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Viberg Sneaker - Grey Italian Suede (Handmade in Canada) - $430 (Was $860) + Delivery/in Store @ Up There Store


Canadian brand, Viberg, may be more commonly known for their boot manufacturing but they're got more to offer. After having done some sampling for Nike and Jordan Brand five years ago, they thought it was about time that they developt a sneaker of their own. Working with the same ideolgies as they do with their boots, their aim was to produce the highest quality sneaker ever. And they've certainly delivered! A Grey Italian Suede has been used for the upper, subtle italian leather for the inner all sitting a top the a super comfortable Vibram sole unit.

More sneakers' detail: https://viberg.com/pages/contact

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    who in the right mind would buy this ?

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      Who wouldn't, you're saving $430 for a pair of shoes. What a bargain! That's $215 a shoe!

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      As a sneakerhead, I'm going to say me. And at half price, it's a fair deal posting.

      Read the reviews on Viberg, here's a random one

      That said I prefer the white colourway, clean AF aesthetic.

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        This. Except I'm a 13 and im not sure on the fit of Viberg, the scout boots they also have for half price look awesome.

  • Thanks OP. These will go perfectly with my Airpods Max.

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    "Working with the same ideolgies as they do with their boots"

    They have ideologies about their footwear? Not sure I want to associate with that…

  • As is. Things are tight as an ants arse!

  • Some of these brands have a sweet mark up.

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    That's a nah from me, dawg.

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    Handmade in Canada ? Nah.

  • Bargain!!

  • +1

    I'll stick with Dunlop Volley…

  • How many shoes does OP own?

  • -2

    Thanks op

    Got 4 of these

    Instead of these, which i could also afford…. :)

    • Who in their right mind would buy stupid shit like that for more than $1000+.

  • +1

    At this price I will never take it off.

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    Ugly af. Look like dunlop kt26s. Discounted, yes. Bargain, no way.

  • -2

    Not China

    I'm interested

  • I have no doubt that these would be comfortable AF. But they are pretty ugly. For that price, you really want both comfort AND looks.

  • Handmade? What is the quality? I rather have machine made good quality rather than handmade poor quality. Also, where is the material sourced from?

  • +1

    'They're turning kids into slaves
    Just to make cheaper sneakers
    But what's the real cost?
    Cause the sneakers don't seem that much cheaper

    Why are we still paying so much for sneakers ?
    When you got them made by little slaves kids
    What are your overheads?'

    • +1

      Now, there's junkies with monkey disease
      Who's touching these monkeys, please?
      Leave these poor sick monkeys alone
      They've got problems enough as it is…

  • I wish their boots would go half price too.

    • One pair of their Scout boots are half price, not a big fan of the colour though.

  • A fool and their money parted quickly……

    • How much did you pay to become VIP of Tilac?

  • Bargain, eh?

  • No problem ill take 10

    • Looks like you succeeded in Trying2SaveABuck.

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    Ok can anyone educate me on how handmade is better than machine made ? Like, how do you hand make the foam for the sole etc

    • -3

      Great question!

      I imagine that you start of with a big vat of liquified rubber, and give a thousand Asian school kids a dollar, a straw and clear instructions to breathe out, not in…

      • Looks like your kid has already tried this. How did the sole look like?

        • -1

          What an obscure insult, no doubt from one of the wounded many upset at the suggestion that sweatshop labour exists in Asia and other parts of the world. Shield my precious ears lest I hear about the horrors of the real world!

          My child - hard-working, efficient and productive thought she is - has never been indentured into hard labour, which partially explains why shoes manufactured in this country are so rare and so expensive, notwithstanding her singular lack of training as a cobbler of any repute.

          But if she had been - oh what wonderful soles and souls would be procured. You'd feel ashamed to only wear them on your feet, as indeed for wounded bleating…

  • that's so cheap!! Orders 10 hehe

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    Seems like once you get above about $100 the more you pay, the uglier shoes get.

  • Suddenly I'm over six feet tall…..baaaaaaah

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