Is Amazon Customer Support Unprofessional?

So, just made contact with Amazon Australia Customer Support to return an item.

Now I know that customer service people supply fake names, but the person I was online chatting with was using the name Princess Sarah Maquinana.

I sure hope she is not a real princess, or times must be really tough at the moment.

So, after having to re-iterate the issue over and over (which is normal), I asked to get a transcript of the chat, to which she said no.

If this happened anywhere else, you would think there was something shady going on.

I can just imagine what it would be like having to lodge an issue with Fair Trading, and having to document that you discussed the issue with a Princess.

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    What was the actual cause for the complaint?

    • Wasnt a complaint, just getting a problem sorted out.

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        Make a complaint that they should automatically email transcript after chat ends.

        I would've thought they had this set up being how good Amazon are.

    • She is from ebay trying to give Amazon bad rep ;)

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    Online chat? As in typing? Why not just copy the text and paste to notepad or similar?

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      Yes, but you have to be quick, as I found the rating screen replaces the chat screen when the chat is ended.

      I thought getting a copy of the chat was a standard practice.

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        There should be an option to have the transcript sent to email during the chat. I had used it last time I spoke to CS….

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          amazon chat sessions are sent to the email directly. That has been my experience so far. They have been supportive all the time. I have returned /price matched (after sales price drop) with them without any hassle.

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            @NPB: Think this used to be the case but there's no option to get transcripts emailed anymore. Found out the hard way recently!

          • @NPB: How did they pricematch after payment? Refunded difference?

            • @capslock janitor: Yes refunded the difference as goodwill credit , money is money whatever they called it , I got my difference back .

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        If you open another chat session all your previous chats will probably show - so just start a chat session, then copy the entire chat history and tell the chat person that you just needed to see the chat history and no longer need to speak to them.

        That's what I did when I wanted a copy of what was said - all my previous chats were showing

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    screenshot or it didnt happen.

    anyway if you want to return your order, you can do it by yourself, there is no need to get in touch with the support.

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      Had to contact them, as the return paperwork said to drop into a parcel point centre, and there is not one close by.

      She said any Australia Post office will do, but this was not mentioned in the return paperwork.

      I wonder if Australia Post will know what to do - it is a paperless drop in.

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        shouldn't you check the location before selecting the paperless parcel point centre?

        AP won't know what to do.

        • There were only 2 options presented, and this was the default.

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        So you based the entire company's customer support based on interaction with one person?

        You should be able to change the return type yourself via your orders page. You can change between AusPost or ParcelPoint and print/no-print options even if already have one selected.

        Edit: Okay, OPs profile is full of constant Amazon bashing: - Why even still shop there? There's some ulterior motive here.

        • -10

          No ulterior motive.

          I find it useful when others post of their experiences, and hope the same applies to others reading mine.

          Hardly 'Bashing'.

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            @OzyBe: Sound like you are just here seeking confirmation bias “only”? 🤔

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              @SF3: Not many can honestly say no to that in any post, let alone this one…

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                @cloudy: There should be a “Seeking Confirmation Bias” under forum Discussion Categories.

                • @SF3: Or maybe a checkbox beneath 'I am associated with XXXXXX"

          • @OzyBe: amazon chat sessions are sent to the email directly. That has been my experience so far. They have been supportive all the time. I have returned /price matched (after sales price drop) with them without any hassle.

          • @OzyBe: Uhh I think I would class your recent post history as 'bashing' for sure, especially given that you don't seem to be finding much aggreance here and still continue.

        • To be fair, OP seems to post similar stuff with lots of other companies, I dunno if he is targetting Amazon as you imply.

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            @cloudy: Do you mean a Ken?

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        I call BS on that. I returned something a few months ago and it was very clear that I could drop it at Australia Post using the label they gave me to print out and stick on the box.

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    If you want a transcript of the chat, just screenshot it from your side?

    In regards to that person being named "princess", I don't see why that would be an issue.

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      I think copy and paste would be better than multiple screen shots - would be easier if they just email the transcript.

      I read Princess as being a title, rather than her name - sort of looks odd.

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        Princess can be used as a first name. It was the 787th most popular girls name in thr US recently.

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          Agree with this. We work with a company in the Philippines and have two staff with first name King. Hope that helps OP.

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            @dtxau: Maybe they're just wrestlers waiting for the Iron Fist Tournament to start…

          • @dtxau: I noticed many Filo reps have those cute names.
            Cherry and there was another one I forget.

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          A girl I used to work with, she was remote in the Phillipines, had the name Princess.

        • Also came across a lady from Phillipines with the first name Baby.

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      Spot on. In my job I speak to a variety of people, from different backgrounds, and cultures.

      Princess is a name I've come across at least a handful of times.

      Either way, seems a bit immature to target someone's name, which probably, they didn't choose (i.e. given at birth).

      • Came across one named Jesus

        • +1

          Moderately common name in Spanish speaking countries.

          • @Flying Ace: .
            Wait until you see Moses, or Mohammed!!

            (cue McLovin)

            • @Kangal: Or Adolf. I'm not joking.

              Many many years ago, I was a client site as a consultant - govt department. Went to see my IT point of contact, nice cheerful chap. Introduced himself as Adolf.. I had to maintain a poker face but I was cracking up inside.

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    I once had an Amazon rep using the screen name :King Jaffe Joffer.

    • -7

      Maybe there is a lot of royalty overseas.

      Or is it meant to be humorous, or is it meant to accentuate the fact that they are not going to share their real name with you?

      • +1

        I am just joking, no one named that. However, I have actually found Amazon chat fairly helpful with returns. They do bank a lot on the survey they send you at the end, so most of the time they are nice to me.

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    You control if you get the transcript or not, its an option you tick before you start the chat, i always get it emailed to me automatically.

    • -1

      I did not see the option, and it was not mentioned by Princess when I asked her.

      • +3

        I just finished a chat with amazon 5 mins ago, happy outcome, but can confirm there was no option at the start of chat to click for transcript.

        And I've received transcripts before too.

        Though, i did notice when i started my chat today, all my past chats show up. So if you want to see whats said, start a new chat and i believe it'll be there.

    • its an option you tick before you start the chat

      So are you just lying?

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    Support has definitely declined and they are less willing to give out goodwill vouchers. Sometimes I do not get any response to emails and it takes 2-3 follow ups or an online chat to get the issue resolved.

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    Definite decline especially this year.
    Last year would get goodwill vouchers, really accomodating service etc.

    Now it’s like don’t like it? That’s unfortunate.

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    You don't need to speak to anyone to arrange a return, you can just do it from your orders page.

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      But there's a chance they let you keep it via chat I think

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        Unless it's damaged etc you'll need to return it now that they do bulk collections. Damaged or wrong item they'll often tell you to keep or dispose of and they do that even via the auto return system.

        • A recent purchase was damaged/bad cosmetic quality/scratches/dents, but rep processed a return instead.

          tell you to keep or dispose of and they do that even via the auto return system.

          I find it hard to believe the auto-system knows to keep or not…

          • @capslock janitor: When you go through you have to select the reason for the return. I've had customer service contact me afterwards to tell me to keep the item.

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    Princess is not an uncommon first name in the Philippines.
    Philipino call centre and support staff are very common in Australian online businesses because the time zone is friendly, the local wages are low, and most speak good English.

    • Not just online businesses…banks too.

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    Princess is a pretty common south easy asian (Filipino) name. Educate yourself

    • +4

      south easy asian (Filipino)

      Are you stereotyping? 😜

    • +2

      Thanks for educating us, I just confirmed with my filo wife that is the case, and in the 10+ years spending time with filos I did not know this.

      • Google "Princess Sarah".

        It's possible she was named after that character.

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    Amazon call centres are great, I just go to the website, get them to call me, usually a few seconds. explain the issue and they usually just refund me
    never had any issues. maybe I'm just lucky

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      I have always had the same experience as you have. I have found them to be the best customer service bar done. And I have never had a problem getting a transcript of the discussion.

      • amazon chat sessions are sent to the email directly. That has been my experience so far. They have been supportive all the time. I have returned /price matched (after sales price drop) with them without any hassle.

    • they are certainly the easiest for returns on FBA items

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    Long time lurker, but new member. I couldn’t resist signing up to make a comment! My name is Princess and I’m originally from the Philippines. As someone else has mentioned, it is a very common name there. As are names like King, Queenie, Prince.

    • -24

      Is it common practice to share 3 names(first, middle, surname) when communicating with people?

      • +4

        Yes, we give all names. In my case I’ve got two first names, my mothers maiden name then my surname so it’s quite a mouthful!

        • -14

          Well, I have learnt something new.

          Often when dealing with businesses/departments, customer service will not provide a surname.

          • +3

            @OzyBe: Your Amazon support person probably didn't give her surname either!

      • +1

        Actors have three names e.g. Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah Michelle Gellar

        • I have four and I'm from a UK background….. usually use first & last tho….

  • Most of the time support is amazing and are very quick so solve an issue, Much better than eBay no doubt. Only sometimes there are issues with amazon customer support

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    Is Amazon Customer Support UnprofessionalFilipino?


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    I have noticed a recent decline in Amazon support too. I previously purchased an item
    that went on sale and Amazon lost one of my packages with a courier. When I approached their customer support online, they were hesitant in resolving my issue or refunding me the difference on the now non-discounted price. Definitely rethinking ordering further goods from Amazon now.

    • sale and Amazon lost one of my packages with a courier. When I approached their customer support online, they were hesitant

      Was it an item sold & shipped by 3rd party?

      • No sold and fulfilled by Amazon. Rather disappointing really. I was always happy with Amazon CS until recently.

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    In my experience their customer support has been amazing. Don't know why you needed to ask for transcript, isn't it an option you can click on in the top right corner of the chat box? At the end when you click on the 'end chat' radial button it gives you a second option to email chat transcript.

    • +2

      Came here to second this comment.

      Twice I've drawn the short end of the stick and had Fastway/Aramex deliver my goods. Both times required me to call Amazon and ask them to sort it out for me as I don't want to waste my time dealing with that rabble.

      On both occasions, they offered me:

      1. Choice of a refund in place of completed delivery (declined on both occasions as I actually want my goods)
      2. $10 credit for the inconvenience
      3. Concierge-type service to do the ring around with Fastway on my behalf
      4. A call on the day of guaranteed delivery to assure my package was received

      Will also add that both calls were quite short, friendly and the phone pick up time was less than 15 seconds.

      I guess that one of the things I really like about amazon and amazon prime is that even if the order is stuffed up, they will work hard to keep you happy. You can even get refunds when you probably wouldn't be entitled to even a swap in brick and mortar stores.

      • Customer comes first is something I think Bezos implemented. Oftentimes at the sacrifice of the workers. They're only interested in keeping market share, not turning a profit. That comes from AWS.

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    Princess is not an unusual girl's name in the Philippines. She may be from there. We outsource to the Philippines at our company and I've heard that name a number of times. Also names like Queenie, Angel, Darling, Sunshine (ones I recall from work) and other names we would find unusual in Australia are not unusual in the Philippines.

    But I must admit, when i first heard these names I thought it was slang, like Aussies would say "Thanks Princess", or "No worries, Darling" or "All good, Sunshine" when it isn't a person's name. Then I found out it was their real names and learned a little more about another culture.

    On the topic of Amazon customer service, I also noticed it has gone down hill over the past year, especially where an issue is non-scripted. Some staff seem to have little to no ability to handle a non-scripted situation. Such as a non-standard return/refund situation that cannot be done on their website/app. This has happened to me multiple times and dealing with customer service is extremely frustrating. Maybe covid has a lot to do with it, maybe they are working from home and dont have more experienced staff to turn to near them in the office.

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    As others have noted it sounds like a name of someone from the Philippines. In my experience they also almost always 3 names as well. So its tick tick from me based on experience.

  • Any one googled Princess Sarah Maquinana?

  • "Is Amazon Customer Support Unprofessional"

    Does Amazon pay those providing the service? If so, then yes. I have met many professionals who needed a theme tune, and that tune was " High Noon", and seen many a fine blade or vista crafted by an amateur.

    "Does it meet 'X' standards?" is a bit of a tougher as then you have to list or reference them. Do you really want people here pouring over the terms and conditions they agree to when clicking on Amazon?

    Think of the children man!

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    Sounds like a standard Philippine name.

    Settle down OP.

  • I had a team member in Shanghai called Princess. Nothing to see here…

    I've had nothing but good experiences with Amazon support re refund issues.

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    I had an item due for delivery today. It's 7pm at night so I contacted them, and they tell me there was a delay due to 'bank authorisation' but I paid with a gift card. Massive decline in quality of support. Had to get put through to someone else who said much the same thing, but they will raise a ticket for it to be delivered within 1-2 days. Quite frustrating to deal with Amazon support these days, never used to be like that. Got a $5 promo credit for the inconvenience, but had to ask for it.

  • -1

    Jess, customer support personal calling them princesses now, what a fetish world we live in :)

  • Some people are named Princess, especially in the Philippines.

    I've had a great experience with Amazon Support in the past. Much better than eBay Plus support.

    Strange though they they refused to send you a transcript.

  • I posted this earlier but it may have got lost as it was a reply to an embedded post:

    If you open another chat session all your previous chats will probably show - so just start a chat session, then copy the entire chat history and tell the chat person that you just needed to see the chat history and no longer need to speak to them.

    That's what I did when I wanted a copy of what was said - all my previous chats were showing

    They don't need to send you a copy - just self serve

  • Also some customer service systems don't allow the agents to email or communicate in any way other than some quite restrictive options. Not sure that this applies or doesn't apply to amazon but it's possible.

    I've only ever had good experience with amazon chats

  • I work with someone named Princess in the States. Not even Filipino. So yea as others have said, it's not weird. Anyway that shouldn't make a difference

  • I've always had a great experience with Amazon chat staff. They never say no… feels like it.

  • Yes, it's very unprofessional, they should use names that people in Australia are used to like Tayla and Stella. Customer service reps do not deserve to have any decision making power, I don't care if they were able to help me with my query.

  • That's a first.
    I love Amazon cs.
    Never had any issues..

  • +3

    No joke but when i worked at TAFE as a CSR, I had a father come enrol his 2 twin (non-identical, a male and female) teenage kids as students. They were recent immigrants from an African country, and their names were "Prince" and "Princess". I asked for his ID too because I was praying that it would be "King", but it unfortunately wasn't.

    P.s. Before haters come out, I'm not trying to be racist by pointing out region of origin. I'm an ethnic too, and cannot recall the exact country anymore, but believe that pointing that fact out helps make more sense of the situation.

  • Princesses need Jobs too. Damn boomer parents investing in dogecoin

  • +1

    So, what are the actual things that you consider as being unprofessional here? Did she resolve you issue?
    If it is the name that irks you the most then you need to expand your mindset. Really, haven't you heard parents giving their child even weirder names in the news?

  • +1

    In my experience Amazon customer support people (both chat window and on call) are perhaps the best trained and most accommodating of any organisation I have dealt with. And the chat transcript is automatically sent to you if you click the option when exiting the convo - did you select they option?

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