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EGO Deals - 56V Battery Harness, 7.5ah Battery and Rapid Charger Kit - $379 Delivered (Was $649) @ TradeTools


Hi all, some good limited stock deals for you today in EGO, everyone's favourite cordless garden products including the EGO 56V Battery Harness, 7.5Ah Battery and Rapid Charger Kit, this is currently cheaper than buying just the 7.5Ah battery by itself ($449).

[Limited Buy - While stocks last EGO 56V Battery Harness, 7.5Ah Battery and Rapid Charger Kit $379 Delivered Save $270 Was $649] (https://www.tradetools.com/ego-56v-75ah-battery-harness-kit-...)

[Limited Stock EGO 56V 5.0Ah Brushless Cordless Blower Kit - LB5804E $529 Delivered Save $60 Was $589] (https://www.tradetools.com/ego-56v-50ah-brushless-blower-kit...)

[Very Limited Stock EGO 56V 2.5Ah Brushless Multi-Tool Power Head Kit $429 Delivered Save $70 Was $499] (https://www.tradetools.com/ego-56v-brushless-multi-tool-powe...)

Plus all EGO products currently count towards the bonus battery redemptions that are active (Ends 31st July 2021). See the tiers below.

  • Spend $800 - $1399 | Get EGO 2.5Ah, BA1400T Battery, valued at $199.
  • Spend $1400 - $1799 | Get EGO 2x 2.5Ah, BA1400T Battery, valued at $199 each OR 5.0Ah, BA2800T Battery, valued at $349.
  • Spend $1800 - $2199 | Get EGO 2x 2.5Ah, BA1400T Battery, valued at $199 each OR EGO 7.5Ah, BA4200T Battery, valued at $449
  • Spend $2200 or more | Get EGO 2.5Ah, BA1400T & 5.0Ah BA2800T Battery, valued at $199 and $349 respectively. OR 10.Ah, BA5600T Battery, valued at $549.

As always message us on our website live chat for a deal on any other gear you are after!

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  • thanks OP - purchased the battery pack and Tim helped confirmed a few things, very helpful!

  • Showing no stock for the battery pack and harness!

    • All fixed!

  • +1

    Does the battery harness save some weight on handheld tools? is that the idea?

    • +1

      Yep that's it, great for sustained use as it's transfers most of the battery weight to your back.

  • +1

    How long is the cable?

    I have the hedger and I'm often reaching above my head.

    • +1

      The cabling is approx 170cm. :)

  • +1

    Great deal on the 7.5ah with harness.

  • +4

    That blower kit was $355 at Blackwoods last week.

    Whats the build date on the Ghostbusters battery harness kit?

  • +3

    Damn… That is a great price for for the battery harness including the 7.5ah battery. Purchased some new batteries a couple of weeks ago for much more than those prices!


    I am tempted…

    I bought 7.5ah like 4 mth ago…. much more expensive…. and no rapid charger…. damn…

    what to do….

    I am contemplating….

    … damn…

    ok decided not to buy, a great price indeed!

  • +3

    Any deals for a mower OP? I know I won't be the only one to ask!

    • I am interested in mower too OP

    • I had $1150 Ego self propelled mower but had to return it because it couldn't cut kikuyu. Received poor customer service from them also.

      • +1

        What was it doing to the Kikuyu?

        • +3

          It was ok if you were only taking a little bit off, but for those once a year mows where you want to take it down one extra notch or in thick stuff it just cuts out. It's not like a petrol mower where you can hear it bog down before it stalls either, it just stops. Restart procedure became tiresome fast too.
          If you have very short lawn eg buffalo the mower also doesn't go low enough to cut it.
          The self propel drive was a bit awkward too, but I'm not sure if that's all self propelled mowers because I haven't tried any other systems. YMMV.
          It's a shame because I was looking forward to the electric revolution. In the end I bought a Honda from the local mower shop and its performing great. Fwiw the mower shop had heard good reports from their husqvarna battery powered mowers.

    • Also interested!

    • Nothing on mowers at the moment. We'll let you OzB know if we do get something!

  • No offers on the skins? Looking for a blower.

  • Do you happen to have the LB6500 or LB6504E blower? I believe this is their newest & most powerful blower.


    • +1

      Nothing yet, but stock is due soon.

  • Out of stock with the backpack link already?

    • +1

      All fixed. Cheers.

      • Thank you.

        at what stage will we get the receipt, so that we can submit the ego online battery redemption.

        • Should be all fixed, sorry!

      • Thanks. Eventually got it working and bought two for the family to use.

        • And delivered!

  • +1

    I wish the power station is available in Australia…

  • +1

    Got the mower, trimmer + extra battery from a previous deal, amazing replacements to ageing petrol counterparts.

    No longer having to mix 2 stroke fuel is a bonus.

  • telling me oos too

    • Should be all fixed, sorry!

  • got one thanks OP, massive discount!!!

  • this is a good deal, picked up new one just battery on gumtree last month $350 otherwise i would have jumped in this straight away

  • bought one. Good price.

  • I'm invested in the Stihl battery system but if I wasn't I'd go for this.

  • @Rep - Any chance of a deal with the Pole Saw? https://www.tradetools.com/ego-56v-multi-tool-pole-saw-kit-2...

    • Interested in this as well. Or preferribly without the battery and charger.

  • great price. bought one although don't need the extra battery…

  • Missed it :-[

  • Oos

  • Any left?

  • +1

    Getting requested quantity not available.

  • +1

    Temporarily sold out of the BH1005, trying to secure more stock now. :)

  • +1

    That power head kit is no good without the hedge trimmer attachment, which is notoriously hard to get.

    Its just a different way of bundling the old $699 kit by ripping out the extension pole and trimmer.

  • Hi TradeTools,
    I would like to buy multi tool + hedge trimmer + Edger. Pm me if you have any deal thank you

  • Hi rep, any deal on the EGO ST1302E line trimmer kit?

  • Just what I needed to complete my electric whip pack to defeat Tony Stark.

  • Realise this is now OOS but am puzzled as to why there is nothing showing on how it connects to the tool (and what tool…. eg have a standard EGO 56V mower, will it work?).

    • Not sure you'd bother using it with a mower as the mower is carrying the weight of the battery not your arms. In saying that, I don't see why you couldn't do it if you wanted. It's basically a fake skin battery with a cable that runs to the backpack with the heavy battery on it. Review on YouTube here.


      I'm also not too sure how good it'd be. I find my ego whipper snipper to be unbalanced if I don't have a 2.5ah battery on it.

      • Thanks very much for the vid, didn't think of a connected skin, have only the mower but can see "unbalanced" would be tiring in itself

  • I have been waiting so long for an Ego hedge trimmer deal.

  • +1

    Hi All, we've got a few units remaining from cancelled orders and have added them back to our online stock. Get them while you can!

    • Thanks! Ordered one.

  • +1

    got mine delivered the other day. but a bit disappointed the build date on the battery is 7/2018 ! so a 3yr old battery already and its not the newer battery with fuel gauge either

    • Same here, thought they should have this in the description

  • I haven't received mine but it is very disappointing indeed that old stock is being sold and buyers are not told about it.

  • Hi OP definitely out of stock now?

  • Saw this came back into stock today, finally managed to purchase!