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TicWatch E3 $259.99 (up to 100% Cashback by Completing 21-Day Exercise Program, Twitter Required) @ Mobvoi


Interesting deal - complete a 21 day challenge and post Twitter updates and get up to 100% cashback depending on how many days you complete.

NOTE: You have to show an average heart rate of over 130bpm for each 20-minute session, which will not suitable for a number of people. As an intense exercise, HIIT is suitable for experienced contestants. Contestants should consult their physician or healthcare provider before joining the challenge.

Details -

Order Period: July 12, 2021 — July 18, 2021
Challenge Period: July 12, 2021 — August 18, 2021
Result Verification: Before August 18, 2021

During the 21 successive days challenge period (weekends and public holidays included) complete the 20 mins HIIT workout for (only 1 time per day) -

18 times = 100% cashback
15 times = 50% cashback
10 times = 20% cashback

Start the Challenge:
Order a TicWatch E3 from the Mobvoi Official Website (before July 18).

#1 Post your challenge announcement on Twitter, with

  • Unboxing pictures or video of TicWatch E3
  • Hashtag: #hiitchallengewithTicWatchE3
  • Tag 3 friends and @Mobvoi_Official on Twitter

21 successive days after your challenge announcement are defined as your challenge period.

#2 Daily Check-In:

  • Complete the 20 mins HIIT exercise with your TicWatch E3 (TicExercise —> Choose "High Intensity").
  • Share your HIIT exercise record Watermark or Chart (from the Mobvoi App) on Twitter and @Mobvoi_Official.

#3 Challenge Verification and Refund:

DM @Mobvoi_Official (Twitter) to verify all your check-ins and the challenge results after 21 days (before August 18).

You will receive a full/partial refund within one month. Congrats!

Referral Links

Referral: random (37)

Referee gets 5% off. Referrer gets 10% credit.

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      • Lmao think I read some articles saying that whatever Ticwatch said is rubbish. Until something is confirmed by the companies themselves and with Google.

        • A link would be awesome.

        • -1

          Lmao it has been confirmed by Google.


          Wear OS devices that will be eligible for upgrade include Mobvoi’s TicWatch Pro 3 GPS, TicWatch Pro 3 Cellular/LTE, TicWatch E3 and follow on TicWatch devices, as well as Fossil Group’s new generation of devices launching later this year.

          • @CL7: What's your point. At the time I wrote the comment it wasn't confirmed.

            Now you tell me, two weeks later, after Google first tells us that devices won't get WearOS 3 unless they have to be reset etc. And then Mobvoi updates us a week later.

            Rumours are rumours until they're confirmed. Which in this case they were. In other cases with other tech companies they are not.

            Don't jump around in glee when you haven't put it all in context.

  • +2


    Aight ima head out this ain't for me

  • +6

    Ok I've gone ahead and bought this and then regretted it almost instantly but here goes nothing.

    Note they have a 30-day money back guarantee including shipping, if it is unused.

    • I can't seem to find a link to the 30 day money back guarantee on their site. Where did you read this?

      • +1

        Tax included
        Free 2-4 business day shipping
        30-day money back guarantee
        100% secure payments

  • Bought one, thanks OP!

  • +8

    nice, sounds like a solid lockdown project:

    1. grab 4 of these
    2. create 4 Twitter accounts to be each other's friends
    3. start challenge on all 4 accounts
    4. wear 4 watches simultaneously during HIIT 2 on each arm
    5. record HIIT sessions wearing 4 watches like a tool
    6. rake in $$$ in YouTube advertising
    7. get full cash back for all 4
    8. sell them on as they are crappy as
  • +2

    I just realised mobivoi has a referral program. When i added my referral link, i kept getting a message that it wasnt valid. I had to add a http:// to the front and a forward slash before the question mark.

    Thinking i might replace my 2 year old s2 with this. I play squash once a week and I'm guessing i can do any type of exercise as long as it is 20 minutes long and i average 130bpm.

    Just need to figure out how to get the heart rate going for the other 6 days….

    Also thinking that two of my sons would want to do this. Is there any restrictions on redemptions per household?

    • +2

      Play squash the other 6 days

    • +2

      Just double check the conditions. Seems like the activity that the chart measures has to be under the "HIIT High Intensity" exercise. You can obviously do whatever you want but just make sure on the watch you start that specific activity.

  • +3

    i tried using someone's referral link, but i dont seem to be getting the 5% off?

    it seems to work now, got the new user 2% plus referral 5% so price is down to 242.06

    but now considering if i can do this challenge lol

  • +4

    Funny, I've actually been eyeing on this watch. Its one of the few Wear OS watches with the SD4100 chip. I got one now lets see how many of us can actually get this across the line. Should we start our own twitter hastag?


  • Hi, I've just signed up, new Twitter account, please add me, @ZenLow4
    Will add you back

  • +1

    You have to show an average heart rate of over 130bpm for each 20-minute session, which will not suitable for a number of people

    Damn. Looks like i wont qualify.
    My average HR after intense excersize is 110 to 120, and i usually do 1 hour continous cardio everyday

    • Glad you’re healthy enough to keep sharing those deals! #humblebrag

  • Feel free to add me at @le_vips on twitter. Happy exercising:)

  • If any one wants to follow me on Twitter @JacksonJohny5. I'll follow you back.

  • For 5) in disclaimer. Do you do that at the end?

  • I am actually pretty keen to take on this challenge, need some advise on the HIIT though:

    Is it likely that a fairly fit 30something year old would achieve higher than 130bmp average with 20 minutes of running at ~9-10kmph?

    I have been running long distances (1-2 hours of straight running) for over 5 years (occasionally peaking at running several times within a week), recently getting back into it after a long pandemic slump (gaining a lovely pandemic paunch in the process). I've never had a smartwatch or monitored my heart rate before so I can't really speculate.

    • +1

      I just looked at my last run a few days ago. Ran 5km in 29 minutes and my average heart rate was 146bpm. I did around 5 minutes of running at around 11 to 12kmph and then brisk walk for 2 minutes at around 7kmph, then repeat until I reached 5k. So if you do continuous running at 9-10kmph I think your heart rate should go over 130rpm.

      • Cheers, was thinking the same but can't be sure without prior data

        • +1

          If you find that you can't get your heart rate high at your usual pace because your body is used to it and it's not intense enough any more, maybe it's time to consider changing it up a little too. I setup my mat on the lawn in the backyard and went through a lot of Youtube HIIT videos in the past year, but due to so much content being available, I never got bored and actually look forward to having a break and doing these sessions daily.

  • @sushisurfer625 add me I add you

  • +1

    follow for a follow @murdochsacuck

  • How do I follow people on Twitter?

    • twitter.com/(their username)

      • Thanks! Follow for a Follow! @ynotHIIT

  • What's considered a friend on twitter? Someone who I follow and they follow me?

  • @fahooty follow for a follow

  • @Boot88393732 add me on twitter want to get in on the action

    added list of some names from here to f4f


  • Can anyone comment on the battery life of the watch?

  • +1


  • +2

    Should we start a discord channel to keep each other motivated?! We could share exercise routines too!

    • go for it

    • +2

      This is actually a pretty awesome idea! Mobvoi's basically counting on our collective lack of self-accountability to stop us getting this cash back, but something like a temporary TicwatchE3 OzB HIIT group would be dope to keep each other in check!

  • Let's do this…[email protected]
    Will follow back.

  • My active recovery rides are at a higher bpm, should be easy to smash this challenge!

  • +1

    Any Warranty ?

  • "The HIIT workout should be completed under the HIIT mode of TicExercise."

    Looking at the video from the Mobvoi promotion page, and from the notebookcheck review, it looks like the app makes you set a HIIT training regimen before you start the workout.

    I was planning on following various YouTube HIIT workout videos where the intervals may not line up perfectly with the app (or be a massive pain to program before each session).

    Anybody else thought about this? Just don't want to go down the road if exercising like for the 21 days only to get caught out by some minor technicality.

    • I would think you could just program a random chain and as long as the total duration is similar, following a video would work. The intervals may not line up exactly but surely that wouldn't rule you out of the cashback.

  • Add me on @wfi_ozb and I'll also follow back!

  • Bought it. Twitter handle @myHIIT follow me guys. I will join you’ll

    • Added you for an add back @HiitJx

  • use the referral link and new guest offer to get $17.93 off. along with shopback for 5.6% back

  • Do I have to exercise every day without any days missed?

    Also, if I have an Apple Watch, is this even worth it?

    • looks like it, one of rules say successive days

      • I think the evaluation period is 21 consecutive days, but you have to workout 18 of those 21 days to get the 100% cashback?

        • +1

          in one of their twitter replies. i think once you start the exercise, you have to report a workout 18 times without leaving any day out (ie taking a whole day as a break)

          yes you'll be qualified as long as you complete the 20 mins HIIT workout 18 times within 21 successive days (only 1 time per day), enjoy it!

          • +1

            @kehuehue: So you CAN miss up to 3 days, is that correct?

            The way I'm reading it is in 21 successive days, you have to complete a 20 minute HIIT workout at least 18 times, once per day?

  • Twitter: @catman111234
    Followed many people and will follow any that follow me. Didn't realise they auto checked Splitit payment. Hopefully it didn't ding my credit file or interfere with the deal. Looking forward to the exercise and hoping it goes smoothly for everyone.

  • Im in, hope this doesnt end in tears

    add me on Twitter

    Review by Linus

    • Your Twitter link doesn't work

  • Let's do this team!

    Follow me on twitter and I'll follow you back immediately! Am active user already :)

  • Bought it last night but no confirmation email from TicWatch? only got my paypal confirmation

    • If you log in to your account on the website it should be there. I paid with Paypal too and only received an email confirmation from Paypal too.

  • Just joined twitter @cannon965. Happy to follow for follow and feel free to tag me in your challenge post. Lets get this watch!

  • Thanks! Looking forward to taking this for a spin!

  • Price is actually $254.8 if you create an account and login.

    • +1

      $242.06 if you use the referral code from the generator

      add shopback cashback too 5.6%

  • How certain is the refund process? I wouldn't want to pay $260 for this $50 looking watch lol

    Question, can we start the HIIT mode and then jump on the threadmill? Does it matter if we don't follow their HIIT workouts in reality? I usually run at the gym and my bpm then is >130 anyway.

    Also add me on twitter @dofdaus and I'll also follow back cheers

    • No one knows.

      I assume it won't matter. The person checking will probably just have a glance at the charts, make sure it says >130bpm and check the line to see if there's really anything really weird about it. In reality, a HIIT session will have the bpm only dip slightly during the 30 second break before climbing again when you do the exercise.

    • +1

      im curious on the refund too. one person on their fb asked if they do refund in store credit or via payment method used.

      • Please update us when you hear back ta

  • Feel free to add me peeps! .. i'll be laughing or crying.. https://twitter.com/split2nd1

  • Ordered one. And created a new account on twitter :) @E3Hiit . Please add me guys.

  • Hoping they come in time although their is a 30 days return.

    • +1

      I bought mine last night and got tracking info today!

    • Got my tracking info today too. It's from "shipper,not seller" lol

      • Is it coming from Sydney ?

        • I'd say so. It was processed at Sydney West NSW at 7pm today.

  • +3

    Asked customer support if intensity needs to be high as per bolded text and they confirmed it can be any intensity level as long as the average bpm is higher than 130.

  • Follow for follow on twitter


  • +1

    - After result verification, we will deal with the refund via PayPal within one month. - posted on twitter

  • Has anyone noticed the watch states "All orders will be shipped in 7/31".


    My order confirmation says:
    Please allow 2-4 business days after shipping for your products to arrive.

    If they ship orders on the 31/7 and they don't arrive until 2-4/8, it'll make everyone ineligible for the cashback because we won't have 21 days before the deadline 18/8/21?

    • Wouldn't worry about it. Seems that those who ordered them yesterday have already gotten tracking info (not a shipped notice yet). Also there's a 30 day refund if unused.

      • -1

        I know someone else on this site mentioned the 30 day refund but i can't find it on their site. Were you able to? Also I'm wondering whether they'll cover shipping costs as well.

    • Was it like that Yesterday ?

    • +1

      I ordered on 13/7 and have received australia post email with estimated delivery by 15/7. I can't remember if this "All orders will be shipped in 7/31" notice was on the website when I placed my order. I'll update tomorrow if I actually receive the package.

      • Confirm received today.

  • +3

    login and use Student Beans offer(10%) to make the price $229.32 AUD. not sure if shopback would still work but 10%>5.6%

    • Not a student, could you share the discount code? Cheers

    • Is the Student Beans code share-able? Anyone?

      • I just realized that I shouldn't use student discount since shopback works fine and we could get the cash back once we finish the challenge…

  • @Quasior for a follow! lol.. this is going to be funny!. just ordered.. this will be interesting.

  • just fyi, they did show a screenshot of a page, and it showed - for kms. So anyone thinking of going for a run, since this thing has gps, will it log the km's and hence invalidate the "hiit" workout?

    Also more twitter mentions of 18 days out of 21 and the wording on the replies kind of indicate they dont need to be consecutive.

    • This is a really good point. I can't see anything which says running doesn't qualify. I do 7-9km at a 4:30 average pace, so I reckon I could get the heart rate up. I wonder if keeping it up there for more more than 20 mins might be a red flag…

      Going to presume it's fine unless someone has something tangible on this.

      • Quote from their twitter "Hi, the HIIT workout should be completed under the HIIT mode of TicExercise, and Each HIIT record should last at least 20 minutes, with an average heart rate above 130 bpm. Also the heart rate changes and the calories burned will also serve as verification criteria."

        • +2

          this is probably the real issue, gonna do one hiit session, be super sore, and not be able to do the next 3 days.. better ease into it!

        • +1

          I'd be shocked if they look this closely at it tbh but who knows!! My chart just shows a heart rate going up mainly (with the odd dip). The HIIT workouts don't track with the gps so don't worry about that part.

          • @JuryWheel: Going to go for a run.. and activate it half way in.. will be spewing if my heart rate isnt above 130..

  • +2

    Ordered on the 13th arrived this morning.

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