App Store Gift Cards Can Now Be Used in Apple Store in Australia

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Quoted from 9to5mac, "like the Apple Gift Card in the US, the launch in Canada and Australia means you can buy and send physical or digital versions of the unified gift cards with a variety of designs to choose from."

The balance in your Apple account can be used to purchase Apple products across the online store directly. This means the latest iPhones, iPads and Macs are ~81% if your purchased the AGC from the previous deals.

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  • Nice 50% off Mac books?

  • Link to 20% off AGC ?

    • You price beat the 15% GC from Big W or Coles at OW when there’s a discount

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    There goes the discounted cards

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      DEVESATED. I have feared this , no deals for a month already.

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    And if its anything like the US
    This will mean the end of discounted Apple Gift Cards.
    Literally within weeks of this launching in the USA the discounts stopped and have not returned since.

    • Yeah, I think we won’t be seeing itunes gift card deals in any catalog again

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    Does this mean I have to pay full price for Disney Plus.

    • Yes, you should not expect 20% or 15% off with these cards.

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    This offers absolutely no benefit if you're a legacy user rocking two different Apple IDs. It's stupid how Apple still don't let you merge the two accounts together.

  • Are we talking about itunes cards?

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    OMG! I can use my iTunes card balance to buy anything on Apple Store. Buying a customised AirTag for 20% off.

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    Get 6% off while you still can. I don’t see these offers lasting:

  • Does this stack with say, EPP pricing too on the Apple Store?

    • Confirm it works on Apple EPP/Education/etc (it's just another form of payment).

      I got some 6% egift cards last night from Reedeem your gift card seeing that iPad Airs are sold out everywhere other than Apple.

      • You mean 6% iTunes card?

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      • any issues getting them through Redeem? and timing to get the card codes? few mixed reviews…

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          I placed 2 orders around 4:30pm on a weekday, got the email and made the two payments via bank transfer by 5pm, and got both codes around 8:30pm that evening.

  • Does Costco sell discounted iTunes card? can anyone please confirm?

    • They ceased selling iTunes/Apple GC recently.
      I went to get couple for my in-app purchase, no luck :((

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    Looks like Apple has scrapped iTunes Gift cards in Australia and launched Apple Gift cards this morning. Unlike iTunes cards, Apple cards can be used on services AND products.

    This means iTunes card discounts have likely ended for good.

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      Yep there's been recent posts and discussions on here about this. It's live!

      I'd been tracking this in the last month or so, my Netflix subscription is via iTunes and I have almost exhausted the credit for next months Netflix renewal.

      Been waiting since the last round of deals for 15% off iTunes gift cards to be posted here. Found that there was at least one once a month, but last month nothing!

      End of the discounted iTunes gift cards.

      People who took the gamble with prior purchases of a sht load of discounted iTunes gift cards would be in a good place if iTunes gift cards do auto convert!

      • With it being replaced by Apple gift cards are we not expecting discounts on them instead in the future?

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          Wouldn't bet on it, as getting a discount on Apple products through Apple is rare as hen's teeth… And when have we ever seen previous Apple gift cards (for products) go on discount…

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      This means iTunes card discounts have likely ended for good.

      Yep, I'd planned to buy a few hundred worth before this change happened but was caught off guard :(

    • Urgh. Should’ve bought a few. Didn’t know this was happening.
      Was using this as a means of getting an extra 15% off the annual subscription for Disney+ 😢

      • Bought a few off redeem your gift card at 6% off.
        Will store this for future app purchase, subs etc.

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      Had a feeling something was up when all the 15% off deals have dried up. I’ve had to link my credit card to Apple now to keep paying for services. No more discounts :(

    • This will stop me buying music.

      I refuse to pay $2.19 for a track.

      At 18.75% discount by getting OW to beat whoever had them on sale was the way to go.

      I guess my music collection will remain static for a little while.

      Bandcamp will get a lot more of my money with higher quality offered at around the same price.

      Let’s hope there’s one more 15% sale to rid the stores of their blue cards …. but I doubt it.

      Are there LEGIT sellers on eBay that offer discounted cards?

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      can you buy say coles gift card or myer ones for 10% etc then use that to buy the card?

      • curious about this as well

  • If it works anything like the American equivalent, it is a completely new type of card, your iTunes card are still only valid for iTunes and App Store.

  • I doubt bigw Coles, or woolies will do 15% off them as before again after this news. Normally Apple won't give this huge discount.