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[VIC] $10 Credit to First 60,000 Who Register Their Myki @ Public Transport Victoria


The $10 bonus myki Money offer is available to existing myki account holders that register a myki or customers creating a new myki account to register a myki.

To be eligible, all you need to do is:

  • register you myki during the offer period.
  • still have your myki active and registered at the end of the offer period.
  • have used the registered myki within four weeks of the end of the offer period.

The offer period runs from 3am on Monday 12 July to 3am on Sunday 8 August or until 60,000 mykis have been registered (whichever comes first).

Promotion Credit will be automatically applied to the eligible myki within 42 days of the end of the Promotion Period.

The first 60,000 people to register their Myki card will receive a $10 credit (may take up to 40 days).

Commuters can claim a cash bonus for registering their mykis as the state government tries to improve contact tracing efforts. Here’s how it works.

Victorians will be paid to register their public transport passes in an effort to boost the state’s contact tracing capabilities during Covid-19 outbreaks.

The incentive scheme is being rolled out from Monday and the first 60,000 people who sign up will cash in with a $10 boost to their myki balance.

The payment will be automatically added to accounts once the eligible cardholders register with the Department of Transport, and is part of a wider campaign across the network to encourage Covid-safe behaviour.

More details here:
* https://www.heraldsun.com.au/coronavirus/victorians-get-cash...
* https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-07-12/covid-live-updates-co...

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    Best to link directly to the PTV website: https://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/tickets/myki/register-your-myki/

  • Shame you get nothing if using google pay.

    • +4

      Is it in the T&Cs? I just registered mine which is on Google pay.

      • +2

        Mine also worked

      • +1

        sorry my mistake

  • Bought one when i visited a few years back, not going to but could register it right lol

    • +2

      Probably expired by now

  • +13

    What about people who've already registered their mykis. Are they stuffed?

    • +9

      Probably. But you could always buy a new one for $6 and then get the $10 credit, still making $4?

      • +17

        Probably ok if your time isn’t worth anything.

      • +6

        A proper ozbargainer would run their myki into debit. Daily rate is around $5, so you could touch on even with 1c credit and be fine.
        That’s what the card fee is for, to balance out your debit.

        • -6

          Until ticket inspector books you for not having enough credit. ;)

          • +5

            @YRT: As long as you’ve touched on with positive credit that’s enough.

          • +1

            @YRT: I don't think they can book us as long as we touched on with a valid myki. Happy to be proved wrong.

          • +4

            @YRT: Only on VLine services do you need enough credit to cover the trip. Metro is fine to run into negative as its less than $5 which the card cost covers. If they let you do it on country services people would just buy a new card for each trip and throw it away with a huge negative balance that exceeds the card cost.

            • +1

              @JIMB0: people absolutely 100% do just that. country stops don't have turnstile exits, you can just touch off and go on your way even with -$25

              • @Balmaino: The system will let you do it but its the same as fare evasion. Ticket inspectors can give you a fine if your balance won't cover your trip.

                • @JIMB0: V/Line staff regularly check your tickets on the train when you travel on their services. My Myki cards with negative balances have never been questioned.

            • +1

              @JIMB0: I travel by V/Line regularly and have tapped on successfully several times with a very small credit. One of my cards has a negative balance of $6.92, which exceeds the cost of that $6 card. Even better now that I'm a senior and the card costs me $3.

        • +1


          You can get 3x2 hourly with the $10 credit so it’s actually $13.50 value.

    • +1

      They get a bonus $0

  • +3

    All my cards are registered, so not worth it if you need to buy one haha

  • Does Google pay myki count?

    • yup! I've registered mine (but back when I got this phone, this time a few years back.)

  • trying to entice people back into the office

    • +3

      Not related is it?
      The quotes in the post say it is related to contact tracing for potential COVID exposures.

    • +4

      Good to know $10 is enough to entice you back to the office

  • +2

    So they can link my travel activities to me? No thanks government spies!

    • +4

      I don't know why some other user had negged the above comment.

      It is the absolute truth!

      The Covid-safe app data has special legal protections which prevent the ATO, Police & intelligence agencies from accessing the data.

      There is no such protection on Myki data.

      • +1

        2 possible reasons.

        a) It read like a conspiracy theory
        b) I bet they have a mobile phone - Which can provide far more granular data for those 'spies'

  • +4

    I've registered my mykis which has its benefits as well. Mykis that you lose or expire with credit on them you can easily call up and transfer all the credit to your new myki. Lost my myki/wallet on a couple occasions. Also when you get a new phone and forget to transfer the myki between Google Pay they've transferred the credit over as well.

  • they asking for your name, birthday, email, and even address when you select Email as your preferred method of contact

    • +7

      My experience too is they don't even give you free travel on your birthday. Typical government.

  • +1

    I think it's to get people back to using public transport. I'm guessing places hit hard by lockdown around Aus don't have user capacity back to normal levels on PT from pre-covid times as people are now worried about germs.

    Valid concern but also a good way to get PT usage up.

  • -1

    Probably worth to mark as "targeted"? I already registered both mykis to not eligible for the bonus.

    • +1

      how did you tell it wasn't elgible?

      • disregard my question. Just reread your post.

    • +9

      Then pretty much most deals should be listed as "targeted"..
      Because I've already got that Switch game, or I don't wear women's clothing, or that doesn't fit my computer, and yes… I already have a registered MyKi.

  • +4

    Anyone getting 'We are unable to process your request at this time. Please try again later.'?

  • +1

    Anyone heard any news of when an iPhone can be used for touch-on?

    • +2

      I'll take bets as to whether state government gets that working before or after the federal gets the COVIDsafe app actually working properly with the google/apple exposure API!

  • System seems to be overloaded?

    "This website www.ptv.vic.gov.au/tickets/myki/ is currently offline. Cloudflare's Always Online™ shows a snapshot of this web page from the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. To check for the live version, click Refresh."

    • +1

      A notification was just pushed out via the app, so I’m not surprised it’s overloaded.

    • Yeah I couldn't logon to the website to register the other half's myki. Definitely overloaded, but I'll try again later today.

  • +1

    Does anyone even like myki overall? Why do they even expire?

    It’s so dumb; few years ago I had family visiting from overseas (city hotel) and couldn’t catch train/bus to see me. My car was being repaired (drunk driver rear ended me), so I basically had to get a friend to drive me to a train station to buy 5 mykis, top them up and then drive into the city t9 give them the mykis

    • +1

      So your relatives managed to catch a plane into the country and check into a city hotel, but couldn't work out how to buy a myki from one of the hundreds of outlets in the city?

  • +2

    Surprised the T&Cs weren't mentioned by anyone or in the OP:

    Clause 3: To be eligible for $10 in myki Money credit (Promotion Credit) participants must:
    a. register their myki during the Promotion Period, and
    b. still have the myki active and registered at the end of the Promotion Period, and
    c. have used the registered myki within four weeks of the end of the Promotion Period.

    It's unclear what the term "used" means, whether a top-up will suffice or if you actually need to touch-on with the card. Regardless, you do need to "use" your myki card before 3am on Tue, 8 August in order to be eligible to receive the $10 credit.

    • +4

      The wording is a bit confusing. Does it mean within the 4 week period before 8 August or after? I initially took it to mean the latter but now am not sure.

      • Touch on 4 weeks after the end date

    • I take this to mean that you actually have to touch on. There's a bit of a quirk in the myki system. In the past when I requested a balance transfer from one card to another, they told me it would be credited the next time I touched on. They were correct.

      • Ye since the balance is store on the card, the only way for the online or call centre to load money on your card is when you interact with a top up machine or fare machine. Hence the 90 min delay for online topup, as the list is transmitted to all myki machines

        • Curious if anyone has gotten their $10 credited yet. I live near a train station so I might touch on and touch out for free to try trigger the top up but not sure if I actually need to take a ride.

          • @hayfeverman: I'm also waiting for the free credit. Rode a short trip within the free tram zone in the CBD and got charged $4.50 for it.

  • I think we're at a point in human existence now (especially the OZB crowd) have no idea and just don't care and wouldn't understand it if (hypothetically with no religious bias) an evil entity said "I'll give you nothing for free if you sell me your soul/ life" … we've arrived almost at the point where 99.99% of people would be an "yes" autobot reponse.

    P.s. let's see how many negs this comment gets -7 has been my highest on OZB 🤞

    • What do you mean though? They're not giving nothing, they're giving free credit, and no one is selling any souls, a lot of people register their cards (even without any incentive) for convenience and wouldn't care if a PT authority knew what train stations they travel to and when - and I'm pretty sure most people would understand that…

    • +3

      I registered my Myki so I can setup auto top up. Never have to worries about running out of credit when I travel.

      I believe another benefit is that I get a reminder when the card is due for replacement. I can take it to a premium station to get it swap over or have one send out in the mail to free. What more can we ask for?

  • Just ridiculous, their whole website is stuffed. Apparently I've forgotten how to spell my mother's maiden name!

    Tried calling them - call started breaking up and I was disconnected

    Not worth the $10

    • +1

      Yeah not going to bother

  • I just bought monthly MYKI pass & won’t have a chance to use those just new registered MYKI card. Do you think I can just touch on then off at the same train station in order to meet the 3rd requirements without fare charge?
    have used the registered myki within four weeks of the end of the offer period.

    • They seem a bit more flexible nowadays allowing you to pause myki passes. Might be good to pause over lockdown 5.0.

  • Watch out people!

    I added a new mobile Myki first time and registered.
    Somehow, my mobile Myki disappeared from Google Pay account few days later, also other credit cards were deactivated.
    I suspected that an Google Pay app update reset everything. Mobile Myki was only stored in device, but not in Google Pay's cloud account.
    Luckily, the mobile Myki was in my Myki account for me to apply for a refund.

    If you have mobile Myki with pass or Myki money positive balance, you'd better register it, not in the purpose of $10 profit.

  • Merged from Myki $10 bonus for registering Myki not received

    Has anybody received their bonus $10 from this deal? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/637409

    It's now 45 days since the end date of August 8, so we should have received it by now, but my Myki balance has not gone up.

    • +2

      Welcome to OzMyki support unfortunately all our agents are busy.
      Please try calling 1800 800 007.

      • what! no way they have a phone number you can call for support instead of posting to a forum…. mind blown!

        • Sorry to congest your internet, but the comments are closed in the linked deal so I couldn't post there.

          • @shiznit: Please try calling 1800 800 007.

          • @shiznit: You could have asked the mods to reopen the thread so you can post there.

    • +1

      Coincidentally one can save $9 leaving their myki at home for one full day, pretty close to $10.

    • +1

      An ozbargainer would recommend reporting to ACCC at some point.

    • Myki $10 bonus for registering Myki not received


    • -3

      Chairman Dan's got a massive corona deficit to pay off. How about you just lay off him and consider your $10 as a welcome donation to the great People's Republic.

  • Comments reopened.

  • +1

    Never received the bonus. Disappointing.

    • +1

      Same. Has anyone tried to contact? I would but I've hit my quota with trying to get meaningful responses from bureaucrats this month. May try later

  • +1

    No bonus, contacted myki they were not even aware of this campaign lol. Will try again today to talk to a different agent.

  • +1

    Received the $10 credit, hope everyone else did also!

    • Got it as well, nice. Managed to do it without taking a real trip (touched on and off at a nearby station)

      (Lockdown means I haven't needed to go anywhere lately, but will come in handy later)

    • got mine today as well.

  • +1

    Received an email below.

    Congratulations you registered your myki and are eligible to receive a bonus $10 in myki Money.

    The $10 myki Money bonus was provided to encourage people to register their myki and get the benefits of a myki account as well as support contact tracing.

    We notice that you have not yet used your myki since registering.

    We understand that the lockdowns in Victoria over the last few months may have reduced your need to travel on public transport for one of the essential reasons.

    Therefore we are waiving the requirement to have travelled and used your myki to qualify for the $10 myki Money bonus.

  • +1

    Omg wow just got mine today. Received an email telling me I got $10 yay.

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