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[ACT, NSW, VIC, SA, QLD] Free French Fries + 220ml Heinz Ketchup + Free Delivery with $10 Spend @ Betty's Burgers via Deliveroo


This Tuesday is National French Fry Day so we’re celebrating with FREE French Fries 🍟 And our besties at @Heinz_AU are giving away a FREE Ketchup to go with πŸŽ‰

Enjoy this delicious offer with any order over $10 when you order via @DeliverooAU who will also chip in (pun intended πŸ˜‚) FREE DELIVERY πŸš—

T&Cs: Offer valid Tuesday 13 July, 2021. Free French Fries and Ketchup available with any Deliveroo order over $10. One offer redeemable per Deliveroo account. While stocks last. 100 Ketchup units available per restaurant.


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$12 off across your next 4 orders ($3 per order). Your friend will get $12 off across their first 4 orders too. Minimum order $20 + Delivery.

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  • +8

    Ketchup better than tomato sauce full stop.

  • +1

    these would be gold in U.S of A!
    source: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/food/2021/04/06/heinz-t...

  • +2

    none near my place :(

  • Shouldn't it be mayonnaise if it's French fries?

    • +1

      Mayonnaise for Belgium fries, ketchup for French!

      • Wow…i never knew different european countries have different ways to eat fries. I feel more cultured already.

  • 100 available per store :(

    • Hello pre-order :P

    • +1

      100 Ketchup units available per restaurant
      Are free fries & delivery available after that?

  • Do we need a code or something?

  • HMM the haymarket store is closed and its the only one close enough to deliver to my place. Terrible :(

  • +2

    I've found Betty's Burgers fries to be very average tasting. Burgers and shakes are great but would pass on the fries.

  • Ok so yesterday they did pre-order but not today :(
    "Betty's Burgers & Concrete Co isn't currently accepting orders"

    Be logged in and ready to go to 10.55 I suppose.

    • So the chips and the ketchup will be given automatically? Don’t need to add it in the cart ?

      • +1

        You need to add it. It's a menu item for $0

    • +1

      No point doing pre order yesterday as the free fries wasn't in the menu option yet

  • wtf

    Betty's Burger @ Canberra Centre - Opening tomorrow

    • Yep same with the Doncaster store in Victoria.

      • Does this mean they're already sold out of the freebies on preorder? Or will I still have a chance to order when they ope?

        • Not sure. Don't think the free fries were even there yesterday at pre order

          Maybe people places orders at midnight this morning?

      • My local store just went to available for purchase. Check yours too :)

        • I'm still refreshing lol

          Update - Could have sworn the system said they open 11am but it's actually 11.30am…

    • hahaha

  • Are they limited amount of free fries?

    • On deliveroo, the Free French Fries + 220ml Heinz Ketchup is part of a bundle. 100 per store.

  • Can't even search for the Adelaide Rundle St store

  • Just placed an order and it seemed to work (added $0 sauce and fries bundle)

    Looks like it's also free delivery at Betty's for all customers today.

  • Just ordered now.

  • Still getting Betty's Burgers & Concrete Co isn't currently accepting orders
    Our network is busy right now. Check back later to place an order

    Been here waiting for too long, another 15mins then time to call it quits.

    • Not missing much. Burger was pretty good but the fries were pretty terrible

      • Thanks, it's funny I just saw tix release for the fries event (all you can eat, all the types $35) sso I guess I'm meant to go to that and not Betty's.

        Update - Called the store, they asked if I refreshed (only constantly for the past hr) but it turns outt I stuck in a loop. I restated the computer and browser and it works!

  • Got it, the chips are soggy as hell and a small bottle of the tomato sauce

  • +1

    Anyone order some cement?

  • +1

    None near me

    • That must hurt, given your username.

      • Hahah definitely! Needed some sauce ;(

  • are these like maccas shoestring fries?

  • got one so good!

    they also threw in a voucher for free French fries when dining in next valid to 15/08/2021

    • Really hope the lockdown lifts before then.

  • TIL Ozbargain has a whole feed dedicated to Tomato Sauce.

  • Managed to get one. Fries were ordinary. Reminds me of the old Hungry Jacks shoestring fries.

    My ketchup issues are sorted until it expires in Dec.

    Included a voucher for free fries when I dine in next … expires 15 August.

    • my Fries were good but <2km from shop

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