Would You Buy an LDV G10 Van around 2018 Build

Our daughter and hubby need a van up to about $20k for their new business - food stall at outdoor markets. They are thinking of LDV due to pricing. Has anyone got anything good to say about them? Most people who post reviews on car sites generally have had a bad experience and so I am seeking opinions here please.


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    I have been in the hunt for a van too the past few months, from my research a second hand naturally aspirated petrol Hiace van with a good service record would trump any newer or other branded vans. Both purchase price, maintenance and risk of mechanical or other issues.

    • They don't sell that many of them for no reason. +1

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    What makes you think this forum will provide a different answer to others?

    • It's a well publicised fact that ozbargain members love LDV, great wall, chery etc.

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        And Renault, Peugeot, Fiat etc.

      • ozbargain members

        Who login from overseas with IPs or VPN addresses in Australia. Jokingly guessing.

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      Cast a wider net to see if there's more alternative feedback? It's free to post…

    • Euphemistic - You never know eh. Read my post again as I trust user reviews for the reason stated and have got some useful feedback already from others. You, well!!

      • My point being that there are plenty of naysayers when it comes to Chinese vehicles, and the occasional objective review. Same everywhere, just as here.

        I can’t comment specifically, I have no experience with LDV.

  • My local posty has one and has had it about two years. Gets punished with a lot of start/stop work all day. He was super pissed when his boss gave it to him because "cHiNa cAr BaD" and he tried to drive it into the ground, but even he said he is now impressed with it. It's only needed services, brakes and tyres, but, you know… your mileage may vary.

    • He's probably happy because he's not paying the maintenance bill, discs and pads at both ends will set you back the better part of $2k and the majority of that is labour.

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        Bit different to the use that the OP will be giving their van.

        Commercial Delivery truck vs driving to a local market and back ……

      • Would not a Toyota cost similar for brakes? All ICE vehicles require regular servicing, tyres and brakes.

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        Oh, good point… Probably should have got a VW transporter or a MB Sprinter. They both have brakes and tyres that never wear out or are free to replace…

        It's a 2+ year old van with just over 200,000km on it that does nothing but stop start driving all day, every day. But I'll let him know you think it's a shit van because the brakes and tyres needed replacing…

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          Commercial delivery van = 75k km / year
          OP's van = 25k km / year

          One will likely cost about 3 times the other for all serviceable items / running costs

          You do the maths

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            @oscargamer: There's no way that's majority "$2k labour".

            Its a van not a friggin' Formula 1 car.

            What makes you think this van is more labour intensive than any other van?

            Parts??? Maybe? but labour???

            I dont think even Marshalls Mercedes charged that much for an AMG C63.

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              @tonyjzx: oscargamer wasn't the one who said $2k, and the way I read it, suggested maintenance for OP's market stall use case wouldn't be as bad as for a full-time stop-starting brake and tyre chewing postie.

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    CHINESE would not buy. I don't need any other reason.

    • Sent from my made in China phone.

      • Apple iPhone?

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      Go to local Chinese Embassy or Consulate and see what brands they drive.

      • yeah but that's a different story

        if you're given an unlimited budget, tax free, what would you buy?

        the chinese i know all drive mercedes, i wonder why that is?

        • the chinese i know all drive mercedes, i wonder why that is?

          but that is not unlimited budget, tax free is it?

          I am pretty sure there is Chinese Embassy or Consulate employees who are not on the government all you can eat buffet just like not every public servant has access to unlimited funds.

    • Chinese people would buy.

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    Much better off getting a Hiace or iLoad for that money. Only way I would get an LDV is if I was first owner from new because the factory warranty from new.

    • The problem as always is the stretch up to a hiace, new or 2nd hand is extortionate, and with more km.

      I get it, for a business you shouldnt penny pinch if you need a vehicle.

      But this is how I see it…

      A family friend is an electrician.

      For himself, he runs a brand new spankers Hi Ace.

      For his company and company cars that he doesnt drive, he uses the Chinese vans.

      I wonder why this is the case?

      A brand spanking new diesel G10 van is around $30k. What does $30k buy you as far as a new hiace or iload goes? Half of one?

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    Guy at work used to be a RACQ Roadside Assist dude. He reckoned of all the chinese vehicles LDV were the only one he'd actually buy with his own money.

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    We have one a G10 people mover, 2017 build. Bought it second hand 2018. We drive about 20,000km a year.
    For the price we got it for, it's been great! No faults or issues so far.
    Fits our pram without having to disassemble

  • I think the proof is that certain govt depts use them.. however would love to know if they buy the diesel or the petrol

    i'd be thinking diesel of course given its about 2 ton and youd be paying a bit to run the turbo petrol

    • Government departments often turn over vehicles pretty quickly. IIRC they don’t pay sales tax on them, so selling early-ish often breaks even or even makes a profit on the purchase price. They used to sell cars at 40,000km but it’s gone up in recent years. It’s surprising how often they turn them over.

      They usually sell before major maintenance is required (on average) eg before timing belt due. It’s all worked out to minimise running costs and maximise resale value.

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