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Nvidia Shield Pro $279.20 ($0 C&C or + Delivery) @ The Good Guys


I think this is one of the best prices for local stock of the Nvidia Shield Pro 2019 direct through The Good Guys and without using any other external payment services. It has been cheaper with the previous Klarna offer and the earlier Little Birdie/LatitudePay new customer deal,

Great option if you're pairing with one of the recent TV deals to enjoy Dolby Atmos and DTS:X sound through Plex and other similar apps.

Original coupon deal

EDIT: This deal was also originally mentioned here by kirt before I posted it, but I didn't see that comment initially.

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    Link has price at $349.

    • Need to use code TODAY

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      You need to apply the promo code 'TODAY' at checkout.

      • Thanks, that brings it down to $284.20. "Pick up in store" (I assume C&C is Click and Collect) says no stock within 500km of Sydney.

        • That's strange, at least in WA it was showing up as $279.20 after coupon.

          • @theoracle30: He probably added delivery in the cost.

            • @akte: True, delivery was quoted at $5 for me so that's $284.20.

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      You're not even new. Tsk tsk tsk

  • If you already have a Fetch Mighty, do you really need this as well or can make do without (that is, can replicate most of the Shield's features).

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      Ahhh Andorid TV. Plex, Kodi etc but if your asking I don't think you will need anything more than a Chromecast Google TV.

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      I have both and depends on the needs. Fetch Mighty has limited app support and has its own custom operating system

      The shield has way more features and performance. But if you don't have a need to install all the different streaming apps then it might not be worth it.

      I got my mum the non pro version and she has never turned on her fetch again.

    • The fetch mighty isn't nearly as good native up-scaling, android tv platform and integration with google home. I had the fetch platform mini's and mighty Jesus in comparison they are crap.

    • It depends what you're doing. The Fetch has a smaller number of streaming apps, but it may well have all that you need.

      The Fetch UI is fairly easy to navigate. It doesn't feel like you're driving a computer.

      Main differences:
      - Shield can run Plex server, Fetch cannot. Neither can run Jellyfin.
      - Gaming stuff on Shield. I don't use, can't comment.
      - Better upscaling and codecs on the Shield. I find that there are some files the Fetch won't properly play. No sound is the usual issue.

      If you didn't already have a Fetch, I'd say go for the Shield. If you have a Fetch, look carefully at what you want to do and decide if you really need the Shield.

      • Thanks for this. I don't have a Fetch but I have an LG C9, running the current version of WebOS with a Chromecast Ultra plugged in. Would I still benefit from the Shield Pro?

        EDIT: I do watch FHD or 4k content from hard drives plugged into the TV, using the internal media player.

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    inb4 comment about forced ads.

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      they are a bit shit, i wouldnt even mind if they were relevant and not reality tv garbage

      • They become more relevant the more you thumbs up/down the suggestions.

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      Uninstall the system app "Android TV Home" (so that it reverts to original version) - https://www.gamerevolution.com/guides/685570-remove-nvidia-s...

      • +1

        This didn't work for me, I even went through the steps to disable it from being able to update but I had ads back a couple days later. Has this worked for you for more than a week?

        • Yep, I did it about 2 weeks ago after it apparently auto-updated itself (even though I had that disabled, go figure).

  • +1

    I badly want to justify an upgrade from a 2017 model but I'm really struggling to find a way.

    Not sure how much I'd get for my old one, $100 if I'm lucky? Will have to hold or wait until software updates stop coming..

    • +3

      Pretty much where the average YouTube review falls. If you have the old one, not worth updating is what I've seen frequently from reviewers.

      • I'm holding out for a new model at this point, or at least a UI uplift on the current model. I know there are barely any features missing from the current one, I just want to make sure it's futureproofed at the price. May grab the Google TV in the mean time

    • I had the 2017 and sold it for $260 on ebay…although that was last year. I bought the 2019 pro.

      Two reasons for upgrading, the remote and the upscaling .

      Of course, you can now but the 'toblerone remote' on its own.

      • Yeah upscaling is what grabs me the most, remote would be nice but just ordered that M20 one instead which seems to rate fairly highly.

        I don't think I can make use of the audio features since my Sonos setup only supports DD5.1 ._.

        I'm annoyed the lower tier model doesn't have USB ports, I use a X360 controller dongle with mine all the time.

        • +1

          I'm annoyed the lower tier model doesn't have USB ports, I use a X360 controller dongle with mine all the time.

          The Tube model should be avoided. I have a Pro in the lounge and a tube in the bedroom. I've recently bought another pro to replace the tube because its 2gb makes it very sluggish.

          What is the m20 remote?

    • Same here. It's really only Dolby Vision I'd gain.

    • I have the 2017 as well. Just buy the new remote, that's the biggest benefit.

    • I'm getting this for atmos as I just got the q950a and older model doesn't support atmos.

      • What do you mean old model doesn't support Atmos? Atmos works fine on mine.

    • +1

      This is a good comparison table… I'm on the 2015 non-pro (16GB storage instead of 500GB drive) and even I find it hard to justify.. I'd have to give up the microsd slot too..


  • +1

    I bought one of these Shields .. then bought a Sony TV .. then realised the interface is pretty much identical .. ie both AndroidTV … so should I sell the Nvidia Shield now?

    • Depends… if you're just streaming stuff through Netflix and other apps through the TV interface, there's probably no need for the Shield.

      Personally, I'm trying to improve my movie setup through the Samsung Q70A TV and Q900A Soundbar. Apparently, that TV (any many others including LGs) doesn't support DTS passthrough, but having the Shield running Plex and plugged into the soundbar means it should be able to run any content I throw at it.

      • Only if you have eARC

        • Indeed. In my case, the TV and soundbar supports eARC.

      • +1

        run any content I throw at it.

        Could you let me know what sort of stuff you guys are running that you can't just plug a regular PC into via HDMI or something and watch things off the PC? That's what I have set up at the moment and am very confused about the need of a device like this? Am I missing out on some really good features or something?

        • +1

          It's more for people with surround sound setups or soundbars who want to take full advantage of uncompressed audio. Many 2021-model TVs won't pass through audio codecs such as DTS and the Shield can be a workaround in many cases.

          For general usage, your setup would be fine.

          • @theoracle30: Ah ok thanks for the info, good to know!

          • @theoracle30: Most soundbars won’t benefit from uncompressed as they heavily alter the input and have tiny speakers anyway. Most can't even replicate the audio correctly due to such tiny speakers.

            • @onlinepred: What about the q950a?

              • @Jklaro: Yea still a soundbar hey, it will sound much better than the TV, but not as good as a home theatre system.

                • @onlinepred: Sounds like you have both to compare? Yer not as good but how much difference. Unless you got one I guess you couldn't answer that.

                  • -1

                    @Jklaro: I had the 850. It didn’t even compare to be honest. Great when you don’t have the space for speakers, but it’s a MASSIVE compromise. Rewatching movies and even dialogue tv shows with even a simple speaker setup entirely blows soundbars away. Even simple things like from stereo separation, mid range, imaging, soundbars can’t do it, they just rely on a bunch of tiny speakers and a big sub, and soundbar really isn’t even stereo unless you sit like 30cm away from it.

                    • @onlinepred: I believe that model doesn't have rear speakers so it's quite different to the q950a that has rear speaker.

                      From reviews I've seen the bar is really good and is a competent movie watching soundbar.

                      • @Jklaro: Yea it's a great soundbar, and yes I had the add on rear speakers,


                        You can see the improvements the 950 has over the 850 here: https://www.rtings.com/soundbar/tools/compare/samsung-hw-q95...

                        It held literally nothing to my actual home theatre, and even lacked basic things compared to my stereo setup.

                        Not sure why I got a neg?

                        • @onlinepred: From my personal experience the over head sounds are lacking but the surround sound works well.

                          I'm trying to work out if the q950a can compare to a budget 5.1 system.

                          • @Jklaro: From my experience, start with a good amp and stereo, then build up. Even a good stereo setup will sound infinitely better than a soundbar that isn’t running surround sound. Then as deals come up you can add speakers and subs to it if you need. It just depends how good of a sound system you want. Mostly soundbars can’t compete except to htib systems.

                            My old man picked up a klipsch quintet set of speakers off gumtree for $800 and bought a new amp for $500. The system sounds incredible for the price. Just have to keep your eye out for bargains.

                            Speakers last much longer than soundbars. I got a Jamo set off Facebook for cheap, I loved it, sold it and got the 850 soundbar as we moved to a smaller place. I literally sold the soundbar the next week and bought a set of stereo bookshelf speakers which I love and makes movies sound incredible.

                            • @onlinepred: Yer it's just the misses wanting minimalistic sound system. I don't think she wants speakers everywhere and amp to put somewhere and all the cables to go with it.

                              • @Jklaro: Yep it’s a compromise. Aesthetics over sound ability. You should demo a good set of bookshelf’s before you commit though. Get them to put a movie on.

        • +1

          If you don't have a PC to plug in, or you're running a media server for streaming to multiple devices at home, if you hate wires, etc…

          There are cheaper Android TV boxes for sure, but the Shield Pro is top of the pops. Fastest, good support, great feature set, multiple use cases.

          But, like someone else said earlier, if you don't know why you want one, you probably don't need one, and can live with a Google Chromecast/TV

          If you're just watching simple films without subtitles from another device, nothing much beats plugging in USB into your TV…

    • +5

      Shield will perform better, get updates longer and have better AI upscale.

    • The shield will be snappier than the TV OS, plus you can do a lot more things with it. Plex and Kodi alone makes the Shield worth it for me. But if you're not familiar with these, or not have interest on them you probably should sell it.

      • My 2021 Sony 8500 series feels snappier than this Shield
        … I have gone into developer settings and disabled all animations on both devices.

    • +1

      Recently got a new Sony TV and 2019 Shield. I think the upscaling on the Shield is better than what the TV can do, but it's not a huge leap. Also I've found I get sound dropouts using eARC on my TV to my Yamaha amp, no dropouts at all using the Shield.

  • apple tv is my new interest. shield has increased negatives.

    • +2

      I'm not sure what negatives you are on about,
      This can work as plex server and $100 cheaper than same time last year.
      And it just work.
      After the recent update, google added ads, I can live with that.

      • While it can work as a plex server, it really only works with all your media on a HDD plugged directly into it. It could not handle my media collection from my Synology NAS via the gigabit network, the plex server would just crash and stop itself requiring a restart regularly (like 10 mins max most times, even when no even streaming anything). There's a reason it's the only android Plex server.

        • I got my HD connect to raspberry pi (samba server) connect to the shield via network cable, works fine playing 4K contents even while downloading. Could be something to do with your Synology NAS, I would assume Synology NAS perform better than (HD+Raspberry Pi as NAS, which already got PiHole and HA running), so I would think it's something to do with your Synology NAS or its configuration.

          • @boomramada: Nah it's not the NAS as all my other media players can connect and play from it just fine. My old celeron NUC ran the plex server better than the shield. Lots of people have the same issue with the plex server just not working on the shield. Again, there's a reason why it's the only android plex server. My NAS is 20TB too, a bit more than just a HDD.

    • +1

      I disconnected my Apple TV once the Shield got the Apple TV+ app - the Netflix app desperately needs an update, no audio passthrough, no Foxtel app, no Kodi / support for legit add-ons like Matt Huismans in MrMC, lacks full support for Harmony / third party remotes (as does the new Apple remote?) etc…

      • -1

        i thought the new apple tv had improved some aspects?

        • He obviously doesn't own the new one.

        • None of the things I mentioned above have changed.

          Besides a slightly updated processor and wifi 6, AFAIK the main new feature of the latest Apple TV is 4K HDR at 60fps, which is now supported by YouTube, however, the YouTube app does not support auto range matching or frame rate matching, so you have to manually change it.

          I haven't tried the new remote, however I believe they removed the accelerometer and gyroscope, and not all commands are supported in Kayo, Binge, and Infuse, so not sure if it's much of an improvement?

          • @kirt: dunno but i shielded for a while and its not getting any better - its worse - when i see a cheap apple 4k i'm gonna give it a spin.

            and yeah kodi remains unwanted by apple which is its biggest flaw, and why i have shields.

            • @petry: Fair enough ;)

              • @kirt: well since i hate apple i think its quite funny….

          • @kirt:

            however, the YouTube app does not support auto range matching or frame rate matching, so you have to manually change it.

            Software update

            Shield has no HDMI 2.1, so no QMS, no VRR etc.

            and not all commands are supported in Kayo, Binge, and Infuse, so not sure if it's much of an improvement?

            Software update

            However Shield has 4K upscaling and high bitrate audio.

            Then it's personal preference whether you care about ads or not.

            • @NoGiveJustTake:

              Software update

              Fingers crossed - I've been hounding Streamotion for over 2.5 years to fix Kayo.

              it's personal preference

              Yeah in general it's personal preference when buying a media player (depending on the apps and features you value), but if talking about the new UI update, it only takes a minute to set the remote to use the new customisable Apps tab (no third party apps needed) if you don't like the Discover UI:


  • +1

    Thanks. Picked one up to replace the Mibox.

  • Best price was $226

    Excluding the previous Klarna offer,

    • Oh good to know, will add that in.

      • Don’t worry it was a price matched discount

  • Any need for a Shield if I'm using it with a 2021 LG C1?

    • +1

      As with my case, I think only if you want to have DTS audio with movies via Plex or similar apps.

    • +1

      Wait for LG stop supporting your tv, and buy newer version of this. If you are keeping the tv.

    • 'need' ? no. I like the AI upscaling for older local plex content and use it as a plex server though, also for local playback I've found it handles a few files better than the built in app on the C9 (dunno about the C1).

      Some people use this for game streaming.

      If you're just streaming media from online / bluray etc then I wouldn't bother for now.

  • +4

    Finally bit the bullet and purchased which means it's going to drop <$200 tomorrow ;)

    • +1

      Thanks for the heads up ;)

  • +1

    Keen for the successor to this…getting a bit old. Want AV1 codec support and usb 3.2

    • Should of been due this year but with thr chip shortage and idk if they even announced a new chip set looks to still be a couple years away maybe

    • Trialed AV1 on this a few nights ago, from a very low sample size, seems to work ok for up to 1440p by software decoding, but it couldn't keep up with 4k AV1 decoding, at least in the file I tried. Also not supported by plex yet (on any platform), so had to use VLC. I think Kodi might support it?

      Maybe USB Gen 2 or (for some reason Gen 2x2) is what you want? The USB guys are terrible at naming, USB 3.2 gen 1 is basically = to USB 3.0 gen 1. I'd say I don't know why they changed the version number when the actual speed improvements are completely unrelated, but I guess the confusion it caused makes sense if you're infiltrated by people that want to market new products that are no better. So many products out there that list (and technically are USB 3.2 but are no different at all to USB 3.0).

      USB 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 = 5 gbps (Gen 1)
      USB 3.1 and 3.2 Gen 2 = 10 gbps
      USB 3.2 2x2 = 20 gbps
      USB 4 = 40 gbps

      Personally don't really care that much about improved USB, the SATA SSD I have connected via USB for plex metadata is very unlikely to be the bottleneck in this revision or even a faster revision.

      AV1 hardware decode would be great though.

      And (extremely unlikely) but AV1 hardware encode would make this the ultimate streaming server.

  • +2

    Great device to have for kodi with real debrid to stream

    • kodi with xenon built is so slow on vodaphone tv with 100mbps connection, would this be faster/smoother?

      • I have been using real debrid with Venom with only 25mbps and it is so smooth and effortless.

      • Try kodi with venom. It will be great. I do have Vodafone TV as well but never really had time to set up kodi in that device. I might give it a go to see how it is. But on NVIDIA, no issues

        • would you say real debrid experience is as smooth as netflix, im not talking about only when the movie is playing, im talking about title availability as soon as its available on say 'Disney plus' and also turning it on, selecting the app, searching the title, clicking play, and it just plays. is it as smooth as netflix? or is there more clicks and annoyances etc?

          • +1

            @striker5950: I have real debrid (extra cost monthly or yearly) and no it's not as smooth as Netflix.
            It's recommended to use a VPN (maybe extra cost) and you have to select through 20+ premium torrent links after it loads the selections which some will either have stutter issues or audio issues or even linking to wrong movies.
            Family won't use it as it's too much hassle.

            Netflix you just select movie and play and it just works.

            • @DealFan: see that's what I was worried about, thanks for the clarification, if its too good to be true, it probably is.

          • @striker5950: If you want something almost as smooth as Netflix/easy to use, look into a plexshare.

  • Any deals on the remote? My 2015 one is dying :(

  • +2

    For those keen, the Australian GeForce NOW beta will be available in September (with possible launch in October):




    …and in other news, Matt has just integrated Plex Live TV into Kodi:


  • Not sure if nvidia owners (if they are here) had any faults with their units and how the RMA has worked out for them. My friends nvidia shield tv pro stopped working after 4 months of use and because the support is not in Australia things were extremely slow and difficult to work with the support team. He has been waiting on a RMA for over a month but that could also be because of COVID.

    • Can he go through the local retailer in Australia or did he import it from overseas?

      • I assume it was local but I guess he would have experienced similar delays from the retailer. The problem was - that the Unit was not powering on and the live chat kept on asking do you have friends, or a multi-meter to check if the power adapter is faulty. The adapter is not USB - C (almost), which is typically found easily elsewhere so this back and forth took some extra time because he had to explain that typical households don't have a multi-meter at their disposal and hard to get a nvidia power adapter form friends due to travel restrictions etc.

    • I have gone through Nvidia RMA twice now for my Shield TV 2017 remotes. Both times were quite easy, contacted live chat, they organised the RMA and then booked in a time for Fedex to pickup and send back to Singapore. They even RMA'ed my remote after my warranty was expired. I think the delays could be due to COVID, but personally I have had a good experience (but this may be because it was a cheaper item in a remote).

      • 2x remotes for me too. Turn around is about 2 weeks.

        Very impressive packaging for the return shipment!