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LG OLED55C1PTB 55” 4K TV $2156 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Decent prices on the C1 series OLEDs.

48” $1916
55” $2156
65” $2956
77” $5596

Free delivery to select areas for a limited time.

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  • +6

    Boxing Day is lookin' good!

    • Crumbs yes.

    • How do you know it's on backorder? Shows as in stock at my local store.

      • It's only in stock in a few select stores like Merrylands, Shellharbour etc.

  • 77 is same price as TGG sale the other day

    • Oh sorry I’ve been looking at the 55 myself so know it’s a decent price. Just assumed the 77 would also be a reasonable discount but maybe it’s nothing special.

  • Only released 2 months ago and the price of the 55" is already lower than the lowest ever CX price.

    In fact it must be pretty close to the lowest ever C series price?

    • +3

      I miss the days of $1800 55” C series!

      • +2

        I got it just under $1800 for C9 but with what's going on C1 is actually very good price.

  • Buy 65+.

  • +1

    Damn do I feel like a sucker for buying the CX 48" late last year.

  • Very good price for C1 so far!

  • Holy crap! Bought the 55" about a month ago for $2500 thinking that was a steal. You'd be insane to buy any other TV at this price!!!

    • +1

      brought 55bx over a month ago for 1880 before any discount. 65c1 would be ideal if i could wait. anyway, guess i will stick with it for couple of years.maybe grab a C3,C4 in the future.

  • oh damn, C1 48" or 55" as a computer monitor hmm

    • +1

      i have a 55inch CX and I thought maybe I can get away with using this as a monitor. Not a chance! its way to big to sit in front of

      • bought the 48" anyways, time to wall mount it and move the desk a bit further I guess. CANT WAIT

      • I bought the Dell Alienware 55" monitor and I have a reasonably deep desk. But it is definitely waaaaay to big.
        Currently on a Samsung 49" G9 ultra wide and thinking the 48" would be the ideal size. Shame I missed this!

    • Both would be a bad choice for a monitor

  • Is this an all time low for the C1 48" and 55"?

  • Think I'm going to pull the trigger. How do I get cheap JB gift cards?

  • +1

    Snagged this. I’ve had my eye on it for months. I simply can’t pass it up for this price.

  • Does the C1 come with a mounting bracket or was that G1?

    • +1

      Not C1

      • Thanks bud

    • G1 has the mounting bracket.

  • Thanks OP snagged the 55 :’)

  • Bought it last week from JB HIFI for 2550 after getting them to pricematch Appliance Central. Do they offer any kind of refund or just the price for impatience?

    • +5

      Replying to myself! Popped in to JB HIFI with my receipt, difference refunded no questions asked as the purchase was within 14 days.

      • Same here, purchased just under 3 weeks ago and got difference refunded today, although in my case I negotiated the ability to price adjust within a month at the time of purchasing the TV. Paid entirely in 10% off Ultimate Home gift cards.
        The refund had to go back on a gift card but that was to be expected, at least now I’ve got a couple hundred dollars I can use at JB Hifi with 10% off 😁

  • I bought the Hisense 55q8 for $900 this month. Spewing as this is what I was after. Shouldn't compromise in life.

    • This TV is double price though. I think you still got a good deal on the 55Q8.

    • Saaaaaame! Still tempted to snap this one up!

  • I finally pulled the trigger after watching the price for the past 10 months…

  • Wow, these are insane prices - been wanting one of these in 48 or 55 (still cant decide) since they came out.

    My one question is can it still be delivered within Sydney during this lockdown or are all deliveries off until it ends? Would love to get this now since we're getting told it could go another 6-8 weeks but the thought of having my new TV sitting in a warehouse gathering dust is too awful to think about.

    • Oh well, hope the delivery can happen because I just grabbed a 55" with an extra 5% discount via Perkbox… even if I have to wait weeks for it at that price ($2048) it's going to be worth it.

  • (profanity) i paid 2700 for my CX in November :(

  • +1

    If anyone missed this deal, I just quoted this to the JB Hi-Fi phone sales guy and he got it down to $2285.

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