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70% off Beef Jerky Bulk Packs 5x30g and 3x100g Bags $21.60 (Was $72) + $5 Delivery @ Dr Proctor's via BuyAussieNow


updated Monday 9th of August: Sorry for the delay all jerky will be shipped this week, again we apologies and thank you for your patience.

100% Australian Made and Owned
Biggest Discount ever offered, healthy high protein snack.
Great for when you are relaxing at home or watching the footy.

Another Great Deal brought to you by Buy Aussie Now.

About Dr Proctor
We are passionate about creating new, innovative and exotic products and take pride in what we do.

After two years of design and testing, our original brand ‘Doctor Proctors’ beef products, entered the market in 2011 with rapturous applause. The products quickly established their place in the market and have gained market share annually.

We only use 100% Australian Beef which is made from pure topside muscle and not processed cheap cuts and take pride in supporting Australian Beef Farmers who over the years have had it tough. We believe we have a product second to none!

We are proudly 100% Australian owned & operated.

Doctor Proctor's is an officially licensed partner of Bundaberg Rum Australia.

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        I'd email doctor proctor/call BAN

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          seems its a art work design error as they don't have two different listing for jerky/biltong of those flavor.

          • @Lucretia: But the curry flavoured 100g packet shows "Biltong"

            • @Hellcrusher2903: yeah i mean the pictures on the website must be wrong that curry is listed as biltong https://doctorproctors.com.au/collections/doctor-proctors-ra... the other 2 are listed as jerky but artwork says biltong.

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                @Lucretia: Apparently others received jerky instead of biltong too.. this will be fun..

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                  @j0hnd0e: i don't mind either way biltong or jerky, half the people here didn't even know what biltong was and still don't "people said biltong is better than jerky".

                  • +1

                    @Lucretia: So real talk, how’s the taste

                  • +2

                    @Lucretia: I prefer biltong over jerky. Hopefully it's just a printing mistake

                  • +2

                    @Lucretia: I literally ordered it because it was Biltong. If it turns out to be just jerky then as was said above, this will be fun….

                    • @Freezies: Same here, i ordered it because it mostly biltong.

                      • @j0hnd0e: Mine also shows as jerky instead of biltong however on the back of the package it says air dried so I’m guessing it’s just a packaging error and it is infact biltong.

      • Thanks for sharing, looks like packaging improved, the image looks better than the ones on the website.

    • Got an update from Dave. He confirmed that it's just a packaging issue. Here's his response:

      The ‘Smokin’ Good & ‘Smokin’ hot can technically be classified as both. They are essentially the same as biltong due to the softer style dried beef. As you can see we’ve recently updated our packaging (this was the actual cause of the delay). Most customers have an understanding of jerky rather than biltong so hence we have both in our range. I hope this clears things up?

      Anyways, the quality has been great so far.

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    Can anyone who received it post pictures of the actual product (not just packaging)?

  • +1

    Received my order it's all there

  • Got notified mine will be delivered between Tuesday-Thursday next week. I’m in sydney.

    It’s says QLD tho. I’m so confused isn’t Dave in Vic

  • In qld
    Remember OP said he couldn't fly up here to see it

  • So what are we getting.

    Billtong or Jerky.

    I was under the impression it was as follows:

    3 x 30g bags of Doctor Proctor's Biltong Range (Pepper Steak, Chilli & Original Biltong).

    2 x 30g bags of Bundaberg Rum Beef Jerky (Rum & Cola & Chilli Rum).

    3 x 100g bags of Doctor Proctor's 'Smokin' Range ('Smokin Good', 'Smokin Hot' & Curry)

    According to that. The only jerky is the 2 bags if Rum ones. The rest should be Biltong.

    What the hell is the difference anyway haha

    • +6

      Governments procurement abilities
      Climate change
      My wonderful experience of a colonoscopy
      2nd season of Altered Carbon

  • So their jerky is up for sale again on the site and checking delivery, it would seem if I ordered something ordered now, it could possibly arrive before the one I ordered a month ago as that still hasn't shipped.

  • Aust Post shows that arrived in Sydney, hopefully will receive tomorrow or Monday.

    • Do they deliver on Saturday?

      • I think only Express delivery for Saturday

      • They do nowadays because of the volume

  • Received mine today in Brisbane. Quality is 👍

  • Anyone else still getting "preparing your shipment" on your tracking information?

    • +1

      Mine has arrived in Sydney

    • my order was either the last or one of the last before they closed the deal.

  • My order status is showing "Processing", don't what does that mean though…. I did received an email saying they will ship the product by this week, not sure whether that would happen as planed.

  • +1

    At first, so many people here posting thought they were cool getting a kilo or several.. hahaha

    Anyway it seems it will arrive next week..

    • Yeah mate, it’s very cool that we got a few kg or two sounds to me someone missed out on a good deal lol..

  • I will never financially recover from this Doctor Proctor, where’s my freakin jerky???

    • +3

      just ocurred to me…bet you hes not even a real 'Doctor'! …are you a real Doctor, Doctor Proctor? or is this just another one of your jerky based lies????

      • +2

        sounds like a analscopy doctor

        • +1

          yes…yes it does :P

  • +4

    I’ve signed up a whole legal team to take this jerky situation on full biltong.

  • It’s on its way
    Expected Monday 16 Aug 2021 – Thursday 19 Aug 2021*
    From Doctor Proctors

  • +4

    Considering the massive stuff up, these companies (ban / dr proctor) should either refund shipping fee or put extra jerky to every order or send it via express post.

    However zero fks given and these guys acting like nothing wrong happened with my delivery expected dates are 19-24 of August to Melbourne.

    • Like an extra 30g package for each order, will be a good.

  • Still waiting on mine in Melbourne, though the email suggests it will be here in Monday.

    Been a very long, unreasonable wait, I hope it tastes great at least.

  • Still 'NO RESPONSE' on my requested refund.

  • +1

    Got delivered in Sydney today.

    • +1

      Weigh them for accuracy!

  • +1

    Anyone able to get a refund?

  • +3

    For anyone wondering what the actual product looks like, here's the Beef Biltong Original 30g

    • Thanks, it looks good, hopefully they send it next week, so far it is still being prepared.

      • +2

        Yeah, the texture and taste are pretty good too. Better than the Colesworths ones, unsurprisingly.

  • +1

    one month later……finally got notified that my order got posted. sigh

  • +1

    My tracking number from Aus Post is still showing nothing other than your order is being prepared.

    from the above comments, seems like people are receiving their order as jerky rather than biltong. curious to see how BAN and DP would have these fixed.

    I made the purchase purely for their biltong.

    • -1

      My status is still same as yours, I might call the bank for chargeback if nothing happens Monday or Tuesday

    • Yes, mine as well - which just shows that everyone was lied to by the OP YET AGAIN. As others have stated they merely generated the shipping labels in AP's system.

      If and I say IF, as the OP claims every single order was sent on FRI (allowing for the multiple walking back/lies about previous delivery dates) - everything would be showing more than just that in AP's system after a full weekend. 3500+ items is absolutely nothing for them and they'd have atleast have been scanned in at the depot that received them.

      So its almost certain that those orders have either not left or not even been manufactured yet.

      Thankfully I did a chargeback request about a week ago - as it was obvious nothing the OP says can be relied upon, other than they will continue to say whatever it takes to buy themselves more time & make excuses.

      It's well past a week and a half after I sent a refund demand - and never received a reply other than a generic msg essentially stating 'wait longer please'.

      BAN is clearly an organisation that has zero respect for its customers, I don't know how anyone could reasonably argue that given the shambles of this deal and nearly every other one they've put on OzB - regardless of how 'good' I perceive any future deal of theirs being there is no way I'll deal with them again, simply not worth it.

      • I've also contacted BAN for a refund but it's saying that my jerky will be delivered today. This will be the first and definitely the last time that i'm dealing with this company.

  • PSA

    If you paid by credit card, suggest you get in contact with your bank/provider BEFORE Wednesday 18th August.

    The reason being is that for some (Mastercard / VISA) you have to raise a dispute within 30 days of the transaction showing up on your account - which for most of us would've been 19th July.

  • I got a message from AusPost. It's coming today.

  • +1

    Happy Jerky Delivery Week all *crosses fingers

  • +3

    My 500g bundle arrived this morning in the ACT.
    Very high quality and tastes amazing.
    Weighed all five of the 100g bags and they were all between 108g and 114g including packaging.

    • Did your Auspost tracking update (in the app?) Mines still processing?

      Ironically enough, my Dell monitor from Sydney (ETA SEPT arrived today)!…


  • The great Jerky scandal of 2021 is coming to an end… my jerky is arriving today!

  • The only correspondence I've ever received from BAN was on the 8th of August after I contacted them asking for an update. Got the same message a lot of others got, and a new date for arrival that has already passed. I'm still excited for the jerky (if it ever turns up), but the lack of communication has left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Nothing arrived yet, so sent an email asking where is my jerky - Turkey!!

    Lets see what happens

  • +2

    This deal brings new meaning to "meat sweats"

  • Received in QLD

  • +1

    Received today Gold Coast. 5 x 100g. each bag weighed 110g+ & looks good.

  • +1

    Received just now

    • +1

      Having some chilli rum now. Pretty good.

  • +1

    SMS from Auspost advising mine should be arriving today in Brisbane.

  • My jerky arrived today. good times. I'd ordered 1.5kg…. I definitely got at least 1.5kg ;-)

  • Delivery expected

    Thu 19 – Mon 23 Aug……

  • Just opened mine (arrived in Syd this morning).

    I reckon they have put Biltong in the 100g Smoking Good bag labelled as Jerky (its supposed to be Biltong according to what i ordered) so he must have run out of bags, no big deal to me.

    First impressions of the smoking good biltong and the rum and cola jerky, bit different to what i'm used to but tastes pretty good.

    Would considering ordering again.

    • That's the first bag I opened too - Smoking Good. Great quality.

  • A lot of people are stating 'jerky' despite the vast majority of the product sold being biltong. This info might assist as they're significantly different products, yes both cured meats but big differences.

    Hopefully whats sent out is actually correct i.e they're not sending out jerky, when it should be biltong (biltong tends to be more expensive).

    • Yeah i've had plenty of jerky and biltong and the Smokin Good 100g bag labelled as jerky was definitely Biltong.

      • Well being that, as you stated, you'd ordered and were expecting to receive biltong - thats a good thing - that it was in a bag labelled jerky - is likely as you say just a bag shortage/minor issue and neither here nor there. I was worried they'd be sending out jerky instead of biltong and vice versa - gawd knows its about the only stuff up they've avoided thus far.

        • TBH i prefer jerky so i would have been happy either way :-), but yeah, looks like its just a packaging issue.

          As far as i'm concerned seller has come through with the goods (albeit not in a very timely fashion) and i'm happy with the purchase.

          The rum and cola jerky is correct and contains jerky.

  • Mine has arrived - Syd.

  • Got mine! This stuff is bloody delicious. As others have said - the smokin hot definitely tasks more like Biltong than as the bag implies. Good things come to those who wait :)

  • Big thumbs up for Doctor Proctor. Order arrived this morning, cracked the Smokin bag and it tastes great. Sure it took some time, but glad I waited.

  • Got mine today, very happy

  • just arrived

  • Wow, my kogan order which I made on Thursday night came today, and my jerky is still nowhere to be seen.

  • +10

    Received it today and it tastes great and even better for the price!

    People need to relax a little - yes delays suck but there are bigger things to worry and get upset about than beef jerky that arrives a few weeks late…

    • +1

      A few weeks late? It's been over a month now. It's easy for people to relax now that they already have theirs but there are those of us who still even had it ship out yet let alone arrive.

      Haven't heard jack from them since they said it would ship out "next week" which was the weekend before last?

      Edit - The OP has now stated that people should receive theirs today or tomorrow. Assuming Australia post receives it today, they will process, ship and deliver by tomorrow? Another empty statement.

      I could be wrong, but doing a quick scan through a good dozen or so of those who have received theirs, It looks like they have only serviced the east coast.

      • +2

        Nope - forgot we even ordered until it turned up yesterday so it was a nice surprise during lockdown. Yes communication was poor and yes it took ages and yes they keep finding excuses but small businesses are struggling as is - give them a break :)

        • +5

          If I hadn't given them a break, I would have cancelled my order. I'm glad those of you who got yours are happy, but a lot of us still don't have anything even shipped let alone arrived. Should we just shut up now because you now have jerky in your mouths? Yes, they said sorry then gave a new date, then again, then again, and today they did it yet again and nobody is responding to us about what is going on.

          The OP is being selective over who is responded to and just saying the same thing, defending their company and blaming the supplier but not enquiring as to why there are still quite a few of us whose orders are still "being processed" a month on. We bought through BAN not Doctor Proctor.

          Also, officially licensed partner of Bundenberg and selling online and in-store through retail giants like Dan Murphys? I'd hardly call them a small business. They're thriving. Only the cows are suffering.

        • +1

          Nope - forgot we even ordered until it turned up yesterday so it was a nice surprise during lockdown. Yes communication was poor and yes it took ages and yes they keep finding excuses but small businesses are struggling as is - give them a break :)

          lol how many breaks would you give them before you got upset?

          Comms were poor, took ages, kept finding excuses, yeah it didn't have half the product, yeah it was two years expired, but they're struggling so it's fine.

          Just remember that it's nothing on dr proctor, it's on BAN as a business, they've failed the customers and Dr P.

      • +1

        As of time of writing mine is showing as 'It's Being Prepared' - despite after all the BS the OP assuring us all 3500+ orders were picked up on FRI. This was clearly yet another lie - they've ONLY been generated in the AP system, otherwise they'd have been scanned in at an AP depot.

        How many lies now is that? I've genuinely lost count and it's 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' in ever believing them when they assure us that 'It will really be done by xx day etc'.

        It's really disappointing for people to lecture others that they should relax, making too big a deal etc - as on the other side of the coin no-one in here is demanding everyone else kick up a stink or go against whatever their natural inclination is. If you're cool with the way the OP has acted, thats up to you - but for me it's the worst actioning of an OzB deal I've ever seen - and there's daylight between this and the 2nd worst.

      • +1

        My ugg shoes took waaay longer and received basically no response after several emails. Yet they're still posted here every month. These guys may have benefited from an extra email or two but it's cheap jerky and they have been consistently replying on this thread.

  • ditto, received my order today as well - tasting good

  • Literally ordered almost 1 MONTH AGO, was told shipping last week. Still haven't seen any progress.
    Worst company experience ever. Excuse after excuse

  • Still waiting in sydney…….

  • +2

    I've looked at my tracking. I live in VIC. The guy makes it in VIC - Northcote. Why the hell is it coming from QLD?

    Item processed at facility


    Column, event date and time,
    Mon 16 Aug, 10.51am

    Column, event details,
    In transit to next facility in MELBOURNE SOUTH EAST VIC

    Column, event date and time,
    Fri 13 Aug, 8.48pm

    Column, event details,
    Item processed at facility


    Column, event date and time,
    Fri 13 Aug, 7.05pm

    Column, event details,
    Shipping information approved by Australia Post

    Column, event date and time,
    Thu 12 Aug, 12.21pm

    Column, event details,
    Shipping information received by Australia Post

    Column, event date and time,
    Thu 12 Aug, 11.50am

    • The factory is in QLD.

      • Allegedly ;-)

        • QLD has most cattle, so it makes sense.

    • Im assuming its Northcote (QLD 4807)

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