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Spicebomb Extreme 90ml $120 Delivered (20% off) + Cashback @ Myer (Myer One Membership Required)


20% off Beauty at Myer for MyerOne Members.

Shopback's 8% cashback
Cashreward's 10% cashback
*exclusions apply

e.g. Spicebomb Extreme $120 for 90ml, next cheapest is $135 at ChemistWarehouse.
Christina Dior Sauvage EDP $141.60 for 100ml, $175 at ChemistWarehouse
+ More savings if Shopback/Cashrewards tracks the order.

edit: If you're not into cashback, use discounted Myer gift Cards or the recent one with the added 10% bonus -

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  • +1

    Spicebomb Extreme is my favourite spice girl.

  • +2

    tommy impact intense is rather nice

  • +2

    Use of giftcards will nullify cashback.

  • +3

    gift card can't stack with cashback even it shows tracked still will reject at the end

  • Myer Frankston here I come lol

  • To clarify, this is a sale announcement where selected products are reduced, NOT 20% off across their Beauty section???

    • For Myer One members, enter membership number for 20% off all products across beauty section: just go sign up.

    • If you’re signed in as a member, most of the major beauty brands will show the discount when you add to cart

    • +1

      Yeah not all brands are included. Eg no Chanel stuff from what I can see

      • yeah - wanted chanel bleu and there didn't seem to be any discount…

        • Creed not either

      • +1

        Chanel never goes on sale. Best bet would be to make friends with someone who works at DJs or Myer and ask them to buy it for you.

        Source: ex-DJs employee; worked there eight years, saw Chanel go on sale for staff once in those eight years.

  • +1

    Sauvage #justiceforjohnnydepp

    Ps: Very nice parfum btw, you will feel like a pirate.

    Edit: $177 @ Amazon AU

    • -2

      It smells more like a women's fragrance to me; not saying it's a bad fragrance but definitely more on the girly side.

      • +1

        Perfect for a limp wrist flamboyant pirate wannabe.


      • +3

        If that smells girly to you, then what perfume do you like that's not on the "girly side"?

        • +2

          then what perfume do you like that's not on the "girly side"?

          YSL Kouros for instance. That can never be mistaken as a women's fragrance. Davidoff Coolwater would be another distinctly masculine fragrance.
          Both of these perfumes have traditional herbal/spice notes that are universally regarded as male aromas, whereas female fragrances like your classic Chanel No. 5 have a very floral base.

          Sauvage is more like a Tom Ford fragrance in that regard; almost unisex.

          • +1

            @Gnostikos: Kouros smells like my hand after I clean my arse with a baby wipe after a dump

            • +1

              @Laziofogna: Lol… some of you take this sh*t way too seriously.

              Relax mate, people are allowed to have different opinions without your permission.

              • @Gnostikos: It's not an opinion, everyone knows it smells like that. You can like it no problem but now you know why people run when you enter in a bus

                • +2

                  @Laziofogna: Lol, yes it's clearly an unpopular fragrance given it's been in production since 1981.

                  So what's your preference? Victoria Beckham? Britney Spears?

                  now you know why people run when you enter in a bus

                  Better that than riding the short bus to school.

            • -1

              @Laziofogna: You wouldn't flush those down the loo, or put them in the bin after putting faeces on them. Indeed, do you spray Kouros on your wipes and put them away for next time?

              • -3

                @ctg: Let me explain since you seem interested. I do my business, then wipe with toilet paper, then I use a baby wipe or two to dispose in a separate plastic bag, one of the green from Woolworths. Then if I smell my hand on the way to the sink to wash my hands the smell is spot on Kouros, that is known to smell like excrements. Some noses can't detect all the notes and perceive only the flowery part. I also understand that people aged 65/70 yo started to use that "perfume" in their 20's and they are fond of it. But time goes on and tastes change.

        • old spice?

      • +2

        mate that is not a womens fragrance at all

        • I'm comparing it to all of the other traditional men's fragrances I own (e.g. Coolwater, Kouros, Hugo Boss Classic, Ralph Lauren Polo, etc) and it does smell the most noticeably feminine, almost like some of the newer Chanel fragrances.

      • You must be old school, or just replied to the wrong poster.
        Ps I have seen the Kouros mention, so yes old school.


    • Good price for it. Dior is often excluded from sales.

  • Any recommendation for a EDP for wife ?

    Was looking at Poison Girl and Mon Guerlain, but they dont have EDP.

    • Black Opium

    • +1

      Chanel Mademoiselle

      • +1

        My favourite women's perfume.

    • Black Opium or Any of the Chloe range 100%

    • -1

      are you looking to her to get a new mating partner?

  • +18

    Christina Dior Sauvage

    Ah yes, "Christina Dior" my favourite fragrance brand, along with Henry Boss, Calvin Clone and Ralph Foreign.

  • Not that great a deal. Last year Chemist Warehouse had a great sale where I picked up a Montblanc Legend 100ml for $49.99 (this sale + Cashback would be $91.80)…

    • -3

      Myer’s perfumes are much better than CWH in terms of quality and longevity

      • +4


        • +1

          None, but you always find who says that

    • -1

      If you tried both you'll notice different. I don't know why but it's true.

      • I've had YSL for men in EDT which I got from the duty free store, my friend got the same one in EDP from Myer, and actually his lasted not as long as mine which has less percentage of the essential oils. I guess it has more to do with the manufacaturer, which part of the year they source/make the oils for the fragrances rather than the seller.

        • Interesting. Are you sure they were both eau da parfum?

          • @ufsta: My point was that mine was EDT and lasted longer than my friend's EDP. I have tried both on my skin and I am sure 100% of this.

        • There is a difference in strengths, hence why the EDP lasted longer than EDT. Wouldn't really say it depends on manufacturer/source/make. Companies provide different strengths as not everyone wants a strong smelling scent, I tend to go for more light smelling scents.

          Parfum – Concentration of perfume oils – 20-40%
          Eau de Parfum – Concentration of perfume oils – 15-20%
          Eau de Toilette – Concentration of perfume oils – 5-15%
          Eau de Cologne – Concentration of perfume oils – 2-5%
          Eau Fraîche – Concentration of perfume oils – 1-3%

          • @jkpnc: If you'd read, you would have seen that his EDT lasted longer than the EDP, hence his comment.

      • +1


        • 100% no placebo.I have also noticed that fragrances I have purchased in Europe last much longer and smell a bit different. My guess is that if they transport them to Oz in containers which get exposed to heat while traveling for 3 months on a ship, that drastically degrades the quality of the product.

          • +1

            @Winston100s: 110 % placebo. You really think they have two different factories producing different strength perfumes? Sometime when we spend more we are under the impression they are better

          • @Winston100s: Snacks from Asia are noticeably staler when sold here, so I can imagine perfumes are the same.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Been after the Tom Ford Oud for so long, finally pulled the trigger.

    • same here

    • Can you suggest any other you like with woody smell like Tom Ford Oud?

    • Another solid choice.
      I recommend smelling the new LV Meteore.
      I would have purchased a bottle if they didn't restrict you to 100ml.

  • Cashback not valid for Dior ?

    • Cash back has been tracked .. but saw Dior not eligible after placing order .. damn … let see . strangely Tom Ford is eligible

  • Has anyone's cashback been tracked yet?

    • Yep

  • sauvage edp appropriate for the office?

    • Edt is better imo.

    • +3

      No, not really.

      Personally, I'd say nothing should be warn at the office - some people might be hypersensitive to the fragrance or simply find it unpleasant. That said, EDP is definitely too heavy and strong for the office. Sauvage is a particularly strong fragrance to begin with.

    • +2

      Too strong you can annoy people

  • +2

    Shows 8% cashback instead of 15%?

    • Yeah I was wondering that too.

    • +1

      11am to 3pm Shopback cashback was 15%.

      3:01pm to 11:59pm, cashback is down to 8% :(

      • +2

        Cashrewards has 10% till midnight tonight, but just heads up that on both shopback and cashrewards, there's an explicit exclusion for Chanel and Dior products

  • Ombre Leather has been ozbargained :(

  • -1

    Nice mid range fragrance but nothing smells as good as Creed Aventus IMO.

    • +2

      Gotta love the Boxer Dropper.

      • Have you smelled LV Meteore?
        That ones a panty dropper.

    • +1

      Well for $350-400 a bottle it better smell good.

  • I just ordered sauvage, and the cops showed up my door for a welfare check? 🤔 What's going on!?

  • The people running Myer might get fired soon…

  • Would one go EDP or EDT on the Sauvage?

    • EDP last you almost the whole day.

  • how does it compare to ysl la nuit de l'homme?

  • I prefer Sex Panther by Odeon,it's quite pungent it stings the nostrils.

    • apparently its banned in nine countries for its sexual potency

    • Smells like bigfoot's d*ck too!

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