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Asus Phoenix GeForce RTX 3060 V2 12GB LHR Graphics Card $849 Delivered @ Centre Com


First post so please be kind :)

I know this is still above MSRP, roughly 50-60%, but I believe it is currently the cheapest 3000 Series card you can pick up.

Keep in mind LHR, but still might be good for people who don’t want to wait any longer.

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    what does LHR mean?

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      It is a new version of the cards that significantly minimises their use for mining crypto.

      I know we don't buy cards for looks much, but this looks like one cute card.

      • +12

        My first thought was that this card was so small and cute, much like my little friend.

        • +2

          I am using GTX 1060 3GB and it's a small one like this too.
          I actually like the size.

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        I've been trying to figure this out but couldn't really find any leads.

        How does LHR actually work?
        How do they differ from their original counterparts?

        I'm wondering because how would you know it wont accidentally flag another compute program and reduce its performance?

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          If people knew how it actually works, I'm sure someone like Gamers Nexus or Linus would've uploaded a video by now explaining how the driver or GPU microcode detects mining algorithms and artificially nerfs itself to make it less profitable to mine. However, you can still mine alt-coins at full speed, so it appears that Nvidia is only targeting ETH mining algorithms and nothing else.

          I'd say it's Nvidia's secret Big Mac sauce which they don't want anyone to know the details of

        • +2

          Mining basically utilises computation using specific cryptographic hash functions / calculations over and over. The likely way NVidia implemented this is that its driver can identify when these calculations are being run, and it then checks the IDs of the chips to see if they are LHR rated chips.

          If it detects that these have these specific IDs, it artificially slows down the calculations (there are various ways to implement this, for example, either by preventing all the compute units from being used or maybe just as simple as a sleep function that basically puts a 'time delay' between every calculation).

          This is a simplification (and partially a guess) of the process but really there are not that many ways to skin this cat. NVidia can get away with it because their drivers are closed source. AMD on the other hand does have open source drivers (at least for Linux) so really, they would have no way of doing this without someone just releasing a modified driver without the limitations.

          As to how it doesn't slow down other functions - in general you rarely will need these hash functions in unless you're encrypting stuff, and even then, only for a few miliseconds here and here throughout the day. It will have no perceivable impact on daily usage of the average user or even most power users. These 'locks' are not implemented on their server parts because you could conceivably actually need it for very specific commercial workloads.

          In addition, not all these possible hash functions are used in actual real world usage - some of the ones used for mining are customised versions of generic hashes (which are possibly not affected).

    • +1

      LHR stands for Low Hash Rate, its a limitation placed upon the card by manufacturers which makes it difficult to use the card for crypto mining purposes. Otherwise it shouldn't have any impact on personal uses like gaming

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        Will if affect rendering videos in After Effects, like if you have a render that would take six hours to complete on a non LHR card, will it take longer on the LHR card?

    • +6

      it is supposed to be useless for crypto mining.
      the problem is this is still too expensive for a LHR.

      • +13

        this is still to expensive for a 3060.

        • +7

          That is a cheap 3060ti / 3070 price.

          • @salin: It's a poor value, for this card in the value segment.

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    Vote with your wallets. If you keep thinking this is a bargain and keep buying them, it'll justify the insane prices the stores sell them on.

    Price reckoning is happening with the amount of second hand cards in the market at the moment. Just wait a few more months

    • +1

      Agree.. but I doubt Australian Market behaviours will make much difference tho. given it's small and elec prices are high so it's not the place for mining. These sellers would just sell them at inflated price somewhere else.

      • I'm curious if someone has ran the numbers on an Oz large solar system in combined with mining rigs.

    • I agree, too bad it's sold out. The 3060 is only +19% better than the base model 2060 that's before LHR.

  • +5

    Shouldn't this card be $5xx?

    On a side note, has anyone read anything about nVid slowing supply of orders now due to the China mining ban in order to try and keep prices high?

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      Hence the disclaimer in the description. I know it’s not ideal, but it is the cheapest and gives people a way who can’t wait any longer to get their hands on a 3000 series card.

      Keep in mind some students/professionals might need this now, rather than in two or three months.

      • +1

        This is more than both new premium consoles tho.

    • +2

      Lets hope nvidia gets smashed in trading for being douches


    • +1

      Agree, any x060 should not excess $499

    • My 2c. I don't think they have any reason to slow, and if anything will try to get lots of cards to market while demand is still high and pricing is inflated. Selling more ahead of AMD FSR gives a bigger userbase for developers to focus on DLSS and AMD owns the console market now. Extra margins across the AIB distribution channel allows future discounting to write down value through incentives… right about the time Super series is rumoured to launch in November.

    • Sounds pretty ridiculous. What would the incentive be?

      NVIDIA has to order their fab space months in advance, so they are already paying for the chips. It only costs them money to store them. Add to that the fact the majority of them are destined for other partners (ASUS, MSI, etc) and sounds like someone with a NVIDIAXE to grind.

  • +13

    I paid the same price for my 1080 in 2016, thats 5 years.

    The 3060 is not much better then a 1080. GPU prices are crazy!

    • Yeah, I hope things get better sooner rather than later. 1080 is still a solid card.

    • You got a GTX1080 the year they launched for $849? damn. I bought mine launch week and if memory serves, it was $1139. I didn't think they got anywhere near $849 till the GTX1080 Ti launched.

      • Aug 2017 and i paid $823 for the Asus ROG Strix GTX1080 8gb 11gbps. I received a 15% off deal as i bought a components for a full system.

        • +1

          Well at that point it had been on the market more than one full year, and the had GTX1080Ti launched and displaced that MSRP price point, making the GTX1080 cheaper.

      • +1

        6 Jul 2016 from Amazon US. EVGA so it had international warranty.

        One of the best purchases I've made considering how long I've have it.

        • Damn good deal. And yeah I still have mine 5 years later too, still a massively respectable card and I plan on retiring it onto a wall-mounted memorial :) ATM it's repurposed in another rig because I was lucky enough to get a launch day 3080… At least this time around buying at launch I can safely say I got a good deal all things considered (Asus TUF 3080, $1399)

    • I got my 3070 for around this price christmas last year with thanks to that mystery shopping express sale. Magical best timing I think.

  • +10

    3070 for this price would be ideal.

    • +4

      give it a couple of months. Price is dropping overseas for cards.

    • +4

      No, just a ok price.

      • Maybe 3070 Ti :)

      • -2

        Why would it be an okay price? It would be fantastic. You need to remember that FE pricing never really existed. It's AIO or nothing now. You will realistically be paying $900-$1100 for a 3070 if there were no supply issues.

    • Even a 3070 for that price would be a little much, that's how crazy the inflated prices are.

  • +4

    Beware: a small cooler with a single fan is going to result in this card getting hot and noisy. At default specs it draws 170W, just 10W less than a GTX1080, which featured long coolers with 2 or even 3 fans.

    • +2

      i have the PNY xlr8 single fan

      3060 with 1 fan is fine

      • +1

        For you maybe. Depends on what you do with it (power draw), what case you have and how far away it is (noise volume) and your tolerance for noise.

        • +1

          i game on it maxing it out. its ina 3.4L itx sandwich case

          right next to me since its my portable rig

          • +1

            @furythree: You don't mind a bit of fan noise then haha.
            I like mine to be as silent as possible as it's also right next to me and I don't use headphones, for example I have my low-rpm case fans under-voted to 7V to further reduce noise.
            Higher boost clocks (flagship variant only available with beefy coolers), especially maintaining them under load is an added bonus.

  • +19

    I paid $750 for a GTX1080 5 years ago, which still performs better than this.
    Screw this tech monopoly, hold and don't let these greedy US tech company rip you off

    • Yea, I got a 6 month old used flagship 1070 Ti still under warranty as new condition with all packaging for $400 3 years ago and it's crazy to think that after several years of use and 2 generations of newer cards that it's held value and potentially even gone up in price…

    • +10

      Screw this tech monopoly, hold and don't let these greedy US tech company rip you off

      That's not what's going on, at least not completely. It's a combination of factors:
      - Next generation of GPUs which are a pretty big upgrade especially if you skipped the previous gen or two of GPUs. Higher demand than usual
      - COVID which caused lots of people to need to work from home and realise their home setup isn't very good so far more people upgrading which lead to a silicon chip shortage. Nvidia and AMD can't produce more
      - Crypto-currency boom. Miners buying up lots of GPUs including used older-gen models. They aren't hesitant to pay way over RRP because they need to cash in while booming

      These three factors have pushed GPUs to crazy expensive. Thankfully it appears to be coming down, wait a few more months and we'll see some normal prices

      • +2

        Not only that, the chip shortage is affecting automobiles, appliances, medical devices in fact everything.

        The GPU situation has just been made a little worse due to crypto.

        • +1

          The cryto has definitely taken a toll which is especially apparent in the second hand market.
          Look on eBay and Gumtree and you'll find only a few high end previous generation GPUs at double to triple the price they should be

        • The crypto situation has pretty much driven GPU pricing. They were being bought and smuggled by the pallet load.

    • +2

      Nvidia will never ever make that mistake again…. Value for money at the higher end won't ever happen again!

    • How did you get a GTX1080 the year it launched for $750 AUD?

      • +1

        Ebay 20% off deal

        • So normal price


    • I feel you buddy. It seems like the top end cards are better valve for money than value cards at the moment.

    • +10

      Hardly useless when the cards from 5 years back are just as powerful as this card yet cost less when they were new. You've clearly missed that point.

  • +22



    • +6

      i know right. Ozb is just mostly 'in stock' posts.

      • It's been covered 100x though: what if you need a card now. We can't all live in the past/future

  • i Paid $680 for my 1080 you can stick this card where the sun dont shine Nvidia, HOLD for another 5 years

  • +1

    At this point I’d just wait for the Steam deck to be released here and buy that.

    • +3

      Kind of a totally different product but ok

  • +2

    when its back down the RRP of 599 then let me know.

    • +9

      I just want to buy something like a 1660ti for about $300, like the old days, not everyone is a hardcore gamer.

      • +1

        300 lol good luck getting that price even a used one sets you back 500 bucks.

        • I picked up 10 1660 Supers for $300 a piece like a year ago, the good old days.

      • So mad I didn't buy a card during black friday last year.

        • Same with me. I saw a few 3080s going for $1350 and was thinking nah that's too much.

      • 300 a used rx570

  • It is LHR so you probably better off going for AMD
    I sold my 3080 and looking to downgrade to 3060 ended up with 6700xt nitro for $950 .
    Honestly, it gave me better performance in warzone compared to my 3080 for some reasons ( 150 fps average compared to 130-140 average on 3080 max setting 1440p )
    Very happy with the card and only thing i missed 3080 is nvidia filter .

    • +1

      I think the main reason gamers go nvidia is for RTX over dxr and dlss over…fidelityfx? Whatever amd called it.

  • Can someone explain how they can do lhr and affect mining but not affect gaming?

    • +10

      There's a button on the card that says "allow mining" and they took that button off.

      • +5

        I just re-soldered a 3rd party button from Jaycar onto my 3060 and now have FHR

        • I used the 'turbo' button from an old 386

          • +1

            @mwalks: Or earlier.
            My sharp had 6mhz/8mhz.

            Still don't understand who/why people would operate at a lower speed. The loudest part was the HDD.

  • Thanks God I bought 1080 ti last time, no way on the planet I will pay for 60 series card with that kind of Money. Fyou crypto currency I hope it will crash even more. It mess up not only computing hardware but silicon industry as a whole, not to mention this is heaven for criminals to louder their money and freely doing their illegal business.

  • +3

    Lovely price gouge. This is a 350-400 dollar card TOPS, gtx 960, 1060, 2060, 3060 all really mid range stuff. I paid less for my 1080ti.

  • So you can't use the leaked driver to unlock the hashrate on these like the release 3060's?

  • +1

    Bought an oem 1080 about 3 years ago for 400. No desire to upgrade that's for sure!

  • +6

    LHR and far from being a 'bargain'. We need to vote with our wallets and not accept this nonsense.

    • Got any deals?

  • +1

    You’ll have my upvote but I am holding on too my wallet

  • -1

    Bitcoin is going back to $5000 aud so these will be $299 soon.

  • +2

    For the people complaining about the price, it's now sold out………..