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Xiaomi Viomi S9 Robot Vacuum w/ Auto Empty Station - $549 (Save $450 off RRP) Delivered @ Mi Store & PCByte


Price drop by $50 with free shipping still applicable.

Same price available at PCByte.

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  • Was the white model never released for the Australian market?

    • Yes looking at all the online shops, no white available for AU.

    • I want white colour too

  • Will mi-store ship out faster than PC Byte? Ordered through them the other day but after reading reviews, a little concerned it's going to take forever to arrive.

    • I ordered on PCByte and received mine yesterday. I'm in Sydney

      • Did you get a shipped notification? I haven't heard anything form them.

        • Nah no notification.

      • What day did you order?

        • i ordered from pcbyte on 13/7 evening, received it 16/7. also in sydney

          • @hongerwonger: Truuue. Did it move from 'Processing' during that at all? Mine's showing that since 13/7 also, but i'm in QLD.

            • @connsole: I actually didn't receive any info after the order confirmation. Was quite surprised when it arrived. The senders address is in greater Sydney so I'm guessing it'll take a little longer to get up to QLD

    • Mi store took forever last deal to even send out. Took about 2 weeks to receive.

    • I ordered mine Saturday 17th and received it in Wednesday 21st from PCByte. It was shipped direct from Ingram micro. I also got the shipping notification after I actually recurved it

  • Is this an Australian model, anybody know what’s in the box, mops, pads, etc?

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      Package Contents

      1 x Robot Vacuum Cleaner
      1 x Automatic Suction Station
      1 x Water Tank
      2 x Side Brush
      10 x Single-use mop
      1 x Mop (Reusable)
      3 x Dust Bag

      • Thanks, does it come with an Australian plug?

        • +1

          Assuming it is sold at MI AU store, it should.

        • +2

          Yes it does.

  • What is the expectations from one of these robo vacuums? I'm moving to a small apartment with mostly carpeted floors. Could I buy one of these instead of a regular vacuum, or do you need both?

    • +1

      These are better at hard floors, high pile carpet isn't likely to get deep cleaned by robot vacuums.

    • +4

      I'm in the same situation and got the Roborock S6 Pure in the Amazon prime sale. Totally carpeted apartment (I'd say medium pile? Definitely deeper than office carpet) other than tile in bathroom and kitchen.

      It's been amazing; basically just keeps it all looking nice at all times. It won't get the edges at the walls and corners so you still need a regular vacuum for that, but feels like I'd only need to do that quickly maybe once a month or so. The robovac takes about 30 minutes to do our 2-bedroom unit and I let it go every 3 days.

      Value for me is I don't feel like I need to worry about cleaning up before guests anymore. Surprised how well it does with carpet, particularly since we have 2 cats that spread litter around the place and the vac gets it all fine.

      Don't know how this one would perform compared to the Roborock. When it popped up on prime day I did some quick research to make sure the S6 pure had very good reviews but never heard of this model.

      • +15

        I just like the straight lines it makes on the carpet.

      • +7

        A robo vacuum for regular cleaning paired with a handstick for spot cleaning makes for a great combo IMO.

    • +2

      I found my roborock S5 max performs well in my carpeted bedrooms. You can select the suction powers and I run it daily to clean my places. Haven't used my dyson since to clean floors.

      • Im exactly this! I leave it on auto and it cranks up the suction when it detects the carpet

        Its awesome

    • +1

      I think a robot vacuum every 2 days, gets the same result as a regular vacuum every week or two ..

      ie less power robot with high usage = full size vacuum

  • Same price from PC byte too ($549 delivered)

  • Can someone recommend spare parts links for this model please?

    Also can the dust bin/bag be just vacuumed, instead of throwing it away?

    Thinking of buying, upgrading from gen 1 Xiaomi robo vac… 2500hrs.. time to retire I think.

    • Oh wow. Mine only has 267 hours…. I'm already thinking of upgrading

    • +6

      I cut the bag from the bottom and put a clip on it.

    • You can buy the bags from eBay/AliExpress for a couple of bucks , plus all the other consumables for not very much.

  • This or Roborock S5 Max? I’ve got mostly timber floors.

    Been hanging out for a deal on the s5 but getting twitchy fingers…

    • +5

      I have this and Roborock S5 (not MAX), imo S5 is smarter. This would be going straight along a corridor with no obstacle, then get stuck for no reason. It doesn't happen everytime, but often enough to convince me it's inferior to Roborock. It's only advantage is the auto dump.

    • +4

      I sent my viomi v3 back after its horrible mapping and path finding and went with Roborock

      • This is useful, thanks guys.

      • isn't this the s9 though? different product?

    • +1

      I have the S5 max and Wow life changing!!

    • +2

      While both Viomi and roborock are partially owned by XiaoMi, they are 2 separate company

      In terms of vacuum robot, roborock is one of the first companies that doing robot (in China) and their software and machine have been improved overtime. (Some said part of their initial programs were coming from irobot). Thus, it is reasonable why roborock is way smarter than other XiaoMi ecosystem robots

    • +2

      I bought this for upstairs - carpet area only.
      I have had a S5 gen2 for a few years. Hardwood floors and carpet.

      The S5 is better in a couple of areas.
      It has slightly better mapping functions.
      It is better at escaping when it gets stuck on something/ jammed up.

      The Viomi software on phone seems a bit flakey.
      I had trouble forcing it to schedule cleaning.The schedule kept disappearing.
      Mapping functions aren't as good as S5.
      It gets stuck on socks/ power cords etc more easily / gives up trying to escape more easily.

      On the plus side, the auto empty is awesome.
      The ends of rollers come off for easy cleaning. (S5+, S7 now have this too).
      It is quieter than the S5 at full power.

      Overall, The Viomi is worth it for the ~$550 price tag compared to pricing S5+, S7.
      If the S7 was in same price range, I would get that instead of the Viomi.

  • Auto empty is not exactly useful if you have ladies/pets/men-with-long-hair at home. As the brush will still need cleanning every week!

    • +3

      Auto cleaning and once a week maintenance are different things.

      • -3

        How so?

  • +1

    3% cashback from Shopback available at mi-store, cheaper than PCByte after cashback…Just found out and my PCByte order was delivered yesterday :(

    • When did you order? I am yet to receive mine

      • +1

        Tuesday, I'm in Melbourne

    • Is the cashback valid with the free shipping code (FREESHIPS9)? ShopBack eligibility: "Use only promo codes listed on ShopBack"

      • Update: Yes, cashback is valid with the shipping promo code above.

  • -1

    Waiting for sub $500.

  • Can’t comment on this model but picked up the S6 Pure in the recent Amazon sale and it’s impressive and smart.

    Pretty sure Xiaomi owns Roborock but I have no idea how well this Viomi does in comparison with its Roborock badged cousins.

  • +1

    Do you need to swap in the tank when you mop, or can it just switch between vacuum and mop on the fly?

    • +1

      No swapping necessary. Also has built in function for vacuum, mop, vacuum and mop
      I have set it to vacuum and mop on schedule

  • Don't expect super quick shipping from these guys if last deal was anything to go by. Took 2 weeks to Perth.

    • I think they shipped via StarTrack? Heard the freight train heading to Perth was derailed, caused major delays..

      • Purchased on a Friday and was not sent till following Friday, then received on Thursday.

        Was only sent after I asked for a refund.

  • Is this one good?

  • C

  • tempting

    • +1

      Once you go black robot vacuum, you never go back.

      • ordered. I have a 80 sq meters apartment. And I have limited time to clean. HOpe its going to help

        • +1

          yep, dont stress dude .. robot vacuums really are great.

  • Is a roborock worth the extra money?

    • Imo yes, their app and mapping software is really good. The S7 auto empty bin is now available for preorder too

  • Thanks OP. Finally pulled the trigger. Hope it’s a good choice.

  • I can't comment about Xiaomi vacuums, however I pulled the plug late last yr and bought our house the Roborock S6 max v and seriously it's amazing. I literally have vacuumed maybe twice in over 6 months. Even the mopping is close to perfect
    This does appear to be a good deal but I don't know.
    Btw my house is timber floors and rugs. I do like the bin cleaning option.

  • Can anyone comment on the s9 scuffing Skirting boards? The v3 certainly has, wondering if they have improved the navigation software at all.


  • The mops are single-use only, where can I purchase additional mops?

    • EBay

    • It comes with a reusable mop pad too

  • Anyone else unable to pair/connect this to their wifi?

    My Mi Home app gets stuck at 'sending message to device' and then fails.
    I have tried all sorts of troubleshooting to no avail (reset, change wifi name/password, change region, turn off 4g, etc.)

    • Using 2.4G or 5G wifi?

      • 2.4Ghz in security mode WPA/WPA2-Personal

        • Just a thought .. my Ecovacs didnt work on 5Ghz

          • @matt-ozb: It won't even let me select 5G as an option.

          • @matt-ozb: That's because most smart home devices like this are designed for 2.4 only.

    • Got exactly same issue.. quite frustrating

      • Let us know how you go. After work today i will be trying a different WiFi router and a different smartphone to see if that helps.

        • I tried using iPhone 12 and Samsung S21. Both attempts got stuck at the same queue…

          • +1

            @jk88: Ended up making a live-boot image of PrimeOS android for PC and then booting with that on my laptop, installed the Mi Home app and it worked right away, so it must have been my smartphone i guess?
            Oh well, now it is on the network and connected to the app it's all good.

        • My router is ASUS AX3000 FYI

        • Try changing your channel band too. Might be using a 2.4 that's not used in China

    • Mine worked first time with an Orbi router

    • Worked first time without an issue. I did have an issue updating the firmware. I just force closed the app then was all good

  • Router firmware update done the trick!

  • +2

    Is there any forum for discussion on this model? Tips and tricks and FAQ etc

  • anyone got the extra bags? Want to be sure they fit

  • I got mine delivered. It’s great robot vacuum. My only issue is while auto emptying erroring out some times, saying that dust bag is full actually it’s not. One more thing it won’t connect to 5G wifi, only 4G.

    • You mean 5GHz / 2.4GHz

      But yes, a bit annoying it can't do 5ghz.

  • For those using the Viomi S9 on multiple floors, do you have to take the charger / auto empty station along with the vacuum to each floor? Sounds like a hassle if I regularly want to clean my double storey home.

    • I've received a reply from the reseller who confirmed the following details:

      To generate a new map, you would need to move both the charger and the robot together to another storey, and the robot needs to start at the charger. You also need to change the map selection on the app for respective storey. It is advised to move the charger to the same storey for better navigation every time you wish to clean. If you do not move the charger, the robot would be lost after it finishes its job and wander around until battery is drained.

      Reseller also confirmed that they don't sell the chargers separately

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