What's an Item That You Have Multiples in Case One Breaks?

For me, it's the Xbox 360 console. My favourite console of any generation. I also have over 100 original 360 and original games (backwards compatible) + kinect + guitar hero. I still play it all the time and don't anticipate ever replacing it. Even with newer generations of Xbox I find that the backwards compatibility is not comprehensive and has several limitations. Maybe I'm getting old but the last two generations of gaming have not really pulled me in and I don't really like where the whole industry is moving towards (online gaming, MMOs, casual games, paid DLC, HD "remasters" or "rehashes" of old games as I call them, etc).

I own 2 x 250GB slim consoles and 1 x black elite 120GB console. I bought some of them really cheap on the second hand market as people are getting rid of them. I know that eventually as the consoles pass the 15-20 year mark they will start to break down and become harder to find parts and/or replacement, and the prices will inevitably go up…time will prove me correct.


      • Not completely, but it doesn’t taste flat like it would without it. It’s probably about sealing the can more than anything.

  • looking for buy a second pair of headphones just as backup.

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    Box of cables, you never know when you might need that one cable that you’ve been holding on for 10 years.

    • I hear you. I have a junk box full of coaxial, power, computer, audio/video cables.

    • I do the same, but need to clean it out now and then - I don’t need 5 micro USB cables!

  • iPhones, just in case I lose my main unit.

    • I have a cheapo Android phone as my backup, which will keep me highly motivated to get another iPhone if my current one breaks!

  • watches and flashlights

  • Logitech g602 mice and old slim apple keyboards. While a PC user, I haven't found keyboards I prefer over the old mac units with the chicklet keys.

    • I never really liked the tactile feel and spacing of chicklet keyboards (even though I am typing on one right now). It's good you found a combo that works well for you.

  • Havaianas… dog keeps eating them if I leave him home alone (and they often have blowouts and break), so I have several backup pairs!

    • +1

      Why don't you buy the cheap $1 thongs from kmart so he can eat them instead ? LOL

      • haha, he'd probably still target the Havi's…

        For me, i wouldnt wear the cheap ones. But i do keep telling myself i won't leave them lying around for him to eat. 3 pairs this year though starting to get old ha

        • Get him the fakes ;)

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    For some reason have a lot of ibriks and double boiler teapots. Which is stupid because you would need to be an absolute ogre to break those.

  • Toothpicks

  • anko gaming mouse.

  • -1

    bong and lighter

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    Surprised no one’s said crockery and glasses yet.

    I used to buy IKEA plates and glasses because they kept the design the same for years and you could always go back and get a replacement when they got broken. These days however they seem to move more frequently between different designs (and the glasses got thinner/more fragile).

    So I bought 3 sets of Big-W plates. Use one set day to day, an extra set when guests are over and there’s a third set in my attic for when parts of the first 2 sets inevitably get broken.

    • +1

      Brilliant. I did this by accident, when bought multiples on discount…. and found it was great at shushing my weird OCD habits.

      PS: Never broken any of my sets, but family can't help themselves feeling Greek and smashing plates.

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    I've been meaning to get a spare OG xbox, but I'd like the same revision as mine for ease of replacing bits.
    It's softmodded, running UnleashX and XBMC 3.5.3. 80mm fan/IDE cables/Sammy 616T upgrades. Had a 1TB HDD for it with IDE-SATA adapter and everything but slacked off and started using that drive with Windows.
    Still play this console.

    • Very nice setup. That sounds mint. 1TBs in 3.5" format are pretty cheap these days. Just grab another drive and you'll be good to go.

  • +2

    Panasonic Q

    • Still a sexy piece of kit….

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    For me it’s the same but instead a Xbox I have 2 Sega mega drives and 3 Sega Saturns. I have loads of original games but instead of wearing them out (especially Saturn games as they are quite expensive) I use an everdrive etc.

    • Nice. I have always found it easier and more practical using emulation for older consoles (even though I have owned many of them over the years). I still wish I had my mega drive though. I used to love playing WWF Royal Rumble as a kid :)

  • NAS drives.

  • Namco System 357 (arcade systems). I have five of them at last count.

  • +1

    Looftlighter for lighting charcoal

  • -1

    Electric Kettle, Hairdryer, BBQ Lighter because I value my time.

    I don't have time to watch the water boil, or risk the saucepan boiling itself dry because I was busy looking looking at the trading charts.

    Hairdryer because it does not feel the same and you need to spend an extra hour or two unproductive if your hair is wet. This is more a psychological issue as you expect it to be dry.

    BBQ Lighter because you always need a spare.

    Overall, I have spares of anything I would lose productivity on if I ran out. (Pens, A4 Paper, and so on).

    • +1

      "I don't have time to watch the water boil, or risk the saucepan boiling itself dry because I was busy looking looking at the trading charts."

      At least your priorities are sorted. You have enough time to post on a random forum thread on OzB.

      • That's the kind of thinking that keeps people poor. You need time off to increase productivity too. It's the utility gain through each action that matters, but yeah, would you seriously wait for the water to boil when you could be doing something productive? (Seriously your answer probably no, but you did not have the guts to write it out. Furthermore, how many times are you going to manually boil the water before you decide to go to the supermarket? It's more than just waiting for the water to boil, but I know you already know this; and it is clear at least some people did not see the obvious, but for reasons I won't point out because it's obvious. —- FYI: It's all evidenced in the post above.) xD This isn't a stab at you, but it's a call to others to think about how they have interpreted it.

        I don't see you have refuted anything in what I have written and have merely misinterpreted the context…

        In the end you have a certain amount of time each day, how you split it up and how you decide to buy insurance to make your life run smoothly is up to you, which is implied in the details above.

        You should invest some time into planning your days, so you actually have time to set aside to write on forums. My guess is you see forum posting as an unproductive activity that decreases utility. If not, then we are on the same side of the argument.

  • +2

    I'm trying to de-clutter.
    Notorious physical sentimental hoarder and data/informational hog
    (e.g. saving pieces of info/quotes/pics currently scattered, and having hundreds of browser tabs open).

    Nothing I can think of right now as back-up on the level you're on.
    Just buying things as I need them at the moment.

    PS - mum used to buy bulk of clothes and Myer bedsheets(discontinued)

    As we know, clothing releases can go down in quality too (thinner, worse materials etc)
    She especially bought extras when they were on sale and still there in storage.

    • +2

      I'm in the same situation as you.

      Just scrutinize every new purchase you make (no impulse buying), organise all your stuff nice and tidy into storage, and slowly sell off/give away what you don't want anymore.

      Bedsheets and linen can vary wildly in quality. I have bought some absolute rubbish doona covers that didn't even last a year and other stuff will last decades if you look after it.

      • slowly sell off/give away what you don't want anymore.

        Yep, chipping at it bit by bit.

    • +1

      data/informational hog

      What about keeping one physical, good-quality notepad to store the main info you want/need? This forces you to be selective and prioritise what ideas are most important to you.

  • +1

    Two pairs of audiotechnicas because the headband/strap design is awful and breaks often (though replacement counterfeit straps are cheap, and better). I don't think I'd buy any more again. Probably sennheisers or beyerdynamic next time.

    Ordered two pairs of UB's in recent/current Adidas sale as I go through shoes so happy to have a spare.

  • Phone, HDD

  • Credit cards. Serviced by different banks and back-end server switching.

  • +1

    During lockdown, a spare dual boiler coffee machine.

    Not a new one, a broken one bought on the cheap. Changed the brew and wand valves, plus the boiler probes. Cleaned and in the box, ready for when the main one goes wrong. Not exactly cheap at the end but peace of mind.

    • +2

      Wow, I just have a can of international roast for if my machine broke…

      • It'll be off by the time you need it. Then again, I don't think I've tasted any IR that could be classed as 'not stale'

        :-) Got a spare Gaggia as well, that was the previous backup!

      • I admire your dedication to quality cafe. Caffeine is like oxygen for us addicts :P

  • -1

    Apple TV's, just love them.

  • Shoe laces

  • Eneloops?

    The universally accepted ozbargain currency

  • Usually these things tends to be cheap and important

    • Mouses, wireless and wired
    • Butane Stove, especially for lockdowns
    • Electric Kettle, especially for lockdowns
    • Chromebook for Kid, needed for schooling, in case they drop one on the ground.
    • Shoes, when they fit me and having discount
    • Vacuum cleaners, TVs, because I have a 2 level house and don't bother to carry them between levels.
  • Lacky bands.

  • Don’t have multiples as such, but broken a few pairs of AirPods and buy a new paid immediately. Can’t live without them.

  • What's an item that you have multiples of in case one breaks?

    Legs. I keep two of them for this reason.

  • +2

    I have 25 Sega Dreamcasts and 20 Playstation Vitas.

    If I buy a pair of shoes I like and know that style won't be made anymore, I'll buy a spare pair. I do the same with casual shirts.

    Hmm what else. Always have back up screw drivers. Also multiple back up ear phones, hdmi cables, usb cables (all types) and Cat cables.

    • Wow. How/Why did you end up with so many consoles? Did you amass such collection over time or did you buy a bulk pallet of them?

      • +2

        With both, it was bit of wanting specific games or accessories, but the seller wouldn't part. This was all pre covid, so they were cheap as chips.

        The Dreamcasts I also bought very cheap, fix minor issues and clean them, but would get low balled when trying to sell. Would also fit some out with GDEMU's

        I've been meaning to sell quite a few now, but procrastination 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Username checks out

  • nintendo game and watch super mario

    • Those things will be worth a small fortune now :)

  • Cars. 2 of the 5 are broken and I'm buying another Friday.

  • Amiga cd32 have 2. One with tf330 recapped and another original just in case

  • Earphones because one side always stops working after like 4 months of use

  • Headsets / headphones particularly for talking on

  • I always keep a spare sock for when one is missing

  • Bog roll.

  • roof tiles

  • Chainsaws to get rid of pesky zombies….

  • 4x 26800mAH power banks

  • Shoes, masks and straps.

  • Bitcoin

  • BLF A6

  • Got a cheaper and more expensive pair of Zoff glasses when I was in Japan thinking that my eyesight had stabilized. I was wrong.

  • +2

    I have 2 Gamecubes, one in pristine condition.

    Best console ever imho.

    I also have;

    1 NES
    1 SNES
    1 PSone
    1 XBOX 360 (great console, probably the best controller in recent history)
    2 DSs` - One is a DSi, the other a New 3DS
    1 PSP- 1000 series, so super exploitable

    Also have a PS4 and Wii U and 2 Wiis (one has the Gamecube ports, the other doesnt)

    • A 3DS isn't really a DS but otherwise nice collection

  • LED Torches / Lanterns …. I have no idea why this has not been mentioned in this thread at OZB.
    The home of torches.

  • +1


  • Whipped cream dispenser

  • Steam games

  • Toilet Paper .

  • +1

    Ran out of spare B22 globes so bought an Aldi version of this on Tuesday thinking it was reduced to $6.99
    When I got home I looked at receipt and it was $2.99
    I tested it and found it put out nice light so dropped in on my way past the next day and purchased the remaining stock of 6.
    Used two that night an the rest have gone in as spares.
    Still have a few spare ES LED globes purchased a few years back
    And quite a few GU10 LEDs that I picked up for %70 - %80 off on the final days of Masters

  • Brakes.

  • Balls

  • Downlights, and their transformers.

  • 3 Money

  • I have 3 Nintendo DS Lites but play DS games on my 2DS XL

  • Pens, hard drives

  • Personalities

    And lifx bulbs

  • soundpeats because i keep losing one when i fall asleep in bed

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