[Unobtainable Deal] Singer Bread Maker $0 + Delivery @ Singer

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Note: Code takes $20 off before shipping costs, no minimum spend. Credit to reveeg

Really just a yolo buy, you'll need to hack the recipes to make your bread. Good to see Singer provides some instructions on bread making on the product page now. Cheapest price ever? Perhaps. Enjoy the lockdown bread making y'all.

Mod: Deal not honoured, purchases have been cancelled and refunded. See discussion.

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    Shipping kills the deal.

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      Default shipping option $180 :-)
      Parcel post $44 to WA. - last year it was $25 shipping for 2.

      These are good machines, but make a very small loaf. Ideal for single/couple, not families.
      Note that there is no "dough only" option on these. You need to set an alarm and turn it off before bake starts.

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        I have this one, from the last sale. How long do you leave it mixing before turning it off (before bake starts)?

  • Bread Maker - Easy Bread × 1 $14.50
    Subtotal $14.50
    PREMIUM: $109.43
    EXPRESS: $29.26
    Total $94.89 (includes $8.63 GST)

    • $20 to ship is sort of reasonable given the dimensions but yeah… $15 item that takes $20 ship is ehhh

    • Hm.. am I the lucky one?

      Product Total
      Bread Maker - Easy Bread × 1 $14.50
      Subtotal: $14.50
      Shipping: $8.54 via PARCEL POST + SIGNATURE
      Payment method: PayPal
      Total: $23.04 (includes $2.10 GST)

      • yeah lol do people live in the sticks???

        EXPRESS POST + SIGNATURE: $11.10
        PARCEL POST + SIGNATURE: $6.89
        EXPRESS: $22.33

        Total $21.39 (includes $1.95 GST)


        • My postage is also $6.89

          • @Klang: I'm guessing the cheap postage is only for those in NSW

            Metro SA here and the shipping options are

            EXPRESS POST + SIGNATURE: $102.92
            PARCEL POST + SIGNATURE: $24.29
            PREMIUM: $192.79
            EXPRESS: $29.62

            No idea why parcel post is only $5 less than Express.

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          Melbourne postage is expensive :(

          Tempted to buy another one as I love using my one nearly every second day but would be sad if it died

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      • If you deselect "Extra Cover" the shipping comes down to $6.89 (Sydney) meaning total price is $21.39 :-)

        • I think you guys are getting the Sydney lockdown extra shipping discount!

          Melbs is $21.09 ish (+ the $14.50)

          Maybe our lockdown discount hasn't kicked in yet…

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      $35 for a breadmaker is still good.

    • These are the same figures I got for Brisbane. :(

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    Lack of motivation is killing it for me..

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      It's not fancy, but it's cheap…

  • $41 shipping to Perth Metro

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    Singer Bread Maker $14.50

    Sew what ???

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      i thought it was funny.

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    Bought one last year. Made one loaf and I remembered I don't like bread from a bread maker.

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      You are doing it wrong then. Did you use bakers flour? Plain flour does not have enough protein (gluten).
      Did you use the right yeast?

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        Yes, and yes.

        I periodically make baguettes to the traditional recipe, a task that takes around 5 hours. So I'm familiar with most of the hard flours out there yeast options.

        One of the main constraints of bread makers is that you can only work with a single hydration level. The flour to water ratio must be exact for the hook to knead the dough. I tend to prefer higher hydration doughs.

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          you can hack the machine to trick it into not providing water, then add your own amount. something with taping the floating magnet at the back. there's a few youtube videos and comments on here form previous deals.

          I bought it and use it to make bread whenever we want to avoid heading to the shops, takes 2-3hours to bake so a bit of preempting is required.

          certainly got my moneys worth out of it.

          • @conork: Ok thanks…..but as with all bread makers, they need to have a very precise ratio between flour and water or it won't mix effectively.

          • @conork: Could you use a smart switch to turn it on overnight to wake up with fresh bread?

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              @Presence: it has a delay function so dont need smart switch. Be warned its really noisy at start so if your kitchen is near your bedroom likely to wake u at 4 am…

      • Do you have this exact unit? let me know if you have a recipe as the ones I'm using so far aren't working

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          bread-flour, salt, yeast and water. That's bread.
          Check after a few minutes mixing if you have the flour:water ratio right.
          I've only done white bread in the Singer. Start with that as other flours can be trickier.

          • @manic: How do you check? I haven't tried but I thought some people said the unit locks until it completes the program.

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              @Jackson: You can open the lid and trap-door while mixing.

              Will try a loaf now.
              I notice an error in the photo-copied instructions. Its says a "pinch of salt". You need more like 1/2 teaspoon if using flour (not mix which is already salted).
              A "pinch" is nothing.

    • Half of the pleasure is waking up to the smell of baking through the house in the morning.
      And depending on your recipe, you can do whatever you please. Maybe you should change your recipe/mix.

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    I bought a couple from the last deal.

    Needed a bit of trial and error on the ratio of ingredients for the first few tries but now got it making perfect bread.

    Great value for money in my opinion.

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      Can U share ur recipe?

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        340g laucke bread flour mix (Buy from Coles/woolies, I have tried Wholemeal, Multigrain and German Grain)
        0.75 Teaspoon Bread Improver (I use Lotus brand from amazon)
        0.5 Teaspoon Yeast (comes with the flour)
        4 Tablespoon Powder Milk (I use Coles brand)
        Water - whatever the machine automatically feeds in (I think it's 200ml)

        The reason why I use 340g is because the flour comes in 2.4kg boxes and I can get 7 loaves.

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          EDIT: Should be
          1.5 Teaspoon Bread Improver (I use Lotus brand from amazon)
          1 Teaspoon Yeast (comes with the flour)

          • @Miyagi: I've made 3 loaves of bread now in this loosely following you recipe, 2 using Germain Grain and 1 using standard wholemeal flour but I'm having some issues. Firstly, the loaf is on the small size and it's an odd shape. It isn't a nice square loaf. Not sure why, but could be due to the loaf not rising enough. I used standard dry yeast, not sure if that's the same as the stuff that comes in the Lauke box? Also I didn't have the bread improver. Also the tin that came with it is a bit bent, so not sure if that's causing an issue.

            At the end of the day, between the odd/small shape of a slice, the useless bits because the shape is too off, and the higher density of the bread making it unsuitable for sandwiches in my opinion, it's not useful to me. Hoping I'm doing something wrong and you can set me straight or I'll be trying to take it back

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              @Jackson: I can confirm that I'm using the dry yeast that came with the Laucke flour. I highly recommend that you get the bread improver, it makes a world of difference.
              My loaves initially did not rise much and was too dense.
              My recipe gives me a nice square loaf, it rises to just beyond the top of the tin and the consistency is fluffy and airy. Another note is that I use the light crust setting (looks like bread icon with no shading in the middle). You can also try (manually) adding another 30ml of water.
              Here's a link to the bread improver I use.

              • @Miyagi: Thanks mate, I will have a crack at it, hopefully it comes good

        • 340g laucke bread flour mix

          Note that this " bread mix" is flour plus salt, improver and maybe sugar. No point adding more if buying the mix.

          the flour comes in 2.4kg boxes

          That's a bit expensive. I normally buy the 10kg bags. Does 20 full-size loaves, or 30 "Singer-size".

          • @manic: I disagree with your first point. It has changed my bread from dense and uneatable to light, fluffy and airy.
            I guess YMMV.

            • @Miyagi: Ah, I see you add lots of milk-powder to your bread. Yuck! :-)
              Are you trying to reproduce American sliced milk-loaf? I prefer European style.
              Shop sliced-bread ("Wonderbread") is made with extreme kneading, which cannot be done in a home machine.

              • @manic: I add powdered milk as recommended by another poster. It helps the bread to rise more and will also increase shelf life. Obviously optional. I don't notice any change in taste but each to their own.

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                  @Miyagi: Legends, thanks for your input, I managed to make a decent loaf today, good enough to keep the unit. Looking forward to now perfecting the art. I feel like the thing that got it over the line was the bread improver, I'm still not 100% sure what's in that but it seemed to make a big difference. I will probably try to remove the milk powder just because it may be unnecessary cos shelf life isn't a problem at my place, but if I see it rise less I will put it back in.

                  @Manic just checking you mentioned that you you get 10kg bags, which ones/where/how much? Thanks for the tip with the salt also. Also I don't think the bread mix has improver in it, but the satchel that comes with it for the yeast might.

                  Do you guys make anything else in this thing e.g. cakes etc? I need it to do as much as it can so I can justify the space in the kitchen or it will get turfed :-)

  • Does it have three speeds?

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      only overlocker option.

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    Bought 2 last time. First up, would mix but no bake. OK so baked in oven. Then after few times door wouldn't open. So sits on the bench waiting 1) For The Hulk 2) For next trip to the Tip…2nd machine just gave away. No idea if it works.
    Waste of money.

    • The door won't open if it is mid cycle.

      But I didn't know it would knead only.


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      Something not right here. I put all the ingredients in, press start and 130 minutes later I got freshly baked bread…

  • How is this compare to this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/638363

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    I purchased one during one of the last sales: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/580273

    Like many others in that thread, after a while it started tripping the circuit breaker and can no longer be used. I did get a full refund though.

    Much better to spend the money on one that won't end up in the landfill.

    • Hi, how did you get your full refund? Mine is also still tripping, but it seems that for some it is working fine, so I am still considering getting a replacement, but I called them and they said I had to go into their office in Seven Hills, NSW.

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        I called them up quite a while ago to get the refund.

        My problem was within the first 2 minutes of kneading. I believe it turns the heating elements on periodically to have an internal temperature around 40*c to help the yeast and that it was on the first turn on from a cold start that caused the RCD tripping.

        I find that it sometimes worked when I pointed a hairdryer into it for a few minutes to get it warm before use. So might be worth trying that.

        I found that 'fix' as I read that wet heating elements can cause RCD tripping and that people would dry their oven element out to remedy the issue (if they were wet). I found that even when the elements were dry (by making sure they were dry and doing a dry run of the bread machine with no water), that the circuit breaker would still trip if the elements weren't a bit warm when they turned on, and that's how I figured out the hairdryer trick.

  • 1 Unit per customer limit

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      Damn, I was going to be 400 of them and open my own bakery.

      • "to be or not to be"?

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    Its a stitch up…

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    If you're into serious bread making this has very limited application.

    I bought one last time @ ~$20, but it is now put away.

    BTW, if you get one, best to have kitchen scales at hand. Measure exactly 360 grams of Laucke's bread mix, put it in the bowl, fill the water reservoir to the mark & insert it, start the machine. About 2 hours later you'll have a decent loaf with a big hole in the bottom

    If I can give a plug, I use a 10yr old Kogan machine to prep bread dough. It has constant use. We haven't bought shop or bakery bread for nearly 2 years now.

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      what's the big hole about? Do I want a big hole?

      • +1

        Holes can be useful. But not in bottom of your freshly backed bread :-D

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          Like warm apple pie…

    • So I don't need the bread improver of the powerdered milk like @Miyagi was saying? Mine came today so looking to use it asap

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        Bread improver is highly recommended for a light fluffy loaf. Makes it rise up to 30% more I'd say. I don't bake without it now I've tried both with and without

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    Sorry guys.

    I have one of these and have never been able to make any bread!

    Tried few times and it's at the corner of the basement now getting dust!

    • They included a separate instruction sheet with the one I bought. Note that standard instructions don't work because you need the special "packages".

      My instructions are above. If you do that and the machine is functional you will get pretty decent little loaf.

      • I couldn't find your instruction. can you send it here?

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      I'm sure these machines will last as long as old Singer sewing machines do. When 2121 rolls around our ancestors will be using these same bread machines, I'm certain of it.

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    These are terrible machines. I got last time but nothing but issues. Tripped my home safety switch multiple times trying to use. One time it tripped mid mixing with door locked. Was able to open after multiple attempt to clean up the dough. Final straw when it baked and average loaf bread after I followed instruction and bread over proved and baked bread sticking to roof of machine and it somehow clogged the water inlet nozzle too. I cleaned up and next use the machine just leaked water everywhere and tripped safety switch again. A reason why so cheap. It's expensive junk. Contacted Singer and just got a refund. Potentially very dangerous machine.

    • Did they refund the shipping too?

  • Thanks OP. Mum had been bugging me to get her a bread maker of some variety.

  • Confirm that this is an electric hazard. Can’t bake a load without tripping the power.

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    This has become a long thread….

    • Tried giving you plus 10 votes……

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    I found an active coupon code 'singer20' which actually takes -$20 of the shopping cart so I was able to buy the bread maker for $21.09 which is just the parcel post cost to Melbourne

    • +1

      Thanks got one for $11.10 to Sydney, don't know why I already have the ALDI in the garage.

  • If this Singer same as that Singer that make sewing machine

    • Then what now if it is?

  • $6.89 delivered to Sydney using the code, sadly it's more for Vic, Qld etc

    • $6.89 delivered to Sydney using the code

      I got $11.10 may be difference area.

      EDIT: I selected Express Post, oh well.

    • Same, but don't think I bother to get one since the reviews from majority ozbargainers.

  • How much is shipping to nsw

    • Depends on your area, mine is $6.89. And if you use the code 'singer20', you actually get the machine for free and only paying for shipping.

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    Total = $6.89 delivered


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    my total was $6.89 delivered

  • I ordered one last year and it was junk. We gave it half a dozen goes and only once it didn't trip the circuit breaker. Singer gave a refund and the machine went in the bin.

  • Tripping hazard, I return this during the previous deal.

    • well be glad the bread is the only thing ending up extra toasty instead of the one using said appliance. but yeah that is a worry if it trips the circuit breaker.

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    The website is being hammered

  • +3

    website is super laggy right now

  • "Coupon usage limit has been reached. Please try again after some time, or contact us for help".

  • 504 Gateway Time out

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    Do they send them Australia Post?

    • +1

      Yes, mine was shipped parcel post. Shipped an hour ago from Seven Hills.

      • Did you receive it yet?

        We got cancel and refund.

        • Yep received mine earlier today. Just baking a test loaf right now. I paid $14.50 for it and didn't use the $20 off voucher though.

  • What's a good bread maker, unlike this one?

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      One that has a collapsible kneading paddle so you don't end up with a hole in the loaf.

      Breville BBM600 is an oldie but goodie. It has all the bells and whistles such as the collapsible paddle, many different functions/loaf sizes/can knead pizza dough, window into the oven with a light so you can see what's going on and it's make of all metal so it looks nice too.

      I purchased one on FB marketplace for around $40 after I got rid of this one. I then went low carb and sold it on for the same as I bought it for. It made a great loaf though.

      • +1

        Thanks very much for the suggestion mate.

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