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Aussie Burger + Cheeseburger $6 @ Hungry Jack's via App


Available in the vouchers section of the app.

Combine with a survey receipt for free small chips and drink.

Credit to Frugal Feeds.

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    Love the beetroot - obvs - but fast food eggs really are an odd beast.

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      I think HJ eggs are like subway ie they come precooked and they just reheat them.

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        They are cooked in store the day before and reheated

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          More like the morning of at end of breakfast

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          Well that sounds like splitting hairs. Who gives a stuff exactly when and where. The main point is they are precooked and reheated.

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            @lunchbox99: Not necessarily a bad thing per se; many cafes poach their eggs in bulk and re-heat when it's time to serve, and ramen eggs are pre-cooked, then marinated, then re-heated. But HJ's eggs are not exactly great…

            • @askvictor: Can confirm this, worked on Puckle St. Moonee Ponds. Also bacon was also pre cooked in bulk, which everyone would peck at lol.

        • you sure they're not cut from a long egg roll like on Clerks 2?

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    how do you get the free chips and drinks for hungry jacks?

  • Bacon Deluxe meals are still of sale.

    $6, $7 and $8

  • I'll go crazy and buy this + cone + frozen coke and make em rich @ $7.70

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    It’s missing the pineapple.

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    Bonus, the egg can be used for air hockey!!!

  • While applying this offer on the app, how do I claim the free chips and drinks?
    Do I need to let them know about the survey code freebies before confirming the order?

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      You'd normally have to show them a physical receipt with the survey code (the one you get from doing the survey) written on it (you may be able to get away with writing down a random ~6 (not sure on the exact number) digit number; they haven't checked my number the last couple of times).

      I haven't tried asking them for the chips and drink without a receipt (I keep the same receipt in my car and use over and over again).

      • I don't have a physical receipt, for years I had been using the app :( …
        Should I print the receipt? and keep that handy?

        • Yeah I'd suggest buying something cheap (e.g. frozen coke) and getting the receipt (make sure you ask for it when paying), then actually do the survey once (spam answers to speed it up if you want), write down the code at the top of the receipt and keep it handy in your car (or take a photo of it/screeny of the code on your phone). Then just re-use it for future burger purchases (at least until they actually input your code into their system - if they do, get another receipt and repeat the process).

  • thanks OP for this

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    tried today - no vouchers available :( must be finished

    • Still there for me. In case you're looking in the wrong section, it's the little coupon icon with a $ on it (bottom right corner of the app). If it's still not there try refreshing the app.

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        I tried that more than once it just said no offers currently available , it must be regionalised i think

      • It worked today at another hungry jacks, all good finally got the deal :)

  • My store wouldn’t let me combine this deal with survey offer :(

    • yeah IME since a few years ago they don't let you use the survey offer with deals

      • Varies by store/the person who serves you then. I’ve been getting it every time lately with both Shake & Win and voucher deals.

  • found out they just enter manually the voucher anyway

    when they scan the code it's just to use it up and remove it from account