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70% off Beef Jerky Bulk Packs 5x30g and 3x100g Bags $21.60 (Was $72) + $5 Delivery @ Dr Proctor's via BuyAussieNow


updated Monday 9th of August: Sorry for the delay all jerky will be shipped this week, again we apologies and thank you for your patience.

100% Australian Made and Owned
Biggest Discount ever offered, healthy high protein snack.
Great for when you are relaxing at home or watching the footy.

Another Great Deal brought to you by Buy Aussie Now.

About Dr Proctor
We are passionate about creating new, innovative and exotic products and take pride in what we do.

After two years of design and testing, our original brand ‘Doctor Proctors’ beef products, entered the market in 2011 with rapturous applause. The products quickly established their place in the market and have gained market share annually.

We only use 100% Australian Beef which is made from pure topside muscle and not processed cheap cuts and take pride in supporting Australian Beef Farmers who over the years have had it tough. We believe we have a product second to none!

We are proudly 100% Australian owned & operated.

Doctor Proctor's is an officially licensed partner of Bundaberg Rum Australia.

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closed Comments

      • Ok what is the estimated time of arrival now ?

      • +2

        These replies are incredibly disappointing. What you should be doing here, if it were the third party merchants fault as you say. Then you should be holding them to account.

        I don't know how it works but if you are holding the funds. You should be creating deadlines for the seller before you refund the buyers and then you should be informing us the procedure.

        BUT, actually i think i'm getting the full picture here. When you said you will improving the processes for next time. What i assume what has happened is the customer has paid and the merchant has got directly paid instantly. Then now they have held all the power and able to say anything they want while your company is held responsible for its credibility. Now you're stuck in limbo and afraid to let people know the truth.

        Glad to be proved wrong but i find this whole ordeal frustrating because there hadn't been a clear picture or you haven't been real with us.

        I mean seriously today you came on to reply two messages.

        1. This is not a scam
        2. We have ABN so we cant be scam
      • 😩😂😂 here we go again, you must be running out of string there

      • When? Today is 5th August.

  • +1

    Just wondering if anyone has got their orders yet?

    I know there is a delay on orders but I’ve placed an order on 19 July 2021 and even sent a follow up email a few days after to the support email on their webpage but not response.

    I didn’t want to bother too much but I’ll like at least some status update so I can expect my goods.


    • +1

      I am curious to know if anyone has actually received their order yet. I sent a follow up email which seems to be an exact template of the last email but the date has been moved to 15th August now

      I like to think I'm a reasonable person but this is pretty ridiculous waiting 4 weeks for some beef jerky that is supposed to be local stock

  • +1

    Haven’t received any shipment notification. No emails as well. Last email I got was u will receive your order by 5th Aug.

    Lol is this ozbargain scam?

    • I asked for an update and the date has been moved to 15th, which looks like an auto-reply

      Looking like that isn't it? Very close to asking for a refund

    • I haven't heard anything.
      I hope not a scam

    • Does your order say 'processing'?

      I completely forgot about this. Its been so long and yet its still processing for me

  • +8

    Way too many triggered people here. As if we didn't all know this was getting smashed when we ordered, if you didnt half expect a delay you've clearly not been around the ozbargain block much. I'm less worried about when my jerky order arrives but the quality of what eventually shows up.

    • +4

      Been around Ozbargain for a few years now in fact a year more than you have lol so I’m not calling out people for being triggered and not being the block much. Bought plenty of stuff never had something like this.

      I expected a delay but didn’t expect the poor communication. Receiving an email saying don’t contact us it will delay the process is just bad customer service lol.

      Edit: you may not be concerned but the fact not one person has received their jerky is not a good look. Their email said some have already received theirs the rest will be delivered no later than 5th Aug.

      • +2

        Exactly! EVERYTHING I have ordered from July 21 to now has arrived. It’s funny how not a single soul but OP has claimed that they received their order. I don’t like big Corp but when there’s a delay on Amazon or eBay, I get bombarded with emails indicating an ETA or refund process

      • +2

        Jokes aside this is not my first OzB account but anyway please accept my apology for assuming others would have the broader experience of such trials and tribulations. But, now you do. :) I don't disagree with your sentiment and i hope they take some lessons out of this for how to conduct business in future. The fact is they did send an email saying there will be a delay (and looks like it may actually be longer), and i dont think asking people to hold off emailing about it is that unreasonable given the predicament. Of course if they don't send another update then they deserve criticism. But some of the posts above are silly. I actually had a different order that got lost (thanks australia post), so I do not think its unreasonable to want to prioritize supporting those sort of issues when jerky is known to be delayed. Anyway, to each their own. :)

        • All good mate.

          They set an example of how businesses should not operate.

          1. Lack of communications
          2. Overselling products
          3. Overpromising

          All that led to so called "silly" comments.

    • +1

      I would agree with you, BUT! Not a single Ozb member has have received their order….. think about that. How does a company that specialises in a product not make a single shipment…. That is sus.

  • Completely forgot about ordering this and just realising now we're supposed to have received it by today… guess not

  • +1

    Where is my product?
    How do I get a refund?

  • +3

    I’m expecting very poor quality product if we receive it. Probably not correctly weighed either, will be getting my scale out for this one.

    What’s the return/refund policy like?

  • +8


    I want my fkn jerky!!!!!!!

    • I feel this. Even though I totally forgot I ordered until 10 minutes ago.

  • +1

    I could care less how long they take, as long as it's not more than a few months from now.

    Only regret is not ordering more.

  • +1

    How many cows do they need to slaughter to get OzBargainers their jerky?

    • +4

      They said they have 3500 orders that resulted in 12000 sachets, so let's say each order is 1kg, and let's say each cow gives 241 kg of lean meat. They need to kill at least 15 cows. It might be more if they make it only out of loin, for example.

      • there's also water loss which is more than half the weight so approx 2kg of meat is 1kg jerky.

      • r/theydidthemath

  • The interesting thing is that the jerky company is still taking order from their own website. How come?

    • +1


    • +1

      Probably prioritising those who paid full price.

  • Has anyone received their order yet?

  • +1

    Has anyone ACTUALLY received their jerky? OP was so confident that 'everyone' would receive their jerky today. Heh, now OP wouldn't even provide an ETA.

  • +18

    When was the last beef shipment?
    Nobody's herd.

    • I like what you did there

  • +4

    I ordered under the assumption there were only 250 available, and got my order in pretty much as soon as the deal was posted.

    Yet they sell 3700? Surely the original 250 should have theirs (I would have to be close to one of the first 250 orders)

    EDIT: I just want my Bundy Rum Jerky!!

    • I actually forgot about the "only 250 orders available"..

      If OP had given a disclosure that if you order after the first 250 available orders were gone there would be a delivery delay I'd be fine with waiting but not this.

  • +15

    OP - you've got a legal background based on your profile on LinkedIn, so you should be able to answer these questions straight-forwardly:

    1. Were BuyAussieNow or Dr Proctors selling an item that was not in fact 'in stock' and available for purchase?
    2. If it wasn't in stock, when did you note it on your website(s)?
    3. How and when did you communicate this to customers that placed orders?
    4. What remediation process have you offered affected customers?

    Looking forward to your factual responses

  • still awaiting on my order

  • +2

    If we don't get an update today I think it would be fair to initiate a credit card chargeback?

  • Anyone received yet? Or got refund?

  • Sent an email enquiring of the date and just got a reply. Expected date of receiving is now "No later then the 15th of August".

  • just sent them (BuyAussieNow) another email - got the below response. I'll get my order now by the 13th - dates keep moving it seems …

    Thank you for your email. David from Doctor Proctor is working as quickly as possible to produce all products. The product will arrive no later than August 13! Thank you for your patience.

  • +8

    In my paypal statement I didn't use paypal to pay this stupid jerk. I want refund but how? Next time if any sellers didn't offer the paypal option I will never buy from them.

  • i doubt its gonna come before the 15th of august, at this point im expecting early september judging from the fact that noone besides OP has received their order yet

  • +1

    Where's my jerky?? No email, no shipping number, no nothing
    Should I do a chargeback already?

  • BuyAussieNow where is my order? It’s already the 5th of August and not a single update and obviously order was not shipped and delivered as per your previous email on 21/7.

  • Maybe the seller just realised, selling at $48/kg for a jerky might not make any money or a loss. Given loss from shrinkage and the fees.

  • Has anyone actually received their order?


    My order says its still processing since July 19, 2021

  • +2

    im filing a reversal now/. f this

  • +4

    Op was full of lies to begin with constant update replies, after taking our money not a word, and on due date even worse vanished.


  • +3

    You all have 30 days to do a reversal so suggest you start filing now.

    • Thanks for the heads up.

  • +1

    Add me to the list of hangry customers. If we wait any longer, we'll turn into jerky ourselves :D

    Jokes aside, anyone tried contacting Doctor Proctor? I've sent a message on Insta but haven't heard back.

    Edit: p.s. everyone should post a comment on any future deal from this mob to warn others. I don't have a problem with delays when there's been genuine mistake but quite clearly this wasn't the case. They took orders knowing they didn't have stock and then proceeded to lie to customers about delivery dates. Greedy and unethical business. Can OzB ban them?

    • If they actually stated that delivery would be in Aug, I think the majority of people would have still ordered from them.

      It's the false shipment dates that bug me.

      • This wasnt intentional, we agree though.

    • I didnt even get a confirmation mail with an Order #.

  • +6

    "Dear Customer

    The team at Doctor Proctor’s would like to express our apologies for the delay in shipping your order. There have been a multitude of reasons that have hindered our usual shipping time frame. We’ve recently had a lack of resources at hand to streamline this process however in the end, we weren’t prepared for such a large volume of orders. With a 70% sale and with a low shipping rate we were completely caught off guard! We have learnt from this experience and will be more prepared for future sales. We’d also like to extend our sincere apologies to Buy Aussie Now and hope that you’ll trust them for future orders as they are a great Australian company to deal with. The Doctor Proctor’s team is taking this square on.

    All orders will now be shipped out next week and tracking IDs will be sent with delivery dates. We also apologise for the lack of communication from our tracking system as Australia Post doesn't send out an order status, only a shipping notification. Rest assured you will receive your parcel and hope to see you back again when we run more incredible sales!

    The Doctor Proctor’s team thanks you for your understanding and patience!

    Warm Regards



    • So you forward a statement from good old reliable David .
      Has the BuyAussieNow team verified ( and I mean on the ground , not a BS phonecall) anything ?

      • we have been in contact with David twice a day for the past week, covid is preventing us from flying to the facility otherwise we would. Again we apologise for the delay, we are doing everything physically possible to get the jerky out.

        • +9

          Your ABN is registered in Camberwell, VIC and your update email stated that Doctor Proctor was based at a facility in Northcote, VIC. Why would you need to fly?

        • -1

          please answer these questions per my post earlier:

          OP - you've got a legal background based on your profile on LinkedIn, so you should be able to answer these questions straight-forwardly:

          Were BuyAussieNow or Dr Proctors selling an item that was not in fact 'in stock' and available for purchase?
          If it wasn't in stock, when did you note it on your website(s)?
          How and when did you communicate this to customers that placed orders?
          What remediation process have you offered affected customers?

          Looking forward to your factual responses

      • +11

        This is not the best channel to post updates. A lot of people will not even check this anymore. You should send an email with this to all customers who made an order.

        • +1

          Don't suggest something that makes sense to them please.

      • Amen, stop sending 'updates' via OzB msgs and join every other frigging company and send them direct to those who have already purchased from you.

        It's not rocket science and also tell David to man the fudge up and come and post here himself - takes a few mins to register, it looks even more unprofessional that you're posting up msgs from him this he's your gaol Daddy.

      • Hi Buy Aussie Now, can you please offer me a full refund Order number #000007124 - I have concerns about quality. Please read my private message.


    • Ok so how do we know that is message came from Dave and not B.A.N shifting blame? Why don't you get him to post this on his FB page?

    • What a load of crock.

      Why did you accept orders that you clearly did not have stock for?

      If in matter of fact that this was due to miscommunication - why didn't you cancel and refund the orders that you were unable to fulfil?

      Absolutely no excuse (considering you have had a similar incident with the UGG boots) that you were overwhelmed.

    • OP, I suggest you focus on quality control of the jerky. I think it's become obvious there's a bottleneck in the process and Dave is doing all he can (potentially including things he shouldn't be doing such as cutting corners) to meet pressure and demand.

      You need to start asking questions about quality of jerky. You can bet your ass noone will accept blame shifting if quality is comprised. If so you are going to have a shit storm

  • +30

    Guys, if you think the shipping delay is bad, I have even worse news for you.

    I've been digging into this company and ran a search on the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Authority database. No hits on Doctor Proctor at all. I'm beginning to think he's not even a real medical doctor.

    • Did he claim to be MD?

      • +5

        Yes, it's clearly stated in the name. "Doctor" Proctors.

        Oh God, now I'm even starting to question the actual health benefits of eating 8 packs of beef jerky..

        • +1

          You should complain to BBC that Doctor Who was not a real Doctor either.

          • +3

            @DainB: He's not listed on AHPRA either!

            There are many, many, Dr Hu's though. Could be a mix up.

            • @werdplaya58: OMG, are you trying to tell me that Dr. House was not a Doctor either?

  • +4

    Care to email everyone the reply instead of posting it here for the few?

    • That is the email going out to everyone today, it's posted here as an extra.

      • No this email didn’t go to everyone. I have not received this email. How hard is it to send this email to everyone with an outstanding order. Very appalling.
        Furthermore you ignored my private message!!!!

      • I didn't get any email

  • +2

    Dear MR XXX
    We’re looking into your dispute
    Thanks for letting us know you would like to dispute a transaction on your credit card. We’re taking a closer look at your case.
    Here are your details
    Your case number: XXXXXX
    Your credit card number: XXXXXXXX

    Im out. Hope this sends a lesson to Op and not to blame suppliers for their problems.

      • +5

        Majority of us are pissed about the appalling serving (or lack thereof).

        From 'Everyone will receive their Jerkey by 5th of August' to '15th of August" and now 'Orders will be shipped out next week'. At this rate we would receive our jerky in time for Christmas.

        Oh and you are still able to order from Doctor Proctor's website. Shouldn't they finish processing all current offers before accepting any more??

  • +3

    yo where is my jerky

    • +1

      They are eating grass now maybe

  • +4

    I did some beer coaster calculation in other thread, think it might be worth repeating them here.

    Let's assume it takes one person 5 minutes to assemble and package order, at estimated 3700 orders that's 18500 minutes or 13 days of working 24*7. Even if they have that stock, and I'm not going to speculate whether they do or don't, it'll take two weeks for 3 people to just package and mail it.

    So calm down, it's probably coming sooner or later.

    • +5

      I can tell you m8 you'd never make it in biz lol hehe ;)
      Please stick to Govt or something .

      • +2

        Do you have anything material to object to my calculations, other that they're assuming absolutely improbable 5 minutes to package one order?

        • +2

          How they do their business is not my problem as a customer, because they not going to share their profit with us. so you don't need to calculated what they do, if you pay for something you need the product on agreed time, that's it. If this is the case we have to always thing about their business nature, how many employees working their working hour, what is their wage and all sort of things before buying anything.

          Moreover simple solution would be not to be so greedy, and if they've realised they cannot ship them in time, cancel the orders and refund money, end of story. That's the problem. They're so greedy and even knowing they cannot fulfil all the orders still trying to keep all the money

    • +3

      OP said earlier on that they were employing an extra 6 people to meet demand

      So if you calculate 6 people plus say 3 others (existing employees) brings the number down to a week.

      Hence, why we're all pi55ed at OP with the everchanging story with dates

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