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Gigabyte X570 Gaming X ATX Motherboard $94.05 Delivered @ Titan Tech IT via Amazon AU


Tick the 5% coupon to bring the price down to $94.05

About this item
Support for AMD AM4 Ryzen CPU's, please refer to CPU support list for details
Supports 4 x DDR4 Dual Channel Non-ECC Unbuffered DIMMs
Direct 16 Phases in fine on digital VRM solution with 70A power stage
Thermal Reactive Armor design with Fins-Array heatsink, direct touch heatpipes and nanocarbon Baseplate
Triple ultra-fast NVMe PCIe 4.0/3.0 x4 M.2 with triple thermal guards

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  • +3

    iffy board was nearly as cheap on amazon itself a few days ago

    • I’m going from B450 to this X570 board for $94 I said why not

    • +5

      Yeah Gigabyte has gone to shit.

      • What happened to Gigabyte? Why is this X570 MB so cheap?

        • +1

          I used to be a fan of Gigabyte, but I have now had three motherboards die on me (over about 10 years but two within 18 months) and one graphic card got a little dodgy, so I currently have an Asrock motherboard and MSI graphics card - smooth sailing so far.

      • +2

        Don't support dodgy gigabyte garbage.

        • Vague. Why?

      • +3

        Gigabyte makes some of the best X570 and B550 boards of this generation, see the Aorus Pro and Aorus Master lines.

        You clearly just don't understand product segmentation. It's such a shame how people who are so uninformed always have the loudest voices

        • "Am I so out of touch?? … No… its the children who are wrong"

  • Why are all the x570 motherboards so cheap all of a sudden? Back when I needed one they were 250+

    • +11

      Companies had ot buy mobos to get stock of the 30xx series cards. So now everyone has a surplus of X570 boards.

      • +3

        Also the x570s is coming.

      • Doh, beaten to it
        Plus they are releasing the revised X570S boards (removing the chipset fan) so some retailers may be reducing stock levels of the 'old' boards

      • -1

        "Companies had ot buy mobos to get stock of the 30xx series cards. So now everyone has a surplus of X570 boards."

        This is exactly why! Nothing wrong with the stock at all. We have a surplus of everything and its a cashflow nightmare.

    • my guess is x570s is coming out.

      • I literally just saw an ad this morning for the Gigabyte X570S Aorus Pro. Shouldn't be to far away before we see them out to the market.

      • whats new with the s models

  • +6

    very ordinary one this

    • So I'm doing Motherboard research atm for a 5600x and 3070. Can you expand on why this one is ordinary?

      • -8

        For the same price why don't you buy 10700k? You will get +2 cores and better performance.

        • +4

          I'm curious why you would think the intel CPU is better.

          single core - 3085 vs 3379
          all core - 19487 vs 22174
          PCCG - $469 vs $419
          power use - 125w vs 65w

          the only metric the Intel chip is better is core / thread count and that didn't even lead to a better all core benchmark.

          Looking at the benchmarks it even seems the AMD chip is a better overclocker. Which would make sense considering the cooling required for a 125W vs 65W CPU.

          • @Antikythera: All these PLUS the motherboard cost difference - it's at least $100 more for a Z490 than B550 of the same tier

            No go for Intel 8c, period

    • +1

      Integrated I/O shield, it has

    • compared with my B550 Aorus Pro, agree I do

  • Wat abt crosshair viii dark hero

    any deals?

    • There was a 25% off klarna deal last week at PCCG, this mobo is like $700 though not on sale…

  • Too good to be true, unless you need to update your old mobo. Good deal.

  • +2

    deal is gone, now it is show $179

  • Wish there was some good m-atx boards.
    Both my server and desktop run on m-atx cases, any B450 boards have some bandwidth limitations.

    • +1

      Agreed, I've been thinking the same thing

      • What case have you got?
        I'm running a Node804 and it's just amazing.

        • +1

          They have this board:

          I'm running a TT s100 in white, a lot of case for the price.

          • +1

            @OZTechGuy: Doesn't even have 2.5G networking through.
            The Steel Legend is better than this, but 50% more money.

            • @thedean: Guess it comes down to how much you'd want to spend. I think $99 is still good for an Aorus when compared to other ones in that price range (matx).

        • Ah I've been waiting for the Node 804 for 3 months now. Still out of stock everywhere! Going to be using an ASRock B550M as it has ECC support.

          • @malcom: What do you need ECC for? Are you running an OS in memory?
            Node 804 is amazing, I have 10HDD and close to 50tb in mine using an LSI controller.
            My 3800x runs at about 70c under load with a cheap deepcool cooler on it.

  • looks like a good 5600x system becomes more affordable day by day.

  • Is it worth upgrading to X570 from X470?

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