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ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3080 Trinity OC LHR $1759 Delivered @ PLE Computers


August 2-8 ETA
Free Delivery
Cheapest 3080 posted in a while.
I need more words :C

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    Wouldn’t pay above rrp for an LHR model. But that’s just my opinion man.

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      I'd buy a ps5 instead

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      You gonna mine?

    • What's LHR?

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    We're close now.

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    LHR???? no thanks! ;)

    • Obviously woke

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    LHR, nah

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        It doesn't matter if you are mining or not, the LHR model should be alot cheaper. You don't know if there's any unintended consequences to the limiter.

        • Your right LHR should be cheaper! Nvidia wants to price gouge gamers and miners alike.

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            @pingMarky: It's not nVidia price gouging, they're apparently still selling chips at normal prices to suppliers and sold their reference cards at retail prices.

            It's the GPU manufacturers who have dramatically increased their prices, along with the wholesalers because all the retailers are so desperate for stock they'll pay anything.

            Until supply outstrips demand again, we'll be living with this.

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            @pingMarky: It's the same silicon with different drivers. Why would it be cheaper

            • @Budju: I think everyone thought it was a hard cap and not a soft cap.

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        Retaining market value needs to be considered also

    • Woke as f**!

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    At this price, get non-LHR. resell value may worth more if cryptocurrencies hike again in next a couple of year.
    LHR should be RRP plus 15-20%off ebay code later this year.

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      Does it depend on how long you will keep for though? Surely if keeping for 3+ years then by then miners will be looking for something newer?

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        The AMD 470 cards from 2016 are still insanely popular to mine on due to their compute performance. Same with Nvidia 1060 and 1070 from that year also which are nearly as good per watt.

        • -1

          Maybe I should sell my 1070 then!

          • +1

            @Geoff-bargain: The going rate is around $400 on FB marketplace. With GPU prices starting to fall I think now is the best time to sell if you were on the fence about it, as people are still willing to pay the premium for a few months of GPU mining before it potentially finishes up with Etherum 2.0 release and potential drastic reduction in mining profits when EIP1559 makes it's way from the testnet to mainnet in early August.

            • @studentl0an: Not a miner, what is EIP1559/Etherum 2.0? and how does it impact on GPU price?

              • @Mandalorians: It'll switch from Point of Work to Point of Stake.

                At that point, mining is effectively turned off. Currently ETH is most profitable, so I can see people switching to RVN potentially?

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                @Mandalorians: EIP1559 (Ethereum Improvement Protocol 1559) will introduce gas fee burning that previously went to miners. Gas fees are the fee people pay for moving ethereum from one address to another that currently goes to miners, but that will now be burned. There will still be block finding rewards, but the gas fees are going to be burned to make ETH deflationary.

                EIP1559 can potentially drastically reduce mining profits but can potentially increase the price of ethereum as fee burning is deflationary. It's possible that the increase price but decrease in ETH rewards will even out. It's also possible that GPU mining will not take a big hit. It's really a wait and see in 2-3 weeks time as to what will happen there.

                Ethereum 2.0 is the nail in the coffin for GPU mining. It is slated for a late 2021 or early 2022 release. At the moment it is still very profitable to mine, and could still be profitable after EIP1559. ETH 2.0 however removes GPU mining from the equation entirely and shifts from the mining rewards (proof of work) to staking rewards (proof of stake). That is us plebs will no longer be able to mine with GPUs and only the very wealthy will be able to have enough money staked in the network so that they can be 'trusted' to keep the cryptography going rather than GPU mining. The cost to run a staking validation node is 32ETH (~$84,000) and that's not including the hardware costs which could potentially be a lot more.

                There are people who say they will be able to mine other coins after that happens, but the truth is even if a fraction of ETH miners move to raven or other altcoin then unless those coins have a massive price increase - the increase in miners on a particular network will drive mining profitability down for everyone. My crystal ball says ETH 2.0 will be the end of GPU mining entirely as it will no longer be profitable unless you have free electricity. I could be wrong though.

          • @Geoff-bargain: Yes, you should if you look for upgrade. And better to do it quickly.
            Those 10xx GPU 2nd price is set to decline quickly unless mining price could increase in a couple of month.
            current ebay sold item of 1070 is still 400-500 AUD, which should be similar to what you paid as brand new.
            But used 3060 price is now only around 400 AUD from oversee market.

          • @Geoff-bargain: You can do it. I sold my 1070 on eBay last month for $550 with a $1 final value fees promo (I still had the original box and all accessories). I'm going to ride it out until GPU prices go back to normal again, wait for an eBay discount code and then see which 3000 series card I can get for the same money.

      • From 1-2 years, if mining takes off again, can just sell non-LHR 3080 and get a 3080 super.
        For 2 years+, well see what happened to 2080,2070, 2nd hand price was higher than they were brand new.
        40 series may be based on 5nm from recent leak, which is expected to be even higher price.
        And Nividia has set strategy to sell miners dedicated and more expensive version GPU.

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      6 months from now, LHR and non-LHR are the same, eth mining will be gone

      If you're considering resale, non LHR model will have a higher resale value

      • +1

        There are other cryptos you can mine for a little less profit. Mining is not going away…

    • The most profitable GPU mined cryptocurrency by a long way is moving away from proof-of-work GPU mining soon, so not sure I'd recommend that.

  • +8

    $500 away from RRP. Let's go….in 6 months!!!!!

    • Nek minut, crypto takes off again and the miners buys these in bulk haha.

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    While good for gaming, I have a 3000 series 3060ti and find the card performs terribly in VR. (ie: worse than my old 1060 half-height (non-super).
    Lots of reports within the nvidia drivers, being a non-ti if you have issues you can use an older driver to fix the VR issues. There are no older drivers for 3000 ti cards.

    • +1

      I had no idea this was an issue. I have VR and was considering an Nvidia 3060ti when the prices hit RRP. From what I could quickly could gather the issue plagues all 3000 series cards, has for ages, and there's been no widespread coverage or fix for nearly a year.

      That's appalling from Nvidia.

    • Since this post, NVIDIA have released updated drivers which have boosted VR performance for me.
      Oculus still don't support any 3000 Ti cards though (still get a stupid banner you can't remove), but games now play fine via Air Link and Steam VR.

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    The Gainward Phantom 3080 non-LHR deal is still available: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/637731

    It would seem like shooting yourself in the foot to pay around the same for this LHR card.

    • -1

      If you have no intention for mining, this is not a bad price after you take into account shipping and credit surcharge

      • +5

        It's free money. If you don't mine with it when not playing then why be on a bargain site if you're the type to turn down free money and a better resale value when it comes time to sell it?

        I understand people not liking cyptocurrency, but surely you understand that it can be sold for actual money and that LHR will sell for less than non-LHR in the future? I think you should take those earnings into the equation when working out shipping and other costs.

        • I call this the lazy tax or a misguided desire to be "environmentally friendly".

          Just do some research, its not hard to do this. You can sell your crypto and withdraw to your bank account within minutes using PayID.

          Even if you are not going to hodl the coins, you can always periodically sell it to cash and make money. Mining is very profitable at the moment, this is why cards are at an inflated price to MSRP, its because of these profits, miners are snapping them up bidding the prices up.

        • That's the misconception, I assumes an average person will use a gpu for at least 1 year before resaling, by that time, you can't mine eth anymore so LHR vs non LHR are the same and non LHR will have higher value because people can know that its vram haven't been cooked by eth mining

          Mining or not, really depends on the person. If you're just a normal workers that get paid as an employee, there isn't really much money from mining as you'll get tax too much, or you plan to use your card for many years

          As an Eth miner, there is severe degradation from mining with gddr6x, so they won't last. Nothing is really free

          • @ln28909: You can still mine Eth-Classic

          • @ln28909: There are soooo many other coins you can mine apart from Ethereum.

            Also, my RX 580 8GBs are still going strong. I've been a miner since 2013, during that time, I've only had to claim warranty on one card because something on the board failed. All other warranty claims has been for fan issues. A fan blade broke off, like clean off for one of my cards!

            • @techlead: Just saying, non LHR cards will guarantee better resale than LHR cards to anyone buying it today

              Gddr6x is special, it's very bad for longevity, if this was a 3060ti or 3070 then that's fine

              • @ln28909:

                Gddr6x is special, it's very bad for longevity

                Says who?

                • @bumluffa: Me, I have a reasonable amount of 3080s

                  • @ln28909: And exactly what degradation have you experienced in what amount of time?

                    • +1

                      @bumluffa: 8 moths ago: everything was stable for weeks

                      Today: a few restart per gpu every day while hashing 5-7% less

                      • @ln28909: What memory temps have you been running them on and has it been 24/7?

                        • @bumluffa: Most are 90-100, except for msi at like 108c lol

                          • @ln28909: Did you replace thermal pads? My memory temps dropped from 110C to max 88c with new pads

  • +8


    • I with you, brother!

  • Good deal for people who have been waiting to game for 2 years.

    • +8

      Good deal? $500 over MSRP

      Do you even ozbargain?

      • I just mean compared to one year ago, prices are coming down yes and preferable to wait but at least people can begin to buy now without having to remortgage the home.

      • Apparently he doesn't, he just disabled his account to show he doesn't anymore…

    • No need to wait 2 years to game. Could've picked up a GT 1030 for $100 late last year or a 1650 super for $170 and start gaming at 1080p immediately!

      • +1

        Nah, I'd prefer to wait for a more suitable 1440p card for my 1440p monitors. Thanks for your input though.

      • +2

        Those been waiting 2 years still have to wait for a while I reckon. Even the 1650 Super is now around $470 though. And I don’t think you can seriously game on the 1030.

    • Yep but some are too blind to see that.

  • +5

    Zotac + LHR = 🤢🤮

  • +2

    I can't bring myself to pay more than max 20% over MSRP. Even 20% makes me feel unwell enough to get a covid test.

    $1139 starting MSRP for 3080. So this is still not than 50% higher than MSRP.

    • +1

      You ain't going to see MSRP for the 3080 unless crypto really crashes. I mean like a 80-90% drop. Even at today's prices, it is quite possible to profitably mine with the 3080.

      You get around $7 after electricity costs with each 3080. So at $1139, the payback period for the card assuming constant ETH price is 162.7 days. After that its pure profits after electricity costs. I'd take that deal any day everyday!

      • I have a non LHR 3080 that has interested me to do some mining just for the sake of it. I dipped my toes into using NiceHash but whenever I would run it, my display would conk out and whole PC begin to act really weird so I immediately bailed on that idea. Any tips for a mindless approach like this?

        • +2

          Diasble cpu mining

        • +2

          You are most likely mining with your CPU as well. Don't do that. Go into the "devices" tab and disable mining with your CPU, its not worth it, even if you have a threadripper, you aren't going to be profitable.

          Just mine with your GPU and you'd be fine. Your PC should not slow down. Unless you play games of course, in which case, disable the mining. Don't mine and game at the same time. :D

          Also, do you have the latest drivers? Install that if you don't.

          Nicehash is really good for a beginner.

          • +1

            @techlead: Nice thanks. Just reinstalled and am mining at around 88MH/s stable. I have solar panels so this is just free money :D

          • @techlead: Hmm looks like some more tinkering required - not liking my VRM temps hovering over 100…

            • @Hinee: Woah, VRM temps should not be over 100. What card do you have? You must have a card where the VRAM chips are not touching the heatsink.

              • @techlead: Gigabyte 3080 Eagle 10G. From the mild amount of reading the good range is around 85-90 so I'm not too far off. Looks like if I want to keep doing this I'll need to grab some extra thermal pads for the RAM.

                • +1

                  @Hinee: ahh, Gigabyte 3080, they definitely don't have the chips touching the heatsink, its a design flaw on their part, but it seems its within its normal operating temperatures, so I guess its ok.

                  Having the chips touching the heatsink would be preferred of course.

                  • +1

                    @techlead: Yep - looks like it's time to void the warranty and add some extra thermal pads. I'm reading people having temps dropping from 98 to 84 doing this so you're spot on with where the problem lies. Too bad it will take like 6 months worth of mining profit to pay for these!

      • +1

        For me its too risky having the GPU die and have to wait weeks/months for a RMA or even being refunded instead of sent a replacement.

        • My longest RMA took 3 weeks. They usually take 2 weeks door to door.

          • @techlead: In 2021?
            Direct to manufacturer or via reseller?

            • @reactor-au: Not in 2021. I haven't submitted any RMA's this year. I've always gone via the reseller.

              • @techlead: On reddit the RMA stories for RTX30 series is like a gamers nightmare.

    • 20%?! Unless my livelihood depended on it, it's 0%.

      • I factor in things like AIB partner cards having better coolers than reference, as well as the limited options (needing a GPU just to run productivity like Office and web browsing).

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