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LG 77C1 $5596, 77G1 $6396, 65C1 $3276 | Hisense 70S5 4K TV $716 | Breville BES870 $594.15, BES878 $704.65 C&C /+ Delivery @ TGG


Greetings everyone, the excellent prices are back again on these popular items. The Hisense is the cheapest I've ever seen I believe. This time directly from TGG so can stack with discounted gift cards also :)


Other Deals:

Note: Coupon seems to work on a range of products in Small Appliances and some other areas. I don't know yet what it applies to but did the research to find these great deals as a pick of the bunch.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • When you use coupon "Today" does the 3% Cashback cease to work?
    I am trying to buy a Hisense 70S5 by click and collect but can't. The local GG say they have acess to 79 but is this only an online deal or should I wait a few days to see if it they turn up in store for C&C?

    It looked good in the store playing their FHD demo. Says it is a genuine 100hz. Has a narrow bezel. Descent angle of view. Needs a 145cm table top with those legs.

    A high number of Buyers seem to report screen problems and an early demise with poor Hisense support.
    My existing Hisense has never missed a beat and the picture looks colourful and natural esp when colours are tuned with some parameters I found on Ratings.

    • +1

      I'm quite sure codes don't work with cash backs unless it was listed on the Cash Rewards or Shop Back website.

      • my cashback was tracked with TODAY code for fridge

        • +2

          It will be tracked and show up in your list of purchases in your Cash Rewards or Shop Back account, but likely will not be approved (i.e. you wont get the tracked amount).

        • +1

          Will just be denied when they check it to payout

      • "TODAY" was a Cash rewards code. There was 2% on a tv. I bought a Hisense, I thought, using PayPal for about $750 delivered but my transaction didn't work and am disappointed.

  • Where was the promo advertised? Anyway glad you knew about it, grabbed a 77 G1.

  • +5

    I was going to get the G1 65 and somehow ended up with C1 77 at $5455 included delivery
    Bigger is probably better right , now it is hard part to break the news with wifey .

  • What have people heard about delivery? Guy in store is telling me 1 month away for the G1 65" as they don't have stock

    • I was told end of the month or early August for the 65" C1

  • Anyone know if there's a list of everything covered by the deal? Or is it just trial and error (and the items found so far)? Thanks!

  • +1

    g1 is no longer on site :(

  • Dropped the money for the 65" C1 - getting delivered tomorrow. Can't wait.

    • C1 was going for $3250 few weeks ago.

  • Really want to get the 65" C1, but waiting for a refund to be confirmed for a Samsung TV I'm returning. Guessing since it's been on sale at similar prices pretty regularly lately I should just wait until I've got my money back.

  • I'm so filthy I didn't have enough money for the 65 G1 today.

  • Does anyome know when this code expires?

    • TODAY

    • +1

      23:59 15/07 AEST

  • Can anyone share the receipt for good guys 65 inch g1 after the discount? Seeing as the website don't have it anymore

  • LG C1 OLED 77 inch or the QN85A QLED 85 inch… Decisions decisions decisions.

    • C1 for sure imo.

      • C1. Quality > Quantity

    • QN90A would be a fairer comparison. Having said that though I went with the G1 myself.

      • Sadly the QN90A does not come in 85 inch

        • Right, I didn't realise you were comparing different sizes too. In that case depends how big a room you need to fill but in terms of picture the c1 would be better than the 85A.

      • I was torn between QN90A and C1 but C1 suits my needs the best.

        • What are your needs if I may?

          • +1

            @polstralian: Gaming and Sports. Also, my media room has dark walls. So, even though the OLED doesn't get as bright as the QN90A, it's perfect for my room setting which doesn't have too much light

    • C1 77” any day of the week, once gone oled no going back.

      • Partially agree, how about the weekend though when watching TV in a bright room?

        • +1

          It’s completely fine, I’m still using the C8 it’s in my dining/living area with large alfresco sliding door right next to it and watch it all the time during daylight with blinds up no issues, I just ordered the 77” for my media room will be wall mounting that. I just personally can’t go back to led tv’s not after having an LG, there software, image, ease of use and brightness/clarity of oled to me anyway is just unparalleled, couple that with native freesync/gysnc out the box and 4 hdmi 2.1 ports for the latest consoles and sound bars it’s just not worth it for me to go back to anything else.

        • +1

          I decided to leave all my windows open the other day, I have 2 square metres of window just off to the right of the screen (65" G1) and some others over my left shoulder area.
          Now, while far from ideal, no argument there, it wasn't too bad as I played games with lots fo dark scenes to give lots of reflections.
          SDR content is only supposed to be at 100nits, so if you're watching sports and general tv etc.. it should only be set to 30/35 out of 100. If it's not bright enough considering the light in the room, you have a tonne of headroom to adjust upwards.
          HDR and Dolby Vision would already be set to 100%, and that is plenty bright I can assure you.

    • C1!

  • Code doesn't seem to work on the Sony X90J :(

  • Wonder if I should bother upgrading my shield 2017 Pro for this one?

  • Ended up getting 77G1 for $6400 including delivery. Used my discounted gift cards to bring it lower.

    • But you paid more. It was under that

      • +1

        Includes delivery. This deal doesn't include delivery. In reality, it is going to cost me $5400 roughly.

  • Looks like the 77C1 is out of stock now, only the 65A1 and C1 left of the LG OLEDS

    • Spewing but surely they'll price match a receipt later when stock comes back in, if there's not another sale before then

      • I was getting fomo after missing out on the $6000 77c1 deal, then this popped up. I'm sure this or better will come around again.

  • Got on early, and missed the extra $50. Lol

  • Can anyone please confirm if we can use this code in-store or online only? Thanks!

    • +1

      I went in-store this afternoon and asked about getting a TV, they said they would need the store/area manager's approval to price match their own online store (he wasn't available, so didn't get a firm answer). To the sales reps credit he didn't try and convince me to wait, he said that's an awesome deal and if I need to get it online go for it, even with him losing the commission.

  • Holding out for sub-3k on the 65" C1 - pleasee come this month!

    • Tried to price beat through Harvey Norman, "The best price that we can offer is $3685" due to price below RRP….

      • +1

        like RRP means anything these days…

    • Ended up pulling the pin at 11:59pm, no stock within 500km so lets see how long it takes for delivery to Sydney….

  • Dam why no discount code work on B1?

  • +1

    Anyone who wants a receipt for 77G1 at $6400 including delivery, PM me.

  • Was disappointed the G1 got removed from the site. Lucky me tho - it was still in my cart with the coupon applied and the site let me checkout just then (even past midnight)! So we'll see what happens lol.

    • Yeah, I did the same thing but finished it right before midnight. The code still applies until end of today, so I don't see why they won't honor it.

  • Was going to check out G1 55, price went up to $2795 so I gave up, very disappointed, should have bought at $2550, will wait next sale I guess

  • Price now jacked on the Hisense 70" tv

  • Okay what exactly is on promo? Clicked on a few TVs and none worked.

    • You can find the terms here.

      Specifically for TV's:

      • Excludes All Sony TV's
      • Excludes quite a few Samsung TV's
      • Excludes any Doorbuster Deals TV's
      • -1

        What an effort to put out a promo code and then make a list of exclusions lol

        • Hopefully they will run similar promotions soon for Sony TVs.

  • Can anyone post the receipt for the G1 65" just incase we can price match in future?

  • What makes Sony TV so special that is excluded

  • +1

    Splurged on the C1 48, so fully expect it to be on sale for $1800 next month.

    • Now $1916 from JB Hifi.

  • +7

    @doweyy I just wanted to say thank you! In fact I joined up to be able to express my gratitude.
    I just purchased a LG 77" C1 and I'm ecstatic. A new model at a bargain the price. $5651 delivered. Thanks so much !!!

    • +1

      You're welcome, enjoy your new TV :)

      • @doweyy, That I am and in no small way due to you. Again, a huge thank you !!!!!!

  • My 77” C1 arrives today, wall mount service I’m using comes on Monday problem is I didn’t actually consider HDMI 2.1 cable lengths from ps5 (1.5M) and series x (2M) so I may have to delay the wall mount and order 3M cables at least as they’ll be hidden in the wall. Unless anyone has wall mounted a large TV and can tell me if the standard cables that come with those consoles will be enough length.

    • Cable length 100% depends on your needs, no one else knows what position your tv will be in, nor the distance to the consoles and how the cable will be mounted.
      Officeworks has Comsol HDMI 2.1 cables that you can get quickly.

      • Yeh true. I took some measurements as it's a 77" about a metre from the ground should be fine in terms of height. I order 4 Ruipro 6mtr officially certified hdmi2.1 cables from ezhd and just postponed wall mount till next Friday.

  • Anyone in Melb getting LG 65 G1 delivered over the next couple of days? Im still waiting as mine is back ordered.

    • Mine went through The Good Guys Highpoint. Haven't heard anything yet.

      • Mine is back ordered at Narre Warren, even though Essendon and Highpoint are closer to me. -_-

        • Ahh you must have had Highpoint selected as your nearest store for some reason. Hopefully the wait isn't too long.

          • +1

            @Capensis: Yeah, same to you. Keen to know when you hear something back! Would have been great to enjoy the TV during this lockdown lol

    • I placed an order for different model last night, havent heard a peep from them.

  • Anyone found a decent 5-6m HDMI cable that can do [email protected]?

    • Look at ugly cable, Selby and 4cables

      • I saw these on Cablechick but was hoping someone might have one they have used and can confirm gets results as specified.

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