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AmEx Explorer: 160,000 MR Points (Worth $800) + $395 Credit + $400 Travel Credit ($3000 Spend in 3 Months - $395 Annual Fee)


3 DAY FLASH DEAL - Offer Ends Midnight Thursday, JULY 15 - 2021

AMEX are offering an increased signup bonus of 160,000 Membership Rewards Points (worth $800 in Gift Cards). Plus, enjoy a $395 Statement Credit, which can be put towards offsetting the first year $395 annual fee. This is a limited time "3 Day Exclusive" offer that is only available through PointHacks.

The 160,000 bonus Membership Rewards (worth $800 in Gift Cards) & $395 Statement Credit offer is now live until Thursday, July 15th 2021.

Details include:

  • 160,000 bonus Membership Rewards (worth $800 in Gift Cards) + a $395 Statement Credit when you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases within the first 3 months of approval.

  • Earn 2 Membership Rewards points per $1 on all purchases except government bodies where you will earn 1 point per $1 spent (uncapped).

  • $400 Travel Credit every year.
  • Up to US$100 credit when you book a two consecutive nights stay with The Hotel Collection.
  • Free access to the Sydney or Melbourne Airport American Express lounge twice a year.
  • Complimentary Hilton Honors Silver Status
  • Included Insurances - smartphone screen insurance and various travel insurances (PDS).
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay & Samsung Pay support.
  • Access to American Express Plan It
  • Up 4 Additional Cards for family members or friends, at no extra fee.
  • Plus, receive up to 40,000 extra bonus points with Shop Small. Get 3 extra MR Points per $1 spent when you save the offer to your new Card via the Amex app, and spend in-store or online at participating shop small business by 31/03/2022.
  • Min Income: $65,000
  • Annual Fee: $395 (Statement Credit offsets 1st year Annual Fee)
  • Ends Thursday, July 15th 2021

View the full offer details only at PointHacks.

Card Members who currently hold or who have previously held any Card product issued by American Express Australia Limited in the preceding 18 month period are ineligible for this offer. Previous and existing bank-issued American Express companion cardholders are eligible for this offer.

This 3 Day Offer is only available exclusively through PointHacks and not available through any other channel, including if you go to AMEX directly or use a referral link (the offer there remains no bonus points).

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    • same here it is easy to spend $6000 you can change all the direct payment to these 2 cards and living expanse. also you can buy discount woolworth and coles card plus the 6% off fual card from shopback

    • +6

      Look into paying things in advance, examples:
      - Health insurance will let you pay 18 months in advance.
      - Council rates pay annual
      - house, contents, car insurance all annual payment
      - prepay utilities - water, gas, electricity - all mine allow me to pay any amount at any time and my account will sit in credit until I have bills to gobble up the credit.
      - School fees pay full year rather than monthly.

      Gift cards:
      - Coles or Woolies gift cards in bulk - downside here is that is money you don't get to spend on the next credit card minimum spend.
      - Bunnings gift cards never expire
      - any other planned bigger spend in next year - gift card for that

      • I thought things like Council rates didn't count towards these sort of promotions?

        • +1

          I'm pretty sure I've gotten them to count by paying at the post office. Not sure if I'm dreaming or making that up though, can't hurt to try

  • +1

    Question: If I apply on Thursday, but it takes a week to get sorted (e.g. if they keep asking for more info) will I still get the bonus? Seems a pretty great deal.

    • I'm also curious


    • +2

      Common sense dictates that the time of application should matter.

      • It actually depends on the tncs of the promotion. Some say apply by, whilst others say apply and be approved by. I haven’t looked into this one as am not eligible, but it should have some wording to that effect.

        • If its a 3 day flash sale I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be “approved by” because not everyone gets approved in 60 seconds.

          And if they open new accounts using this trick pretty sure people would close the account just as quickly which they wouldn’t want.

          • @3zzy: Hi 3zzy,

            Could you please clarify whether you mean that even if it takes 1-2 weeks to get approved, as long as we applied during the 3 day flash promotion, the benefits would still apply to us?

  • +1

    What stores don't accept amex? What are "eligible" purchases?

  • if one can't spend $3k in 3 month, will $395 statement credit still apply or not?

    How could one cash out the 16k points btw?

    • Must spend 3k in 3 months to get 395 rebate. Just saying 3k of Ikea batteries is feasible….

      • +1

        Are you powering your place with Ikea batteries?

  • I have Westpac Amex card but have cancelled Westpac and keep Amex.
    So it is no longer Bank issues ?
    Not sure if I would be eligible?

  • +2

    Anyone got any hacks to easily meet the $3k spend? Can you buy gift cards? Fuel? Do any weed dealers accept amex?

  • hey guys - I chose the lowest credit limit of 3000. Is that okay?

  • Hey guys, slightly off-topic, I am still waiting for the $ 500 gift card from the ANZ platinum rewards card. The offer was from pointshack and had a condition of $ 1500 spend in 3 months which I finished back end of April (approved by end of March).

    Is anyone in the same situation as me?


    • hi there. as far as I know, you won't receive a $500 GC from ANZ but if you have made the min spend in 3 months you will receive the 120000 ANZ Rewards points in your ANZ Rewards account. You can then convert the 120000 ANZ reward points to a $500 GC.

      If you haven't created an ANZ Rewards account, you can create/register here https://anzrewards.com/

      • I have been checking the ANZ rewards account everyday for last 2 months and nothing :(

        I have called them 5 times already and each time they have confirmed that they can see the points hack exclusive offer attached to my account.

        Beginning to get worried now…

        • maybe, take it to PointHacks support and they can help sort out the issue.
          if at all you manage to call the ANZ rewards again, get a confirmation that you made the min spend in 3 months and that you are eligible for the 120000 bonus points.

      • I hit spend limit on ANZ rewards in first month and got the bonus points with first statement. Redeemed and cancelled immediately after.

    • I took the ANZ platinum card deal on mid Dec 2020, then I got the $500 e-gift card on mid Jan 2021 (sent through email).

    • Check your email. They sent me an email with the egift card claim link.

      • Been checking junk & normal folders daily.

  • Sorry but where can I find eligible purchase description?
    Wondering if I can use it to pay for my bill for house renovation?

    • in my experience, with AmEx all purchases are eligible unless they are for gambling, annual fees charges or cash withdrawals.

      • Does that include international transactions

        • +1

          yes, international transactions are eligible unless they are gambling, annual fees charges or cash withdrawals.

          • @ck009: Paying bills via Paypal?

            • +2

              @whey4000: yes, eligible.

              you can also use PostBillPay if the biller doesn't support PayPal.

              Also, you can have a quick web chat with AmEx CS from your login and they can confirm how far you are with your eligible spend. AmEx CS is one of the best teams I have ever dealt with.

              • @ck009: Is this a type of credit card? could I leave cash inside the card to pay bpay? How is the interest calculated? If I pay on time, there are no interest? How to get the $800 worth of gift card after eligibility met?

              • @ck009: I just checked https://global.americanexpress.com/rewards/gift-cards, the gift card doesn't include woolworths or coles, or TGG or jbhifi. What gift card do you recommend to claim?

                • @htc: WISH which is woolies, big-w, dan murphys and its subsidiaries. Theres also coles group….

  • +1

    Been waiting for an amex deal as I was under 18 month prohibition last round of food options. This is an absolute ripper, applied and approved.
    Very happy with this one!

    • What gift card do you recommend claiming for the reward?

      • Whatever suits your upcoming spend. For me it'll be BBQ galore or Amazon

  • +1

    "American Express don’t allow existing Card Members, even for different types of American Express cards (e.g. Charge, Credit or Business) to be eligible for bonus points offers for cards in a different family."

    Seems like you can’t apply if you currently hold a business green AMEX? Anyone had a different experience?

    • you can always apply but won't be eligible for the bonus points.

    • Oh yeah, I was about to apply and just remembered I also actually have a green corporate amex, so I guess that also makes me ineligible for the bonus :(

  • I have accidentally closed the window on the details page, how do I continue the application?

    • +2

      Wait for the email asking you to upload documents.

  • If your application is under review with an answer if 5-10 working days, does that mean you're rejected?

    • +1

      Not necessarily, typically just means they wanna have another look at your application and perhaps ask for more documents or give you a call sometime to ask some questions.

  • Can anyone tell me how this one is better than the ANZ Reward Black Credit Card which has got no annual fees for first-year and got 180000 reward points($800 gift cards) for spending $2000 on eligible purchases for the first 3 month?

    • $400 travel credit would be one benefit.

      • The other benefit would be the greater range of gift cards, amex targeted offers, and phone insurance

        • Thanks. I'd really to like to see Coles/Woolies in the gift card range too.

          Interested to know what the targeted offers would look like, but phone insurance is applicable only if you buy the phone outright or with a plan using the AMEX card.

  • what's the minimum limit on this card?

    • $2000

      • -1

        It was $3k when I got to that section(?)

        • It's definitely $3K

    • -1

      3k Minimum spend to qualify.

      2k minimum credit limit.

  • Anyone know whether once you have received your cards, is there a way to confirm the offers you have on the card?

    Just paranoid about amex messing up my bonus offer to the standard one instead of point hacks one. Dont want to waste the effort

    • once you receive and activate the card, contact the CS via the web chat and they can confirm the offer applied on your card.

  • +1

    Will they just reject the application or renegotiate about reducing the limit?

  • I've never owned a credit card before, so just a couple of noob questions.

    when you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases.

    1. What counts as eligible purchases?

    2. Can I use this to pay for my house mortgage?

    3. Can I use this card to deposit $3000 in a stable crypto, withdraw it straightaway, pay back the $3000, and get the rewards? Would that be eligible?

      1. Most things you can buy on a credit card

      2. I don't think any loan or mortgage repayments can be made with a credit card, at least with any lender I know of.

      3. Unlikely, buying crypto on credit usually counts as a cash advance so you'll be pinged with a big fee to do so.

      • To add to this; you can use your credit card to BUY things directly. E.g.: as you would at a shop with cash.
        You cannot use your credit card, at least without incurring cash advance fees, to convert it to cash or cash equivalents, such as to buy crypto or pay a mortgage payment.
        At least in my many years of having credit cards.

    • Eligible purchases don't usually include anything that falls in to "cash advance" category. so the answer to both 2 and 3 is a solid no.

  • How would this affect refinancing a home loan?, what's a good credit check site?

    • Your borrowing power decrease with each credit card….creditsavvy is site to get your credit score.

      • CreditSavvy shows Experian score, AMEX seems to use Equifax. Your score might differ wildy between these two reporting bodies so double check. I have "Excellent" Experian score but just got declined for AMEX.

        • Any recommendation for websites to view Equifax score, without going through with an Equifax Credit Report?

          • +1

            @auxilrod: Wisr
            WeMoney (app)

    • They're not going to bump you up so far that you can't service your own pre-existing loan, they'll always take into account your total debt. The refinaner will assess quite the same. Meaning, most likely you wouldn't expect to be affected at all.

  • +1

    Saw this on Facebook the other day, but didn't pay attention. But applied online, took less than five min, including credit checks. Told me that I have been approved. Sweet. Now to cancel the other credit card. Thanks OP.

    • same here but i wouldn't cancel any card until i have this in my hand activated with no issues lol

  • I like this card. It's the only one I've hung onto past 1st year.

    • Wonder why? Is it the bonus points or travel credit?

  • Just applied,
    never had a AmEx before, let see how that goes.

    Thanks OP

  • Regarding eligibility period - it might be worth calling up to confirm guys. I was advised of earlier date than I thought (may have to do with my last card being Qantas AMEX), therefore making me eligible for this offer.

  • Got a call today morning and it was not success. Not sure why though as have never been rejected.

    • did you get an email saying its approved when you submitted the application online? the call was after that?

      • No email said we will get back after 5-10 days which was yesterday and call came today morning.

  • It asks me

    A recent payslip that shows your last 3 months' worth of income…

    How is that possible?

    • My last pay shows shows my YTD up until end of June so I assume thats good enough? Else I whould suggest uploading payslips for the past 3 months (3 if monthly, 6 if fortnightly, etc)

      • Heck, I wasn't even asked ANYTHING and got declined. I hope this time they give a valid effing reason for declining in the letter they said they'll send.

        • Nah letter will be generic and no point in trying to get it manually review. I had it done and doesn't seem to do anything.

  • I already have an Essentials card and applied through this link. Got a call today and was approved.

    • +1

      What's the point for applying if you have already got the Essentials, as you won't be eligible for this promotion due to you are already an AMEX customer.

      • +1

        Now that you've been approved, I say keep the card, hit the spend in a month and see if points come through. If not, cancel the card after and you will get a prorated refund anyway of the AF. A small risk to take for a potential big pot of points.

    • Please keep up posted as to whether you receive the bonus points

  • -1

    Didn't even get asked for payslips or anything…
    Just said would be in contact within 5-10 business days.

    • Same, if you call they'll confirm your application has been declined. 5-10 days is "the time it takes for you to receive the letter"

      • Wtf. I only have 3 credit cards, totalling less than 30k, own my place outright and have a stable and comfortable income…

        • Yeah got declined 3rd time by Amex. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but used to get approved from them all the time. Now since last year and this year have been getting declined. They're the only financial institute to decline me.

          • -1

            @nightelves: Don't be upset, as I know the tricks that AMEX plays all the time. This kind of promotion is purely for AMEX to track how many acquisitions they can get from time to time, so they can work out what level of sign up bonus they will do in the future. The approved budget for bonus points has been set in the back end, which means only certain number of applications will be approved, if the target has hit, then the remaining will auto get declined regardless. Each point costs AMEX money, so don't think you get declined is because your credit rating is bad. Also, AMEX assessment system is a real dumb, and if you think you are more than qualified to get the card, always call back to ask re-assess. Don't ask how I know, a relative family member works for AMEX.

            • +1

              @wxxnx: Good to know but not at all comforting. Its kind of fraud then if the system is not fair and affects someone's credit score without any gain. I'm definitely going for re-assement this time whatever it takes. Don't need the card so badly but won't take any sh!t from them anymore.

        • Well I have two cards totally 7k and with 70% ununsed credit. Stable income way above the min criteria and I've been rejected 3 times in 5 years. I asked them for a reason this time, they said its mentioned in the letter. Lets see.

          • @3zzy: See that's the thing that's stumped me. I have been approved for 6 different types of Amex but all of a sudden been getting declined everytime I ring up and check. Also their letter is so vague and the right to get it re-assess is so slim it's not even worth it.

            • @nightelves: @wxxnx @3zzy I've called them. they attempted to reassess with updates to my income etc. that essentially got me over the intial credit check line. the guy on the other side of the line was lovely, went through everything, identity check done, income check done manually with statements for mutliple rentals, hospital pay slips, etc. he said he had no clue why it was rejected since it was asking for everything as expected for an application and stated to wait for the letter then call back if any questions. he said himself I probably was more than qualified for the card but he's not sure what the criteria is for this card and admitted it's a little bizzare. weird and what a waste of a credit check -.-

              • @diazepam: But did you get approved or it was still declined? Because last time I did that it was still declined regardless.

              • +1

                @diazepam: He didn't do anything except just re-entered the information what you put in the application, it's still assessed by the system. Unfortunately, you were put into the wrong department. Re-assessing used to take at least 3 business days in the back office. Since he re-submitted the application again, now you got declined twice in AMEX system but only one credit check I think. Don't apply any AMEX within a year, as system will auto reject.

                • @wxxnx: So what's the correct department because I would like it reassess but like you said they're just confirm all the information that you have previously given to them

                  • +1

                    @nightelves: Wait for the letter and then call back, I did re-assessment about 6 years ago so not sure if that department still exists. All applications are being handed in offshore-Manila right now due to lock down in Sydney. I think offshore call centre just tells you the system's decision.

                    By law, they can't tell you the reason why you got declined, that's the same rule as other banks. But they can revoke the decision by manual assess.

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