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Am a current SL customer and wanted to see if I leave for another rsp and come back to SL after a few months would I be a new customer? if anyones gone through this, what did they find?

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  • That should be fine. I have done it many times.

  • +1

    Returning customers [who have previously been with Superloop and already received a six(6) month discount promotion] will not be eligible for a new promotion for a period of twelve (12) months.

  • Yep, must use a different username but that’s no biggie.

    • A different username is essentially another email address. No biggie for the most.

  • Thank you everyone!

    • are they running $20 off promotion again?

      • SL promos haven't changed since the last deal. They are $10 or $20 off for 6 months.

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