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Aftershokz Trekz Titanium Bone Conduction Headphones $101 Delivered @ Aftershokz Amazon AU


The Safety and Convenience AfterShokz Strives to Provide

Runners powered by their favourite sound track but still able to hear the traffic around, biker hearing both GPS navigation and cars approaching from behind, office worker enjoying music still maintaining communication with colleagues, mom listening to her podcast but won't miss a single sound bit of her baby in the cradle, vision impaired going around the town hearing both GPS and surroundingsā€¦ isn't that a beautiful world? Better yet, there is nothing in their ears.

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  • +4 votes

    make openmove $85 and i may get one just for fun in the lockdown

  • +1 vote

    Does it have a microphone?

  • -2 votes

    Can they hear electric cars?

  • +1 vote

    Are we gonna get another deal on the XTrainerz for swimming like last time?

  • +2 votes

    I've had these. I loved them for cycling because I could still hear cars etc. I'd compare the distraction level similar to that of having a friend with you cycling - you can still hear the road noise around you, but you're obviously still a little distracted.

    These also work much better than the Coros helmet, because the Trekz holds the bone conduction pads much tighter to your face. Great as a backup headset for those occasions you forget to charge your usual commuting buds. Also for around the house when listening to podcasts (if I was a music buff, I probably wouldn't wear them at home - almost zero bass) and certainly much more comfy than ear buds or ear phones.

    That said, they broke a few months ago after three years of use - just snapped. They also pinched my temples because my helmet was on top (and hence why I tried Coros). If you're doing a non-helmet gig, I reckon they'd be fantastic.

    Also note there are lighter, sleeker version, though prob not a huge difference in feel unless you're a helmet wearer. And a fantastic price.

    That said, the band snapping and the under-helmet pain wasn't for me. I now wear the Bose Tempo sunglasses and they work best of all, in my experience.


      Wondering if you would you recommend these for running?


        I haven't tried running in them (I have bad knees so only cycle!) so can't vouch for how securely they would grip your head given running obviously has a bit more bounce than cycling. I will say that even when mountain biking, they never seemed in danger of coming off or even needing adjustment.


          Great - I might give these a shot. I've heard good things about the Aeropex from runners but they're 2.5x the price

          • +1 vote

            @punjabiz: After using the OpenMoves for a couple of months for daily runs, I've never had an issue with them being uncomfortable (past the initial phase of getting used to having the pad location) or moving during the runs. Sound quality is also quite good for running as the bass is minimal, which I find lets me hear cars and the like better as there is minimal audible interference so to speak in the low range.
            Although if you run while wearing a hat or glasses, you may find some initial discomfort, but I have not really explored getting used to that as I run almost exclusively while its dark.
            So I can't personally attest to the Trekz but I can say the OpenMoves are almost like wearing nothing at all and there's someone next to you carrying a speaker!

            • +2 votes

              @SeanyB: @punjabiz: I've been using the Trekz for the past year and echo @SeanyB's comments. Also, I've used them with a hat and glasses with no issues. Hat on first, sunglasses next and headphones last. Definitely handy on the long runs and they survived a marathon with passing showers too.

              • +1 vote

                @SprocketTheToad: Thanks for your input guys, really appreciate it. I might hold out and get the Trekz Air or Aeropex, whichever is first discounted - currently both on full price.

    • +9 votes

      No-one's getting these with hi fidelity audio in mind.

  • -1 vote

    Using these in combination with ear plugs for best results.


    I have the Air and works very well while running , take calls, in rain etc