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LG OLED65C1PTB C1 65” 4K UHD Smart TV $2956 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Best retail price to date for this model. Get it if you’ve been procrastinating! At this price, ditch the LCD!

Free delivery to select areas for a limited time.

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        • My Samsung plasma from 2010 still going strong. Upgrading this year will be bitter sweet.

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            @theory: Don't they double as a nice heater in winter too?

        • I just took the plunge and it will be replacing a TH-50PZ800A which is still going strong after 13 years.
          Now I just have to figure out what to do with it…

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      Same, this'll finally retire my Samsung plasma

    • Same as me. The only bad thing about my Pana plasma is that it can’t get HD channels on TV, other than that it’s still going strong. I feel bad sending it into retirement, but the time has come to move it on.

    • I recently replaced my beloved 11yr old pana plasma with a 65" c1. I was worried as my lounge is very bright and reports were they aren't great in bright rooms, well out of the box it just blew my plasma out of the water for brightness and PQ, sun shining directly on the TV and it still viewable. After tweaking the settings referencing the multitude of config sites the picture is simply outstanding. SD fta tv looks OK, HD fta looks pretty good. 4k netflix and Dolby vision content looks amazing, if I knew how good it was I would have bought years ago.

  • This is the price I've been waiting for! Our new house should be ready in 2-3 weeks. Does anyone know if I can pay a deposit and request for a specific delivery date? I guess my best bet is to call my local JB?

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      Most stock is back ordered so should be fine i think. Call store n check.

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      Stock is on back order. Once you buy, you will receive an email telling you that the TV won’t land into the warehouse until 30th August and then delivery will be after that, so we’re all looking at early September delivery.

      • I just got an email saying that the TV won't be in stock until 6/9. This works perfectly for me since I'm not in a hurry. For those wondering, I'm in NSW.

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    Great prices!

    I’m absolutely loving my 65” CX that I purchased only a few months ago but the newer C1 model is already rolling cheaper than the previous model clearance prices!

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    I finally jumped in after after 1.5yrs of watch OLED deals go by.
    Upgrading from a 6yr old ALDI TV.

  • Anyone have experience with canceling a pending order with TGG? Purchased the other day but I’ll be saving approx $300 with this deal

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      Just call them and ask for price difference?

    • Yes. They cancelled and price matched :)

      • Got knocked back and told to email for a cancellation. Seems like an odd process.

  • Sh*t, bought eofy paid 3400ish

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    Thanks OP, trigger has been pulled!

    I used SmartSpending app/Reward Gateway from my employer benefits for further 5% off, as it said instant delivery (which it was)

  • how long is this sale going for?

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      Until tomorrow 17th July 2021.

  • Bought for 400 more 3 weeks back, guess jb don’t offer price protection?

  • Oh lawwwwwd I can’t stop thinking about buying it this time. Do we reckon it’ll drop further? Don’t need it until November (new house).

    • just wait, easier to get it delivered to new house anyway.

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    Guys is there a massive difference?

    I was initially looking at the 65" Hisense 65Q8 but now saw this.

    Is it worth paying 2.5x more for an oled?

    What I use my TV for:
    Watching news
    Sports on free to air TV
    Nintendo Switch

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      If you want the best and really value picture quality. Black levels, off axis viewing. The OLED is the best of the best..

  • Do JB offer interest free?

  • Listed as out of stock this morning with no mention of delivery timeframe when going through the checkout motions (prior to paying). Not happy with the idea of paying and having no clue when they'll order & deliver.

  • Jesus..Do these guys have this many units??

  • Is it worth buying gift cards to pay for this and get the cashback? I'm thinking that the advantages of paying with a credit card incl. extra year of warranty and refund in case of cancellation

    Update: decided that the extra year of warranty is worth more than the cashback. Also, OLED is worth paying the extra for compared to other xLED technologies

    • How much did ya pay for the extra warranty?

    • Extra warranty from a credit card is a bit of fluff really. ACL covers a TV for up to 5 years regardless of stated warranty.

      • It's much more straightforward to claim an extra year of warranty from credit cards than to negotiate with the manufacturer based on ACL guidelines

        • Possibly. But all you're doing is 1 year on top of 1 year, it's not much. But sure its personal preference and you still have ACL to fall back on. For what its worth I've had TV repairs done at least twice i can recall under ACL and it was pretty easy, no more difficult than process i went through with official extended warranty.

  • Awesomeness, just got one by using my stashed him cards from last year when it was on sale!

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    For anyone that can't wait till September for delivery, I just called Harvey Norman and although they wouldn't 100% price match they dropped their price to $3095 inc. delivery.
    Seeing as I'm planning on some 28 Degrees depreciation over the next 12 months and will have it delivered on Monday it was enough to pull the trigger on cancelling the JB order.

    • care to share a receipt? i was quoted they couldn't price match (or offer $3095) because JB was on backorder for delivery.

      • Sounds like it's more of a problem with individual store policy for backorders rather than price matching, might be worth calling a different store.

        With the guy I spoke to over the phone, I explained that I'd placed an order with JB but wouldn't arrive till Sept and that I'd be willing to cancel that order if he could match it or at least get close.

        • Yeah i've called quite a few places and the closest i've gotten was 3.4k… not much of a discount haha. If possible was hoping to see if Harvey Norman would match your order, would you be comfortable sharing a receipt without personal details? I'm a bit too impatient for September during lockdown and a PS5 haha

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            @m0nk3ych33z: Here’s some more ammo for you (haven’t been emailed the proper invoice yet):


            Good luck!

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              @Summer28: Why did you rub out the discount reason? A sales rep seeing this would say you're probably a staff member getting the staff discount.

              • @Sharp: I'm still trying but not having much luck at the moment haha. All seem to say lower than cost price/can't pricematch online orders. Any spins some of you folk are having to get an order through haha?

                • @m0nk3ych33z: Are you trying online chat? I simply asked for a price match and after a bit of checking they did it for me. Give that a whirl over calling an individual store.

                  • @Summer28: yeah been through 6 operators online. all say out of stock and that they cant price match or get anywhere close to it (3300-3500). i wonder if a transcript of the conversation would work, appreciate if you dont want to share though. :)

                    • @m0nk3ych33z: I haven’t got a transcript saved. But all I said was something like JB have the C1 65” OLED for $2965, free postage, can you match it and the rep asked for a link, I gave it to him, he asked if I wanted to buy now as it was popular and may sell out soon, I said yes and that my local HN had stock according to their website, he gave me the code. Was very very straightforward!!

                      • @Summer28: All good - it sounds identical to my story, hoping someone nice might come online tonight haha

              • @Sharp: All that’s been blocked out is a code. No ‘reason’ is listed there, just a discount code the HN rep generated for me.

                • @Summer28: Yeah I tried the above and they told me that they couldn't do it because it was out of stock.

                  Tried to press them, go the same answer

    • Thank you for this. Went on live chat with HN and was able to get $3015 delivered, locked in for Monday. Happy to pay a bit extra to get it sooner!! Live chat took about 45mins but worth it!

    • Thanks! As others have commented, went through live chat. They said delivery couldn't be included, so total including delivery was $3015. Haven't cancelled my JB order yet until I get confirmation of a date.

      • Gave a call to my local HN who was happy to price match and delivery for next week. But had to pay 69 for delivery

      • Called JB and received the following letter:

        This email is to inform you that your ordered item is currently out of stock at our Distribution Centre.
        We can confirm the estimated time of arrival at the warehouse for this item is 06/09* (*subject to change) and we will be in touch once the item is in stock to arrange a delivery time.

        Please note: It's not possible to change colour or model of the item on this order, a request to cancel would be required and new order placed.

        Please respond if you are happy to wait for the item to arrive, or if you prefer to cancel.

  • I have a 65" LG C7 OLED. Its about 4 years old now. Is it worth upgrading?

    Is there a huge gulf in PQ or just incremental?

  • After much consideration, I bought one! Much excite. Such wow.

  • I ordered the TV but JB just emailed me and said there will be no stock until the 30th of Aug…should I cancel my order?

  • Thank you for that OP!

    Used two $500 gift cards (thanks to OzBargain for the Telstra deals), which allowed me to justify the purchase as it wasn't even $2k!

  • Can someone please help me out. Where can I find a decent entertainment unit which is sturdy enough (~180cm) which won't break the bank? I'm trying to avoid particle board units as I'm not sure they'll hold the tv

    • They will hold. These OLED TVs are so light compared to the CRTs

      • I was reading some reviews which suggested unit was bending in middle for an unspecified 65" and worried me a little

    • I have the LG C1 65" on one of these https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/fjaellbo-tv-bench-black-3033929... and it holds up the TV without trouble. The TV is definitely pretty heavy and most the weight is concentrated into the middle as the stand weighs a fair bit, so as long as you have a stand that has good support in the centre, you should be fine.

  • +2

    Sale over - price back to $3695

  • Ended up buying it in the end, but don't have any ETA from JB when they will get it in stock and they took all the money upfront which is a little annoying. Would have been better if they offered a small deposit first

    • Same - but they didn't take the money from my account. Weird..

      • Oh that's odd, I paid via my Coles mastercard credit card and it's in my pending transactions

  • +2

    Ordered Friday night and just got an SMS saying expected delivery tomorrow. Yay. I'm in SA

  • Do yall know when prices will ever be like this? I happened to be TV hunting on the 17th and didnt realise the sale was going to end soon. I hadn't TV hunted since 2018 so i bookmarked the C1 and after spending the last 2 days researching, I found it was hands down the best TV for my PS5 just barely within my budget, but the sale is over :'(

  • Was sent an email a couple of days ago confirming a September delivery. Received a message today that delivery is ready. Did many people cancel upon hearing the long delivery date which freed up some stock?

    • Very nice! What state did you order from and when did you order? That might be exciting news for some!

      • NSW, ordered last Friday 16 July about 7pm. Hopefully the early xmas messages are coming in for others.

        • same here, also NSW, email for Sep delivery but arrived this morning and got no message saying so

  • JB seem to have dropped the 65” c1 from their website.

  • Anyone who purchased from this deal willing to share a receipt?

  • Can anyone recommend a good wall mount to go with the C1?

  • Anybody gotten any emails/messages from JB in regards to a delivery yet?

    • +1

      I sent a message last night for an update. JB confirmed stock this morning and my delivery is set for Monday.

      Thanks for your order for LG C1 65" Self Lit OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV.

      Great news! Your item is in stock and ready to be processed.

      Deliveries are now available from Monday 30/08 onwards - Please confirm your preferred delivery date by replying to this email.

  • Received mine today. Western Sydney, NSW. No email, just got a text last night saying delivery is today. Didn't even give me an option to select date and time. But very happy! Can't wait to move in to the new house soon and plug in this beauty and the PS5!

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