of standard Dolby Vision? Never seen this IQ wording before

    • +2

      A 2 second google search would give you this result - Dolby Vision IQ is an update designed to optimize Dolby Vision content according to the ambient light.

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    No 48" deal?

  • +1

    Please drop more!

  • Does the G1s come with a stand? If so, what kind is it? Is it a floor stand or a table top one?

    • +1

      From memory I think its meant to be wall mountable but you can by the stand/feet for it separately. However please dont take my word on it, might want to do a quick search and find out.

    • +4

      The G1 is designed to be wall mounted, so it comes with a wall mount included that allows the tv to be completely flush with the wall. Aus is the only country that includes the optional feet as part of it at no charge. They come in a seperate box with plastic plates to cover the rear cable section, you can see it here - https://www.lg.com/uk/tv-accessories/lg-ap-g1dv65

      • Thanks for the info but where do you see the details that it includes a shelf top stand? I tried to search through web search but most said that LG G1 does not come with stand. I could not find anywhere it mentioned a tv stand has been included.

        • +1

          At some point some sites said it was included, buyers were getting them for the most part with delivery or on pick up, one or two including me didn't get them. I called JB up to say I didn't get them, the sent them out to me a day later.
          I am not using it, I am using a Fitueyes stand to elevate mine over my centre speaker and have the ability to swivel.

          • @snuke: I see. I contacted LG Australia via online chat and he/she confirmed that G1 does come with the stand as well. Thanks for the details. It helps me decides whether i wanna go with this or wait for C1.

    • +1

      Yes the Australian G1 have a free desktop stand but you have to ask the retailer when buying. LG support also confirmed this for me before I went back to retailer.

      I know this because I’ve bought one from Goodguys and they didn’t offer the stand until I asked.

  • Hmmmm…..the 77” G1 or the 83” C1? 😵‍💫

  • can you stack this code with further gift cards?

  • I’ve got an old b7 65 wall mounted.

    If I purchase the 77 C1 or G1, can I just remove my old mount and mount these new TVs?

    • +2

      Yes, they use the VESA standard, so you should be fine. The G1 will include its own wall mount, but you can use the existing one if it is easier.

  • ah…. tempted but I have to do dental implant costing $5.5k…

    • +2

      For that price, you could get 5-6 dental implants in india/thailand

      • +1

        You could also get a boob job inclusive of that price. Male or Female. They don't discriminate!

      • South Africa too. You'll have a nice holiday included in the price.

      • How would you get an exit exemption?

  • -3

    it's sad how 'fast' TV tech is moving and discontinuing

    • Yes but its up to you to continually buy or not by new TVs. I've got a 12 year old Sony Bravia 46" LCD TV and its working fine with my chromecast and is fulfilling all my tv watching needs. Only upgrading to a 65" now because we've moved into a home with a much bigger open planned lounge area that makes our existing TV look like its a smart watch screen.

      • my own fault, once i'm reaching the end of my sporadic research, in the blink of an eye something comes out to replace it and the one i wanted gets lost into the eternal abyss - every 2 years might be good, they just make the slightest changes

      • Same, 2009 Sony KDL-46Z4500 to 2021 LG 65 G1, a bit of a change.

  • -1

    Cheers to the boys that got the C9 for $2700 2years ago

    Here's the difference between the new models.

    Summary: there is no difference

    • +2

      well that's just flat out wrong but whatever helps you sleep at night

    • +1

      Did you actually watch the video you posted, or did you Cathy Newman it and watch/hear one thing and reinterpret it into something it isn't?

      • or did you Cathy Newman it


  • What's the best deal to get lump sum ebay gift card $1500 (given that's the max)?

  • +1

    65 c1 noticeably absent :(

    • it's 15% off the price that it is on the TGG website which would make it 3480, which would make it 500 more than the lowest it's been and OzB rules state you can't buy something unless it's the lowest price ever.

  • +8

    good prices on the G models, C models not so much. Here's how it stacks up (placed in order of known historical pricing):

    LG C1 55 (2021) OLED55C1PTB

    $2690 videopro (14 June)
    $2665 appliance central (14 June)
    $2573 TGG Commercial (1 June)
    $2545.75 +Delivery TGG15OFF (9 July)
    $2520.25 TGG eBay Plus (17 June)
    $2399 appliance central (19 June)
    $2206 with JB HiFi first response (24 June)

    LG C1 65 (2021) OLED65C1PTB

    $3580 videopro (14 June)
    $3560 appliance central (14 June)
    $3604 TGG Commercial (1 June)
    $3595 Bing Lee (14 June)
    $3580 JB HiFi (negotiated) (14 June)
    $3510 appliance central (19 June)
    $3480 +Delivery TGG15OFF (9 July)
    $3470.24 TGG eBay Plus (17 June)
    $3055.75 JBHifi First responders (24 June)
    $2953 TGG Commercial (1 July)

    G1 65" (2021) OLED65G1PTA

    $4032 TGG Commercial (1 July)
    $4045.50 TGG (10 June)
    $4195 eBayPlus5% (2 July)
    $3650.75 +Delivery TGG15OFF (9 July)

    • That's not accurate as there is no C1 65 option in this deal.

      • The deal itself may not be available (that I'll agree with — there's no eBay listing), it is however an accurate reflection of the applied discount. The discount promo is 15% based on TGG retail website prices (see comments above).

        I've done this in order to demonstrate where an applied pricing discount would sit ie. where does the 15% off based on 'RRP' listing sit? it's actually middle of the road pricing.

        Unfortunately I can't edit the posting now but yes, in future I'll write "UNAVAILABLE" or such.

    • +1

      I hereby put you in charge of posting this on every thread to keep us updated <3

    • I've heard quiet a few people in some of the comments on other deals mentioning that they managed to negotiate on the 65" C1 close to the 3K mark

  • any idea re: comparisons for A1 vs BX?

    • A1 is newer but lower tier, 60hz only.

  • Managed to call TGG store and got the LG G1 77 inch for $7055 which incuded 5 year concierge warranty as well as delivery at the time I could specify….In short the warranty is $648 and covers everything including burn in, TV $6352 for the G1 77 inch, delivery $55

    Good price I think and stoked I got the warranty considering the nasty price on this one and worth it for me for piece of mind compared to the 1 year. If someone comes out to repair it…you're already down a few hundred just on a call out fee. Hope this helps….

    • +2

      LG may very well state the warranty is 1 year, but that doesn't mean anything as Australian Consumer Law trumps it, as such, there is no need for extended warranties as ACL would have you covered for 5+ years anyway.

      See recent forum post about this being used sucesfully - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/636438

      Comment form this thread - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10589229/redir

      "Under Peters v Panasonic Australia Pty Ltd (Civil Claims) [2014] VCAT 1038 (26 August 2014) http://www7.austlii.edu.au/cgi-bin/viewdoc/au/cases/vic/VCAT...
      it has been agreed that the expected TV life is 8 years. Peter paid $1,350 in 2011 and it developed a fault. In 2014 the court awarded Peter $1,096.88 under ACL law."

      • Yeah I did quite a bit of research and I do have the 2016 LG 55 inch oled with burn in noticed Jan this year. I know you MAY be ok with aus consumer law but the amount of stress…I'm just thinking I was happy with the price for the G1….still very expensive and I know I pushe more on the price because of the extended warranty. Anyway, sometimes I feel time is more valuable then all the trouble of post warranty repairs and fights in court. Each to their own!

        • 100% each to their own, and if it's peace of mind, power to you.
          I am confident in my ability to not allow it to need to get the court stage as I don't find what may be required confrontation stressful, but fully appreciate that most do.

          • @snuke: I took Dell down with some ACL goodness just last year. Bit of effort, but well worth the fight.