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Google Nest Hub (Gen 2) $89.10 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ The Good Guys


Google Nest Hub Gen 2 for $89.10. Better deal than JB HI-FI. If anyone has a concierge $20 coupon, it will bring it to $69.10

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    Another $15 off with Latitude Pay, thanks :)

    • Where did you see the option for latitude pay at checkout?

      • +2

        At the end of the checkout steps, where it gives you the options to pay

        Make sure you click proceed to checkout

        • Ahh , that's where I thought it'd be too.. removed my concierge coupon and the latitude option came up. Shame you can't use both. Thanks for your help :)

          • @nony: Thats a bugger you cant use both
            $20 is better than $15 though :)

            • +3

              @Encify: The some next level deduction capability right there

    • Can you still get $15 off with Latitude pay with TGG if you have availed similar previous offer with TGG?

  • What's the difference between this and v1?

    • Iā€™d like to know the same. Also I play white noise for Bub on gen 1 and it stops and replays every hour which is annoying. I also want to know if that has changed on the gen 2 at all?

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        "Hey Google, ask Help Me Sleep to play brown noise for ten hours".

        Unfortunately ten hours is the maximum. Twelve hours would be better but it beats the one hour that you're getting.

      • I believe I used to play white noise using YT music song on a loop on repeat song

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      Improved audio/microphones and they added sleep tracking. Probably not worth spending the money to upgrade, but for this price there's no point trying to buy a cheap Gen 1.

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        Are the speakers better? I have a handful of Mini Gen 2's and a hub gen 1, and the hub sounds so weak and tinny compared to the mini's.

        • It's the same speakers with an improved space design, so I'm assuming not. I think the enhancements are far more about the microphones than output.

          Considering you can use a bluetooth speaker with it, your money would be much better spent just buying new speakers. I wound up buying an IKEA speaker and using the mini just for voice (then I got rid of the mini entirely and just use my phone).

          • @freefall101: I find the mini's as a speaker around the house work quite well, especially for podcasts or just quiet multiroom background music. It is just the hub that doesn't.

            • @witheredcouch: It looks like it's the same speaker in the hub vs the mini, so it was probably just bad design on the first hub that caused the issue (very little info online about it though). Google claim v2 of the nest hub has "50% more bass" via redesigning the housing, so it might fix it.

              Might be worth looking at the hub max though, despite being more than twice the price. It has a pair of tweeters and a woofer vs just the single speaker in the nest hub. Audio quality should be better than the new Nest Audio.

      • Sleep tracking will be subscription only next year I believe as well.

        • I really hoped that when Google bought Fitbit that they would fix Fitbit's dodgy practice of selling a device that can capture data then charging you to access that data.

          Seems like it has gone the other way around.

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            @freefall101: Yeah I think company wide google has now switched to the "make as much profit from every service as possible" mode. Removing the free google photos uploads was just the start.

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    had $20 Concierge Credit

    Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen (Charcoal) 1 $99.00
    Promo Code: TODAY āˆ’$9.90
    Store Credit: ………..1688 āˆ’$20.00

    Thank you

    • Did the same thing bro :)

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    Seems to be the new everyday low price or a Google price drop. Harvey Norman and google store both now $99 also.

    Interesting to note Lenovo have dropped the price of the Lenovo Smart Display 7 with the Google Assistant to $99 as well

    Keen to know if anyone has experience with both

    • +1

      I had the Smart Display 7 because I wanted the camera to do Duo calls and a not-so-big screen.
      The resolution is okay - definitely not as high as Google Home Max. A bit laggy on the interface but calls/home control/hey google work fine. The audio is a bit shitty but works if you are just using this for occasional Youtube cooking vids or making calls. Hope that helps!

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    Bruh moment, i gonna see if I can price match my jb hifi click & collect order

    • Hey mate, how did you go with JB

      • +1

        it's an essential buy

        • Nah mate, there's an ozbargain deal goin on. This is important

          For real, I called the JB Hi-Fi store & the manger refund the price match difference. So sweet all g

  • I placed order with Jb hi fi last night, can I cancel that?

    • If you dont collect the order within a required period like 14 days or a month, they are required to refund the transaction

      • I have actually done delivery.

        • +1

          You definitely cannot get refund for delivery if they have already shipped it (unless you receive a faulty item)
          Best thing to do is call JB support to cancel the order if they can, otherwise just take order to store for refund of Item price paid only.

          i may be wrong, its only my opinion

          • @USER DC: Thats the thing. They dont even have a number online. called 13 52 44 and no one picks calls. Anyways all good mate.

          • @USER DC: The good guys deal is only today I think, so you're better off just buying it again from the good guys if you can't cancel or refund the price match difference

  • Can you install apps on this? Like digital radio apps?

    • You can ask Google to play digital radio stations over some apps like tune in

    • +1

      No, you can't

  • Thanks. I had 2x $20 concierge credits which stacked.

    • You are welcome :)

  • This or the Lenovo smart clock / essential for the bedroom?
    Anyone have any experiences?

    • Easy Pick ..Google

    • The other option is echo show 8 gen 2 with HD screen

    • +1

      One thing to consider is that the Lenovo devices (at least the ones with the screen, not sure about the essential) run Android Things, which is being deprecated in January 2022. I imagine the devices will no longer be able to receive updates after that.

      • Thanks for the heads up, I think I'll go with the Google based on this

  • Guys whats your thought on echo show 8 gen 2 vs this one??

    • +2

      If you care about photos - 100% this over the Echo Show. The Amazon Photos ecosystem is horrible to use, Google photos is amazing.
      If you care about Apple Music - Echo show 8, Google AU doesn't support Apple Music yet. Music in general on the Echo devices is generally better.

      As an ex-Amazon person, I'd lean towards the Google devices mostly because of the annoying 'ads' the Echo Show devices continue to show and there's no way to fully disable them, and I use my Google devices mostly as a photo display.

      • +1

        I've had to return the 2 echo show devices I bought because they wouldn't do custom alarm songs. There's a specific song that's only available on YouTube and not on Spotify or Amazon music and nothing I do can get it on to the echo show. I'm hoping thia google one will do it.

  • So cheap now luckily i did not claim under Telstra points

  • +2

    Bought last night, ready to pick up already!

    Used my $20 concierge, came down to $69.10. Good buy!

  • Anyone adding concierge gold to this purchase? Good way to get or trade the $20 credits with others.

  • Can you price match in Bunnings using this price?

    • the $99 price

  • Bought another just becuase why not, they make great photo frames hooked up to google photos and using the face recognition to only display the photos that include my kids

  • Anyway I can do wall mount this ?

    • It doesn't have mounts built in. You'd need to sit it on a shelf.

  • Got a concierge credit just last night, and was trying to think of what to spend it on.

    Bought one. Thanks.

    • Good timing ;)

  • wondering how do pple obtain tgg concierge credit?

    • +1

      Mate u need to get extended warranty which is called concierge service from TGG when u buy the product. Then u get it every quarter

  • can you video call an amazon device using this?

    • Nah

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