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[WA] Free Pint to People on Day of Vaccination Fr 12PM-6PM @ Windsor Hotel (South Perth)


A Perth pub is offering a free pint to people who get vaccinated against COVID-19, but the offer only applies on the day of the shot.

South Perth’s Windsor Hotel has announced they are giving away a free pint of Ogden’s Brewery beer to those who can prove they have had their jab.

The promotion runs between 12pm-6pm daily.

The move comes hot on the heels of a similar one in Melbourne, which was shot down by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

The Prince Alfred Hotel was offering free pints to those who had received their shot, but the TGA called the pub and warned them about regulations that prevent using ‘alcohol, tobacco or registered medicines’ as incentives to get vaccinated.

But Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the move was a bit ‘heavy-handed’ and said he would ‘get it sorted’.

Now The Windsor is having a go, with the promotion beginning on Saturday.

Perth punters considering a jab now have the choice of two drinks after getting a shot at one of the city’s vaccination hubs: a juice box, or a pint of Ogden’s finest.

Or, they could have both.

via Perthnow

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The Windsor Hotel, South Perth
The Windsor Hotel, South Perth


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      You're right, they should offer tin foil hats. Problem solved

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    This is cool the current talk of incentives for the jab . I'll hold off for a better offer like $100 Bunning Card hehe .
    Yeap it can backfire if more people are like me :)

  • I am not an expert, can you drive straight away home after drinking a pint? What level will give you?

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      570ml in a pint of beer. Most beers are 5%, so that's 28.5ml of ethanol. 12.5ml of ethanol in a standard drink, so 2.28 standard drinks.

      Yeah, don't get in a car after consuming one beer. Wait a couple of hours.

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        Thanks for clarifying, I wonder if the organisers thought about this before having the brilliant idea

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        Yep, especially if on an empty stomach.

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    Not sure why everyone has their knickers in a knot. One free beer is not going to sway people that are against the vaccine from getting it. It's more of a thank you to the people that have made the choice.

    It's not like its the Government that's offering the beer.

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    Scomo should spend less time "sorting out" illegal free beer vaccination promos and more time actually fixing the bungled vaccination program.

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    TGA does not approve this… 'for your health!'

  • Does this actually convince anyone who doesn't plan on getting it to change their mind?

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      Not for one beer! If they were offering up something that may prevent a lot of suffering with the possibility of premature death I might think about it.

      • Like lockdowns?

        Isn't the death rate of covid in Australia worse then the USA?

    • Nah, need to get Scomo to fund a six-pack at least

    • No.

  • This is just wrong, offering two things that can kill you.

  • +12

    Daily downvotes exhausted on these anti-vaxx nutcases.

    • Do you feel like joining the herd to downvote this Heineken ad ?

    • +1

      They can enjoy watching Great Britain latter this mth opening up and the stats of the vaccinated vs the non .
      Its not going to be pretty for them .
      Yeap same opening will happen here somewhere most likely next year but phased and not so dramatic .

    • I suggest a special quota for anti vaxxer nagging.

  • +4

    I was told not to consume alcohol on the day of vaccination.

  • +4

    Free healthcare? Free beer? Oh, the horror.

    • +1

      Comment of the day 👏

  • +1

    Came here for the comments and was not disappointed.

  • Great, but I've already gotten both my jabs :/

  • +2

    Probably not a good idea to drink on day of vaccination.

  • +1

    I'm from the UK, lots of friends in the NHS. The most heartbreaking thing in the pandemic was the lack of critical care beds available at the COVID peaks, they weren't able to perform 'routine operations'. Lots of people died from conditions that were perfectly treatable, but post-op they needed critical care, which was full of people dying from COVID. Most days there were no beds available, so no operations could be performed.

    Now, with 85% vaccinated the critical care beds are free again. I hope Australia doesn't have to see this.

    • +1

      John Pilger's "The Dirty War on the NHS" documentary might provide some answers


    • Absolutely, the COVID mortality rate also increases once hospitals become overwhelmed and they don't have a lot of free capacity to play with on a normal day!

  • +5

    Seriously. What a joke. Get jabbed free grog.

  • +2

    Inclined to neg because people under 40 can't even get their jab yet because of our useless government

  • -1

    That's a no from me

    • +4

      checks user name out

  • -2

    Why downvote u morons

  • +3

    Reported to TGA

  • dam it. shoulda got one later lol

  • +1

    What's the point of getting the jab? You can't travel anywhere as a result, you can't avoid the stupid lockdowns that we do, and worst of all you're not actually immunised against the virus. Yes, you will still be able to catch it and pass it on… Don't waste my time.

    • +3

      Oh I dunno, maybe because it reduces the severity of the disease in 96% of cases?

      What you're referring to is sterilising immunity. That is incredibly rare. Most vaccines don't result in such immunity. Ones like the measles vaccine appear to work amazingly, but mostly because it is rare in the community.

      Covid is unlikely to get to such a point.

      And quite clearly having more people immunised will result in a substantially decreased need for lockdowns and being able to travel.

  • Waiting for promos like in US - lottery to win property?

  • +6

    FREE legal drug to take FREE experimental drug… Bargain!!

    • +1


      Or you could experiment with covid instead?

    • +1

      At what point is a drug not experimental for you?

      • +1

        Yeah I'm waiting for this info as well. Even the mRNA tech has been around for decades?

  • +3

    lol the votes on anti-vaccine comments are like a who's who on poorly educated users. Not a surprise.

  • -1

    but the offer only applies on the day of the shot.

    not gonna lie, my first reaction was: oh of course they only start the promo on Friday…my first shot is on Thursday.

    i like a free alcoholic beverage but this promo is problematic for a few reasons:
    1) the vaccine isn't widely available to everyone yet
    2) doesn't this country already have an alcohol problem? using alcohol as an incentive for a health campaign trivialises it and is moronic marketing at its finest.
    3) the juice box alternative. lol jesus christ, might as well just offer us a lollipop and a sticker and be done with it.

    • We have to remember this is a promotion from a hotel (not the government or health authorities etc.).
      Unless you only go in for the one free beer, they will get increased business from their promotion. They don't care if the vaccine rollout increases in speed or breadth, or not.

      • -1

        yes, i know this was initiated by the hotel and that's what my criticisms were directed at

    • Are you saying they aren't giving lollypops - dammit!

      • +1

        i'll report back after my shot tomorrow ;)

        • +1

          No lollipops 😭 But my nurse was so wonderful so who needs lollipops lol.
          You can help yourself to some juice or water while you do your 15 minute wait.

  • Why would I be medically educated and get an early vaccine and then decide ethanol was suddenly healthy, lol

  • If your in Vic book your vaccination now . Plenty of spots for both types.
    I believe Lockdown coming no later than tomorrow .
    Avoid the rush that is about to happen .

  • +1

    Rather than coercing people with these stupid things, why doesn't the government take on liability from any side-effects and deaths people suffer?

  • If a free beer encourages you to take an experimental drug then bugger me, we have drifted from dumb to dumber as a society and very much bordering on an Idiocracy. This ain't about being anti vax either, it's about exercising common sense and waiting until we have some real world long term data (years) on its efficacy and safety. I certainly won't be participating in the experiment, nor will 1, 10 or a million free pints entice me.

    • Following this logic, you're basically saying the annual flu jab backed by decades of research and evidence (similar to mRNA vaccinations) is also experimental… and it's not about being antivax… cool story.

      • Might wanna recheck your vaccine knowledge champ. Hate to think you'd submit to the experiment being completely unaware that mRNA vaccines are absolutely a new frontier in vaccines and it's highly debatable in the scientific community as to whether they can even be defined as a vaccine.

        • How silly of me. Only 30 years new. Why would any one risk 30 years of shady medical research with the safety of a novel disease bearing limited long term effect data and a known death rate? Just madness. Thanks for imparting your wisdom upon us all.

          Off to buy hologram bracelet for protection.

          • -2

            @pulpfiction: You claimed flu vaccinations were similar to mRNA vaccinations and you were duly corrected. This is the first time humans have ever been injected with mRNA vaccines. Period. I dont give a toss how old the tech is, that wasn't my point. That's about all.

            • @Bullion78: The AZ jab isn't an mRNA vac - you have a choice if you don't trust 30 years of work on mRNA vacs?

  • This will make those Syd people booking mths in advance sick . Only took about 6 mins to book a Pfizer vaccine for tomorrow .

  • +3

    Covid vaccines are only "provisionally approved".

    "Provisional approval of this vaccine is valid for two years and means it can now be legally supplied in Australia. The approval is subject to certain strict conditions, such as the requirement for AstraZeneca to continue providing information to the TGA on longer term efficacy and safety from ongoing clinical trials and post-market assessment. COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca has been shown to prevent COVID-19 however it is not yet known whether it prevents transmission or asymptomatic disease."

    Post-market assessment… Let that sink in…

    It means they are getting the data as they go. They don't have the complete data about long term efficacy, and they definitely don't have the complete data on long term safety or long term side effects. You are the guinea pig. As Greg Hunt said "The world is engaged in the largest clinical trial, the largest global vaccination trial ever".

    Thanks, I'll wait and grab that beer in a few years. Neg all you want, the information is from TGA website and your health minister.

  • This is how government sees people. Herd of cattle that will drop at glass of beer and get injected with vaccination that is still experimental to say that the least. A disease so deadly that no body wants a vaccination for. Infact people have to be bribed to get it.

    • Except this is not a government campaign or initiative.
      It is a pub trying to sell more beer.

      • +2

        Pub should have no business in promoting a vaccine. People should listen to Thier doctor not a politician nor a business. This world is upside down

        • COVID is destroying their business and many businesses. It might not be ethical, their place or whatever but I can't place too much blame on them fighting for less lockdowns and damage to their business.

          In the spectrum of shady business practices I put these guys in the middle somewhere!

  • Greg Hunt said on tv that the jab is an experimental drug and that the trial will be going until at least 2023. Can someone tell us who the subjects/lab rats are if this trial…..

    • Me , Scomo and millions of these Mugs : Australia
      Doses given
      Fully vaccinated
      % of population fully vaccinated

      Enjoy the much higher % chance of going to hospital and 6 foot under when they open up .
      That coming Bud and I guess millions haven't died from this pandemic as well with certain Social Media Sheep Outlets .

    • I'm not a fan, but Hunt was shown on video getting a jab of something. Maybe it wasn't AZ?????
      And Morrison???
      Maybe all of those QAnons are getting a different jab????

      • I guess these Crackpot Conspiracies and people / sheep that really believe them is the reason the hub had extremely strong security and procedures .
        No selfies inside the hub except for a specific location and a football team of security guards .

  • And Melb lockdown announced .

  • Beers! Beers! Beers!

  • Even if I thought this vaccine was a good idea (and I don't), chasing it with alcohol is ridiculous. Not a deal for me.

  • Just had my pint (and had to drink my wife's pint as well). We will be back after our second shot, but right now, it's time for a Sunday nap…

  • I didn't realise this was so controversial, but I am happy to get a free beer and was getting vaccinated anyway

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