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2x $10 off Trips to Vaccination Appointments (or Any Other Destination) @ DiDi Rideshare


Vouchers expire on the earlier of 120 days after redemption or 31 December 2021. This offer is only available to the first 50k redemptions and vouchers can only be used for trips taken with DiDi Vaccinate.

DiDi is committing $1M towards discounted rides to help Australians get to vaccination appointments

  1. Open the DiDi app 

  2. Tap on the DiDi Vaccinate banner
    Complete the quick two-step verification

  3. Get promo code
    You'll receive a promo code once you've finished verifying your appointment

  4. Activate code
    Head to the 'Promotions' section of your DiDi app and apply the code get your discounts

Stacks with any referral/sign up codes for first time users as well

Can be used as 2x$10 off to any destination as once you apply the JABTIME code it will show up as a booking option to wherever you want :)

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Referrer & referee get 2 x $10 + 4 x $5 ride vouchers

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  • +5

    You will receive 2x $10 ride vouchers.
    I'm planning on using mine to park near (but not at) Sydney Olympic Park's vaccination hub to avoid paying $6/hr for parking, it took me 3 hours to get my first dose.

    • agreed. Just got it yesterday and spent $18 on parking

    • +1

      I get this as a cost saving measure, but using ride share when you could drive all the way and not have to be in a car with someone who has been with various other people in a confined space doesn’t necessarily seem wise in the middle of a covid delta outbreak. Perhaps your appointment is not for a while and things will have improved by then.

      • dilemma..

      • Gladys said no car pooling with other households, does this count as that?
        Generally curious, i think its a good idea to help those that wouldnt otherwise drive to get vaccinated

        • Haven't looked at the NSW rules for the last week (I live in QLD) but how is being in the car with a ride share driver who has driven numerous people/day better than driving yourself all the way? i.e. Nero said they were going to do this rather than driving themselves alone all the way to save money.

          For sure it could be a thing for people who doing drive, I don't know how this stacks up compared to driving with someone who you don't live with or getting public transport. I'd lean towards carpooling tbh if the person you car pool with has also been isolating at home. Surely rideshare drivers would have had more contacts than most.

  • +12

    If you don't mind getting AZ jabs, just go to your local gp. I made an appointment the other day and it was so easy - in and out in about half an hour.

    Also apparently AZ is better for men under 30 because the mRNA vaccines may have a higher chance of causing heart inflammation (and AZ has a higher rate of causing bloodclots in younger women, less in men)

    But as always, do your own research

    • +7

      the chance of you dying in a car accident on the way to the jab is much, much higher fwiw.

      Government will almost certainly open up mRNA Vax for second shots or boosters to those take AZ now

      • -1

        you cannot have AZ 1st shot then Pfizer for 2nd shot.
        They are 2 completely different vaccines and should never be alternated.
        Warning from my doctor and the nurses at the vaccine hub.

        • +5

          lots of countries are recommending mixing

          Nature reported early results here

        • +7

          Ultimately they are just trying to train your immune system to respond properly. Mixing and matching shouldn't be a big deal as long as you have a few weeks between each for the vaccine to be removed from your body. I'm finding a lot of doctors and nurses are getting the info wrong especially as it changes. Had a big argument with a head nurse at a public hospital who gave my partner advice that under no circumstances should she get the vaccine while she's pregnant
          - which is absolutely wrong information and created a lot of drama for me until I was finally able to jump over the head nurse's head and get her boss to look into it and then actually give us the correct info. Be aware that things are constantly developing and nurses and doctors are just as human as you and I are and are just as capable of getting information wrong and not being up to date with any changes in policies and advice.

      • -1

        never known anyone in my town to die from a car crash, but know a lady who died from the jab and a few others seriously ill. do some research before you start spreading bogus statistics.

        • +1

          hahaaha I see what you did there…

    • Just to be clear the AZ vaccine is less effective. The efficacy rate in the wild is below the Pfizer. So if you can get the Pfizer then get the Pfizer. I wouldn't worry about the blood clot - that's rare as hell.

      • the difference should be negligible, I think they both provide 90%+ protection against covid

        • +4

          It's hard to know and it depends on what you're looking at. Recent studies from England and Scotland show that Pfizer is around 95% effective against the Alpha and around 80-90% against the Delta. Whereas the Pfizer is around 65-80% effective against the Alpha and around 60% effective against the Delta. That's only against symptomatic infection - they're both about equal when it comes to hospital admission. Realistically the AZ is still good. And it's possible that mixing and matching vaccines might be good too. The data is a bit scarce. But so far the Pfizer seems to be a better bet. Again, I wouldn't worry about blood clots, your risk is beyond minimal.

          • @rightguy: Further the guidance in most countries is to not delay vaccination, because you're waiting for a certain vaccine.

            Take what's available ASAP, because the risk of dying from covid is higher.

            Depending on which way the Sydney outbreak goes, they might end up recommending the same here. I believe 200 cases/day is the critical number, where the risk of dying from covid is greater than the risk of dying from AZ blood clots.

            • +3

              @salmon123: I didn't say to delay the vaccine. Get whichever one you can. But if you get in a chair and get asked which one you want you are probably better off asking for the Pfizer. That's all. I'm very clear that I don't believe the risk to blood clots is great. I think efficacy is important - especially against new variants. All the data I've seen states that Pfizer is better than AZ in efficacy. But absolutely don't delay. Get the vaccine. Don't stress over any health issue from the vaccine. The virus is far worse than the risk of a reaction. I'm sure we would both agree that no one should be listening to Deuce Bigalow for medical advice.

              • +5


                Pfizer is around 95% effective against the Alpha and around 80-90% against the Delta
                Whereas the Pfizer is around 65-80% effective against the Alpha and around 60% effective against the Delta.

                Man you are confusing me. Should I get the Pfizer or the Pfizer?

                • @MorriJ: Neither, you should take the Johnson & Johnson

    • -1

      But as always, do your own research

      I know you're not an anti-vaxxer, but that's the line most anti-vaxxers use. Governments and Pharma have spent billions of dollars researching and promoting vaccines. The only evidence you're going to find to counter any of their work is from left-wing anti-vaxxers that live in places like Mullumbimby :)

      • -1

        The far right / alt right have aligned themselves with the anti vacc movement.

    • -8

      Another death is Sa overnight from the trial AZ poison but by all means go n get lit it won’t kill u (yet)

      • +1

        You realise there are going to be reactions when you have people that die from just eating peanuts, right?

        • -5

          Yes but it’s all the chemical jabs kids get in there fist year that cause allergic reactions autism and the like

          • +1

            @Dex38313: Yeah I gave my kids a good beating with my first for a year and they both now have autism and allergic reactions.

            Seriously though; enough of the debunked pseudo science. I guess one of the outcomes of preserving more lives is that people that likely would have died from easily preventable diseases grow up to spread misinformation :(.

    • I used this website scroll down to Covid vaccine appointment section.

      Booked an appointment for the following day after work. About 25 mins, including the 15 min wait to make sure I didn't have a reaction and arriving a few mins before my appointment time. Because the Feds didn't get enough Pfizer I just got AZ, female under 40, so no other vaccine available to me. I'd have gotten Pfizer if I had the option because it may be more effective.

      No concerns about the blood clots because it's so rare (more likely to have gotten them from the pill when I was taking it).

  • +1

    JABTIME is the code

    • Thanks.. added it to description

  • +4

    The best vaccine is the one you have …

    • +4

      Deaths post vaccination

      Remember these people that died after getting a vaccination, there’s only two proven deaths related to vaccines. One of whom had a history of blood clots and got a blood clot.

      Over 400 people die every day in Australia and we’ve vaccinated mostly oldies at this point. Correlation does not equal causation.

      If anyone isn’t sure talk to your doctor, not misleading stats on the internet.

      Edit: I’m currently doing my 15 minute wait post vaccination. I walked here like a sucker.

      • +1

        The same can be said for the deaths post covid contraction as many of which had a history of other comorbidities, I agree correlation does not equal causation which again can be said for both. I also agree it is best to engage with your doctors, however the stats provided are from TGA and official sources, and not misleading. Never in civilization has knowledge been so readily available and to ear-mark the internet as a place where misleading facts are contained is irresponsible, the same argument can be used against other channels of information such as politicians, scientists and the likes who just like the internet do not have a clean track record, but again the data provided is from official Australian Government/Enterprise sources.

        Best of luck with your vaccination, and good to see you getting out and about with a little bit of walking excercise.

        • -2

          The stats are presented in a misleading way, if you think you're providing unbiased data you're kidding yourself. As mentioned, there are 2 deaths with a direct causation from vaccines, why didn't you include that? Because you're skewing the stats. No inclusion on what the death rate from covid would be if it was widespread, no inclusion on number of hospitalisations from covid despite including "adverse effects". The line "(In most cases, adverse effects have to be severe enough for a person to report)" did not come from the TGA, you're skewing this in a very obvious way.

          And comorbidities are exactly what they say on the packet, the contribute to the death. That is completely separate to coincidence, you could also say those 335 people breathed air, drank water and took a dump prior to dying, that doesn't make those things a comorbidity. You clearly don't understand causation vs correlation.

          • +1

            @freefall101: No I did not, they are there open for your interpretation, the 2 deaths with a direct causation from the causation from vaccines occurred within a 24hr period which is why they were determined as such. The stats are not skewed, and what I said about in most cases adverse effects have to be severe enough for a person to report is a true statement. Why don't you provide the the number of hospitalisations from covid?
            You are viewing the data, in a very skewed un-open method.
            With your statement about "you could also say those 335 people breathed air, drank water and took a dump prior to dying, that doesn't make those things a comorbidity. You clearly don't understand causation vs correlation." - in that very way you could say that those that died with Covid also breathed air, drank water and took a dump prior to dying. I understand causation vs correlation. I wish you the best for you and hope your vaccination goes well, stay stafe and stay healthy.

            • @Batsoup: The excess deaths in the US were pretty bloody close to the covid deaths. Thankfully we didn't have nearly as many deaths so it wouldn't have been as easy to see here.

              The number of deaths post vaccination here are lower than what they would expect to have died in that population had they not been vaccinated.

        • You made assumption side effect reported was severe enough for people to report. However this assumption is incorrect. I reported any minor side effect.

          • @Tila: It is a valid assumption to make.

      • -1

        Well, if you want to get blood clot earlier, then vaccinate earlier.

  • +5

    Not sure, but is anyone thinking providing Didi with bank details and movements/whereabouts is also providing this to the CCP? Open for discussion.

    • +3

      All that have to do is offer $2 to download their app and a lot of people here will do it not caring / or knowing about privacy power data collection of them :)

    • +1

      How is this information useful and they could just buy the info from the zillion sites and apps that already track you

      • In these days of the digital age, no data is always too little about someone.

        • Except it's exactly the same data, it's not more data. Duplicating data doesn't let you know more about someone.

    • +4

      Think ccp has better things to do

    • And if you use Uber, the ccp will just hack Uber and get all the info anyway

    • Google and US government already knows more about me.

  • Is there an expiry for this?

  • +3

    What data do you need to provide for this?

  • Take a bicycle to get your vaccine.

    Much less chance of getting a free dose of Turbo spread Delta from being in a vehicle with some random unknown …

    • +1

      But chance of you getting killed on the road is much higher if you ride a bike

  • +1

    Just try this you can use $10X 2 credit to travel anywhere it's just normal DIDI credit voucher no need to use to go to vaccine clinics

  • Ooh just in time cbf paying parking especially at these busy times.

  • +2

    2x$10 trips 😲, if it said 2x $100k trips id still pass 😂😂😂

    • +6

      As a pharmacist you should be aware of your obligations under AHPRA not to spread misleading and potentially dangerous public health information.

      just wait a few more months

      A ‘next generation’ vaccine might have been developed by then, but almost certainly won’t be available widely in Australia (we can’t even get enough of the existing pfizer or moderna vaccines), if it is, it’s likely to be a booster for all the health professionals, border force etc who have been vaccinated for a while now.

      How are you suggesting people avoid catching/spreading covid for the next few months?

      • -2

        This is not medical advice. It is a suggestion, there is a difference. For medical advice, go and consult a doctor.

        • +6

          Actually whenever you’re commenting on anything related to the scope of your profession and cite your profession as the basis for the claim your are making you’re accountable to the code of ethics and conduct for your profession. You should know this since you agree to it every year. Sure this is anonymous so you won’t get caught, but you’re still operating outside of your professional code.

  • +1

    Uber and Lyft are offering free ride in US to vaccination appointment for anyone.

    • +3

      Tks Champ . I'm going to fly there to get it .

  • +1

    Took a trip and it showed the discount initially but then later asked for full payment…

  • Used this discount almost 10 days ago, saved ~$20 on $26 return trip, so it only cost me $6 for my 1st jab. Coincidentally, my DIDI driver was also booked in at the very same vaccination hub later that day too! Got my 2nd jab due in 2 weeks!

  • "All available vouchers with this promo code have been redeemed"

    OP please update the post as oos.

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