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Jordan Jumpman 2021 Mens Basketball Shoes $84 + $9.99 Shipping ($0 C&C/ $150 Order) @ rebel


I looked at the UA basketball shoes, but wanted Jordans instead.

Other Jordan styles also various discount ( only black/black @ $84 all size available ), Salty reviews left a 3 star because it went on sale after they purchased full price.

Use your chashback from cashrewards to get another 15% works out to be $71.40 for a pair of Jordans

$9.99 delivery or freeship for over $150

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    Store in Title please

  • don't forget increased cash back rate from both shopback (25%) and cashrewards (15%)

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      I also have $20 cashback from commbank lol, hopefully they all stack

  • Hi OP, have you seen any basketballs for sale? thanks

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      Nope - I will be divorced if I buy another basketball ( purchased 3 x Wilson NBL Solution when they were @ $29.99 ea and 1 x Wilson Evo NXT ( size 6 ) @ $49) - they might have a sale soon once The Suns/Bucks season over and Wilson becomes the official gameball of next season or Spalding having to remove old stock ie remove the NBA logo off the spalding balls.

      • All good, thank you!

    • I got one of these, $35 (apparently $70 full price but at least $50 elsewhere). Good when rebel has 15-20% cashback as well. Actually 25% shop back now!


      • Thank you!

  • Thanks OP, $71 delivered after 25% cashback from shopback

    • Order already shipped, very impressed.

      Shopback confirmation received as well.

      $72.90 total ($84 + $7.99 delivery - $19.09 cashback)

      • Hmm ordered yesterday. Packed today. Still no cashback tracking. This will be the last straw for Shopback.

        • Same, although another order last week with Rebel tracked within 10 min.
          will just have to lodge a missing claim but says have to wait 10 days

          • @G-rig: Got the shoes and they seem good. Shopback however sucks and did not track.

            • @Juice08: Annoying af hey, never works when you need it.
              The price is ok but with most of this crap you wouldn't buy it otherwise.
              Will have to lodge a claim but still have to wait.

              tested them out pretty good and comfy. swapped my US8.5 for a US9 in the store (selected pick up originally and had to go to another store but easier if not sure)

              I ordered a few things from Amazon on the weekend,both tracked (an office item 0% lol). Don't know why you bother really.

  • Saw these this morning, added to cart and it had neither store pickup nor delivery available.

    Checked again just now, delivery available. Ordered. Thanks OP :)

  • Great deal, worked out to be $65 click and collect from my local store with Shopback 25%

  • Hey would these fit 14cm wide foot?

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      • Yes? What

  • Thanks for posting Op, awesome deal. Cashback makes it even better.

  • thanks OP got a pair. Hope SB actually tracks.

  • Haven't seen these ones before are they any good?

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    me neither. i read this and thought i'd give it a crack.

    • Sounds pretty decent especially for 25% cash back. Assume the sizing should be the same as Air Jordans? They'd do a good job for a stuff around down at the park :)

      • yeah not sure. i had very old AJs size 9.5 which i thought were too big so I've gone size 9 which i wear to run.

        • Ended up ordering some, hopefully can try on in the store. I'd wear Nike Pegasus in a 9 but AJ in 8.5. didn't exactly need so we'll see lol

        • Ps. Know of any good cheap socks, some that would cover the ankles/heels but maybe not too long?

          Perhaps these https://www.kmart.com.au/product/3-pack-performance-quarter-...

          The red/black/white colorway looks good but $40ish more and no half sizes..

  • Awesome find and listing OP!

  • i suck at basketball, will this improve my game and make me good? or will people laugh at me because i have amazing shoes and still suck? i don't like getting bullied when i step on the court. it would be nice not to get kicked off the court for once for sucking so hard. :(

    • Ummm. Just get some alone time with the court and ball

      • i like to play with others, i'm always alone. :(

        • well play before others get there and practise

          • @ilove: any tips? i practice a lot, but i don't seem to improve. :(

    • Yeh sure, the same way driving a red car makes you faster.

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    fugly, if it wasnt for the jumpman logo noone would buy them. they look like chinese fakes of kswiss with jumpman logo for extra fake cred. get rid of the 5 stripes and they would look less fugly

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      but adidas has 3 stripes, and this has 5 stripes. 5 > 3 therefore this is better and more stylish?
      what do you think, we aren't a runway model like you.

    • They look better in real life, very solid reviews and great for $65 (even for $85 would be hard pressed to find something better in a budget ball shoe). The red/white and blue/white look good but $40 more.

      Should do the job down at the outdoor courts.. just get a black sharpie and colour them in.

  • Bummer its back to $120

    • Hmm may as well pay $7 more for the white/red ones then. Blue is still $160

      • Where's the link? Mine still says $120

        • Just searched on rebel various colours there staring at $127 now. the black/red look good

  • Thanks, got a pair. These run fairly small too for anyone wondering. I'd usually wear an 11-12 in any other shoe so ordered these in an 11.5 and could barely get my foot in, ended up swapping them for a size 13.

    • Yeah i swapped mine for a 9 instead of 8.5, should be a 9 in Nike anyway. Probably FK up the shopback but have to fight for cashback half the time anyway

    • I'm a 11.5 and there's were true to size. What brands are you wearing normally.

  • Got mine today, they sent me a UK size instead of a US size….

  • got mine recently..
    pretty hard to get my foot into and feeling very tight..

    coming from a KD shoe with knit upper, so this shoe feels really restrictive/stiff.