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70% off Beef Jerky Bulk Packs 5x30g and 3x100g Bags $21.60 (Was $72) + $5 Delivery @ Dr Proctor's via BuyAussieNow


updated Monday 9th of August: Sorry for the delay all jerky will be shipped this week, again we apologies and thank you for your patience.

100% Australian Made and Owned
Biggest Discount ever offered, healthy high protein snack.
Great for when you are relaxing at home or watching the footy.

Another Great Deal brought to you by Buy Aussie Now.

About Dr Proctor
We are passionate about creating new, innovative and exotic products and take pride in what we do.

After two years of design and testing, our original brand ‘Doctor Proctors’ beef products, entered the market in 2011 with rapturous applause. The products quickly established their place in the market and have gained market share annually.

We only use 100% Australian Beef which is made from pure topside muscle and not processed cheap cuts and take pride in supporting Australian Beef Farmers who over the years have had it tough. We believe we have a product second to none!

We are proudly 100% Australian owned & operated.

Doctor Proctor's is an officially licensed partner of Bundaberg Rum Australia.

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        • This is a great compilation. When you add all the lies together just shows BAN has utter disdain for their customers and are completely untrustworthy.

          Then when you add in the fact that not one person says they have successfully gotten a refund despite endless false promises and you've got a truly shocking business mindset.

  • +2

    Received today. So far so tasty! Will probably buy again if they can guarantee a shipping date and it's around this price point

  • I received my order a few days ago and OP provided great customer service to me. So thank you so much and best wishes for your business :)

  • Just had a box of food delivered to my door.
    Oh wait… That was the Youfoodz I ordered Tuesday!

  • Arrived today - so far, so good.
    Quite a wait, but that aside, pretty happy otherwise.

  • +3

    Well it has arrived now! But so far a number of the packets I have opened have been rancid… anyone else had a similar experience?

    • +2

      Rancid? Yikes!

      I'll take you at your word as there's no reason for you to misrepresent this - is certainly a concern if so but given it's a batch produced product likely others would be affected.

      I am sure @BuyAussieNow will post soon as this is a definite major issue if rancid. The only way I can imagine it was rancid is if rotten meat was used to make the product. :-/

      Will be watching this - @MrtheMoonbear please keep us posted.

      PS. You might want to post up the flavor/style and pack sizes that you believe are rancid, as if what you're saying is correct others will have to check theirs as is potentially dangerous to eat.

    • Please share photos and details on the flavour. I've eaten 3 packs now and all have been fine. But I have two more left so hopefully they are ok

      • +3

        It was the 2 30g Bundaberg flavoured bags. All kinda looks normal but smells the opposite of good.

        No batch number that I can see but the use by date on both packs is 21/07/22 so that should at least narrow it down if nothing else.

        The other bags I received have all been delicious though so I look forward to seeing how BAN and Doctor Proctor respond to the issue.

        • Good on you thinking about a batch code, I thought earlier that HOPEFULLY they'd had those - but guess not.

          Hopefully OP will be in touch, you might have to DM him - would definitely welcome hearing how you go, well done letting others know the varieties affected.

          Is a curious one as rancid is very much different from just not being someone's taste preference - and you don't strike me as someone to use the term loosely as is pretty serious with a meat product.

          Watch this space I suppose.

        • I think that's how it's meant to taste - like rum that's gone off. Lol. I just opened that packet and tried : yep - tastes weird.

          • @dangerdanger: Agreed, it's not off it's just not very nice.

            If you really like Bundy you might like it though.

  • +1


    Your delivery from Doctor Proctors is coming today


  • +1

    Received mine today, had the chilli biltong, was good.

  • +1

    Received it today and to be honest not my taste:(
    won't buy this brand anymore.

  • +1

    Received an email today saying I hadnt paid the invoice and it was due today. Should have read these comments first…

  • My jerky arrived today.

    I really like it. Thanks OP

  • Got mine a few days ago, decent and well worth the purchase.

    Can't beat fresh though, not hard to make your own with a food dehydrator (or smoker if you have one), just need a whole cut of lean beef and a deli slicer.

  • Still waiting…fingers crossed it finally turns up. These comments are making me hungry!

  • Received mine, all there, seems good quality, had original and it is ok. Thank you

  • +4

    Still haven't received my jerky. AP tracking said it was received and ready for processing on Tuesday 17th at midday and delivery estimated sometime next week. Pretty poor and very disappointing… Even your most recent guarantee with the ever-shifting goalposts has missed the mark.

    • -2

      all will be forgiven when you get your jerkys I am sure.

  • I've got mine.
    Its quite tasty.

  • +2

    I've got mine today, so far tried only the small bag with pepper one. It tastes good, but I am surprised it contains additives like 150c and 150d (caramel colors) and preservative 202. Other brands I have tried don't have these.

  • +5

    I know it's a bit pedantic, but why did I have to pay for shipping twice (two orders), but then you shipped it all in one bag?

    Well it arrived today, but haven't opened individual bags yet.

    • +1

      Its actually a very fair 'grumble', so don't feel bad about flagging it.

  • +1

    Received mine today, taste good! We already tried 3 packs of different flavours, no problem with quality. Would buy again for similar price

  • +1

    2 bags inside 1 bag = 21 bags of above weight jerky arrived in ACT today. Haven't tried yet.

  • +6

    Still pending processing and still no response. I guess for those of us who still even haven't had them shipped it is now next week, then next week it will be next week again, right?

    I suppose learning from your mistakes doesn't actually involve making any changes to your behaviour nor does it involve common sense like making an actual solid inquiry as to what is going on with the orders that are still unshipped. Just as long as most orders are arriving now and you get to keep the money.

    It has nothing to do with bulk orders as I contacted Australa Post myself and they have said they have not received anything yet aside from shipping information the intent to post on the 12th August but no actual product. I don't care if it is weeks late just as long as I know it's coming eventually or that I will be refunded which I requested several times and was ghosted (not legal).

    After weeks of trying to co-erce a helpful or relevant response, I am still with neither and am supposed to wait indefinitely for something that most likely isn't even coming according to Australia Post. You've just assumed that BAN, Doctor Proctor and Australia Post are all efficient and reliable and that despite all that has already gone wrong, that the usual things that go wrong could also not have gone wrong.

    To be fair, you have had ample opportunity, time and chances to at least attempt to make things right or show you even care in a way that isn't shiny sh*t damage control. We wanted proactive support not reactive excuses. Don't bother responding as I'm going over you now. Hopefully everyone else eventually receive their packages without issue.

  • Received mine today.

  • +3

    Did this strike anyone else as curious?

    The wording on the rear of the packaging is and I quote:

    Manufactured and packed for D&S Fine Foods Pty Ltd

    Why does it say FOR and not BY? Make me strongly suspect the product's manufacture is sub-contracted out to a 3rd party - who make to the recipe thats requested.

    I bet with a little effort one could figure out who the cured meat manufacturer based in Brisbane would be - but does appear that it's not a wholly owned operation. Not saying it's a negative, merely a curiousity - especially as I believe this was atleast touched on earlier in the thread.

    • Definitely. Dave’s warehouse is in ‘Northcote, VIC’

      We are getting deliveries from QLD

      • +5

        Found them!


        I'd be 99.9% certain this is 'Doctor Proctor's factory'. Rocklea QLD, which I believe is where the items originated from. And as shown in the link these guys offer a 'we'll make to your specs/recipe' & contract manufacturing service.

        So there's no actual Proctor's factory, just another mob they use to make their products - with their HO/owner based down in Victoria. Not that I see this as either a good or bad thing, but is curious to know - especially as they often referred to 'their' factory in this thread - though I suppose that just kept it simple and more desirable than saying 'the people who make it for us'.

        PS. If you're in QLD, appears their own SHOP has free shipping, no minimum order required - so might be worth a try for QLDers. I'd imagine their own stuff is pretty top shelf.

        • -3

          Why do you think it is this factory?

          BTW: I used to watch Shark Tank Australia, and most entrepreneurs with food products hire third-party factories.

          • +1

            @Mistredo: As stated in previous couple of posts above:

            • packaging says made FOR, not BY - so it's made by a sub-contractor
            • despite their HO being in VIC, the manufacturing factory we were told was in Rocklea, QLD - can't imagine there's many cured meat manufacturers in that one suburb
            • And these guys specifically offer a 'we'll make it for you' service, making it even more unlikely there's another mob

            To be fair de Beer sounds like a very high quality operation - so I 'd actually have more confidence in the standards etc from such a big well established operation than a stand alone.

            Yes, as I said it's not in and of itself a negative - but is somewhat misleading that we were told their own factory was there - when it's a subcontractor - though and I'd happily admit (as I already did) this is a white lie, as its just simpler this way.

            If I was in QLD I'd give de Beer's stuff a try - essentially free postage, prices are standard-ish but you can get in small amounts - bet its terrific.

            • @Nikko: I get that, but how do you know it is this company? There are more companies in QLD that you can contract for biltong manufacturing.

              • +1

                @Mistredo: Which are the other ones in Brisbane?

                • +1

                  @matt881: And more specifically in Rocklea, Brisbane - as thats the suburb it was stated their factory was in.

                  • @Nikko: Ah, I missed they stated the suburb.

        • Interesting… I thought I'd give it a try. Ordered this morning and just got shipping notification lol. I am in QLD but I'm impressed.

        • Nice investigation!

    • +1

      They said earlier in the thread they are just a small family owned business and that they had to employ 6 extra people to meet the demand so is a bit strange. Again not a negative really. Perhaps they only contacted the factory to make their jerky when they realised they couldn't make it themselves after this post.

      • +5

        Yes, that (the employing extra people) is a good point. As it definitely wouldn't have been Proctors putting them on - if anything it'd have been de Beers - though honestly I think this was BS - and it was the packaging all along. There is no way you advertise, interview, train etc folks in that short a period. So I call BS on that - the packaging, I can see as far more likely.

        Hmmm, I think not - Proctors claims to have been in business for a long time - and to get their process and recipes down etc as well and negotiating the costs etc would take much longer than a few weeks. I'd be certain they've had de Beers making for them for a long time, as the OP stated the packaging was the issue - I think there was a lot of other stuff used to buy time and make it look like stuff was happening when really they were trouble shooting behind the scenes.

        • +3

          Another lie from BAN saying it was coming from Northcote, VIC!

  • -2
  • +1

    AusPost surprised me with the delivery today. Finally, I'm glad this is over with. As for the product, I've only tried the rum and coke and whilst the quality of the beef is quite good, the flavour is not for me. Hopefully other flavours will be better.

    I would consider buying again if there's a decent discount offered directly through Doctor Proctor's website. There's not a chance in hell I'm going to bother with BAN ever again. Not even for a freebie.

  • +1

    Honest assessment of the jerky after trying 3 flavours: The quality of the product is great I can't deny that, it is mostly beef unlike the ones you get from Coles and the chewiness is pretty spot on. However, the flavouring (Tried curry, Smokin Good and Original) is not great. In my opinion it is far too strong that you can barely taste the actual beef. Just my 2c

  • +1

    Mine arrived. Was happy to wait- and worth it. Bought this on a whim because by all rights I should like jerky, with it just being spiced meat, but never really did. Now I have found out I really do like jerky. All really good quality, but for my taste, original and rum and coke were not my thing, but the smoking good was my jam. Hope everyone else is enjoying the jerky. Better than eating popcorn while reading this comments section

  • +1

    My jerkys arrived today only just tried the smokin good flavour, and it’s goood!

  • Arrived today, its good. Glad to finally have it.

    • +2

      We will improve our processes, apologies that we let you down with delivery time.
      I hope you give us another chance.

  • Still no delivery. No refund. No remorse. No acceptance of responsibility.

      • +7

        "It's that simple" Have you no grasp on reality at all? Mine was refunded after 5 requests and numerous comments in this forum asking you to act. What part of that sounds simple? Fool.

  • Any biltong connoisseurs able to pinpoint some unusual spice they used for their biltong, it's especially distinctive in original and curry biltong. Never ever I had biltong tasting like this before, it's not bad but I'm interested to know what they used.

  • Man this stuff is addictive,I removed my negaivte vote was not impressed by long delay, but I want more OP, any more discounts? I want 1kg or more of this if you are getting same deal.

  • +1

    I still have not received my order. I'm in Melbourne. Its now been over a month. I'm starting to think I will never get it. I've been patient but I'm starting to wonder if I should ask for a refund….

    • Sorry to hear this, do you have a tracking ID? please DM me and ill chase it up,

    • -1

      Don’t bother. They’ll say it’s been ‘shipped’ and tell you to wait indefinitely.

      • manche, please let me refund you. DM me your order number

        • Just got an email saying it will come today, so nevermind. Hopefully it is with the wait :)

        • +1

          You’ve had ample chances and I don’t trust you. Go through your emails, and automatically refund everyone who has requested it and hasn’t received it. Simple.

  • Jerky just arrived and yes, it took a while to receive, however very impressed with the communication via email and also great jerky! I think these guys tried really hard and probably didn't realise the amount of orders they were going to get.

    Thanks will buy again!

    • +1

      Thanks for the kind words, we need to do better with our communication and we will never sell product thats not ready to send again. Thank you for your support, we will improve more and more.

      • +1

        I really appreciate your attitude and despite the unexpected delay I would buy from your site again. I understand shit happens.

        • thank you :)

          • +2

            @Buy Aussie Now: Receipt #1261-4131 , whats happening with this one???? Yet to receive any tracking?

        • Shit happens certainly, but compulsive lying and ignoring refunds is a whole level altogether.

  • Mine said delivery tue 17 to thur 19th aug still waiting contacted oz post said can take upto fri 27th aug wow fingers 🤞

    • Received yesterday, today 500g left of 950g awesome jerky nice and juicy, love the spicy flavours, and smokin good couldn't get enough thanks guys

  • +1

    oh my got i totally forget about this……….still waiting for mine

  • Mine arrived yesterday (Sunday) surprisingly. Smoking Good and Curry have been great so far.

    Only other i tried was the rum and coke and that's not for me. Maybe because it's Bundy or maybe because it was the first thing I ate in the morning.

  • Finally got mine - just tried the OG Biltong and its awful, hopefully the rest is better.

  • I had some last night and have been in bed all today with diarrhoea, but not sure it is the jerky (but it might be as it is the main thing different between what I and my family ate yesterday and they aren't sick). Did anyone else have a similar experience?

  • Finally got mine today! Have not tried yet as I am already having beef for dinner and that might be a bit too much beef, will try tomorrow.

  • Got mine too. Tried one jerky and biltong and are both quite good. Perfect the the coming spring.

  • +1

    Big fan of the smoking hot and chilli flavours. Too bad I ate them all :(

  • +2

    I got mine package last week and there was an error with the content. Contacted BAN and doctor proctor, they were both very helpful and sorted the issue out promptly.

    The biltong was very good quality, the curry flavour was amazing

  • Got my jerky today!! (Perth)

  • Wow I didn't realise how salty the comments section got. I guess they were eating someone else's jerky.

    Mine arrived yesterday. Judging by the almost exactly 1 year long use by dates, these look to be freshly made for the order :)

  • +2

    I got my order today and was quite surprised the quality of the beef was good and the taste has been alright so far!! They may have become my preferred jerky now.

  • -1

    Rum jerky : 2/10
    Curry Jerky: -1/10
    Biltong: 8/10
    Regular Jerky 7/10

    Would ask for a refund but my credit card provider already gave it back to me.
    Wouldnt reccomend

    • I like the curry one.

    • +5

      So you kept the chargeback in place despite the goods arriving? I know they were terribly late etc but dunno if thats a great idea - you'll find most CC companies will investigate the matter and you might run into some issues and extra fees.

      As unhappy as I was with many facets of BAN's actions I rescinded my chargeback once the goods arrived. But anyway each to their own.

      That aside, am glad I specifically avoided anything with the Rum flavours - feedback on those seems as I expected, generally negative.

      I've only tried a few - prefer Original so far - overall I find it a big step up from supermarket cured meats but nothing spesh compared to other craft biltong makers. I agree I wouldn't go as far as recommending it but it's a solid product.

      PS. Spent a good deal of time looking over making your own biltong at home - surprisingly easy, if you're so inclined I recommend folks read up - this is perhaps the best overall info:

      • -5

        Yeah well since CBA moved to "aussie only call centres" wait times went up to over an hour. Way to please the woke

        • +1

          'Way to please the woke'? Is that what we're calling simply questioning defrauding people these days.

          Sheez man I actually gave your post a + - I'm no friend of either BAN or Proctors but I don't think we can criticise them for their shortfalls if we're going to raise a chargeback and then keep the goods when they arrive.

          And then you blame CBA for your actions. Ok….. :-/

            • +2

              @DisabledUser300385: You could reject the delivery or send them the money back…

    • Why didn't you like the curry one?

  • +1

    I received a call from Dan from BAN. It was a good call to see if I received the items and to ensure that it was all there. No complaints on my end. I didn't mind a wait for cheap jerky

  • +2

    Still waiting for my order, tracking hasn't moved since 16/08 and Auspost enquiry lodged. I understand postage is outside of a sellers control but maybe don't promise hard delivery dates when the postage system is under as much strain as it is at the moment

  • +4

    Finally received 1.5 months late. Jerky is not bad, not great.

    However, whole experience leaves a really bad taste. Will never shop with BAN again.

    • ….f me bro. i would have lost the plot ages ago….enjoy your jerky!

  • +2

    Got my jerky a couple days ago - mind you I had to redirect since I moved while waiting for the jerky but that was no biggy, just added on time.

    My verdict:
    Quality - above average. No fatty pieces, tastes like meat unlike the jerky you buy in grocery stores which taste like plastic. I like my jerky a bit drier and harder rather than this being a bit moist and soft but that's personal preference.

    Flavour - below average. Rum and coke tasted like rum soaked meat so probably great for a Bundy rum lover. Original is bland, smokey good is average. I haven't tried the rest. But the running theme is I don't really enjoy the flavours. The flavour is below most jerky I've tried and I regularly give every brand a go.

    Would I buy again? No. Nothing to do with the BAN situation, just not a fan of the jerky.

    Do I think it's worth the RRP? not at all, I would rank it above grocery store jerky only due to the quality.

    Best jerky I've ever had so far was Beef Jerky by Silvers.

  • +1

    I got my jerky a few days ago and finally got around to trying it. Only smoked flavour so far, I'll try another soon. Flavour was above average, though IMHO meat quality was only just average. Also I prefer it to be a bit on the dry side and this meat was a bit on the moist side. That's my very brief review so far. Good for the price I would say.

    Would I order again? Yes of it's on sale, no if it is not.

  • I quite liked the biltong I tried, but the Rum & Chilli jerky was utterly horrendous. We couldn't finish it and threw it away, it's actually astonishing that they put it to market. Not looking forward to the Rum & Cola.