In Need of a Chef's Knife

Hi, could be Japanese or German, dont know why one of them should be specifically but happy to be enlightened. my budget is around $100. Just for some general use if that matters.


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    Neither Japanese or German but consider Victorinox or Tramontina. You'll find something within your budget easily.

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    All due respect - there's umpteen threads on knives for any number of different uses. You've not given nearly enough info to get a proper 'custom' recommendation so why not just look at the many excellent recommendations already available on here or any number of other sites?

    PS. Thanks for not taking this as an 'attack'…..FWIW factors to consider are: your hand size vs handles on the knives, what you cook (lots of protein or just veges), how good an owner you will be (i.e German steel is softer and so more forgiving and less prone to chipping than harder Asian knives).

    IMHO more important than the actual knife is understanding how to sharpen & maintain whatever you get - as honestly you can have an entry level knife and IF you use it properly & maintain the proper edge it'll VASTLY OUTPERFORM a knife thats $$$ and much more technically superior.

    PPS. The long time 'smart' pick for brand of knives for average users is Victorinox - get the biggest chef's knife you can from them in their 'fibrox' (? - has textured black plasticy handle) range - it's oriented towards the entry level pro cooks and is very forgiving but great value. Grab yourself a ceramic hone (it's a butchers steel made from a ceramic) - is the best way to maintain the edge without having to do a full on resharpen - Ikea used to sell a very good one at a great price… one of the best things I've ever bought and I have a lot of excellent knives.

    • I use one of those ceramic mortar and pestles, making it do double duty - you sharpen the knife on the edge of the mortar for razor sharpness.

    • No not at all.thank you for the input. I bought a victorinox fibrox as it is suggested by everyone. thanks heaps everyone.

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        Good decision.
        Dont forget to buy hooning steel( sharpening steel).
        Youtube how to use them.
        Couple of honing keeps them sharpens for long time

        • i bought a sharpening stone. is that fine too?

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            @baldur: even better.

            Be sure to use right techniques and master them.

    • your hand size vs handles on the knives

      Great point!.. not mentioned often enough in the rockwell noise.
      Overall balance of the knife can have a massive impact on functionality.

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    America's test kitchen rates the Victorinox fibrox knife as the top

    It's about $60

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      Another plus for the Fibrox.

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    I have a kiwi and a victorinox and like them both, but enjoy using the victorinox slightly more.