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Free Upgrade from 75/20, 100/20, 100/40, 250/25 to 1000/50 for 6 Months (Existing Customers, FTTP & HFC Only) @ Aussie Broadband


I had to read this email twice for it to fully sink in. Seems ABB are finally rewarding their existing customers.

The promo is limited to customers that have been with ABB for greater than 6 months. Source

Hi Chazzozz,

Ever wondered what our fastest NBN plan is like? Well, today is your lucky day!

As a loyal Aussie Broadband customer, we are excited to offer you an exclusive free 6-month upgrade to our NBN Home Ultrafast plan.

Your NBN plan for your service located at XXX ST, LAUNCESTON TAS will be automatically upgraded from NBN Home Fast to NBN Home Ultrafast from your next billing date on 2021-xx-xx.

There’s no need to do anything on your end, just get ready to hit the fast lane!

Don’t worry, your new plan will still be the same price, we are just upgrading it as outlined above. At the end of the promotional period, you'll not be charged anything extra unless you choose to stay on the higher speed plan. We'll reach out to you closer to the end of the promotional period with more information.

What are the benefits you can look forward to on our NBN Home Ultrafast plan?

  • One word - SPEED!
  • The fastest NBN plan to revolutionise Australia’s internet connections at home.
  • Stay in the fast lane for longer with a typical evening speed of 600Mbps.

Note: Not all modems are capable of reaching higher speeds. To learn more about modems and see if yours stacks up, head to our website or read our blog

Sources for the other speed tiers here, here & here

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  • +38

    Existing 1G Customer never get anything from them!

    • +6

      this is pretty much the same deal as superloops upgrade. I believe it's a deal somehow with NBN.

      • +5

        The SuperLoop deal is worse, only 3TB with the gigabit plan.

        • lmao what the hell…

          • @wellzi: I thought they offered me the free upgrade to the faster plan with a 3TB limit because I used over 20TB last month.

            • +1

              @DmytroP: you used 20TB so they offered a speed upgrade but only for 3TB? lol … SuperSmart, SuperLoop! Like, "Hey, thanks for being a power user, here's a s*** upgrade offer!" lol

            • +1

              @DmytroP: i have to ask - what do you do to use 20TB?!

              • +1

                @Jimb000: Linux distros ;)

              • +1

                @Jimb000: Experimenting with deep learning, some datasets are quite large. I initially downloaded 11TB to found I have filesystem corruption and some files are broken. Without checksums, I had to re-download it again.

              • +2

                @Jimb000: I share my internet with both of my neighbours

                and they pay half each

    • -5

      Existing 1G Customer never get anything from them!

      I'm still on 4G and didn't get anything either…

      • +16

        well if you had of gotten your covid shot, you would've got 5G

    • +3

      The reason why I left to a provider that gives a f*** about existing customers with multiple services.

    • +20

      Have to keep churning NBN providers, same as utilities and insurance. It's becoming a full time job just to juggle all these dogs.

    • +4

      totally agree with you here. What about… "Get an additional 6 months at the discounted rate"? or do i have to churn to somewhere else again every 6 months?

    • I am on 100/40 FTTN. Still nothing for me

  • +4

    Definitely targeted

  • +2

    i am not commenting on Aussie Broadband not am i claiming that i know what their plans are..

    i am currently with TPG and on a 100mbps plan and they gave me a free upgrade for free for 6 months to a 250mbps plan .. and i havent seen any noticeable difference in speeds or in latencies ..

    Could anyone please let me know if you actually see any difference in speeds and latencies for higher end plans .. if it is then i would think of moving to other providers .. thanks in advance ..

    • Your house might not be eligible, and your router may have insufficient bandwidth to convey much more than 100mbps. I bought the Xiaomi ax1800 from eBay recently and saw my speeds double

      • I have an ASUS ROG AC5300 router at home and my address is FTTP enabled as well .. so i dont know what i can do to increase my speed anymore

        • +1

          Some routers now have a speed test applet. Worth checking in the Asus menu options.

          Also check your PC/Laptop to router speeds. These can be capped at 100Mbps due to wi-fi or old Ethernet cables.

        • Your Asus ROG router and FTTP is capable of 1000/50. As for latency there can be differences on which path an ISP takes. Moving ISP can help with latency problems.

        • We have ABB and am on the 1GB plan, we get speeds of around 800Mbps and 4ms.. Interestingly, we have the ASUS RT86AU which has a speed test built into the modem page but the speedtest on the modem page only ever reaches 200Mbps.

      • You need router with chipset that has three magic words built in - "hardware NAT offloading" to get gigabit Internet speed for network behind router. Typically that means you need router with one of Marvell Armada chipsets.

        • i have a AX88 …. should i have gotten somthing else ? considered grabbing a nuc of sorts off aliexpress but they have less ports and costs have gone up by alot !

          • @mikezillakind: It really depends whether you getting same speed behind the router as when you connect your laptop to NBN port without router.

            • @DainB: i have a few consoles , no Laptop but a desktop

              i suppose the AX88 supports hardware NAT offloading ?

              picking a switch as well …

    • +4

      As an ABB 250mbps customer I get 250mbps d/l. When I was on the 100mbps plan, I got 100mbps. So yes, there is a clear difference in speeds (and price) between the tiers. Latency is about the same for me.

      • +1

        Exact same for me. Sometimes it says I get just above 250 Mbps down so I'm pretty impressed with ABB

    • well, there won't be any noticeable difference unless when you download games/videos. Meanwhile speed is also pathetic in peak times ( I was upgraded to 1gbps but at around 9pm the speed is around 100mbps.) NBN is just allowing you to use the band width while other people is not using it.

    • +1

      are you sure - are you still getting 100 download on speedtest, it might be that your NBN modem and router are talking at 100Mb … this happened to me when i first got the "free" upgrade.. I turned the NBN modem and my router off, after 30 sec, restarted the NBN modem, when it was finished going through its start up, i then restarted my router …. next thing i know i was getting full speed from the upgrade.(the pair of devices had auto negotiated a 100Mbs link between each other rather than 1Gbs - you can also see this if you have an ASUS router - it shows the WAN connection speed)

    • +1

      Really depends on your technology, I doubt FTTN would be able to handle over 100 in most cases.

      I'm with ABB and I can definitely see the speed increase. Currently on the 250 down plan and getting full speeds.

      Was on gigabit for a month, managed 950 downstream with my modem, was nice but didn't really see that much improvement in every day usage over the 250 plan.

      • (placed here but no connection to any post really, just an observation) I too am on ABB and Speedtest showed I was getting the increased speed (250/40) BUT often I couldn't see any benefit (bar some downloads as mentioned above and below). My conclusion is that the source of the data (webpage site, download site etc) is pretty often NOT providing the data at sufficient speed making your increased capacity irrelevant.

    • +1

      I'm on gigabit with ABB and get around 930mbps on speedtest. Now your mileage may vary as this really comes down to how your area is configured and what technologies are available but gigabit definitely works.

    • I have been upgraded to 250mbps on Superloop, its definitely a noticeable difference, especially downloading off Steam, usenet, etc

    • TPG is the worst of the worst in every sense of the word. I wouldn't use them as a comparison tbh, talking from my own and 10+ other friends experiences. Move to a decent ISP and magically you stop getting drop outs, slow downs or intermittent latency spikes.

      • +1

        I was with Telstra for years on cable. Moved to NBN HFC on the same cable. Started getting dropouts every day, within the year. 3 tech visits seemed to have immediate effects but issues returned fairly quickly. Gave up and switched to Foxtel - same cable. No dropouts like that since.

        • +1

          Everyone I know who used Foxtel NBN has said it was absolute garbage. I wouldn't advise anyone move to Foxtel Broadband.

      • +2

        I think this is not said enough - speed is one thing, but packet loss is something that I've noticed actually varies a lot but never reported. Back when I was with ABB, I really never had to think about it.

        Moved over to a reseller, and the packet loss was noticeable. Yes, running a speedtest was fine but you'd get pages that don't load all their elements correctly, so something or the other is broken. You'd be regularly refreshing / reloading pages to get those elements.

        I've now moved to another provider (not TPG) and its much better BUT not as good as ABB.

    • What are you doing where you might notice a difference? I changed from 100 to 250 and while I'm sure I'm getting at least 240 constantly on FTTP, it hasn't made a difference to my life unless I download from my library of 2000 Epic Games and I see them Megabits go up. With 4K HDR streams, there's only 1 tv that can handle that anyway, so hasn't made a difference.

    • +3

      Cool for the first few days as you spam those speedtests, then its just 'oh ok, big files just download much faster'

    • I signed up with TPG almost a year ago for the 50 plan. However TPG has had me on 250 for quite a while. Might have to change providers if they're ever so rude as to put me back on 50

    • Hi.

      I'm also with TPG, could you tell me how you managed to get the free upgrade to 250mbps.

    • Run an internet speed test in the router app/web interface to see what's actually coming in to the house and then run a wifi speed test. Should show you where you're losing speed.

      I'm on the 1000/50 Superloop promo and get consistent 600-750mbps internet speed on HFC and around 450mbps on 5Ghz AC wifi.
      Before this was on their 100/50 plan and it definitely capped at the 100 mark.

    • Aussie BB 1GB customer here, average 900 / 45.

  • +5

    Might be targeted - nothing for me (I'm on the ABB 25/10 plan)

  • +1

    From their customer service rep:

    For our existing Customer base on eligible NBN connections, the offers are found below, this is with NBN's help:

    The only requirements for existing customers is that you are on a lower tier plan for at least 3 months and are specifically upgrading the speed to one of the listed plans.

    These requirements are because the promotion is in co-ordination with NBN and focused on having people trial the higher speed tier plans.

    • I'm on the 100/40 plan with the focus on fast discount for the last 6 months. The discount is due to expire on 14/8 and the latest bill (15/7 today) will be the last one with the existing discount. Live chat with support and the T&C states 6 months to be illegible for the freakin fast discount. Have scheduled a plan change to 250/25 plan on the 15/8 and hope to see the new discount applied.

    • +2

      It says to upgrade in MyAussie but all the prices are showing no discounts there?

      • +1

        Same here. Existing HFC 50/20.

      • Just like the previous discount, myaussie will show the full price and discount will only be shown in the bill

        • Don't count on this, I got charge the full amount on my last bill. Not sure why I didn't get the discounted rate, I'll call them and find out.

          I changed homes recently (< 2 months ago), but have been a customer for a few years. I'll report back when I get more info.

  • I am on FTTN 100/20 and got the upgrade to 100/40

    • +8


    • Same here.

      That was after they increased the price of the 100/40 plan by $10, so I dropped to 100/20 to keep the same pricing.

    • Same here, but I'm on FTTC

    • I am on FTTN too and will receive the 100/40 upgrade in 4 days. Looking forward to getting my 20 Mbit/s upload back (even if only for 6 months)!

      Current Sync: ↓119,90 Mbit/s ↑22,59 Mbit/s

      Speed Test Result

      If only Aussie Broadband would give me a discount for being on the Nielson Broadband Panel and giving the ACCC some good Aussie BB results!

    • I’m HFC and we got upgraded from 100/20 to 250/20

  • +3

    I'll be moving away from them soonish as they never offer ANYTHING to 25m clients…even when you ask….I got some rude old bitch who basically said 'tough titties'.

    • -1

      they never offer ANYTHING to 25m clients…

      'tough titties'.

    • nbn want to move users onto 50Mbps and above.

      • Then maybe a 6mth free trial to existing 25m clients would ease the upgrade.

      • +1

        They should make 12/1 plans illegal, it's not enough in this day and age and for $60p/m that's retarded.
        I pay $38.33 p/m for ~33/19 with a static IP with Belong.

        • Update: I moved to Superloop…seamless move, took under 3h from signup, speeds good, has dropped below 50 on a few occasions but generally on the mark…so far very happy with them..

  • +6

    Too little, too late; already moved lol

    • -3


    • +4

      Who'd you move to? I'm finding ABB pretty poor lately.

      • Mate

  • -1

    I just signed up for 250/25 beginning of the month moving from 1000/50 off superloop since the end of their 6mth deal.. would be heaps nice if I could get this upgrade..

    • +1

      The promo is limited to customers that have been with ABB for greater than 6 months. Source

  • op, you are currently on a 100/40 FTTP plan?

    • +1

      Yes, I am. I came back to this thread to see someone has already edited it to advise eligibility. (Thanks to whomever did that.)

  • Got the 100 to 250.

    Speed test says 256, nice! :


    • +1

      I get 270 on my 250 plan. Happy with that!

      • +1

        That's over provisioning.
        ABB aren't the only RSP to do that.

        • Well, I just found I had the option to upgrade to gigabit, so of course I did!

          • +1

            @theguyrules: There is no over provisioning on Gigabit but yay you get Gigabit!

            • +1

              @Twix: That's because they can't overprovision on a gigabit connection, given the handoff is 1000/1000.

    • +1

      in 2019 the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) decided NBN needed to provide extra layer 2 capacity so that tests the ACCC runs at layer 7 would match the speeds claimed by telcos.
      The NBN now overprovisions every plan by 15%… except the 1Gbit/s

  • +1

    I only get 78/38 on my 100/40 plan so no speed increases for me :-(

    • if you're getting that on ABB, I'd start a support ticket.

      • +5

        Why? Is there anything they can do? Most of it comes down to line quality and node distance.

      • I assumed I was maxing out my line's capability.
        I used to get 49 on 50 and figured that was RSP capped so went to 100 to see what the line could handle.

        BTW - I'm FTTN here

        • For FTTN login to your VDSL2 modem or ask Aussie BB to check the max sync. If the max sync is 100Mbps you can engage a registered cabler to install new internal wiring.

    • Sounds like FTTN?

      • Correct. Sorry I left that out originally.

        • Same with me but luckily only 200m from the node so can pull 98/39 give or take. Sucks I can't go faster but this seems enough for us.

  • No email :( Considering moving to another provider

    • +1

      When is your next bill due?

      If you're eligible, we'll be dropping you an email over the next month, and we will then migrate you free of charge to the higher speed from your next anniversary billing date.


  • +5

    FTTC freaking sucks.

    max speed 100/40.

    • yup

    • +2

      max speed 50/20 for me on FTTN :(

      • wow. I did not know that. is all FTTN maxed out at 50/20?

        • Nah it depends on your premises distance from the node and the condition of the copper. The max NBN allow on FTTN is 100/40.

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